Daddy’s Little Girl Ch. 02

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Cassie and her Dad had been having sex for a few weeks when he mentioned that he had a surprise for her. Cassie couldn’t figure out what it might be, much as she tried. She hoped it was a car, after all, she was 18, it was way past time she had her own car, instead of always borrowing her Dad’s.

“Daddy? What’s the surprise?” she asked a few days after he mentioned it.

“If I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore Princess.” he responded with a smile.

Cassie slid done his body and licked his hard cock lightly.

“Tell me, please?” she cooed.

“You evil child!” he gasped as Cassie took seven of his hard nine inches deep into her throat.

“If you don’t tell me, then I won’t let you cum.” she stated teasingly.

Her Dad groaned, “I’m not telling you, it’ll spoil it.”

Cassie sat up and pretended to pout. Seeing that his daughter was serious, he picked her up, placed her on her hands and knees, and rammed his cock into her dripping pussy. Cassie tried to fight, but it was no use. Her Dad was much stronger than her. She screamed and berated him the whole time his cock slammed into her little hole.

“I hate you Daddy! You are so mean!”

“You don’t mean that.” he grunted.

“Yes! Yes I do mean it! Ohhhhh god! I hate you!” Cassie wailed through her orgasm.

“Trust me honey, you’ll love your surprise, I promise.”

Cassie crouched there, as her Dad pounded into her young body. It felt so good. How, she wondered, could she have orgasms when she was so mad at him? She moaned and writhed as another orgasm raced through her body.

A few days after that incident, Cassie was making dinner when her Dad walked into the kitchen.

“Your Uncle Max is coming over after dinner, we have some business to discuss.”

“Okay Dad. Did escort eryaman you want me to make something for dessert?”

Her Dad smiled, a slow, wicked smile. “No, we’ll be fine.”

Cassie was puzzled. Surely he wouldn’t…No, he wouldn’t. She sighed and went back to fixing dinner.

That night, when Uncle Max arrived, Cassie opened the door.

“Hi Uncle Max!” she gave him a big hug. Did his hand brush her ass on purpose? she wondered. No, it was an accident.

“Hey pumpkin! How’s my favorite girl?” he asked.

“I’m doing great. But Daddy has a surprise for me and I just can’t figure out what it is! It’s driving me crazy!”

Uncle Max laughed, “You’ll love it, don’t worry.”

Cassie glared at her Uncle. “You know what it is? That’s not right!”

Just then her Dad walked into the room. He shook hands with his brother, and then looked at Cassie.

“Why don’t you go study, we’ll call you if we need anything.”

Dismissed! Like a child! Cassie stormed away with an evil look to her Dad. She could hear them chuckling and whispering behind her. Dad will be lucky if I ever let him fuck my sweet pussy again! she thought furiously.

About five minutes later he Dad called her into the study.

“What?” she asked crossly. Her eyes widened. There was her Dad and her Uncle Max, sitting on the couch, naked! He had told her Uncle! And now she realized that her Uncle was her surprise! She stood there in shocked silence for a few moments and then realized her panties were soaking wet.

“Surprise!” the two naked men said in unison.

Cassie noticed that their cocks were hard, with drops of precum seeping out. Belatedly, she also realized that big cocks ran in the family.

“Come here Princess.” her Dad patted the escort elvankent couch between him and Max.

Cassie walked over and sat down as though she were in a daze.

Her Dad and Max started peeling off her clothes. She was immobile, all she could do was sit there. Move! Her mind screamed. Take advantage of this!

Cassie was spurred into action when her Dad and Max each took a nipple into their mouths. She moaned softly and grabbed a cock in each hand. Swiftly she moved her hands up and down.

“Cassie, I have to taste the sweet pussy that I’ve heard so much about.” Max said.

He laid down on the couch, and Cassie lowered her soaked pussy onto his mouth. She then leaned over and took her Dad’s big cock into her mouth. She squealed around her Dad’s cock as Max’s tongue circled her clit swiftly. She wiggled on Max’s tongue while swallowing as much of her Dad’s cock as she could.

Her Dad groaned, “Awww honey, I’m gonna cum already!”

Cassie eased up on her Dad’s cock, and blew on it gently. She didn’t want him cumming too soon. Max was doing a great job of eating her hot pussy, she could feel an orgasm building inside her body already.

“Ohhhhh! Uncle Max, I….I’m cumming!” she screamed.

Her Dad squeezed her nipples as her body trembled and her juices poured from her pussy and into Max’s eagerly waiting mouth.

“Now Princess, give your Uncle Max a sample of your talented mouth.”

Needing no further urging, Cassie turned around swiftly and devoured Max’s large cock. Cassie noticed that while Max was as long as her Dad, his cock was not as thick, which made it easier to deep throat. She managed to get but an inch of her Uncle’s cock down her gullet. Max groaned as his nieces talented mouth worked on his cock. escort emek She stopped before he came, just like she had with her Dad.

“I get her ass, you can have her tight little pussy Max.”

“At the same time?” Cassie asked wide eyed.

Her Dad nodded as Max laid down on the floor.

“Climb on sweety.” Uncle Max said.

Cassie crawled onto her Uncles throbbing cock and sighed as it sank all the way into her dripping pussy. She moved slowly up and down, delighting in the feel of being full. Her Dad got behind her and inserted two fingers into her pussy. Cassie moaned, the feeling was so incredible. Once his fingers were well lubricated, he inserted them into her ass. She shuddered, enjoying the sensations. Her ass was well lubricated, and she stopped moving on Max’s cock. Cassie felt her Dad’s cock at the entrance to her fragrant ass, she felt every inch of him sliding into her tight hole. Once he was all the way inside her ass, the three of them shuddered. Cassie felt full to overflowing, and the two men could feel the difference in her tightness, with both of them squeezed inside her body.

Cassie started to slowly move her body. The double sensations made her moan continuously. Both men were moaning nonstop with her. They increased their pace, and Cassie screamed as the most powerful orgasm ripped through her body.

“Ohhhhh god! Ohhhh wow! Yes, yes, yes!” she screamed. “Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me Uncle Max! Ohhhh yeah!”

Cassie was immoblized by her orgasm, as both men continued pounding their cocks into her young, willing body. Her Dad and Uncle Max started cumming shortly after her.

“Awww Cassie, baby, you are such a perfect little slut!” Max shouted.

“Ohhhhh Princess, my little whore!” her Dad groaned.

They collapsed into a pile of sweaty human flesh, breathing heavily.

“Thanks for the fantastic surprise guys.” Cassie gasped.

Both men chuckled lightly.

“Your welcome honey.” they said in unison.

“We’ll have to do this repeatedly.” Max added.

“Ohhh yes!” Cassie and her Dad agreed.

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