Daddy’s Business Ch. 03

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We sat, stunned. Shea had just dropped a bombshell on us. My mind was racing. I turned to look at Sandy. Eyes closed, head back, resting on the cushions of the booth, she looked contended. Her hand continued to rest on my thigh.

“Daddy,” she whispered, her head rising off the cushions, eyes opening as she leaned to me. “Do you suppose she is really interested in us? Both of us” she continued? She groaned softly. “I have never been with another woman,” she whispered. Her eyes flashed “Daddy, can I have her,” she queried? “Will you have both of us,” followed quickly. Her fingers dug into my rigid cock, squeezing hard, stroking slightly. “Please Daddy,” she whispered, leaning to kiss my cheek.

“We don’t know her from Adam,” I retorted. “I don’t know what we should do,” I continued. I hesitated, my little brain mind racing with her suggestions. Would we dominate her? Would she be our plaything? Would she submit to our commands? God, maybe she would give her ass to me while she ate Sandy’s tasty pussy. “Baby, think of the possibilities,” I whispered.

“I am Daddy,” she replied. “Let’s go for now,” she whispered huskily. “I want to suck you,” she finished. “Oh fuck Daddy, I need you, my pussy is aching for you!” Fire was in her eyes. “Hurry Daddy, let’s go!” she said as she slid out of the booth. Passing the waitress, she stopped to say something softly to her, then headed to the main entrance. The waitress followed briskly. I watched as they disappeared into the ladies room. I stopped to pay the bill.

I stood waiting for several minutes. Shea came out and headed back into the restaurant. A few seconds later, Sandy rounded the corner, headed for me. “Come on Daddy,” she grinned. Existing, we crossed the parking lot, found the limo and piled in.

The driver opened the smoked glass divider, asking for our plans. “Find us a view to spend a couple of hours,” I instructed. The glass divider closed quickly, we were off. “Well,” I asked as I reached to lock the glass divider in place.

Sandy slithered across the floor, crawling between my legs. She reached for my belt, opening it quickly, grabbing the waist band, opening it as well, unzipping my pants, pulled down my tidie whities, freeing my semi-rigid cock. Wrapping her fingers around it, she flopped it forward, leaning to suck my cock to her lips. Her tongue danced over the head, her lips sealing on the soft skin, pulling more into her mouth. Dropping hard on me, she jammed several inches into her face, her tongue dancing on the underside of my cock. Her eyes open, she watched my face. She pumped up and down my shaft several times, driving more cock deeper into her mouth and throat. Finally, driving completely down my shaft, her throat reacted, forcing a slight gag from her. Involuntarily, she pulled up quickly, leaving a heavy coat of saliva on my cock. Licking the head, she slid down me again, sucking the juices back into her mouth. She pulled off me, her hands continuing to stroke my swollen shaft hard.

“I pinned her against the wall in the bathroom, pressing my body up against hers,” Sandy simply stated. “I kissed her softly on the mouth. I ran my hand down her body, feeling her tit, massaging it firmly. I slid my hand down to her crotch, my fingers wrapping over her mound. I squeezed her hard, grinding my palm on her mound. She arched her hips to me, her eyes stared into mine. Daddy, her tongue danced over her lips, her glazed eyes stared deeply into mine,” she told me. “I leaned to kiss her again, lingering, my tongue darting between her lips, playing with her tongue. She just lay plastered against the wall, letting me manhandle her,” she continued. “I asked her, are you clean?” she stated. Sandy’s head bobbed down on my shaft, a groan erupted from me! Another groan came from deep in Sandy. Pulling off again, she continued with Sheas’ response.

“Oh God yes! she replied Daddy. Daddy, I kissed her once more. Told her we would see her at 2am,” Sandy said. “I slid down her body, inhaling her smell. As I got to her crotch Daddy, I leaned to her, my mouth planted itself on her mound, my tongue pushing the material of her pants into her slit. Her hips thrust against me mouth. I stood, kissed her quickly, and told her to leave,” she finished. “I primped my hair for a minute, and headed back to you,” she stated.

She drove my cock deep into her mouth and throat. She literally jammed her head down, completely swallowing my engorged cock. My hand grabbed the back of her head, pushing her down harder, forcing every fucking inch of cock into her face. My hips flexed, humping up against her beautiful face, her soft lips. My eyes closed, my balls straining to force my Daddy juice into my tubes to be inhaled by my petite, beautiful daughter. She pulled up abruptly. She moved quickly to remove my pants and briefs. The leather seats were almost cold against my flesh, but I moved quickly to my place.

“Daddy, can I touch myself while you cum in my mouth,” she asked. “Can I make myself cum Daddy,” she asked softly. “Please Daddy,” She again dropped down on my shaft, her cheeks bahçelievler escort hallowing, showing how hard she was sucking on my cock. Her eyes pleaded, focused on my face, looking deep into my eyes.

“Yes Baby,” I whispered. Her hand shot to her crotch. She lifted her skirt up, her hand flattening on her mound. I could hear her fingers as she worked them into her slit. She was wet! As she slid her fingers over her clit, a deep, guttural groan emanated from her body. Her fingers were working fast on her clit as she opened her mouth wide, licked her lips, and dropped down my shaft. I groaned! “Yes Baby, do Daddy Baby,” I whispered. “Make Daddy cum honey! Make Daddy cum in you mouth Baby! Daddy wants to fill your mouth with my cum! Make Daddy,” my voice trailed off. All my thought focused on my long, wide cock filling her face and throat. I pulled her hair fairly hard, jamming my cock deep into her face. She growled.

Sandy ground her face down on my shaft, driving every inch deep into her mouth and throat. She worked her clit hard, her body humping her hand. With a loud grunt, Sandy came hard on her own hand. Several more flicks of her fingers, her legs moved together, clamping her crotch closed, her movement rubbing her clit between her legs. Her wet hand jumped to my cock, her fingers wiping any fluids from her around my shaft. She opened wide, driving her mouth down hard.

“Yes Baby,” I growled deep. My hips thrust upwards, my balls exploded, forcing my cum into my shaft, jettisoning it up and out of my long shaft. Spurt after spurt shot up my shaft, coating her mouth and throat. Sandy absorbed every shot, sucking hard, swallowing my cum, drinking, her head bobbing hard and fast on my shaft. As my cock started to deflate, Sandy slowed her bobbing, slowing my sensitivity to her mouth. She sucked hard, draining my balls of any remaining fluids. Pushing my legs wide, her mouth slid down to the patch of skin below the balls, her tongue flicking it hard back and forth.

“My special place,” she growled under her breath. She nipped, holding the skin for a brief second between her teeth. My hips arched. Her tongue licked toward my tight hole. My breathing stopped, my hips arched. I wanted her to ream my asshole with her tongue. She lifted my legs up, pushing them toward my chest. “Mine Daddy,” she growled. Leaning to me, her tongue danced over the exposed flesh, moving tantalizing slow, moving toward my ass. I held my breath. Closer she moved. Her hand pumped my shaft. She licked back to the skin beneath my balls. Hesitating, I caught her staring at me. “Want me to,” she asked inquisitively?

“God yes,” I grunted. She grinned ear-to-ear. A mini-second passed as her tongue jammed into my tight hole, reaming me hard. My body arched hard, opening my body to her. Her hands parted my cheeks, opening my ass for her tongue. Slowly, terribly slow now, she playfully licked my hole, her tongue softly touching, pulling away, touching again, and pulling away. She had me! “Baby,” I growled.

“Yes Daddy,” she asked, sure of herself and the situation we were in. “Does Daddy want Baby to lick his ass? Does Daddy want Baby to put her tongue into his ass? Does Daddy want Baby,” her voice halted. I felt her jam her tongue into my hole, forcing the tip to spread my tight muscle just barely. She reamed me. “Does Daddy like his ass fucked,” she asked. Her finger now tapped my tight ring. Her fingertip slipped into the hole. My body jumped, pulling the fingertip free from my ass.

“Daddy has never had his ass penetrated,” I breathed huskily. I reached to pull her hand away. “Just play Baby,” I moaned. Sandy leaned to play. For the next several minutes, she licked my tight ring, slid up to my balls, forcing one into her mouth, then the other. And back down, reaming my ass again.

“Daddy, get hard,” she breathed. “I want you to put that monster in my ass Daddy,” she growled. My cock jumped to rigid almost instantly. Turning, Sandy moved over my legs, pulling them together beneath her. As she sat down on me, she slid my cock up and down her wet slit. Lifting up, she pushed the head between her lips, finding her wet hole. Pushing hard, she slammed her body down on my cock. Her wet, velvet soft tunnel welcomed my hard cock. She bounced a couple times, impaling her body on my cock. Putting her hands on my knees, she slammed her body up and down my shaft. Driving down hard, holding my cock deep, she started rocking her hips hard, slamming my cock against the insides of her walls. Her slit, wet, wrapped around the top of my balls as she ground her pussy on my rigid cock.

Sandy lifted up, stopping in mid-air. Her fingers grasp my fully engorged cock. Taking careful aim, she placed the head on her tight hole. “Easy Daddy,” she whispered. “Don’t hurt me,” she contined. Slowly, Sandy slid down, rotating her hips, arching, and lifting up and starting again. As she ground her hips down on me, the head of my cock popped through the tight ring, penetrating her ass. “Oh fuck,” screamed Sandy. Sandy pushed down harder. balgat escort More cock disappeared into her tight ass. I watched closely as she lifted up, and drove her hips back down, impaling more cock into her ass. It was the absolute tightest experience I have ever felt. Sandy began rocking her hips back and forth, grinding inch after inch into her body. As she lifted up, she literally pulled the skin on my cock up with her until the stretch limit was reached. Then, holding the head in her tight ring, she began slamming her body down, driving her ass almost completely down my shaft. With each thrust down, Sandy started grunting, groaning, her breathing coming in gasps. Leaning back over my chest, she placed her hands on the seat beside me. She began lifting her ass, pulling up my cock, and driving back down. I wanted to see us, her cunt open wide, her clit protruding, my cock, engorged, slamming into her ass. I could see it in my mind.

Sandy began thrusting like I had never seen her in our limited sex life to-date. Grunting with each downward hip thrust, she slammed her ass down, my cock impaling her body. Two, three thrusts, then a tremendous grunt, and she hammered her ass down hard, slamming her ass on my hips, completely impaled, the sound of flesh smacking flesh filling the limo. And she was just started. “Daddy, oh fuck Daddy!” she screamed. “Fuck my ass, fuck my ass,” she began chanting. Every so often, an guttural grunt came as she body slammed my cock, absorbing her thrust, my cock lifted high, buried deep in her ass. Reaching around her, I grabbed a firm nipple, twisting it between my thumb and finger. I reached to her cunt. My fingers quickly found her clit, engorged, puffed, and wet as hell. I began flicking her clit, mashing it against her body, my hand pushing her body down, forcing my rigid monster deep into her ass. I swear I could feel it poking through her abdomen. Our breathing became raspy, my balls built pressure to cum. Sandy was groaning now, completely lost in our sex. “Don’t stop, don’t stop,” chanted Sandy. “Cum with me, cum with me,” replaced don’t stop as her chant.

I could not wait. “Now Baby,” I whispered, hammering my cock up, deep in her ass. “Cum for Daddy, Baby,” I told her! I slammed her down on my cock, lifting my hips high. I mashed her clit hard on her body, two fingers flattening it, raking it hard. I grunted, froze in mid air, and started filling her ass with my Daddy cum.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” screamed Sandy. Sandy turned demon, sitting, grinding my cock even deeper between her globes. Her hips rocked forward and backwards hard and fast, jamming my cock deep into her bowels. She reached to her clit, stuffing two fingers into her hole, thrusting quickly in and out with each grind down on my cock. I could feel her fingers stroking in and out of her pussy through the wall separating us.

No thought existed. I have never been so lost in raw, unadulterated fucking. My mind consisted of my cock, her ass as my only thoughts. I bucked her up and down on my shaft, watching her puckered ring grab and hold my slightly deflating cock. Our bodies, our flesh slapped loudly. We fucked hard!

Slowly, almost painfully, Sandy lay back on my chest, my cock still buried in her ass but deflating. My hand joined hers to rub her clit gently, softly. I took charge, raking my fingertip over her exposed clit. I massaged her clit quickly, lightly to bring her to one more orgasm. It was accomplished quickly, her body humping up against my fingers. My cock popped out of her ass, her butt rested on my lap as she squeezed her legs together, my fingers lightly rubbing her hard little nub. Softly, gently, I brought her to a quick, surprising orgasm. She groaned deep in her chest, her butt cheeks flexing, lifting her hips up slightly to capture my fingers. I was drained.

We lay quietly as the limo rolled onwards. I watched out the window. I could see the lights of the city. Our driver had found a tourist overlook. We parked. Sandy and I scrambled to get our clothes back on.

The time passed quickly. Soon, we told the driver to return to the club. I rubbed Sandy’s feet as we drove back across town. Arriving at the club, we waited for Shea to exit the building. A few minutes past 2am, she came out, hesitated looking over the parked cars. Sandy bounded out of the limo, running across the parking lot to walk Shea back. As she approached Shea, she slowed, taking her arm, turning and pointing toward the limo. They chatted for a moment, and started walking to our limo, arm in arm. Each had a bounce to their step, with grins on their faces. I noted the way they both walked, feet crossing in front of the other like I had seen models do in the past. Both trained in runway modeling I assumed. The climbed in, sitting on the sit across from me. I asked the driver to return to the hotel.

After settling in, Shea spoke first. “And may I get your names,” she asked.

Sandy spoke up first. “Well, you met me,” she blushed. “I’m Sandy. And this dear older gentleman is Rand,” she continued. “Our batıkent escort primary home is in La Jolla, southern California,” she finished.

“Nice to meet you Shea,” I offered. “You make an attractive offer, one we can’t refuse,” I continued.

“Randall Archer,” whispered Shea. “Nice to meet you as well,” she finished.

“Yes,” I acknowledged. “I go by Rand to my friends,” Shea grinned an infectious grin.

All during our introductions, Sandy was nasty. She would open her legs slightly, then close them repeatedly. I kept finding the view of her naked pussy very stimulating. We chatted about Seattle, the constant rain, the local volcano in St. Helens, and many other mundane things. Sandy played close attention to our new guest. A light brush of her hair, a casual hand resting on her forearm, or comfortably on her thigh. Shea returned the touches in kind.

“Shea,” Sandy asked. “What prompted you to shield our play at the club?” she continued.

“I noticed you early after your arrival, the sexual overtones to your play I guess,” Shea responded. I kept looking at you out of the corner of my eye. “It was so sensual, so soft, yet so exhibitionist in nature. I was getting very horny watching the two of you,” she whispered, looking at her hands fidgeting in her lap. Sandy reached to her, taking her hands. Lifting her chin, Sandy leaned to her, kissing her softly on the mouth. “When Rand pulled you back into the corner, I created many images of what you might be doing. One of the other waitresses also noticed something, but was not sure. She wanted me to go to the table to catch any inappropriate activity. As I approached, I noted your face Sandy, the look I know. So I kneeled down, hoping to protect you, and to,” her voice trailed off, going completely quiet. “God what a rush, seeing your intensity, almost feeling your orgasm. And you Rand, putting your fingers to my lips. Jeesh, I almost came without touching myself. My clit ached, my body begging to be touched,” she breathed softly. Turning to Sandy, “And then you did the same, coating your fingers with your juices. I literally came when I sucked your fingers into my mouth. I had to have you! The two of you! I want to share your bodies, your sex, offer mine in return,” she simply stated.

“Sir,” the drivers voice came through the communications system. “We have arrived, Sir,” he continued. Within seconds, the door opened.

“Ladies, shall we,” I quipped. The hour was late, nearly 3am upon our return. We passed through the lobby quickly, entered the elevator, put the card key in the slot, selected the floor, and were off to our adventure. Arriving at our suite, I opened the door for our entry. “Any food required,” I asked.

Neither lady heard me. “Rand, let’s get a quick shower, then jump into the hottub,” Sandy instructed. Taking Shea by the arm, they were off down the hall. I disappeared, going to the wine rack, selected a nice white wine, popped the cork, grabbed three glasses, and followed.

I found the girls in the bathroom, already into the shower. Clothes were on the floor. I learned that Sandy had approached the shower first. Turning, she unbuttoned her blouse, dropping it on the floor. She quickly followed with her bra. When she reached to her skirt, Shea stepped to her, her eyes focused on her tits. Reaching out, she grabbed the waist band of the skirt, found the zipper, and lower the zipper slowly, letting the skirt fall to the floor. Naked underneath, her hands on her hips, Sandy stood proud of her body. Shea let a little gasp escape her lips.

Shea reached to her company shirt, removing it quickly over her head. Her large breasts were held firmly in a 38C bra, lifted and separated. As I walked in, I reached behind her, unsnapped her bra, her arms clamping the sides, slowly allowing her bra to slide down, exposing her tits for our viewing. “I’ve never been with a woman,” whispered Shea. “I’ve never been in a threesome,” she continued. “I am soaking wet just thinking about,” as Sandy stepped to her, pulled her mouth to hers, interrupting her in mid sentence.

Sandy’s tongue flicked openly about Shea’s lips, pressing her body against her. Shea, being a couple inches taller, reached to grab Sandy’s hips, pulling their crotches together. The zest of the kiss increased ten-fold. Sandy reached around Shea’s head, pulling the mouths together firmly, almost forcibly. I noted how nicely their tits mashed together. They rocked against each other, slightly rolling back and forth. Shea, being slightly taller, her tits and mound were slightly above Sandy’s, but Shea moved down, aligning the bodies. I lusted after these women!

Parting, Sandy stepped to the shower, opened the door, reaching to turn the water on. Shea stepped to me, stretching up to kiss me. I leaned to her, sucking her lip into my mouth softly, my hands sliding up and down her naked flesh. She arched up high, sucking my tongue deep into her mouth. I kissed, feeling her body press against mine. A grunt erupted from Shea’s mouth into mine, abruptly ending our kiss. Turning, her shoulders, we observed Sandy on her knees behind Shea. She had bitten Shea on the ass gently, sucking the flesh into her mouth. She was attached, sucking hard on the flesh. Within seconds, Shea would have a hicky on her ass surrounded by teeth marks. All other movement stopped until Sandy finished.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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