Corrupting Amber Ch. 08

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The lights passed by in a blur and the cool night air washed over my face as I drove down the road toward the drug store. Amber sat next me, silently smoking and peering out the window while tapping her foot furiously. She took the Newport, which was smoked down to the filter, in her thumb and forefinger and dragged hard, inhaling deeply and flicked it out the window expertly. While exhaling thick streams of smoke from her nostrils she shook out another cigarette and lit it up immediately, double pumping hard and producing a bright red cherry that stood out in my dark car.

She had been smoking like that for hours now, back to back, chaining through them like a fiend. I had to admit that deep down I had always imagined what it would be like to be with a woman that chain smoked. As strong as my attraction to smoking was, I often wondered if a chain smoker under real life circumstances would prove to be a bit too much. So far though, it was divine. To look over and see either a cigarette or smoke between the lips of my Amber had lost none of its’ appeal, regardless of the frequency.

Spurring her intense smoking pace was her having snorted Adderall a few hours before. Now being after 1am Amber and I had realized that she was going to need to do something to ‘come down.’ I decided to head to Walgreens and get her some Ambien as well as a few more packs of cigarettes as she had burned through her stash in a hurry. As the Walgreens sign drew closer I heard an audible sigh from Amber, sensing that some sleep was perhaps now finally in her near future. I reached my arm out silently and caressed her shoulder, affirming her anticipation at some relief. She glanced over at me and smiled, still wearing her sexy new nose ring and smeared make-up.

We pulled into the parking lot and I told her to wait a minute as I ran in, she nodded with acknowledgment and motioned to her cigarette. I smiled at her implication that she couldn’t go even a minute without a cigarette and ran in. While I was heading to the register with Ambien in my hand I suddenly had an idea. We were still going to be staying at the hotel all tomorrow and probably would need some ‘entertainment,’ and by that I meant something for Amber to get fucked up on. I searched my mind for a quick fix and remembered an episode of the show ‘Intervention’ where a girl huffed a can of computer duster. Additionally I thought about the possibility of having Amber ‘robo trip’ or do DXM. I knew, from some recent online searches, what cough syrup to get.

I decided to get it all and let the weekend take us where it may. As I placed the goods on the counter I glanced guiltily at the clerk, who seemed to stare right into my soul. I supposed it wasn’t hard to guess what the stuff was for, being the middle of the night at this point. Even still, the disapproving sigh and reluctant scanning of the items was of little importance casino siteleri to me as long as I walked out the store with what I came for. I practically sprinted to my car, feeling like I had just gotten away with something despite nothing I’d done having been inherently bad or illegal. But if intentions were against the law, the clerk would have called the police without thinking. Instead, I was racing back to the crummy motel with my strung-out, chain-smoking girlfriend and a bag full of substances in tow.

As I burst through the door of our room the powerful mixture of smoke and alcohol hit me strong. It made my manhood jump a little in my pants at the thought that Amber was single-handedly responsible for it. Amber breezed by me and sat down at the table, wiping away traces of the Adderall and preparing herself for what would hopefully be enough Ambien to sedate a horse. I took the hint and opened the box of sleeping pills and after a bit of nervous struggling shook a few out on the table. Amber immediately began crushing them down into a fine powder as I read the label.

“It says to take one 10mg pill every 7-8 hours..” I read out loud as Amber ignored me and continued to crush down 3.

“Maybe you should only snort half of this and see if it does the trick before doing the rest babe.” I mused, half hoping she would ignore me and insist on ganking the entire mountain of white powder that had accumulated on the table.

“Fuck that.. I’m doing it all..” She muttered, looking up at me with a rather devious grin.

I couldn’t help but smile back as she had totally seen through my weak plea for caution and known that her increasingly reckless behavior would turn me on.

“Babe.. I have a favor to ask..” Amber began, more timid than I heard her in quite some time.

“Sure baby, anything. What is it?” I replied honestly.

“Well.. I kinda have a fantasy of my own.. And I feel like it will mix with this particular circumstance quite well.. So I’d like to kill two birds if you know what I mean.” She spoke clearly and carefully, her eyes still trained on the powder that she was grinding down.

I looked at her not sure of what to say but waiting for her to further explain with a mixture of excitement and anxiety.

“It’s kinda like a rape fantasy.. but without all the.. stranger taking advantage of me part. I actually want to snort a shit ton of this stuff and mix it with some vodka so I become physically helpless.. Then..” She swallowed audibly before continuing.

“I want you to fuck the shit out of me. Like.. totally dominate me.” She spoke this last part as she grabbed the straw and began arranging 4 thick lines of mind-numbing sleep medication.

“I… would love to..” Was all I could manage to say as her description of the coming events sent my heartbeat racing and my cock surging.

“Good.” canlı casino She smiled and kissed me lightly before tucking her hair behind her ear and snorting back her first line with a forceful and impressive sniff.

We sat in silence as she proceeded to expertly rail the remaining three lines, rubbing her now very red nose and washing down the drip with swigs of vodka. As she took her last bottle-tilting gulp of alcohol her eyes peered at me lovingly, watery and unfocused they told the tale of a little girl filled with mind-altering intoxicants. I smiled back and helped her to her feet as she noticeably relied on me for balance, twice stepping on my feet and nearly tumbling over before I grabbed her waist and held her up. She plopped down on the bed once we were close enough and I began taking off her clothes. I pulled off her shoes and she began to try to pull her tight white Gap tank-top off.

I noticed that she was having considerable difficulty and assisted her, pulling the shirt up and over her head. Once the shirt was off I reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, smelling the strong fragrance of vodka and cigarettes on her breath as I leaned in close. Her perky C-cup breasts tumbled out of her discarded bra and her dark, somewhat large areolas stared up at me. I resisted sucking on her pointy, erect nipples and instead turned my attention to her little black skirt. Instead of removing it, I just hiked it up from where it rested on her upper thigh to halfway up over her ass-cheeks. I pulled down her noticeably damp panties and threw them to the floor with the rest of her clothes.

I took my time as I removed my shirt and pants, making sure to take in the sight of Amber laying there, almost comatose but looking as sexy as ever. Her eyes were now only slits, an apparent coloration around them to indicate a long night of being bad. Her mouth was parted in an unkempt fashion and I could see the slight glistening of drool in the left corner. Her arms were slung out to either side and looked as if they weighed 100bs each, and for Amber they probably felt like it. I climbed up on top of her after I was finally nude and perched myself up, looking down into her beautiful face. Her make-up had continued to run and the streaks of eye-liner traced back from the corner of each eye to her temple. She tried looking up and focusing on me but her gaze was glassy and wavering.

“I love you baby.” I uttered down to my beautiful little mess of a girlfriend.

The warbly sound of a her reply was unintelligible but I knew she was trying to say she loved me back. I bent down and kissed her deeply, tasting the stains of the nights activity. Her attempts to kiss me back were hopeless at best but she knew to keep her mouth open and tongue out and that was all the help I needed. I sucked hard on her deliciously smokey and vodka soaked tongue and reached kaçak casino my hand down between her legs. Her pussy was a sticky, soaking mess at this point and I longed to bury my face in it. I pulled back from her delectable mouth and traveled down between her legs.

I reached my hands under and around the outside each thigh and pulled her sopping cunt to my face. I dove into her moist labia with my mouth open and began licking furiously, feeling her cum paint my face as I pressed hard into her. I heard her moan drunkenly as I pulled her clit into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue. Ordinarily she would have been bucking wildly and grabbing the back of my head but in her current state all she could muster were some moans and a twitch of her hips. I enjoyed the taste of her slightly salty and slightly sweet flavor and inhaled her musky scent as I continued pushing her towards orgasm.

A few twitches and some heavy breathing indicated that she was close to climax so I inserted two fingers and sucked furiously on her clit. I kept at it until I felt her body tense and her breath stop for a moment and let her cum hard, her vaginal walls squeezing my fingers. After I was content that she’d come, I mounted her and began fucking her relentlessly. My cock slid in and out making squelching sounds with each thrust due to the overload of moisture lubing up her tight hole. I had never felt her pussy this wet, it felt absolutely amazing. Her warm, velvety soft vagina gripping my cock firmly despite it having a thick coating of her cum. As I slammed away I looked down to see her head drooping to one side and her arms laying helplessly and realized she was probably only half-aware of the situation at this point.

I decided I wanted to honor her request of total domination regardless of whether she would remember this or not, feeling like it was my duty to live up to my promise. I flipped her on her stomach, noticing how she was basically completely unconscious. I reached down and spread her legs slightly and hiked her skirt all the way up to her waist. I reached my hand under her and began rubbing her clit as I entered her from behind. My other hand snaked its’ way under her chin and around her neck, hand resting on her shoulder as I forcefully thrusted myself inside her over and over again. The entire experience finally sapped me of my ability to hold out any longer and I grabbed her tight with both arms and blasted a monstrous load into her already ridiculously wet cunt.

I pulled out after what seemed like 7 or 8 toe-curling ejaculations and rolled over next to her. I turned my head to see Amber, now completely unconscious, drooling uncontrollably and passed out. I smiled and wondered to myself how much of that she would remember. I knew that I would remember every blissful second as being one the most satisfying experiences of my life. I rolled her over on her back again and covered her up, utterly spent and delighted at where my life was heading. My last thought before drifting off into a dreamless sleep was how many more amazing nights I was going to have like this one. My guess?

A lot.

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