Controlling Wife Ch. 03

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This is a story of how my wife and I started down this fetish lifestyle. It is based on truth with elements of fantasy mixed in. There are now some definite elements of domination/force/loving lifestyle/humiliation. It is my first attempt at writing anything, please feel free to leave suggestions and comments.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everybody and also apologize for the time lapse between Ch. 2 and Ch. 3.



Five months. Five months since my dick has been placed in a tube with just enough room for a head, no shaft. Five months since I had a tube pushed into my urethra so that I had to pee sitting down. Five months since I had not been released for more than a maximum of 45 minutes (those 45-minute releases are to sterilize the insertion and entire assembly). Tonight, it’s a big night for me and for her, I hope at least for her it is, tonight the cage comes off and we measure how big I am erect after such a long time locked up. In truth, I am terrified of what is to come but first I must get through my day.

I woke up 5:00am sharp as always and went for my morning run, now just a steady 30min workout to wake me up. After getting ready and ensuring the house is picked up and presentable for when Allie wakes up, I head out for work at 6:10am. While at work I can’t stop thinking about tonight, what she might possibly have worked up for me. I decide today is a big day and I want to eat some good food with everybody else and place and order with them. Tacos are absolutely amazing, I used to order from this food truck with them every couple of days but this is my first time having it in 8 months now. My day is long but at least there is plenty happening so it is steady going. I stop at the gym on the 8th floor before driving home and get a quick lifting session in. I have gotten significantly stronger than before, still nowhere near what I was previously but, getting there. On my drive home I get a call from Allie, she asked if I could pick up some salad materials from the store on my way. Did she forget what is happening tonight?

At the store I got some romaine, carrots, cucumbers, sweet onion, and cherry tomatoes. I also decided to grab a piece of chocolate cake from the bakery just to sweeten it up a little bit for her. Upon arriving home Allie is coming out of the garage door throwing away a trash bag, which she Never does anymore as I do all the chores. It hits me that she definitely did not forget what tonight was.

“Hey love! I got all the salad stuff you asked for and I got a little something extra!” I tried not to sound nervous after seeing her taking out the trash. I don’t think it worked.

“Oh! Well thank you! How was work today?” Allie definitely sounded like she really wanted to talk about something else entirely.

Before I had a chance to reply, “Did you think all day about what I had planned for us? I mean it is revealing day after all!” She almost sounded excited like it was a gameshow.

I gave her a quizzical look, “Of course I remembered I almost thought you forgot when you asked me to pick up stuff for salads.”

“I didn’t really need salad stuff I just wanted you to get a cucumber, it’s a possibility in the games that are going to be happening!” she said.

Games, this does not sound pleasant at all. We ate a quick dinner with some previously baked chicken and the rest of the salad prep I had just purchased, leaving the cucumber out of course.


The look on his face all throughout dinner was priceless. Rory must be extremely worried about the reveal tonight, in his mind a lot is riding on what happens. What he doesn’t realize is that no matter if he is the same size as previous or if he is even smaller it makes no difference to me. Ever since we started this, I have begun to love him licking me even more than before. When I do want penetration, I have a few toys to use now. These new toys more than do the trick and are all at least as big as he was before, the only thing I sometimes miss is the warmth and pulsation.

I was a little busy before he got home from work, I bought some new lingerie that I have on underneath my clothes right now. There’s some fun new toys and gear waiting in the bedroom that we might use tonight. My favorite part is some new underwear I bought that is to die for.

“Hey babe, can you go lay down on the bed? I think it’s time we start before it gets too late into the night.” I said this as sweetly as I could, casino siteleri trying not to worry him.

When he got up from the table, I took a second to put away the dishes so that he has a few minutes of sitting there pondering what is to come. Upon walking into the bedroom my absolute hunk of a husband is laying down naked. I just take a second to admire the amazing specimen before me, my now quite in shape husband with virtually no penis lying there awaiting whatever I want to do. I get a little flushed but force myself to simmer down before continuing.

“Get it so your head is up on the pillows and you are dead center, I got a surprise for you.” I command. Once he is in position, I pull his left arm to the edge of the bed and tie it down with the straps that are now fastened underneath the mattress. This continues around the bed, I tied down his legs straight and together so that climbing on top is much easier for me. I tell him, “Give those a good tug, see if you can get loose.” With quite a bit of effort, but I suspect not nearly all of his effort, he pulls and pulls but the straps just slide a tiny bit.

Grabbing a leather hood from my nightstand I tell him, “This is so that you can only hear and reply as needed, does that sound okay with you?”

“Yah.” is the only reply I get from him.

“Yah? Is that really how you are going to answer me right now? On such a big night?” I almost teased him about it, although he knows I’m also deadly serious.

“Yes Mistress?” He almost asks me.

“No, I don’t think I like Mistress, that sounds far too, ‘porno’ for me. I like Madam.” this flowed out of me, almost not my own words.

“Yes Madam!” He must have really liked that!

With Rory now held in place and awaiting everything coming I get up off the bed and start gathering the rest of everything I bought in the last couple of weeks. I also take the time to strip down now, having this lingerie on makes me feel sexy, even if he can’t see me right now. I grab 4 different panties; these are not for me as I’m sure he assumed when we went shopping. These are actually for him and with his weight loss I’m hoping we are about the same size! I bought a simple period panty that is just a basic black with a little pink bow on the front and bikini style. The next I have laid out is white with lace trimming and it’s in the hipster style. Then there’s the black thong, the sides of this are just 2 pieces of string that loop into each other at the top of the back. Finally, I got the most ridiculous light pink and white frilly pair. All of these are possibilities, depending on what happens in a moment (except for the period panty that is for something special later). I also got a small egg vibrator that I can tape almost anywhere on him I want. The cucumber is also brought out of the fridge, it is the exact size I was hoping for, just a little bit bigger than what he was prior to all of this! The rest I am leaving in the drawers if I want them but I would rather he not know what else I have until I want to use them.

With everything in place, I get out the key and start unlocking him, he almost jolts at this. “What, were you not expecting me to unlock you so soon?” I jeer at him. First, out comes the tube nice and slow so that nothing gets damaged. Then the “tube” comes off, lastly the ring from around his balls comes off. The sight I am left with is almost funny, there is no way he is even the same size as five months ago. The head is almost flush with his body and his balls now look huge in comparison. He doesn’t immediately get erect just like before, I decide to set the egg vibrator underneath his balls and turn it on low. He starts twitching at this and after about 4min he is at what I am assuming is full mast. When I grab him, he jars his entire body. His penis is definitely erect, just does not have the same wood like feel that it used to have. It almost feels like my soft feel dildo that I never use because it flops around too much when I pull it out to the head and try to ram it back in. This erection looks like it’s a slight bit bigger than the palm of my hand! I am almost in disbelief I never would have guessed it could shrink to this extent!

Rory starts to moan when I start moving my hand really slow up and down his nearly micro-size penis. After assuring he is definitely as big as he will get (just a few pumps are needed), I get out the ruler. I’m careful not to press the ruler directly against his skin but rather press canlı casino the skin next to his penis with my finger. This gives him the benefit of the doubt that his pubis could be hiding some length, although now there is not much fat there to hide it. 3 ¾”, before the shock of this can set, I grab the cloth measurer, 3 ½” of girth. I am in actual disbelief now, this is by far the smallest penis I have ever touched, it’s incredible.

I look up at Rory, still masked unable to see anything I am doing. “So, here is the first part of the game we are going to play! I just got done measuring you, first tell me if you think it is smaller or the same size. Make sure you answer correctly as there are some things riding on it.”

He takes a moment to think, “I think it is smaller, Madam.”

“Winner, winner, chicken dinner!” I yell out abruptly. This almost got a smirk out of him, I think. “Well, you get reward number one! I will ride you to completion tonight! I tell you what, if you can manage to make me cum with your penis, you can sleep tonight without a cage! Now, on to question number two. Am I happy or upset that your penis is smaller?”

This time he doesn’t hesitate, “Upset, Madam.” He seems so confident in his answer.

I taunt him, “Oh, and why would I be upset? I told you 5 months ago that toys are so much better for me now anyways. I’m sorry dear but, that is a wrong answer. Penalty for that wrong answer, you must eat me to completion if you are unable to get me there with your penis.” I almost feel guilty because that was a trick question as I couldn’t care less either way. “Now, this is going to be the final question, get it right and you will be quite happy. Get it wrong however, and I have a feeling you will not like the penalty. Your length decrease, are you now between 4 ½” and 5″, 4″ and 4 ½”, 3 ½” and 4″, or 3″ and 3 ½”? Think hard, Dear.”

This time he does not answer quickly, I can only imagine what is going through his head right now. He is probably going into full panic mode. After almost a minute of processing he finally has an answer for me. “I think I am between 4″ and 4 ½”, Madam.” He almost sounded desperate with this answer.

“No, no you aren’t, unfortunately.” I just bluntly let him know. “As it turns out your penis has gotten so small, I don’t think you will ever make me finish with it again. It’s hardly even a penis befitting such a manly body. It’s pathetic if I can be frank with you, 3 ¾” with a matching girth of only 3 ½”.” I gave this statement a moment to sink in for him. He lifts his head trying to see even though he can’t see anything with that mask on. “It’s okay though love! This just means the penalty for missing this question will be waiting for you in the morning. You see, I had bought three new pairs of underwear. One pair that is simple but sexy, that was intended for you if your penis was now 4″ – 4 ½”. The other is incredibly sexy only fitting for somebody with next to no bulge to fit underneath, somebody with your size penis. Just rest assured tonight that the final panty will not be waiting for you as you are still above the 3 ½” mark. This pair is for somebody that might as well not even have a penis.” He is motionless.

Before he can speak or really contemplate what has just occurred, I grab a small amount of lube and push him into me. I start grinding really slow, trying not to get him there too quick. With him in me it’s almost as though hardly anything is there; the sensation is disappointing. After about a minute of slow grinding, I start barely picking up my hips and dropping back down. I am methodical and extremely careful not to pull up to high as that would be far too easy now. He slips out after just a few thrusts, he easily slips back in. After just 4 more thrusts he grunts hard, then breathes heavily out. “Well, looks like you get to lick me again.” After he starts to shrink, I quickly leap up and sit on his face before he can react. I let everything flow out of me covering his lips and I’m hoping most of it went into his mouth. After almost a minute of smothering his face with his own cum coming out of me, I grab the cucumber. I barely pull off of his mouth and he starts to say something but I shove the cucumber in, exclaiming “Suck it! Suck all of your cum off of this cucumber right now! This thing is the same size you used to be! This is what I have done for you and you now do for me!” This sick moment lasted far longer than I thought it would. Rory didn’t hesitate after I started kaçak casino yelling at him, he genuinely looked like he was giving it everything he had. Once he was done and all the cum was cleaned off of the cucumber and his lips, I hop off of the bed and go to clean up.

Rory is left there with his own cum and my juices drying on his face, he does not speak a word. I get cleaned up shower off and then grab his newest cage. This new cage is the exact same as before there is just a head, no shaft room at all and it is tighter and more angled down than previous. This gives it a more discreet look and when wearing jeans/shorts, makes any sort of bulge non-existent. I untie him and remove the mask, all he does is thank me, almost in a state of shock. He gets up and goes to shower off without saying anything else. While he is showering, I pick up the room and put everything away. I leave out the black thong for him to wear in the morning.

The whole panty thing is not at all sexy to me, but it does accomplish the goal of humiliating Rory. This takes everything we are doing to whole new levels and that, that excites me. This whole journey we are going down has been exciting me more and more. Tomorrow I think I’ll talk to him more about it all and make sure everything is okay.


While showering, I am in a state of almost shock, but also odd satisfaction. Through this entire time when wearing the cage, it was just that a cage. Our lives were fairly normal aside from the fact that my cock was now my wife’s. This level of domination, yes, I would definitely call it that now, hadn’t been broached before. I absolutely loved it. The degradation, the fact that I can’t satisfy her how a man is supposed to, but rather how she wants me to instead. When she slapped my face with my own cum on her hand 5 months ago, the thought of tasting it did come into my mind. Did I ever think she would force it on me in this way? Absolutely not. How turned on this entire night has made me is mind boggling. Then to top it off I cannot believe; how small my cock has gotten!

After I showered, I just went to bed, I did notice that a black thong was waiting for me in the morning on my nightstand. She did say that this that this was for me to wear, I didn’t think that she would be into this sort of thing and I don’t really consider myself a cross-dresser. No matter, I still obediently put them on just as I do everything, she asks of me nowadays. I’m not exactly sure when I started just doing everything with no questioning involved but it just slowly became a thing. These were definitely sexy if they had been on my wife. Today is my rest day, so instead of running I get to make a cup of coffee and relax on the back patio enjoying the sun rising. The house looked clean and tidy so relaxing is all I have to do this morning, what a change of pace.

Allie finally got up well into the morning and immediately came and sat down with me outside, she had a serious look on her face.

She asks, “Love, how is all of this going for you? Not last night alone, but everything we have been doing? I know you asked for the caging and all of this, I want to make sure I’m not going overboard. If I am please tell me now, before we go farther and things aren’t repairable.”

I honestly think this is the overall happiest we have been, things are starting to get a bit kinky between us but honestly, I think I like it. I tell her, “Honestly, I think things are going great. I was extremely skeptical in the beginning but I went along with it as it was my fantasy in the first place. You seem to have taken into the roll extremely well! Last night was extremely intense but there was not a single part I disliked. I do have one question though, why are you making me wear this thong? I didn’t think you were into cross-dressing at all.”

“That all makes me very happy, and as far as the thong goes, it doesn’t turn me on itself. However, the humiliation it must be causing you, does. The fact that I know you are thinking about how your penis doesn’t even make the fabric stretch, just a snug fit, is very erotic to me. You knowing that your penis has gotten so small it can’t even fill a pair of panties, just tells me you should wear them more often. It can serve as a constant reminder that you aren’t a real man downstairs anymore, more of a micro-man. Thank you for being honest with me that nothing has gone too far, we can keep pushing forward if you’d like?” She said this with at first joy, then taunting, topping the whole speech off with an almost daring tone.

All I could come up with is, “Yes Madam, that sounds like the perfect idea to me.”. I had no idea what was to come next but so far, I’m just getting drawn deeper and deeper.

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