Daddy’s Little Succubus Vol. 01

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Volume 1: Erin’s Inheritance

My Grandma Marta, God rest her soul, was a FOX in her twenties! I set the dusty photograph back on the stack of old books where it had been lying and coughed for several seconds before catching my breath. I was standing in her attic. I had left the arguments of my extended family below stairs where they belonged. My cousins, uncles, and aunts all had very specific ideas of what Grandmother’s earthly possessions were theirs by right.

My parents had anticipated this particular storm the night she died; and displayed a practicality that would have made her proud. They simply stopped by her house after the service, picked up a few photo albums, books, and small trinkets, then rejoined everyone at the cemetery for the burial, simple! The only reason we were stuck here now was for show. Both of them were enthusiastically shrugging their shoulders and forming thoughtful “Hmmm” noises at the strange disappearances of familial heirlooms. After experiencing most of our extended family in one place for a period exceeding four hours, I could see why we had kept our visits to Marta apart from theirs.

So while they bickered and fought over Grandma’s ephemera, I had ascended the stairs to her attic. I lapsed into another coughing fit as I pulled a heavy drop cloth off a full-length mirror. When I recovered, I spent a good minute appreciating myself in it. Turning to the side I spoke to the dead air: “I don’t need anything from you Grandmother, I think I have everything I need already.” Tight ass, breasts of a firm and reasonable size, dark of hair and eye; I inherited enough from Grandma’s genes via my mother. I smacked an ass cheek, just to hear the noise fill the empty attic.

I promptly started coughing again as a cloud of dust rose from my freshly slapped ass. Stumbling through the maze of old furniture, books, and an assortment of antiquated but potentially dangerous rattraps, I was able to open a window and let some air in. I took a few big gulps before resuming my exploration of the attic. Books with names like “The Passion of the Secret Flame” and “Hand That Wields the Axe” sat on bookshelves that were little more than planks of wood with nails attached. Grandma had been frugal. If she could make it herself in twenty minutes with some sweat and elbow grease, she did.

If it was obviously beyond her not considerable skills at nearly damn everything, she’d buy it without a second thought.

She once told me: “Spend your time on things you know you are capable of doing, rather than those that’ll just waste your time.” I had responded by asking her what if you wasted time on something that paid off with unexpected dividends in the future?

She thought about this for a good thirty seconds and said, “I’ve never been good with words,” and left it at that. This is what happens when you give an eight-year-old free run of the family library and she picks an economics textbook as her bedtime story. I doubt Grandma even knew what “dividends” meant. I know I hadn’t.

The most interesting things in her attic that were least likely to poison, maim, or incapacitate were the books. I grabbed a few from a shelf, pulled a blanket out a trunk that appeared to be dust proof, and sat down on an old leather chair. The books were amusing old things, printed with ancient typefaces in latin and greek. Grandma didn’t believe in light reading and had been an avid collector of the occult.

She once joked that: “Most are junk, some have their uses, and only a handful are lethal.”

I’m not sure if she ever devised a system to sort these diverging categories from one another. I had secretly placed a bet with myself that “going quietly in her sleep” was code for “beaten to death by an old grandfather clock”. Hey, the funeral was closed-casket.

As I was getting up to make my way back downstairs, a black rectangle the size of a shoebox caught my eye. It had been stuffed into a corner of the trunk. It felt surprisingly light when I picked it up and set it on the chair. A bead of sweat ran down the center of my breasts as I undid the catches and opened it.

On a bed of black velvet lay a phallus, a dildo, a COCK. Dark red, superbly detailed, and warm to the touch. I picked it up gingerly by its base and smelled it. If Grandma ever used this, she kept it exceptionally clean. It smelled new. The material felt like leather, but with no sign of any stitching having been done to put it together.

A single unbroken sensuous surface.

A note about my own sexual history: being an eighteen-year-old virgin is not uncommon, but within the social circles I frequented, it was a bit unusual. Given my level of attractiveness and significant sex drive, I had often wondered why I had decided to preserve my “virtue” as long as I had. escort rus I felt little attraction to my other teenaged brethren, male & female alike. My Father and my best friend Cory were the only people I had ever felt a deep, positive, and possibly carnal love.

My Dad was obviously not an option; Cory had a girlfriend.

Surreptitious purchases over the past year had secured me a few toys: three vibrators of varying sizes, nipple clamps, handcuffs, lubricants, several strap-ons, a ball-gag, rope, two cock rings, an anal massager, one whip, two pair rubber sheets, and an assortment of condoms. A small collection to be sure, but I had never owned or even seen a dildo so lifelike and virile as what I held in my hands.

I needed to fuck my brains out with this thing. Before I gave myself time to think I was rotating the old mirror to face the chair, pulled off my panties, and had lain down. I pulled my black funeral dress up around my waist until I could see my well-trimmed bush in the mirror. Moisture, I don’t know if its origin was the heat from the attic or my own arousal, made it glisten in the sunset spilling through the windows. I quickly pulled my substantial breasts out of my top and wrapped both hands around the shaft of my new best friend.

“I’m so bad, playing with you like this,” I whispered to the fiend in my hands, licking my lips. “It would be so easy for us to get caught together, I’m not so sure I wouldn’t mind being caught. “Maybe by one of my better-looking cousins, gender non-specific. Or maybe by Daddy! Still dressed in his-



I had never thought of my dad like that before. OK, small lie, I had never seriously considered him as sexual partner. I’d always fantasized about an experienced man of similar build, attractiveness, and personality, but never: “I want to suck on Daddy’s big cock and make him cum all over my face.” I was too turned on to entertain these thoughts for very long before I opened my mouth and placed the head of the angry red phallus between my lips.

It warmed to me immediately and I eagerly began to suck, pouring all of my arousal into doing a good job, as if I were pleasing a real man. I filled the attic with the sounds of a busty teenaged girl desperately trying to pleasure the most sizable and realistic fake cock she had ever clapped eyes on. It was hot in my hands, the warmth moving up from the base and into my mouth. It became a living thing; the fat mushroom head slippery with its own pre-cum.

It dragged itself from my throat, so I could lavish the tip with all the affection my eager and inexperienced tongue could offer. It allowed me to worship it for several minutes until finally withdrawing from my oral embrace. Opening my eyes, I gazed at it lovingly. Red leathery skin glistened with saliva and it pulsed in my hand as if from the heartbeat of an absent body. I jerked my head forward to give it a quick lick before it lurched away from me, my hands were glued to the base, arms and shoulders enslaved to the desires of this beast.

“You’re so beautiful, I have never seen a cock like you, you are beyond exceptional, and you’re fucking perfect!” I reasserted a small amount of control over my body, enough to bring it to my mouth again and kiss it like I might french kiss a real man. ‘He’, I had already come to think of it as a living person, shook with pleasure at this display of affection and pulled himself away from me at the last second, I think to keep from cumming too soon.

“I want you to fuck me! I want to be your WHORE, your SLUT, and your fucking nasty girl! I want you to make me a woman!”

I thought about Daddy fucking me again; forty-five years old and still a stud. Mom was always so happy the morning after I heard them going at it. I looked at my hands, no longer my own, in the thrall of this sex toy, wanting to press them against his chest as he mounted me, to feel his muscles flex as he penetrated his own daughter.

The monstrous toy slid itself down my body until its head rested against my moist pussy lips.

“Fuck me Daddy!” I whispered to it. The cock throbbed in response; I watched the muscles in my wrists tense as He began sliding himself inside me. I don’t know how nobody heard me scream my head off. My screams increased in pitch and volume as the shaft buried itself deeper and deeper in me with each thrust. When I was fully penetrated He held himself inside me while I rode out a series of orgasms; obviously enjoying the pleasure my pussy was giving his fat shaft.

I had never felt so stuffed before.

As soon as He felt my orgasms winding down I could feel him shifting through my hands; grinding his shaft ever so slightly deeper inside me, pushing me closer to another climax, but not letting escort sıhhiye me achieve it.

“Please stop! No more teasing, I need you to FUCK ME DADDY! PLEASE!” He obliged and I felt fear as my arms withdrew the “toy” from my vagina. It dripped with my juices and looked much larger, as if it had grown.

I’m half-naked in my dead grandmother’s attic, mind and body enslaved to an obviously magical cock that was about to fuck my brains out. This was not how I had planned to spend my Saturday evening. The cock drove all further musings from my mind with another pump, this time not stopping to enjoy the scenery that only a tight virgin pussy can provide, but withdrawing and revisiting it in a piston-like fashion that made me think of industrial machinery. It felt glorious.

“YES! I love how your cock feels inside me! You’re fucking me so GOOD! Yes, yes, YES! I want you to be my Daddy! I wish he were here so he could fuck me like you’re fucking me!” My new best friend began to bore deeper with each of his thrusts; my arms and shoulders ached with the sustained effort.” More please! I want YOUR CUM! Can you cum for me stud? Do you have a big load all saved up for me inside that fat shaft of yours? Daddy? OH, DADDY!”

He came for me on ‘Daddy’ like he was waiting for it. He released my hands and they dropped to my sides as the first spurts of semen began to coat my walls. No longer requiring my body to fuck me, invisible hands grabbed my ankles bringing my legs up to my shoulders, and a disembodied mouth found mine. Warm lips preceded a powerful tongue that stifled the cries his perfect tool was creating. I could suddenly hear and feel the SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, of flesh impacting mine, an enormous ball sack slapping against my asshole with each titanic thrust.

He had released my mouth and was muttering in some language I couldn’t place. My body had been aflutter with unfamiliar sensations, and two had passed me by until this moment: two circular nubs being pressed against my breasts.

‘He’ must have been reading my thoughts at this point because the invisible body shifted and one of the nubs pressed into my mouth. I naturally began to suck, and my assumptions rapidly readjusted themselves as I climaxed again. I was screaming around the nipple, and swallowing a substance akin to honey; if honey was an aphrodesiac. It had no after-taste and its sweetness was light, almost creamy.

With each swallow I felt a suffusion of warmth ignite nerve-endings I wasn’t aware I had. The walls of my pussy felt every ridge and vein of her beautiful cock. The softness of her tit flesh that pressed against my own face was silk. Two strong feminine hands massaged my breasts in a way that suggested much practice.

“Yyyeessss,” a voice hissed in my ear. “Look in the mirror, Granddaughter dear.”

I looked, and then screamed.

An ass that mirrored the one I had seen earlier, my own, was pumping into my pelvis with deep rhythmic strokes. Shapely legs that promised an eternity of sinful pleasures strained with exertion. Breasts so large I could see the curves of them peeking around her body like a pair of crescent moons. Hair, black as midnight, fell to her waist. Two small wings were folded up, cradled in the pale skin of her upper back. A pointed tail trailed through the air, arcing sensuously.

“Now look AT ME!”

From the time it took to move my eyes from the mirror to the space above me, my Grandmother appeared, but not my Grandmother. This was like her picture, sensuous, confident, sans giant cock, wings, and tail. She pulled the breast from my mouth with a plop, and I watched her honey dribble down the curve of the magnificent orb to spatter against my own. She lowered my legs and slowed the pace of her penetration to a crawl, and smiled down at me with pointed teeth.

“Are you enjoying yourself dear Erin?”

“Yeess, Oh god YES! I’ve never felt like this before Grandma! I love your cock, I LOVE YOU, please don’t stop! I need you to keep FUCKING ME!”

My voice was desperation as I tried to grab her hips, to force more dick in me. She deftly held me in place however, stopping her movements entirely, and brought her mouth down to meet mine. Her tongue was softness and warmth unlike anything I had ever had. “Mmmm!” was all I managed before she stopped our kiss and pressed her mouth against my cheek.

“It takes a lot of energy to manifest a visible body for your eyes to feast on, sweet pea, so we’ll have to make this quick, or I won’t be able to give you your full and proper inheritance!”

Despite her worries about dwindling energies, she kissed me again, full on the mouth. We frenched for what seemed like forever, her nipples pumping out small amounts of honey onto my naked body. She thrust into escort sincan me a few times and we both shared a small orgasm together. My hungry pussy vacuumed up her emission, my cunt walls absorbing it somehow. She purred and sat up placing hands on my chest in a pose that erotically pressed her breasts together.

“Now, down to business. I am dead, just so you know. But I left a small part of my spirit behind, imbued in this phallus,” I moaned as her hips ground into me. “Part of your inheritance is this dalliance we’re having together, the pleasure that Marta gave so many girls in her prime I wanted to give to you. Since you look so much like me, this is the closest I can ever come to fucking myself.”

This teasing was almost too much for me to take, the image of my super-sexy busty Grandmother combined with the cock of a superman.

“In my lifetime I was a Witch, Succubus, and a stand-in for several powerful Incubi. Over my lifetime I’ve perfected several different types of sex magick. One of which you’re enjoying right now. This Member has several unique abilities, some of which shall be passed on to you, some won’t. I gift them to you so that You may someday gift them to Your offspring, or Grandchildren. This,” she gestured to the Member, “is my gift to you now. As with all magickal gifts, it has responsibilities, but I trust that you shall handle them with ease.”

I moaned at this, I’m receiving this cock as a gift?!

But, Grandma, I don’t know, I mean…a c-cock? On me, I’m not sure if I want this, I don’t want to be a boy, I wa-“

“This gift is NON-NEGOTIABLE sweet thing, you should have thought better before you decided to SUCK GRANDMA’S COCK!” She pulled her impressive length out of my tired vagina, and pressed the head against my lips. She penetrated my mouth, and I gagged as the length was forced into my throat.

“Mmmm…you were saying something dearest, before I revealed myself, fantasizing about your Father weren’t you? Well we’re going to play a little game. You call me ‘Daddy’, and I will call you…” she paused and a wave of heat hit me as I opened my eyes. I stared at the root of Grandma’s phallus, now covered in curly brown hair, my eyes ascended over a rock-hard six pack, lovely biceps, and hit a masculine chin covered in stubble. My eyes met Hers (His?) as the sentence concluded in the sexy baritone my Daddy employed when trying to talk my mother into bed.

“…..Daddy’s SLUT!”

His smile turned into something rapturous as he came in my mouth, my Daddy pumping a load of jizz down his darling daughter’s throat. He pulled out, and a few spurts landed on my neck and breasts as he moved southwards to defile me the way I’ve always secretly wanted him to. He pushed himself between my lips and stopped to examine me for a moment. I was covered in sweat, cum, and sex-honey from Grandma’s enormous boobs.

Muscles rippled as he leaned forward to kiss my mouth, impossibly masculine, smelling like aftershave. His embrace was fierce, like a lion claiming its mate. He licked the semen from my neck, the honey off my breasts, and licked excess from his lips. “Will you be good for me, Erin? Will you be a good little whore for Daddy?”

“Yes Daddy!” I said. He brought one hand to my cheek and cupped my face; I licked his palm like the good little kitten I was.

“That’s all I needed to hear, I love you baby!” The kindness in his face was replaced with wanton lust, both hands wrapped around my hips, and with a bellow that sounded more animal than human, my father penetrated me for the first time. Stars exploded inside my head. The teasing interruptions of earlier filled with tedious dialogue and explanation were gone. Daddy filled every corner of my mind with his presence, our bodies slammed together and we rutted like animals. Words like “dirty bitch”, “whore”, and “cunt” were hissed in my ear.

“I have one more very special load for you, DAUGHTER! A gift from your Grandmother!”

“Give me your seed DADDY!” I screamed into his ear. “Give your Daughter what she needs!” My nails dug into his muscular back as he came, screaming into my mouth as he kissed me. His cream felt unnaturally thick. It adhered to the walls of my pussy and formed a sticky layer that seemed to be warming in time with friction of his pumping. Without warning, Daddy’s corporeal form disappeared and left me grasping air.

The member had stopped, poised at the entrance to my pussy. I watched as it flexed itself one last time and then slid all the way inside me. Pushing itself deep until my cunt lips closed over the base until it disappeared.

“Aaaaauuuggghhhhh!” I screamed, perhaps realizing the implications, but not caring. His shaft squirmed in the bed of semen it had made for itself, forcing me to cum again, crying out for my daddy.

It began to pulse in time with my already racing heartbeat. Each pulse carrying a wave of pleasure from that spread throughout my body. The only thing I remembered before I passed out was the grinning image of my Grandmother, watching me from the mirror, laughing.

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