Darkman Cumeth

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Chris can look back and remember how it felt to lose her virginity. She was 18 years old and just decided that the next man that asked her for sex would get what he wanted.

He was a total stranger; Chris didn’t even know his real name. He called himself Darkman. Chris just felt like it was time to feel what all the fuss was about. Chris and her friend were cruising on State Street in Salt Lake City, Utah. Pulling up next to them at a stoplight was a very cute looking guy. He asked them to pull over and talk to him, so they did.

Darkman said he had a friend he was going to pick up, would Chris and her friend wait outside a bar called the Tropicana. Sure they agreed, and they waited till he came back to the bar. When he did arrive at the bar he was alone. He explained that his friend was nowhere to be found. So the three sat down on the grass outside the bar and visited. Chris thought that he was interested in her friend and when the two got up to take a walk she was a little disappointed. However it wasn’t long before they were back from their walk and Sue (Chris’ friend) told Chris that the guy wanted to know if Chris would have sex with him.

Chris hesitated for a little bit, wondering if this really was what she wanted to do. Looking around casino oyna her, the bar parking lot was deserted because it was about 2 am. Chris finally figured that losing her virginity out in the open would be ok. She walked over to Darkman and leaned up and kissed him full on the mouth.

She was in luck because another guy they had also met while cruising had taught her how to kiss very well, or so he said.

He returned her kiss, and out of nowhere it seemed he produced a blanket. Slowly they walked behind the bar. Chris hadn’t been back here before; she hadn’t even been to this bar before. Looking around she saw that there were weeping willow trees everywhere, and a small manmade stream flowing through the trees. She thought this might not be so bad after all.

They spread the blanket out on the grass, and laid down on it. He didn’t waste any time leaning over to kiss Chris. Chris was shy about her body. Being somewhat overweight most of her life caused her to be very shy around guys. However she knew that having a DD chest size more than made up for the extra weight she carried.

This one experience was by far like nothing she would ever feel during her young life. There was no finesse about the way he took off her clothes. There was canlı casino no gentleness when he spread her legs apart. Chris knew that from everything she had read when he penetrated her it would hurt. She wasn’t even close to being wet enough for him to enter her without it hurting even more.

After sliding his pant halfway down, he started pushing his cock inside Chris. She could tell from the look on his face when he hit her hymen and it was intact. She grimaced at his surprised expression, and then a look of determination came over his features. Chris knew then she couldn’t say no; however it was very close on her lips. It flickered though her mind this was not how you should lose your virginity. After seeing that look of determination on his face though, she knew he wasn’t going to make it any easier. After a few slow strokes he finally pushed his full weight against her hymen and it gave. Without giving her time to adjust to the pain, he slid his cock all the way inside her.

Chris was surprised that her body excepted his so easy. The pain wasn’t that great. She did think that the act of intercourse should feel much better than what she was feeling. Each time he slid his cock inside her, he wasn’t even touching her clit. She knew from reading kaçak casino romance novels that if he didn’t pay some serious attention to her clit that she would not feel pleasure from this encounter. Slowly it dawned on her that all she wanted was for him to cum inside her and be done with it.

While she was thinking this he was pushing in and out of her. With each thrust he gave her she knew he was close to cumming because he was grunting “oh yes baby I am going to cum”. He asked her if she wanted him to pull out and she said she didn’t care either way. After that she felt a great rush of warmth. After cumming in her, he pulled his now slightly limp cock out of her.

She watched him clean his cock off with the corner of the blanket. He looked at her told her to get dressed and get up. After doing this he actually looked at her again and told her thank you. She about fell over, she had known not to expect much but thank you, she wanted to laugh. Instead she watched him walk away and to his back she said “don’t worry, I am sure the next guy I fuck will know how to please a woman.” He turned to her kind of shocked; she slowly smiled at him “Do you know where the pleasure points in a woman cunt are, after that sorry excuse for sex I am thinking you don’t. You best get it figured out for the next time you want to fuck a woman the right way.” Turning her back to him and walking away Chris knew that maybe next time he would think about pleasing someone other than himself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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