Confessions of an Addict Ch. 02

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I slipped my hand down to my pussy feeling my arousal and let out a muffled moan. I started with my clit I always start with my clit, giving it a gentle rub and slowly adding pressure until I am soaked, only then do I penetrate. I like to get off slowly, feel the rise of my pending orgasm, enjoy the sounds, the dry guttural moans and the wet cascade of my ejaculation, but in this moment I don’t have the time. I am in the last stall in the bathroom bringing myself off quickly in between classes. This will be my second orgasm of the day and it needs to be quick.

I begin to rub my clit hard and with a quickened pace enjoying the rush of my stolen moment. My breath gets labored quickly while I suppress my moans in fear of being discovered. I reach under my shirt and pinch my nipples to hasten my climb, I can’t be late again. I can feel my pending orgasm in my gut, biting my lip to hide my pleasure when two girls walk in.

“I don’t know what he wants from me, I mean I go to class most days and I’m not failing and he still took my car.” The first girl complained.

“Yeah my parents are such assholes they want me to stay at my aunt’s house when they go out of town, I told them I’m freaking 18 I can take care of myself for a few days!” Said the second girl.

I quickly slipped my foot out of my pants and propped my legs on the walls of the stall and slipped my fingers deep inside my needy pussy. This was not the first time I have had company during one of my sessions and the thrill made the orgasm hit so much harder, although due to the mess I was bound to make I had to wait until they left to cum in fear of them hearing the splash.

“Oh so you never told me, what happened with Derek after the party?” The second girl asked her voice tinged with excitement and innuendo.

I slowed down and listened I knew I was about to hear a sex story and I did not want to miss a word.

“Wellllll” she dragged on attempting to build the suspense. “We left the party and we went for a ride in his Camaro which by the way was super cool. He took me to the park and said he wanted to go for a walk so we did, the whole time talking about how much fun college was going to be.”

“C’mon skip to the good part I know you guys did something you have been all grins ever since so stop stalling and spill it.” The second girl interrupted.

She laughed and proceeded to tell the story while I was on the cusp of my own relief straining to hold back.

“We were making out on a bench and he was getting me so wet with his smooth kissing and his perfectly placed hands I knew I was his. He started to bite on my neck a bit and he put my hand on his cock and yes it was big, huge even. I fished it out of his pants and started to stroke him while we made out. I wanted to suck him off so I did right there on the bench.” She swooned pausing for dramatic effect while the bell was going off. “I really wanted to see if I could get him off but he pulled me off of his dick, got up and just bent me over the table.”

“Oh my god that sounds so hot” the second girl interjected.

“You have no idea he was in full control and he knew it. What was hot was how he just bent me over, lifted my dress and pulled my panties to the side to fuck me. He grabbed my waist and just started pounding, I t felt so good but it hurt he was so rough with me. He fucked me until he came and he took me home.” She said as if it was something to be proud of.

I knew she had just been used, she didn’t even mention that she got off. I knew she was just his plaything and that he had no attachment to her but yet I was soaked. I wanted to be her so very badly. I wanted to be used like she had been; I wanted to feel a man inside me even if he only cared about his own release. My pending orgasm was getting harder and harder to fight off while I continued to listen to them chatter. It only took a few more moments for them to start heading out and it became a guessing game of what was going to happen first my orgasm or the door closing behind them. I did not stop and let my orgasm take over me as I slammed my feet down and leaned forward biting my lip while my pussy squirted directly into the toilet in a few small busts. I rode the waves of my orgasm holding my breath the entire time lucky that the girls had cleared the restroom while I finished. After my pleasure had subsided I got dressed washed my hands and went to class a whopping ten minutes late. My teacher scolded me and planned on giving me a write up but I didn’t mind at all I was already planning my next bathroom break.

Since discovering masturbation I had become a certified fiend for orgasms and sexual situations. I watched porn regularly and masturbated frequently sometimes five times a day. Unlike all the rest of the girls in my little backwoods town I, being a late bloomer was still a virgin and I knew I needed to change that. My only focus was on finding someone to fuck me and soon, but there was a problem I was attempting to be casino siteleri picky and against my competition I was as plain as they come so I was having no luck. I knew if I just asked I could probably land someone but I didn’t want to be portrayed as a slut, not yet anyway I was still young in my addiction. I spent my time in class imagining letting the boys have their way with me even sometimes the teachers and while my grades have suffered due to my lack of attentiveness I spent the entire day horny and that was all I really cared about. I ended up cumming two more times that day each time imagining it was me on that bench with Derek and I knew it was time to make a move.

My luck changed on my way to my morning release when I literally bumped into our class president Chris. He was a jock type, really cocky and extremely popular which was the only reason he was class president. He was the type of guy I used to look down upon, the type of guy that would never know what an AP class was but was guaranteed a football scholarship. He was the type of guy that would spend as much time as he could getting by on his athleticism and good looks and two months ago he disgusted me but today I want his cock.

I was in a rush to get to the bathroom, I needed to cum and I had to do it slowly, I was coming to terms with my decision to cut class when I rounded a corner and bumped directly into a letter jacket and what felt like a wall which not only impeded my progress but put me flat on my ass.

“Uh sorry I wasn’t paying attention” I said without looking up starting to gather my dropped books.

“Yeah I don’t know how you could have missed me” he replied in his usual cocky manner.

I wanted to call him a jerk and was about to when I looked up at him and my mind screamed at me and proceeded to formulate a plan to get what I needed from him. I needed him to like me to want me but how?

I smiled at him “I don’t know how I missed you at all I can be so clumsy sometimes” I decided to try the airhead damsel in distress approach. A bit of flattery, a small conflict inflated by my inability to do for myself and a willingness to inflate his ego should work, I’ve seen a couple of girls pull it off in some form or another but most of my in depth research on the topic has come from bad porn acting so this was going to take a bit of work.

“Its fine I was in a bit of a hurry myself let me help you up” reaching down to lift me he was obviously checking out my body I was glad I wore a skirt today even though it was only for easy access on my part.

“Wow you are really strong thank you, my name is Amber by the way.” I felt stupid but determined, if this is what I had to do then so be it. His muscular frame was so arousing and I could only imagine the type of force he could put behind a thrust. His deep blue eyes were something you only expected to see in some kind of action movie protagonist I had to make this work today would be the day.

I held my hand out palm down with one leg bent and turned inward as if I was a bit nervous and shy meeting him for the first time. I could see it in his eyes the moment he decided I was easy prey.

“Nice to meet you Amber, the name is Chris, are you new I don’t think I have ever seen you around before?” Bending forward to plant a small kiss on my hand like he was the most charming person in the world I wanted to gag but I chuckled and pulled my hand away quickly when I looked down and noticed his keys on the floor.

“No I’m not new I just keep to myself, and I know who you are Chris, Mr. President.” I tried to sound as sultry as possible without coming across like I was intentionally vying for his attention I fear I had failed in that endeavor so I quickly picked up his keys. “Were you going somewhere Mr. President?”

“As a matter of fact I was” he said reaching for his keys only to have me snatch them back out of his reach and giggling at him.

“Where are you going, is Chris our class president cutting class?” I said with mock surprise “Who knew you were such a bad boy Mr. President?” every time I called him Mr. President his head grew an inch and I knew I had him right where I wanted him but yet I had no clue how to keep this going I was running out of clever lines.

“I do a lot of bad things Amber” he said closing the distance between us causing me to inhale deeply “like right now I am going to take those keys and leave so I can go home and smoke a joint and drink a bit so I’m ready to party tonight. A good girl like you wouldn’t know anything about that now would you?”

He was inches away from me and had me with my back to the wall, I imagine he thought it would be sexy to get that close to me and to my surprise it was, I can feel my panties getting wetter as he asserted this little bit of dominance over me. I just stood there staring at his smile and his eyes imagining kissing him and fucking him for what seemed like an eternity, he grabbed his keys from my hand never canlı casino breaking eye contact snapping me back into reality. “No I don’t know about any of that but I bet you could teach me how to be a bad girl?”

His smile widened as he was sure he had secured a victory “Sure come with me and we will see if the good girl is all talk or really wants to be bad.”

I was brimming with excitement as he led me down the hall towards the parking lot sneaking past classroom windows and out the door. I was actually having fun ducking and dodging the roaming administrators and making it to his car out of breath and filled with adrenaline. I had never cut a day of school and as a matter of fact before recently I had never been late I was awarded perfect attendance year after year and here I was about to cut class with some jock in hopes of letting him fuck my brains out I smiled I was enjoying what I was becoming.

The car ride was quick about 15 minutes in total of him trying to impress me with how fast his car went and how edgy his music was. I was attempting to curtail my frustration I hadn’t waited this long to get off in weeks and my pussy knew it I needed to move quickly. His house was a lot nicer than the one I lived in he obviously came from a family with a bit of money and he was proud of this fact showing me around.

I stopped him as we got to the back yard “Your house in nice and befitting of a president like yourself but all this was gained from your parents being good, you were supposed to show me how to me bad, don’t tell me you changed your mind?” Shit I let my frustration get to me and dropped the ditzy act I should have acted impressed and in awe of all the nice things I blew it. I was sure he would be turned off by my slight underhanded aggression but instead he smiled and scooped me up and threw me over his shoulder as I let out a quick yelp of surprise.

“You want to be a bad girl you are going to be a bad girl” he laughed while carrying me up the stairs like a caveman returning home with his prize, like he owned me, like I had no say in the matter and it turned me on immensely. I was worried he would notice how wet I was too quickly since I could feel my skirt coming up and exposing my soaked panties. He dropped me on his bed and took off his jacket while we both laughed.

“You are a pretty interesting girl Amber I guess you just needed an interesting guy to bring it out of you” his compliment which was meant more for himself then me still made me smile, he had no idea.

He gathered a small box that had all of his smoking gear in it most of which I had no clue what it did and lit what looked like a fat cigarette. I had never smoked before and was interested on what the effects would be but I still had a plan to execute so while he smoked I kicked off my shoes and laid my head in his lap looking up at him waiting my turn. The next couple of minutes were full of coughing and giggles as I experienced my first high and although I only smoked it twice I knew I loved the feeling. I was a whole lot less calculated but I still knew what I wanted so I went for it.

“I like being a bad girl Mr. President, do you like it when I am a bad girl?” I could tell my tone was a bit more sarcastic then sultry but hopefully his high would prevent him from noticing. We laid down after we put his joint out so I rolled on top of him looking him directly in the eyes hoping his ego and libido would do the rest.

“I love it when you are a bad girl but the question still remains how bad are you? I bet you never sucked a dick before have you good girl?” It was less than smooth but it served its purpose he got out what he wanted and gave me an opportunity to try something I had only watched on the internet. I slipped my hand down to his crotch and squeezed his already hardening cock through his shorts.

“Why don’t I suck your dick and you tell me if I have done it before Mr. President” I began to unbuckle his pants while I kissed him slowly enjoying the taste of his mouth and the feeling of his tongue in mine. He kissed slowly and with purpose, his tongue trailed my lips as his ran his hand through my brunette hair. For being such a brute everything about this moment was so very sensual, but that’s not what I wanted. I finally fished his cock out of his pants and was eager to take a look at it but having a hard time breaking away from his face so I stroked it. Our tongues danced as he moaned in my mouth I slowly stroked his cock up and down learning everything I could from how it felt. It felt big in my hand considering I had nothing to compare it to other then what I already discovered was the super large dicks in porn videos. I broke his kiss momentarily and he still had his eyes closed enjoying my strokes, I just watched him as his face portrayed ecstasy. I had never felt so powerful in my life I controlled him in this very moment and It was intoxicating.

“Tell me what you want Mr. President, tell me how you want me to kaçak casino be a bad girl for you” I whispered in his ear trying to hand back the reigns of control to him. I still had not looked at the dick in my hand that was beginning to leak pre cum that I desperately wanted to taste.

“Strip I want you naked, then I want you to suck this presidential dick.” His tone was one of determination as if he was trying to convince himself of the control he wanted to portray but even so I followed orders. I rubbed the head of his cock with one finger collecting as much of his precum as I could and stuck it in my mouth and sucked it obscenely all while maintaining eye contact with him. I had to fight the urge to lick his cock and get more the taste was amazing a bit salty but still had a sweet taste to it I wanted more. I stood up and got my first good look at his cock it was from what I guessed a good 6 inches and more slim then I had seen on the internet but it would most definitely do for my first time.

I slowly removed my shirt followed by my skirt and then turned around to take off my bra. I had seen this exact striptease in porn once so I copied it to the letter and I unclasped my bra moved it off my shoulders and held the cups in place and turned around to find him already stripped naked.

“Tell me you want to see them Mr. President”

“Take it off and suck this dick you undercover slut” he demanded with his ego taking over his mouth not even in the slightest worried that what he said would offend me. He was right and It turned me on to hear him call me a slut so I rewarded him by dropping my hands and exposing my breasts to him and immediately pinching my nipples and giving them a slight tug hoping he would remember to do it later. I hooked my panties and began to drop them over my waist when he stopped me.

“Wait I will take those off for now you do what I said and suck my dick…slut.” his confidence was soaring and it was a huge turn on I was ready for him to take me.

“Mmmhmm Yes sir Mr. President I will do exactly as you say, your bad girl will be a good slut for you.” His dick jumped slightly while I let those words roll off my tongue and leaned forward to him crawling on the bed my mouth already open to receive his cock. I grabbed it at the base and licked up its length watching his reaction. He watched me intently so I put on a show of planting kisses up his shaft slowly and giving the head a deep kiss letting it slip past my lips momentarily and pulling it back out. I could taste his cum again such a distinct flavor I stuck my tongue out and licked his hole to gather more while he moaned for me. Unfortunately this instance did not yield the results I wanted so I began to suck his cock deeply stroking at the same time. I did everything I had seen before sucking and slurping, sucking and stroking, I attempted a deep throat while I massaged his balls. I was not going to let my first try at sucking dick go without practicing everything I had learned.

“Oh you are such a good slut, yes suck it, don’t stop.” His moans and the frequent expulsion of precum turned me into the slut of his dreams. My pussy was on fire but I resisted the urge to touch it I wanted to be a good slut and in this moment his word was all that mattered.

“Oh… I’m… gonna… ugh” his incoherent moans let me know what was happening. Right before I felt his cock pulse in my mouth. I stroked his cock in the rhythm of his pulses was his cock exploded in my mouth I felt stream after stream of his cum filling my mouth to the point I had to let some drip out back on to his cock before I rolled it around in my mouth and swallowed. It was absolutely perfect and sent me into a frenzy as I sucked his cock and stroked cleaning up every bit of cum he released while attempting to force more to come out. He continued to moan although I was paying him no attention all I wanted was his cum.

“Oh StopStopStopStop…ugh..Stop…whew give me a minute, you…have definitely…done that before…whew damn” his breathing was ragged but his face was full of pleasure I had done well I was a good slut but I wasn’t done. I climbed up to him and lay on his chest still holding his cock, which I was glad was still hard.

I giggled in his ear still giddy from my performance and the high.

“My panties are soaked for you maybe you should take them off.” My confidence was through the roof and I did not fear anything. I did not fear the pain that would come from giving him my virginity, I did not fear what he could possibly think of me , I only needed him to use me as an object for his pleasure I suppose the only thing I feared was him telling me no.

He rolled over on top of me kissing me passionately and fondling my breasts roughly remembering to pinch my nipples and tug. I moaned loudly at his touch, every second was a lifetime of pleasure, an eternity of bliss. I lifted my hips trying to grind my pussy against the cock I needed so very badly, “fuck me Mr. President fuck me please,” I begged him as he placed firm bites on my neck. He continued his foreplay and I grabbed my panties and started to slide them down he immediately grabbed my wrist and pinned them over my head with his muscular arms.

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