College Days Ch. 01

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I was nineteen, and Priya was eighteen, lived one storey above our flat. The city was New Delhi (India), and we lived in a colony in the southern part.

She was dark complexioned, nice figure, and lovely lips, expressive eyes. As for me, I was the less talking, shy sort of guy, and girls always took notice of me, they gave the second glance, but I was not the one to go and get them.

A year before, when she was in the twelfth grade, and I was in college, I used to teach her from time to time, and that too at night, around 10:00 pm and after. But nothing happened between us! We were proper professional teacher and student. Thus, we knew each other quite well. She had an elder sister about to be married in a few weeks, and a brother in hostel. Our families were cordial to each other.

Now we both were in colleges, but not the same one. Her college was on the way to mine. We used to return at the same time, such that within a few months of her joining her college we developed an understanding that we’d return together, from a common meeting point, a bus stop where we boarded the bus together. The walk from the bus stop where we got down was not always together, because when she met her friends she’d go with them, but the bus ride became special for us. Whoever reached the bus stop first used to wait for the other and let the buses go until the other reached.

She was waiting as usual that day, but for some reason the crowd was too heavy. Normally at that hour in the afternoon the crowd used to be sparse, but that day getting into the bus was difficult. Once inside, the crowd forced us to stand extremely close. She was standing with her back supporting a rod, I was in front of her, facing her. Our thighs were rubbing now and then, I held her waist once to balance the jerky motion of the bus. Once she nearly fell sideways and supported herself by holding on to my shoulders, another time she fell on me, supported herself by clutching my chest. This was not the first time that we touched or held each other, but our touches were never long. But the constant rubbing of our thighs was making me a bit uncomfortable, in a nice way!

As usual she was talking and I was listening. Suddenly the driver braked hard. Nearly everyone shouted and fell forward, so did I and my hands scrambled for support and with both hands I grabbed her. After few seconds I realised that that I had not fallen, but was resting on her, my thighs on her thighs, my crotch was touching her belly, my mouth was on her shoulders. I was trying to stand straight and she pushed me with her hand on my chest. I stood straight. And I realised, that my both hands were grabbing her boobs.

The sudden realization that her lovely breasts were in my hand froze me. I got rigid, while she too realized what had happened. She also became stiff and conscious and looked away, outside the window. I don’t know for how long, but I guess for casino siteleri about half a minute, I couldn’t remove my hands. I finally removed my hands after giving her boobs a gentle squeeze, pressing her nipples under the fabric of her clothes. And she gave a sharp sound of intake of breath as I did so.

The bus had neared our stop, we needed to get down, but our conversation had stopped. She was quiet. We got down, I carried her bag, normally she used to take her bag from me but today she just walked ahead, her face downwards. She walked on.

I reached our flat on the ground floor, she just walked and climbed the stairs and went inside her flat. I was now getting a little angry, I had mumbled “sorry’ a few times to her on the way, but she had not replied. As I was about to ring the bell of my house, I realized my hands were not free as I was carrying both our bags. So I decided to go up talk to her before entering my house.

Upstairs I rang the bell, no one opened the door, and then I realised that the door was not closed properly. I slid past the door, closed it behind me. I knew their house pretty well, and was surprised to find it pretty quiet, as normally her mother used to watch television at that hour. Then I realised that her bedroom door was slightly open, and from the movement inside I understood that she was changing her clothes. (Now I realize she was expecting me to come inside the bedroom.)

I had the urge to get in her bedroom, but I was not sure whether we are alone in her house. so I decided to remain outside and called her. She came out hurriedly wearing a nighty, which was a bit unusual. I could clearly see the curves of her body, and I had the burning desire to put my hands where I had them in the bus.

Normally she used to meet my eyes and talk, but now she was avoiding my eyes. I put both our bags on the sofa, went near her, and said, in a gruff voice, that I was sorry and she should not act silent and say something. She just murmured something and went inside, to get a bottle of cold water. She knew I always drank directly from the bottle, and so she handed it to me, and our fingers touched. I didn’t let go of her hand, or the bottle, and caressed her fingers and the back of the hands for a few seconds. She didn’t move. I put the bottle down on the centre table and holding her hands for the first time I got close to her, and said “I said sorry!”

She said, “Kis liye (for what)?”, looking up at my eyes. Her face looked suddenly very vulnerable, and irresistibly beautiful. Looking at her face, I now knew what the term ‘ravishing beauty’ meant.

I kept quite for a few seconds, and then somehow I did something that I didn’t know I was capable of. I left her hands, took both my hands upto her boobs and squeezed them, “is liye (for this).”

I had enough experience of kissing and pumping boobs with my cousin a couple of years back, and I canlı casino softly went about it, slowly pumping her boobs, and pricking her nipples between my forefinger and thumb, she sighed loudly, “Ahh!”

I was always confident that she liked me, and deep down I was convinced that she would not stop me from whatever I did to her, in fact she wanted me. But it was my natural reticence that had kept me from getting ahead with her (or any other girl). But that wall of reservation was melting, and I was on a path of no return in a journey that I realized then as inevitable.

Her looks were now smouldering. I got closer, our thighs touching. My hands got a bit rough, kneading her breasts through her nighty. Somehow I registered that she is not wearing any piece of clothes inside. Only the flimsy material of her nighty was separating my hands from her nipples.

She whimpered,”agar sorry ho to abhi phir se kyon ker rahe ho? (If you are sorry then why are you doing it again?)”

I said, “kyonki tumhe ahchha lag raha hai (because you are liking it).” I was squeezing harder. It was very clear to me that she was not wearing any bra under her nighty.

She sighed and moaned, “aahhuuhh mmm”, her mouth half opening, looking at me with dreamy sultry eyes. I bent and stuck my mouth on her mouth. Not removing my hands from her breasts, I pulled her closer by her boobs. She gave a small scream and then her sounds were muffled by my mouth. I was kissing her hard… very hard… eating her mouth. My tongue was lashing in her mouth, and her tongue entered mine. I was sucking her. I realized that her hands were pulling my head down.

My hands left her boobs, and pulled her nighty up, all the way up. I put my hands inside, feeling her soft naked skin on my fingers and palm as I rubbed her belly from her waist. Slowly my hands climbed up, reaching her boobs, and crushing them with my palm and fingers. All the while our mouths were eating each other, and we were both moaning, and sucking each other.

We broke the kiss to catch our breath and I whispered,” main tere sath karna chahta hoon(I want to do it with you?”

She moaned and said, “kya? (what?)”.

I said, “main tujhe chodna chahta hoon (I want to fuck you)”. I had never uttered that word before in my life, with anyone, and here I was talking dirty.

She just sighed and moaned. I took that as a yes and pulled her close again. My hands were now rubbing her back, inside her nighty. My crotch was rubbing her waist, and she could definitely feel my hard on. She put her hands on my neck, rubbing my skin softly, she shoved her crotch up to rub with my body. Her face arching up. I bent again to savour her mouth. Our mouths were now hungrily lapping each other. Wet, sloppy kisses mingled with tongue lashing. I could feel her inner cheek with my tongue, and I wanted more.

I broke the kiss to remove her nighty, threw it on kaçak casino the floor, and pushed her on the couch. Se was sitting on the couch and she pulled me on her while her fingers were trying to unbutton my shirt. But she was fumbling as she couldn’t see, as my mouth was again eating hers. Somehow I managed to remove my clothes, throwing them all over, and got on top of her.

We were both nude. She was reclining back, supporting her back on the cushion on the wall. I was now eating her whole body. I moved to her neck, sucking her there, moved to her shoulders, sucking and biting, and then bit her ear lobes. She was using her mouth to suck my neck, shoulders, whatever part of skin that her mouth could reach. My mouth moved down to her boobs, and I was gobbling her like a crazy fool. At times sucking, at times biting, at times nibbling, I was trying to eat her whole breast in my mouth. Then I was tweaking her nipples between my teeth. In between I was nuzzling in her cleavage. She was moaning and writhing under me. Her hands were at times on my head pulling me n her, at times they were rubbing my back. My cock was hard and it needed immediate attention.

I pulled her down, made her lie on her back, and got down on her to rub my body with hers. She used her mouth whenever and wherever she could. We were sweating and smelling of precum. On top of her, I was eating her boobs, biting them, sucking them, nibbling them, and she was writhing under me. I tried to guide my cock in her cunt, but was unable to, she took her hand to my cock, rubbed it and stroked it, and guided it to her cunt lips, rubbing it there, I was desperate to push it in, she held it there for a second, moaned, and whispered, “chodo mujhe (fuck me)”.

I lost my senses. I was just humping her hard, fucking and rubbing my cock inside her cunt feverishly. She was pushing her crotch hard. She was continuously moaning, “aaannhh aannnhhh yeess…. aaaahhh…mmmmm…”

We fucked hard, I was bouncing on her, and she was leaping up to crush my cock in her cunt. I felt the friction of her cunt muscles on my cock, it was just heavenly. I was groaning and she was moaning… crushing each other… until we came, I inside her. She clenched her cunt muscles tight on my cock, milking it,My cock twitched, and spurted, shooting my cum inside her. I held her boobs, pushed my mouth hard on her mouth, my cock hard inside her cunt, and sot my cum. She kept her pussy lips clenched on my cock, and orgasmed. It was just perfect, we came together. Her hands were pushing my ass cheeks on her crotch, her legs entwined around mine. Her mouth emitting guttural sounds, “ahh…ahhh…ahhh….”

As I spurted my last drops, I slowly collapsed on her, our mouths again found each other and gave each other reassuring kisses. Long kisses that conveyed a mutual satisfaction and tenderness.

Then we lay breathing hard, in each others arms, kissing and nibbling each other. I realized that this was not her first time, as she was more experienced and guiding me. But I didn’t say anything then. I was glad that I was no longer a virgin, and she indeed a special girl who taught me the joys of sex.

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