Daddy’s Girl Comes Home

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One more for ya. Short, but it’s good too. ike before, sorry…no more parts.

He waited by the gate, hoping that he could recognize the daughter that he’d only seen six times over the last fifteen years. She was a mirror imagine of her late mother, so he had a very good chance at recognizing her.

It was a horrible shame that they had to be reunited under these conditions. Four days ago, Eva’s husband took their six-month-old baby and threw her out so she wanted to come back to America to be with the father.

Eva’s mother married a Russian scientist and settled in a small city somewhere deep in Russia, where Eva lived the last fifteen years. She went to school where she met her husband and married him after finishing.

John felt badly for not seeing her more, but he was an average man that who was lucky to survive, let alone, travel around the world. But now, he hoped they would get a chance to get to know each other. Letters and a yearly phone call were fine, but the bond between a man and his daughter needed more and he was about to enjoy it.

“Holy crap!” was all he could say when he saw her walking from the plane and towards him. She wore a small white blouse and the tightest jeans that he’s ever seen in his life. Her hair was dark brown and cut to her delicate shoulders. Her face was thin and her two pretty, brown eyes gave him a warm and loving feeling.

Eva saw him at once and her heart filled with needed love, a love that she wanted to show her father long ago, but they had been separated by thousands of lonely miles and Eva never had the chance, until now.

“Daddy!” Eva cried as she fell into his welcoming arms and tears poured from her eyes. “I did not think I would ever get to you,” she whispered in his ear as her body melted into his.

He couldn’t believe just how beautiful she looked. “You’re here now and everything will be okay,” he said in a soft voice as he enjoyed her against him.

“I hope it will, Daddy. I hurt so badly.” Eva whimpered. “I need man to hold, love and give me comfort,” she said as a warm feeling quickly swept over her pussy.

Eva did not think of him as her father, she thought of him as her future lover. He was a good man that who would please all of her womanly desires. Eva also knew from talking with her mother, that he was a large man and Eva loved it. She wanted to thank him for taking her into his home and he was going to find out just how grateful she was.

He loved her Russian accent and couldn’t wait to hear more of it. “I’ll make it better, sweetheart.” John said as he caressed over her slender back, hoping he would be able to help Eva ease her pain.

“Do you promise me?” she asked looking into his dark eyes and over his very manly face. “I will be a good woman to you and you never want again.” Eva said with a lustful tone and hoped that he understood what she was trying to say.

He caressed a long strand of her soft hair from Eva’s face and replied, “I’ll do anything to make my girl happy,” he said with a smile and hugged her slender body. “And, it will be nice to have a sexy woman in my life,” he smiled and was a little taken when Eva leaned forward and gently kissed him right on the mouth. “That was nice!” he said without thinking and he figured what the heck.

“I tell you, I do anything for you, my Daddy.”

“Be careful saying that. I haven’t had a girlfriend in over a year.”

“I take care of Daddy. No need you look for woman. I am here for you now and I do anything you ask of me.” Eva smiled and when she saw a shocked look cover his face, she knew that he now understood her.

He heard what Eva said and couldn’t believe it, but he was sure that she just meant that she would help around the house. “After being sick the last year, it will be nice to have someone around to talk with and keep me company.”

“I talk to you, hold you at night and anything my Daddy want.” Eva purred with her Russian accent, hoping that he would make her dreams of him come true.

He heard Eva again and still wasn’t sure of what she was saying. “I can’t wait,” was all he could say to her. After their hug ended and Eva pulled away, John noticed something on her blouse, she was soaking wet. “I think you have a leak!” he laughed and figured it would take a month or so for her breasts to stop lactating.

She looked down, smiled and said, “I think they overjoyed to see Daddy too.”

“I can say that…I’m glad to see them just as much,” he winked at her.

“Later, you get acquainted with. They love for Daddy to um…play with.” Eva said, making sure to over speak her already heavy accent. “Maybe you also help Eva drain milk from them too.”

“You’re going to be fun having around the house.” John said and hoped she was kidding. He hadn’t had a woman in a year and Eva was taking about him playing with her big, milk-filled breasts.

She just smiled at him and remembered something about him. “Is my Daddy still feel ill? I remember you tell me of your sickness. Eva make her Daddy,” she paused to run her dikmen escort delicate hand over his chest, watching his eyes grow wide and she smiled. “All well, in no time and you really enjoy…Eva,” she smiled and made sure to emphasize the word, enjoy as much as she could.

He slipped off his jacket and laid it over her shoulders, hoping to cover the two massive wet spots of her breasts. “I hope you can make me better. I need to find a woman,” he smiled at her, but quickly notice an agitated look on Eva’s pretty face.

“I tell you, I be your love now.” Eva smiled as she carefully pressed her body to his. “You need nobody, when you got Eva to love,” she added as her hips gently gyrated around his.

“Let’s get your things,” he said as he pointed down a long hall and now he wasn’t sure about any of this. Eva was his daughter, but he got the distinct idea that she wanted to be his lover.


He followed her into the house, admiring her shapely, size 5 hips and wonderful looking ass. “Your room will be right next to mine, I hope that’s ok?” he asked as she turned in time to catch him looking at her butt and he felt like a pervert, but her warm smile, made him feel better.

“Mmm, Eva can comfort her Daddy much better, that way.” Eva said as she strolled into his massive home and she made sure to put some extra sway into her seductive walk. “I going to love being your woman!” she purred, knowing this had to be getting him excited by now, but she couldn’t see his dick yet. “Is Eva’s Daddy feel okay?” she asked as she moved against him and made sure to put her lower lip out, remembering that her mother told Eva how much Daddy loved that.

“Why do you ask?”

“Eva tease her Daddy bunches, but I see no…um…excitement yet.”


“Eva’s Daddy…no hard yet,” she smiled as her slender hips slowly moved back and forth, hoping to feel her Daddy’s big dick, but there was nothing.

He just backed up and saw a sad frown cover her pretty face. “Daddy’s are not supposed to get hard for their daughters’,” he said and really wished that he was hard for Eva. He hadn’t been hard in a year and deep down, it was killing him.

“But, Eva comes to be with her Daddy and be his love. You want Eva to be your love?” she asked and like before, made sure to draw out her accent. “What man would not want Eva?” she asked with a sly look and she saw him smile. “Now, you sit. I make old Russian drink and with one week, Daddy want Eva bad as she want Daddy!” she smiled and walked through the house, until she found the kitchen. After some squeezing, mixing and a few other things, Eva made her way back to him. “You drink all. More in kitchen. Eva go change now, get more sexy for Daddy,” she winked with her dark, left eye and left the room.

“My fucking God, she’s going to kill me!” he laughed, taking a look at the strange drink and figured it was some old, Russian drink that she learned from her mother. “Bottoms up!” he laughed and drank it down. “Oh wow, I love it!” John said licking his lips and ran to get more of it.

He was sitting on the sofa, watching the news, when Eva came from her room. John couldn’t help but coughing when he saw her. He loved the small, white silk shirt and matching white panties, but it was no way for her to dress in front of him.

“Come here and sit. We have to have a talk,” he said as he gently patted the spot next to him.

Eva loved the way he looked at her and she hoped that he was pleased. “Does my Daddy not like?” she asked in a low and very sweet voce as she slowly turned, remembering the way Daddy looked at her bottom when they got to his home.

“Daddy loves it, but…” he paused to enjoy her beautiful smile, before going on. “I’m your father. You really shouldn’t wear things like that in front of me.” John was hoping that she’d understand and it broke his heart when tears formed in her gorgeous eyes.

“I disappoint you?” Eva asked with a sniff and she hoped he liked it.

“No, you’re beautiful, but…how do I explain this to you?” he said as he reached to hug her near-naked body. “We can’t do this. We have the same blood.”

Eva knew this was it. She would live on the streets and be what American’s called, a bum. “No Daddy! Please, I do not live on street. I am good woman and Eva not disappoints you.”

“You would never disappoint me. You’re beautiful, sexy and the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, but if you think we can um…um…make love, we can’t!”

Eva looked at him and she knew this was not going well. “If you not happy and Eva not please you as man, I must leave you home. It my Law, the way of my town and I never allow to return there.”

“What? Explain yourself.”

“My Law says, a woman who loses all family, go the Daddy. If he not please with or she no make happy, she has no home.”

“Oh baby!” he said pulling Eva as close to him as he could get her. “Here, you are welcome and don’t have to worry. I’ll never do that to you.”

“I know how you live, but Eva elvankent escort still need to please. My Daddy handsome and he need comfort in the cold night.” Eva said as she turned, making sure that he could feel her full, left breast.

He just hugged and knew this was going to be so hard. “You do not have to please me. Well, we can hug, snuggle and things like that, but not anything bad, ok?”

“I want Daddy to enjoy Eva and Eva want to love her Daddy too!” she purred with a big smile and she slowly leaned to give him a soft and very passionate kiss. “Eva makes Daddy…very happy,” she smiled and carefully moved on his lap. “Let Eva show you. I go slowly for Daddy and you see how much you want Eva,” she whispered in his ear, making sure to let her accent run wild.

He just sat there as Eva moved on him and for the first time in a year, John felt his cock stir. “Oh boy!” he moaned and wrapped his arms around her very slender body, hoping he could control her. She felt so good, so warm and if he was his old self, she would have been feeling a nine-inch cock under her beautiful ass right now.

“You ok with hug, snuggles and Eva kiss Daddy?” she softly whispered as her excited lips gently touched his, having a good idea that her Daddy was enjoying this just as much as she was.

He still could not move as Eva’s slow and careful seduction continued. “Only if that is all you do and nothing else!” he said and her face quickly lit up with joy.

She grabbed him and hugged with all of her might, knowing her big, full beasts were being smashed into Daddy’s face. “Oh I thank you, my Daddy!” Eva smiled as she let him go and just like at the airport, she was soaked, but this time, so was his face. “I sorry, my Daddy,” she smiled gently lifted her shirt, knowing he would be able to see her breasts and she wiped his face.

He felt the warm fluid squirting all over his face. “You’re going to end up killing me,” he moaned and he had to lick his lips. He tasted breast milk before, but Eva’s milk was wonderful.

She shook her head no and snuggled against him. “Eva no kill you, but maybe I do when my Daddy better,” she said in a soft voice and she felt safe. She found a man, her Daddy.

He leaned back, Eva slowly moved with him, and now she was lying completely in his arms. “Mmm, I know this is so wrong, but it sure does feel good,” he moaned pulling her closer, until her pretty face was on his. “No sex, but you can do anything else, ok?” he said and was greeted by Eva’s wonderful sexy lips on his.

“You mean anything, but um…no fock you, right?” she smiled, kissing him more and she carefully straddled him, without their lips ever parting.

He loved it when Eva turned and moved to face him. It was the same way that her mother used to seduce him. “I hope that’s what I meant,” he replied between her passionate kisses, as her hips slowly gyrated against him.

“Eva likes this very much! Does my Daddy like too?” Eva purred, but there was something in her way and it hurt. “My Daddy, this hurt my bare skin, very much,” she moved and slowly got up to show him her delicate thighs. “You take off. Eva promise Daddy she be good!” Eva smiled and hoped so much that her Daddy would take down his rough pants.

He knew that he shouldn’t, but he loved the way Eva was making him feel. He reached to unbutton his pants, but Eva quickly pushed his hands away, and said. “Eva does everything for Daddy!” she smiled and carefully pulled down his jeans and underpants. “Mmm, that made Eva!” she softly purred as his long, soft dick filled her pretty, brown eyes.

“Yes it did, but it doesn’t work anymore,” he said with a sad voice, wishing that it was nice and hard for this sexy young thing to see.

She put out her lip, moved to her knees in front of him and gently reached to hold his dick, knowing that it would be better soon. “Eva fixes it all better, you see in few days.” Eva smiled as she slowly ran her fingers over it, loving the feel of her Daddy in her hands. “Now, I rub you, that not focking, so it be ok, right?” she asked with a sexy smile and hoped that he would let her do this.

Like before, he knew it was so wrong, but her pretty face and Eva’s wonderful accent had him under her control. “Yes,” he whispered and saw a big smile cover her face. John watched her holding and gently trying to stroke him, but his dry skin was making it impossible to do. “There’s oil…” he started to say, but Eva had a better idea.

Eva sat on her knees as she slowly pulled and tried rubbing him. She opened her mouth, letting a long and thick strand of saliva drip on Daddy’s long cock. “Much better this way and it very sexy for you.” Eva said with a sly and seductive look.

“Um…yeah,” he said as the warm slobber saliva covered his cock and her small hands moved up and down his cock. “Damn, I wish it would get hard!” he said as anger rushed through him and he wanted to die. He knew it was wrong to get hard for his own daughter, but this would kill any other man and he wasn’t emek escort showing any sign of life.

She grabbed him and hugged. “No Daddy. It be ok soon. Eva make better and if happy…you make Eva happy, ok?” Eva whispered to him as she hugged him tight and she knew he would be better very soon.

He smiled, returned her loving hug and knew that having her around was going to be great. “I’ll do anything to make you happy,” he said with a smile and hoped that Eva wouldn’t try anything, because John knew he could never refuse her. He felt her hands slipping up and down his cock once again and he felt something else. Her warm breath was blowing over his cock. The combination of her wet hands and cool breath, made his cock jump again. “Oh yes! It’s moving!” he smiled and felt like jumping up and down with joy.

Eva looked up to him and she just had a sexy smile on her face. “Eva say, I fix my Daddy all good,” she said stroking him more, letting another thick drop of saliva run from her mouth and drip on his cock. “Just wait until my Daddy…all better.” Eva with a sly look as she held him and rested her upper body on his legs, making sure that her mouth was as close to his cock as she could get.

He didn’t care anymore, if Eva could get him hard, she was free to do anything. John looked down over her breathtaking body as Eva stroked him with love and so much tenderness. He knew that when he did get hard, he would repay Eva, even if it did mean making love to her.

Eva knew he was watching her and she loved his dark eyes on her. It sent chills of need flowing through every inch of her body. Her pussy was just as wet and excited, but Eva’s breasts were now throbbing with pain. “My Daddy,” she softly moaned to him with need.

“Yes baby.”

“My um…bosoms hurting. Daddy, will you help fix?” she asked with a soft, helpless voice and when he smiled at her, Eva slowly moved up and over him and offered him her swollen, left breast. “Please, my sexy Daddy,” she purred, watched him smile and he sucked her swollen nipple into his mouth.

He was surprised but John couldn’t help but smile and when she slowly climbed on him, he loved it. Not many men ever had the chance to nurse from a woman and this awesome woman was his daughter. He opened his mouth and carefully sucked her dripping nub in his mouth.

Eva’s warm milk flowed freely and John drank it down as quickly as he could. His head was spinning out of control knowing this was not right, but it was so damn good and he wasn’t going to stop. He continued sucking, loving her warm milk and soft moans of relief, but he felt something. John opened his eyes, looked between their bodies and he saw that Eva was rubbing her pussy. “That is so hot!” he smiled when their eyes met and he wished that it was his fingers rubbing Eva’s soft pussy.

“Eva very…um…excited from this,” she whispered, lifted her tiny hand up to his face, carefully ran her wet fingers under his nose and across his lips. “Smell my excitement from this? Daddy makes Eva very wet and burn for man to love her.” Eva whispered again, but this time, she made her words sound so sexy. “Taste my other juices, Daddy,” she cooed, eased her dripping fingers into his mouth and Eva smiled when she felt him licking her juice.

John smiled at her and he wanted to die when he smelled Eva’s excited pussy. He just looked into her mesmerizing eyes and did not hear a single word she said. He opened his mouth and before he could think straight, he was enjoying Eva’s other sweet nectar.

“Yes, oh my sweet Daddy!” Eva moaned and wished that he was hard. Eva was ready to fuck him and she didn’t care if he was her father or not. “You like it? I get give more,” she smiled, reached down, shoved two fingers deep into her wet pussy. “Now, you really taste Eva’s excitement for her Daddy!” she purred as she lifted her dripping fingers back to his mouth.

He loved this, but the thought that Eva was his daughter, still floated through his mind. But for now, John didn’t care. Even though he wasn’t hard, he was still enjoying Eva. He took her tiny hand and sucked her fingers as they lovingly gazed into each other’s eyes. John knew that if his cock ever got hard again, Eva was going to be so hard to resist.

She looked into his eyes and she so dearly wished he could take her. Eva would enjoy this game, but soon, she knew he would be ready. Daddy would be hard and she would never let this happen to him again. Eva would keep him well and be his lover.


Their playing, fondling each other and his sucking Eva’s breasts went on for a week until one night, things changed. He was lying in bed, sleeping when he heard Eva moaning. “What’s wrong baby?” he asked seeing her lying next to him on her side with big tears running from her beautiful eyes.

“I hurt again, very bad,” she said moving as close to him as she could get. “My Daddy…Eva full of milk, will you help me?” Eva asked knowing he would and she gently kissed him.

He didn’t say anything, he just moved down until her swollen breasts were at his mouth and he started sucking. He’d been sucking her milk five to six times a day. She pushed against him and he reached around her young body, caressing her small ass, wishing he would get hard. Her hips slowly gyrated to him as he caressed her and he felt Eva’s wetness.

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