Daddy’s Little Cow Ch. 03

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Flora sat on the couch, regarding a large, plain box in the middle of the coffee table. It was the diapers they’d order, damn two day shipping.

She pouted at the box, which remained a large, plain box oblivious to her grumpiness.

She heard David’s car pull up, he’d be so excited to see they’d been delivered. She sat up straight and smoothed out her t-shirt, taking a few deep breaths to calm her nerves. But first they needed to have a conversation, as equals.

David’s step was light as he approached the door, he’d been looking forward to today for what felt like forever. He opened the door to a fully clothed Flora sitting primly on the couch, looking nervous.

“Flora?” He kicked his shoes off and walked toward her while loosening his tie, “What’s wrong?”

She cleared her throat and shook her head, “I just need to talk to you. I’m pulling a yellow card.”

“Ah, ok, let’s talk then.” He sat in the chair near her but giving her space. It was challenging to ignore the box but he focused on his clearly distressed girl.

“It’s this.” She gestured toward the box, “I don’t quite understand and I don’t know what it means, I mean I don’t know where it’s going.” She was shaking slightly, her voice tight.

“Sweetie,” he leaned toward her, “Would it be ok if I sat with you?”

“Yes.” She looked on the verge of tears and melted into his arms when he sat beside her and offered a hug.

“You’ve really been worrying over this haven’t you?”

She was quiet for a moment, getting control of her emotions and organizing her thoughts. It really was so much easier to just go along with what he wanted, following his lead was generally exactly what she wanted to do. Now though, she needed some clarification before she followed him down this path.

“Yes,” she finally said, “I have been worrying about it. It feels like you want to change our dynamic, and I suppose I’m still a bit insecure from you being so busy and all that stuff. So I need you to tell me what this is, why you want this.”

David hugged her tight before settling her back into the couch cushions so he could make eye contact while he spoke.

“First, I’m so proud of you. This is why our relationship works and why I’m so awed to be your Daddy.”

She blushed under his praise and grinned at him.

“So, what is this? Well I started seeing things on Tumblr while browsing DDlg stuff. Stories and pictures of littles in diapers. It piqued my interest and my libido to put it simply, I found it hot. The more I thought about it, about you in diapers, the more complicated my feelings about it became.”

He looked at the box and smiled.

“See the visual is sexy to me but there’s more to it than that. You are the smartest, sexiest, most talented woman I’ve ever met. The more control you give me the bigger my ego swells.”

He grabbed her hand and looked at her earnestly, “Flora, I don’t think you fathom how much I love owning you, controlling you, knowing you trust me with so much. Every aspect of my life is better because I know, no matter what, my juicy little cow is always going to be there, desperate and eager for me. I’m a better man because I work every day to be worthy of your trust.”

Her eyes were suddenly shiny and she couldn’t resist throwing herself into his lap. He kissed her head and petted her as she wiggled and settled.

“I’m still not sure where the diapers come in, other than you find it sexy.”

“It’s about control sweetie, don’t you see? Right now you decide when you use the bathroom, how and where. It’s really the only thing you control about yourself anymore. Think about giving that up to me. Having to ask me when you need to use the bathroom. Being punished if you have an accident. Having to beg me to change you.” She felt his cock harden beneath her as he described the scenario.

Flora wiggled on his lap and opened her mouth, David lay a finger across her lips, “Imagine it Flora, really think about it for a minute.”

She lay against his shoulder and closed her eyes, thinking about all the ways he controlled her now, how much she trusted and depended on him. She saw herself wearing a t shirt and one of the diapers from the box, felt the pressure in her bladder of needing to pee and imagined begging her Daddy to use the potty. Begging for something so basic, something most people took for granted. Her eyes flew open as her pussy throbbed.

David chuckled, “Tell me what you are thinking.”

“Every time I’ve given you more control it has made our relationship stronger. The more I trust and rely on you, the more I love you. I was thinking of this as some new fetish, that you wanted to infantilize me, but what you want is me more dependant on you.” She was trying to be brave and speak clearly but she was slipping into little space.

David gently sat her casino oyna back on the couch, realizing their talk wasn’t over and she needed to maintain control a little longer.

“Exactly, I don’t want you to be a baby, I like you as my milky little girl.”

Flora took a deep breath and nodded. “Ok, I understand and I’ll admit it excites me. A bit scary, but exciting. I would be giving up a very basic thing that every adult takes for granted. I’d like to do a trial period and then check in to see how we both feel about it.”

“That’s a great idea! How about a week? We will have a grown up meeting a week from tomorrow to check in.”

“Perfect.” She looked at her lap and then up at him through her lashes, “Daddy?”

“Yes love?”

“I really need to be milked now.”

David grinned and arched an eyebrow at her, “I can’t milk you with all those clothes in the way silly girl.”

Flora giggled and hopped up, leaving a trail of clothes as she skipped out of the house toward the barn. She knew she’d be getting swats for the mess but it was so worth it to hear Daddy laugh as he followed.

He strode into the barn to find her naked bottom wriggling at him from the milking stall.

She squeaked as he landed a firm swat on her rump.

“Preview of later you naughty thing.” He set about hooking her up to the milking machine. She moaned and closed her eyes as the suction started, he watched the clear tubes turn white as the machine emptied her swollen breasts. “Good girl.”

She wiggled and mooed happily at his praise.

“Ready for your edging? I really do think it’s increasing your production.”

She looked up at him and nodded, at once desperate for stimulation and dreading the inevitable frustration.

He gathered things unseen behind her, then knelt in the straw, noting with pride how swollen and juicy her cunny was already. “You know the rules little cow, no cumming.” Her moo of agreement turned into a long moan as he touched a vibrator against her aching flesh.

Her breasts tingled as the machine sucked at her nipples, her clit throbbed and ached, her pussy clenched at nothing, feeling empty and swollen. She could feel her juices on the inside of her thighs.

“So lovely.” He murmured, running the vibrator just on the outside of her lips. Her hips twitched as she tried to be still. “I’m going to try something different tonight, do you like that idea?”

She moaned and nodded, anything, any stimulation right now. She just wanted him touching her.

“I bet your little clit is so hard and desperate for attention isn’t it? You’d love me to slip this vibrator in and press it against it wouldn’t you? Uh huh, I know baby.” He continued softly caressing her with the vibrator. “And your needy cunt, I see it dripping, it’s bright pink you know, just begging me to slide something in there. I imagine it feels so empty doesn’t it? If I slid even just one finger in I bet I’d feel it fluttering and clutching at me.”

Her nipples were rock hard and sensitive now, the suction of the machine and the feeling of the milk being pulled from her breasts ramping up the arousal he was stoking.

“I’ll let you in on something my drippy little girl, I’m not going to touch your clit or your cunt tonight. Not at all.” She started to whimper but was shocked silent by his warm breath on her ass. She froze as his lips caressed each cheek, before his tongue slid between them. She didn’t even notice he’d set the vibrator aside, too mesmerized by the feeling of his stubbled cheeks against her soft skin as he spread her ass and started to tongue her little hole.

Her eyes closed as she soaked in the sensual feeling of his tongue wetting and loosening her up. She mooed and pushed back against him, arching her back to present her ass.

“Mmm, like that do you?” He chuckled, pulling back. She heard his belt, then his zipper and wiggled her bottom at him, desperate, eagerly hoping he was about to fill her with his cock.

“Such a good girl. Leaving her empty cunt untouched and offering her ass to Daddy.” He pushed the head of his cock against her ass, meeting little resistance. “Would you like Daddy to fill you up with cum little cow?”

She mooed, full of longing, and pushed back onto his cock.

“That’s my good girl. Here you go.” He sank into the warm embrace of her body and slowly pumped in and out.

She trembled under him, the feeling of his cock inside her, the milking machine tugging at her breasts, her juices running down her legs, she was right on the edge of an orgasm.

“Hold it off sweetie, I feel you clutching at my cock.”

It took every bit of self control she had but she held on as he sawed in and out of her at a steady pace.

He watched the tubes of the milking machine, finally speeding up and emptying himself inside her as the canlı casino flow slowed to a trickle.

She felt his cock swell and pulse and her own denied body throb along with it, proud she had made him feel good.

He slid his cock out and popped a plug into her hole. “There, that’s how I want you, wet, denied and full of my cum.”

She opened her mouth without hesitation when he moved in front of her and delicately cleaned his cock while he petted her head and praised her.

“Let’s get you unhooked sweet pea, then have dinner.” He put his cock away and zipped up his pants, “But first we need to diaper your little bottom, or we’ll have puddles all over the house.”


“Daddy.” She poked him again and whispered louder, “Daddy!”

He opened one eye and looked at her. “What is it sweet pea?”

“Everything Daddy.” She pouted at him, “I need to use the potty and I’m leaking everywhere and I’m hungry and I need kisses.”

“Hmmmmmm.” He stretched and pulled her closer, “Let’s prioritize then. Kisses are most important, then milking, then potty.”

She frowned and fidgeted, ” But I REALLY need to pee Daddy.”

“Your Daddy would like to start his day with kisses and warm milk, are you going to tell him no?”

This was her first big test. She wiggled her bottom, feeling and hearing the diaper he’d put on her the night before.

“If you wet your diaper Daddy will change you, right?” He rolled them so she was under him, looking up at him with a furrowed brow.

“I don’t know if I can pee in the diaper, I’m not used to it yet.”

“Well if you can hold it until I’m ready to get out of bed then you can use the potty. If not then Daddy will change your diaper and clean you up.”

She knew what was going to happen, he wanted her to pee in the diaper, he wasn’t going to get up until she’d lost control. She just couldn’t do it yet though.

He kissed her gently and she forgot her bladder for the moment. His mouth claimed hers, then trailed down across her jaw, raising goosebumps as he nibbled at the sensitive skin on her neck.

Her breasts were leaking copiously now in anticipation of him latching on. He licked up the side of her right breast, following a trail of sweet milk to her swollen nipple. She arched and moaned when he latched on, the tingling relief of let down so wonderful.

“Oh Daddy, thank you, that feels so good.”

“Your production is really impressive lately little cow.” He released her nipple for a moment, “I think not having orgasms has really had a positive effect.”

She trembled under him as his warm mouth engulfed her breast again. Her cunny throbbed and twitched, she could feel her clit swelling. She rolled her hips, squeezed her legs together looking for some friction.

“Naughty girl.” He mumbled around her nipple. He pushed her legs apart, leaving her humping the air and whimpering. “Shush now, be still and let Daddy empty your juicy udders.”

She stilled herself with an effort, her arousal climbing higher as he held her down and suckled for what felt like forever. By the time he switched to her other breast her skin was damp with sweat, her mind swirling with a combination of the need building in both her pussy and bladder. The pressure and need for release blending together, making her feel desperate and helpless.

“Daddy, please, please.” She begged, trying to be still as he started leisurely nursing at her left breast, his fingers rolling and pulling at the wet, sensitive nipple he’d just finished with.

“Please what little one?” He released her nipple and blew across it, licking it, then blowing on it again.

“Oh god, please, I don’t know, I need to pee and I need to cum, there’s all this pressure, I can’t tell which is which.”

He watched her for a moment, her eyes squeezed shut, little beads of sweat on her forehead as she tried to be still and hold off an orgasm and the inevitable release of her bladder.

“Such a good girl, trying so hard. Would you like Daddy to help?”

She frowned and looked up at him, his idea of help in this circumstance was likely not what she was hoping for. But anything was better than her current predicament right?

“Yes please Daddy.” The nervousness was obvious in her voice.

“I’d be happy to help my little cow, here, raise your arms up and grab the headboard, don’t let go ok?”

“Yes Sir.” She grabbed the headboard tightly, her bladder spasmed as she stretched out and she clenched her pelvic muscles, making her pussy twitch.

“Good girl. Now keep your legs spread for me.” He lay beside her, watching the muscles in her legs shake as she fought the urge to clamp them closed. He rested his hand on her soft stomach.

“From now on you are going to only pee when and where Daddy wants you to right?” He petted her kaçak casino stomach in a circle, his hand gentle.

“Daddy I. . . I don’t know if I can.”

“It’s going to be a challenge I know sweetie, you are still trying to be a grown up, you still believe you can control something about this body which we both know is really mine to control. Isn’t it?”

“Yes Daddy, oh!” She cried out as he pushed down on her bladder. Her legs snapped shut before she opened them back up with a horrified look on her face.

“Uh huh, messed up there didn’t you?”

“I’m sorry Daddy. It is really hard, I need to pee so badly.”

“No excuses little girl. 3 swats to each thigh, then we will try again.”

She bit her lip and nodded.

“Count for me.”

His hand swatted against the inside of her thigh, leaving a red handprint. She felt her bladder spasm as she leaked a little into her diaper.


He saw the consternation on her face and guessed what was happening. This might work even better than he had planned.

“Two!” She cried out as his hand landed again. She couldn’t hold out much longer.

By the fifth swat he could see she’d wet the diaper a little but was still desperately trying not to lose control completely. He repositioned himself between her legs, pushing her knees up and her legs wide apart.

“No, no please.” She moaned, shaking her head.

“One more swat to go my sweet little cow.” He smacked the inside of her thigh as hard as he could, then quickly pushed her knees up towards her chest.

“Six!” She wailed as her bladder released and to her embarrassment and relief she peed in her diaper.

“Good girl,” he pulled her against him, petting and soothing her, “such a good girl. You did so good, I’m very proud of you.”

Her face was bright red and her eyes wet as he brushed the hair out of her face. “That was really hard for you wasn’t it?”

“I’m so embarrassed Daddy.”

“Sweetie you shouldn’t be embarrassed. Do you like making me happy?”

“Of course!”

“Are you embarrassed that you need to ask me to milk you? That sometimes your udders leak and make a mess?”

“Well, no.”

“Are you embarrassed that you gave me control of your orgasms and sometimes your little cunny is so desperate it drools and makes a mess?”

“No, I know you like how much I need you.”

“Exactly. So now, why should you be embarrassed with this mess, when it’s what I want. I want you to learn that you depend on me for everything and if I want you to be messy you will be. I am in complete control of every little part of your life.”

The power in his voice, the intensity in his eyes, the weight of his body pressing against her, the heavy, wet diaper all together made her feel so small and dependant. She reached up and stroked his cheek.

“Daddy I need you. I’ve wet my diaper.”

He grinned and kissed her nose. “Oh sweet girl. Let’s get you changed.”

He arranged her on the bed, then brought over his basket of diapering supplies. He took off the wet diaper, set it aside and used a wipe to clean her thoroughly.

“We don’t want you to get a rash.” He told her as he caressed her swollen lips, running the cool wipe up and down until her hips were moving to follow his hand.

His fingers slipped in, making her arch and cry out as he found her clit, hard and bright red.

“Oh, look how red you are, maybe we should put some ointment on here.” His voice had that teasing edge to it she knew so well. He was going to torment her.

He squeezed something from a tube onto his finger and began massaging it in.

“Daddy! That’s going to make me cum! Oh, oh, oh god.” She was writhing, she could feel an orgasm building up, rushing at her.

He watched her, pressing down on her little button until he could tell it was nearly too late.

“That’s enough ointment I think.” He said as he stopped just short of taking her over.

She screamed in frustration, clutching handfuls of the blanket under her as her pussy pulsed and leaked, begging for more stimulation.

“Clean diaper!” He said cheerfully, ignoring her tantrum. He got the clean diaper on and fastened. “Ready for breakfast sweet pea?”

“Nnnnn.” She groaned, “Yes Daddy.”

He helped her up and picked out a t-shirt for her, patting her diapered bottom and kissing her deeply. “Tell Daddy when you need to use the potty again ok? Maybe you can be a big girl and not have an accident next time.”

She rolled her eyes, biting back a smart remark.

“Watch the attitude young lady.” He warned, heading out of the room.

She took a couple steps after him and stopped, confusion on her face.

“Daddy? My cunny feels funny?”

“Yes.” He poked his head around the door frame and smiled at her. “That’s probably the arousal gel I just rubbed on you.”

He trotted down the stairs, relishing the shocked look on her face. Every step she took the bulky diaper would rub against her now overly sensitive pussy. This was going to be a very fun day.

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