Dating Grandma Ch. 3

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I moved back in with grandma shortly after our first night together. I moved into the guest room, but I spent most nights in grandma’s big king-sized bed, making love and cuddling with my sexy grandmother.

I also started to do freelance technical work. I worked from home and set my own hours.

Grandma meanwhile was going all out to enjoy our new relationship. The more we experimented sexually, the hornier she seemed to get. Some nights I’d have to work late to finish a project and grandma and I would play a game: she’d do her best to tempt me into her bed, while I did my best to resist. One night, while I was busy coding html, grandma put new batteries in her vibrator and went to town. As I sat in front of the computer, tapping away, I could hear her moaning my name as she plunged the vibrator in and out of her pussy.

“Billy,” Grandma called from her bedroom. “Pleeeeese Billy, come in her and take care of your grandmother. I neeeeeed you”

Needless to say, I didn’t resist for very long and before I knew it we’d be tangled in a sweaty knot in granny’s sheets.

Grandma had always been a sexy dresser. But now, she went out of her way to dress like she was halfway to the sack: short skirts, push-up bras, high heels, thongs, garters, corsets, boots, you name it. She threw out her old cotton sheets and bought a whole collection of silk and satin sheets. Plus, she bought a new floor-length mirror on wheels.

Despite our energetic play between the sheets, grandma’s real turn-on was flouting our taboo relationship. She never passed up an opportunity to let others glimpse our special love.

For instance, a couple of times a week grandma would suggest we pick up a quick meal at the local fast-food restaurant. This really just gave her an opportunity to show off our love in public. Grandma would sit next to me dressed in a low-cut blouse and short skirt as I wheeled the car to the drive-through pick-up window. Once I’d pulled up, grandma would lean across me and smile at the (usually) girl in the window. If it was a new girl, grandma would announce: “Hey, honey, this is my grandson. Ain’t he a cutie?” Typically, the girl would smile uncertainly. Grandma would proceed to snuggle up against my chest, pushing her tits up into my face. Then, as she gazed at the girl in the window, she’d slowly run her hand over my crotch. “He’s so handsome,” granny would say to the girl, who was by now flushed and confused. “He really makes his grandma happy.” With that, she’d give me a big, wet sloppy kiss with lots of tongue. I’d grab the change and food from the girl, who would be in a state of shock, and we’d drive off, with grandma giggling and stroking my cock.

About the fourth or fifth time we’d performed this act, we were greeted at the drive-up window by the manager, a chubby guy who sweated and licked his lips as he greeted us. Grandma went into her routine and the guy’s eyes practically bugged out of his head. As I went to put the car in gear, grandma pulled my hand off the stick shift.

“Hey buddy,” she said to the manager, as she leaned across me. “You like what you see?”

The manager gulped and smiled weakly.

With that, grandma took a quick peek behind us to make sure we were the only car in line and crammed her full, sweet tits into my face. Never one to miss a quick meal, I started kissing and nibbling her fat, full breasts. I could feel grandma’s nipples growing hard beneath her blouse as I ran my mouth over her tits.

“Hmmmm,” grandma moaned as she rubbed her tits back and forth across my face. “My grandson REALLY knows how to make his grandma hot.”

I glanced over at the manager whose face was now bright red and covered in sweat. My cock started to harden as grandma began squeezing and massaging it. I reached up and expertly popped granny’s tits out of her blouse. As I stared at her luscious breasts, my gaze fastened on her two puffy, thick nipples jutting forward right into my face. I fastened my mouth around one and sucked, licked, and nibbled it while I reached to squeeze both mammoth tits in my hands. I could feel my hips churning, almost involuntarily, against grandma’s hands, and then I felt her pull my zipper down.

“Oh shit,” I mumbled around her tits. “Grandma, we can’t fuck here.”

Grandma moaned, and I pushed her tits away from me as she now fastened her smooth, cool hands around my cock. I looked up to the manager, who was breathing hard and, evidently, playing with himself beneath the sill of the drive-through window.

“Sorry pal,” I said to him as I shifted the car into gear. “Maybe later. We’ll be back for the food.”

The car lurched into motion as grandma bent down and fastened her lips around my cock, and we almost got home before I had to turn off onto a deserted street and let granny taste my cum.

Then there was the UPS guy. I guess he and granny had been flirting for quite a while before she and I started fucking. But because I was constantly getting disks and project specs overnighted to me, she had seen pendik escort a lot more of him since I’d moved back in. He name was Joe, and he was a tall good-looking, athleticly-built black guy, probably around 30 or so.

One day, as I worked in the back bedroom of granny’s apartment, I heard the doorbell ring and then Joe and grandma making conversation. I heard her giggle and then grandma called out.

“Hey, Billy,” she said. “Come on out here, I want to show Joe something.”

I smiled to myself and headed out to the living room dressed in my usual work attire, a pair of shorts and a tank top. Grandma was dressed in a sheer housecoat that revealed her red panties-bra outfit beneath. She was sitting on the couch and Joe was sitting in a chair across from her. Grandma patted the couch next to her.

“Well, Joe,” granny said, looping her arm in mine and patting my forearm with her other hand. “You know Billy and I are very close for a grandmother and grandson.”

Joe nodded and smiled, uncertain of what to expect next.

“Joe,” Grandma asked with a wicked grin. “Have you ever seen a grandmother kiss her grandson like this?”

With that, she leaned over and plunged her tongue into my mouth. I reciprocated, and soon we were hungrily devouring each other’s mouths. I pulled granny close to me as she wrapped her hands around tightly around my neck. As we tongue-fucked, I followed granny’s gaze back, across the room to Joe, whose jaw had now dropped almost to the floor.

“What the fuck,” Joe muttered, once he’d cranked his jaw back into place.

“Hmmmmm,” grandma murmured, twisting around to face him. “Do you think we should, Joe?”

Again, Joe’s jaw dropped. Grandma and I returned to our kissing. I was getting really turned-on at the sight of Joe sitting across from us, taken by complete surprise. My cock was quickly telescoping to its full, hard length. Grandma reached down through the waistband of my shorts and pulled it out. She groaned in pleasure and turned to see Joe’s reaction as she started stroking my dick. Joe was breathing hard and licking his lips. His hand had drifted to his thigh, and I could see he was itching to start playing with himself.

As grandma stroked my dick, I pulled open her house coat and started playing with her tits. She moaned and slid her legs over mine so that she sat on my lap with her legs on the outside of mine. I reached down to take a cheek in each hand, squeezing and pinching her luxurious ass. I peeked under granny’s shoulder to see that Joe had begun stroking himself through his shorts. I could see his big cock swelling up tight against the leg of his shorts.

Grandma meanwhile reached around her back with one arm and started playing with my dick and my balls. I wondered how far she was going to take this as I started to rotate my hips in pleasure and desire.

“Well, Joe,” Grandma gasped as she turned to watch the UPS man over her shoulder. “What do you think? Uh. Don’t you think we make a pretty sexy couple, my grandson and me?”

Joe just nodded and kept on stroking his cock.

Impatient and feeling my cock grow hard, I started pulling grandma’s panties off her hips as she raised ass off my crotch to help. Suddenly, Joe’s walkie-talkie squawked into life.

“433. 433,” a loud staticky voice shouted. “Where the fuck are you Joe?”

Joe swore to himself and tried to ignore his dispatcher.

“Hey, numb nuts,” the voice exploded from the walkie-talkie. “Get your ass in here . . this shipment for 244 Clason has been waiting for an hour.”

Joe fumbled with the walkie-talkie and raised it to his mouth.

“Yeah,” he muttered hoarsely. “Okay, okay. This is 433. I’m on my fucking way.”

Grandma and I had paused briefly when the walkie-talkie first went off, but we were too far along in our passion to stop completely. Within a couple of seconds, I was pulling granny’s panties down while she squirmed to get her pussy free.

I saw Joe stand up, his fat cock clearly outlined in his shorts.

“Shit, Mz. Elliot,” he mumbled. “I got to go. Shit.”

Grandma paused and twisted her torso to face Joe.

“Hmmmm, ok Joe,” she murmured. “C’mere baby.”

Joe approached the couch slowly. Grandma reached out and pulled him closer as she craned her neck upward.

“Gimme a kiss, Joe,” she whispered with one hand wrapped around Joe’s forearm and the other around my cock.

Joe leaned down and grandma fastened her lips onto his while she looped her arm around his neck. Soon, she and Joe were trading tongue while she renewed her stroking of my cock. Now it was my turn to groan at the sight of this sexy threesome.

Joe broke the kiss and, panting, gave one of grandma’s tits a squeeze. She moaned.

“Shit.” Joe swore again. “I’ll be back.”

Grandma grinned and gave Joe’s cock a quick squeeze.

“I hope so,” she answered. “Don’t you, Billy?”

“You bet,” I managed to mumble as I wrapped my hand around grandma’s on my cock. “Soon, Joe.”

“See maltepe escort you soon Billy,” Joe smiled, then turned and headed out the front door.

“Hmmm,” grandma murmured as Joe closed the door behind him. “I can’t wait for him to get back baby. Let’s get fucking anyway.”

I laughed and pushed my cock slowly into granny’s hot, sopping wet pussy. Soon we were fucking like dogs on the couch.

Needless to say, Joe didn’t get back until after his shift was over, about four hours later. But, granny and I were waiting for him, stark nude and ready for action, when he walked back in the door. The three of us spent most of the night fucking and sucking until Joe had to leave for home and his wife around midnight. Grandma and I went on to cultivate a very serious relationship with Joe, and eventually with his wife Ginny. More about that later.

Finally, one more example of grandma’s insatiable appetite for display. This one had to be the biggest turn-on of all in our career of semi-public acts of passion.

It was about nine o’clock, maybe a week or so after Joe’s first visit, when the phone rang. I was watching t.v. and granny was in her bedroom, reading a magazine. She picked up the phone.

“Oh, hello, Patty,” I heard her say gushingly. “How are you?”

Patty was my mom, granny’s daughter-in-law. I gulped. The very thought of my mother even possibly detecting something between me and grandma made me nervous. Grandma chatted with mom for a couple of minutes.

Then, I heard her hiss loudly to me,”Billy, get in here.”

Swallowing my anxiety, I shambled into grandma’s bedroom. She was sitting on the edge of the bed dressed in her nightie while she talked on the phone. She motioned me over and patted the bed behind her. Slightly confused, I crawled onto the bed and sat behind her. Grandma turned and smiled, and then motioned to her shoulders. She wanted a backrub while she talked to my mom on the phone. Nervous and a little dismayed, I sidled up behind granny and started to rub and squeeze her shoulders. She arched her back in pleasure and smiled up at me.

“No, no Patty,” she said into the phone. “He’s fine. Yes.”

I could hear my mother’s dim, tinny voice coming from the receiver.

“No, he’s out now.” Grandma said. “Yeah, I don’t know. Probably out messing around with some young thing.”

Granny laughed.

“Well, Patty,” she continued. “He’s a strong, healthy kid.”

I could hear my mother squawking on the other end of the line. Grandma started to rub her back against me as I massaged her shoulders. She let out a small groan as I squeezed and kneaded her upper arms.

“Oh . .no . .Patty,” she said into the phone. “No. That’s my boyfriend. He’s giving me a little massage. And it feels so good.”

Mom did some more squawking.

“No, it’s alright. Really.” Grandma continued. “What could be more pleasant than talking with my daughter-in-law while I get a massage.”

I heard mom talking again and then grandma laughed.

“Don’t worry, Patty,” granny said. “It’s just a massage.”

Grandma arched her back again, thrusting her big tits into the air. The sight of her cleavage started my cock twitching.

“Who is he?” Grandma laughed into phone. “You’d never guess honey.”

Granny started rolling her tits around as I paused my massage, frozen by nervousness. Grandma put her hand on mine and pulled it down, toward her breasts. I exhaled and reached down with both hands to cradle and cup her tits.

“Ohhh,” Grandma whispered into the phone. “Yes, he’s a younger man.”

I could hear my mom’s shocked tones on the phone as I ran my hands around the delicious curves and swells of granny’s tits. I reached down and thumbed her nipples, then squeezed them between my fingers.

“Yes, Patty,” grandma said. “He’s less than half my age.”

Again, my mom squawked. Grandma cradled the phone between her shoulder and her chin and covered my hands with hers, helping me to play with her full, firm tits.

“Well,” she murmured into the phone. “Just cause I’m 59 doesn’t mean I’m dead.”

Now it was my mom’s turn to laugh. My cock started to inch down my leg and grandma, feeling it swell against her back, started to rub herself like a kitten against my crotch.

“Hmmmm . . .yes baby,” she said to me with a grin. “Move down a little bit lower.”

I smiled too and reached down to run my hand through her silky bush.

“What?” Grandma said into the phone. “No, Patty. Don’t go. It’s only a massage. Relax.. He’s really very good at. You should try him some time.”

With that, I froze. But, grandma, grinning now, pulled my hand down to her pussy and pushed it along her pussy lips.

“Yes, Patty,” grandma continued. “He’s young, and he’s strong, and he’s got so much energy. You wouldn’t believe it.”

I inserted a finger into granny’s pussy as I played with her nipple. She inhaled sharply and jammed my finger deeper into her pussy.

“Yesssss, Patty,” granny said to my mom. kartal escort “There really is something to be said for younger men.”

Grandma shifted her weight and leaned the left side of her body onto the bed, drawing her legs up off the floor. I followed her down onto the bed until we were lying together, my crotch against her ass, one hand still on her tit, and the other halfway up her pussy. Granny started to squirm her hips against my crotch. She moaned softly.

I could hear my mom talking more quietly now on the other end of the phone line.

“Well, Patty,” grandma sighed softly. “He’s giving me a total body massage. His strong hands are on my thighs now and I can feel his young, hard body close to mine.”

Granny moaned and switched the phone to her other shoulder so she could reach down through her legs and grab my hard cock. I grunted.

“That’s it baby,” grandma said half to me and half to my mom. “Ohhhhhh, that’s just right.”

Granny guided my cock into her pussy and soon I felt my dick wrapped in the soft, hot wetness of her pussy. Slowly, I pushed deeper inside her.

“Ohhhhhh,” grandma moaned softly. “Yesss, Patty, uh huh, uh huh. He’s very skilled. Yes, honey. He’s really-good looking.”

As I started to slowly fuck grandma from behind, I lowered my head to her fat breast and started sucking on her nipple. With her free hand, granny pushed my head down firmly onto her tit.

“Ohhh, Patty,” she moaned into the phone. “Yes, he’s got endurance. He can go and go all night. Ohhhhhhh.”

By now, it was clear that my mother knew granny was getting fucked. But far from being disgusted, the sound of it must have been turning her on. Knowing this, I started to slide my dick faster in and out of granny.

“Mmmmmm,” grandma practically moaned into the phone. “Patty, he’s delicious. He’s so strong and hard. Ohhhhh, soooo fucking hard.”

Spurred by granny’s description, I pushed her onto her belly and shifted myself around onto her ass. Grandma grabbed the phone as it slid off her shoulder and crammed it against her mouth. By now, she was gasping for breath and I was pounding my dick in and out of her pussy.

“Mmmmmm, Patty,” grandma moaned. “He’s so young and sexy. I love it when he does it to me. Uh . . .uh. Yesss, that’s it baby.”

As my cock felt harder and harder, I pressed my chest against granny’s shoulders and began bouncing my crotch against her big juicy ass, driving my dick in and out of her in rapid-fire thrusts. I reached out and grabbed her wrists in my hand and pulled her arms to her side and gently gnawed at granny’s neck as I fucked her. She dropped the phone next to her head and burrowed her face into the bed.

“That’s it, baby,” she grunted. “Ohhhh . . .yesss . . uh . .uh . .uh. Hmmm . . .give it to me honey. Oh, yeah. Yeah.”

I wasn’t sure if my mom was still on the other end of the phone, but I didn’t care anymore as the pleasure running up and down my cock carried me away. Sweating, I let go of grandma’s hands and grabbed her shoulders, pulling her body back onto my plunging dick.

Grandma grabbed the pillow in her hands and moaned in ecstasy as her ass quivered and shook to the rhythm of my cock pounding away at her pussy.

“Ohhhh, Patty,” she screeched. “Baby . .yesss . .he’s giving it to me. My little boy is fucking me, Patty. Ohhh . . .it’s soo good.”

I groaned and felt the cum welling up in my balls. Grandma sensed my climax and began jiggling her ass wildly against my cock. I dropped my head to her shoulder, pile-driving my cock into her, and I suddenly found myself grunting practically right into the phone. Grandma’s voice had dissolved into a staccato of sighs and grunts. I felt my balls tighten and with a series of superquick thrusts my cock erupted in pleasure and cum. Grandma let out a huge groan and tightened her ass against my crotch. I shook my dick in her pussy and then, with a bark of release and pleasure, collapsed onto her. Cooing like a girl, grandma humped her ass up against my dick, trying to grind out yet more orgasm.

When I heard my mom’s voice on the phone, I blinked my eyes open. My cock was still half-buried in granny’s cunt.

“Sally, Sally,” I heard my mom gasp. “Jesus, Sally, are you okay?”

With a groan of satisfaction, grandma grabbed the phone.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured into the receiver, flashing me a toothy smile. “I’m more than alright Patty.”

Grandma blew me a kiss as I rolled off her back and flopped onto my back next to her. She crawled up onto me and rested her tits across my chest, propping herself up to continue talking on the phone.

“Sorry, Patty,” Grandma said. “We got carried away.”

There was a pause. I felt the cool air rushing around my wet, rapidly deflating cock.

“Oh cut it out,” Granny said with a giggle and a smile, reaching down to squeeze my cheeks in her hand. “You know you like it. Who wouldn’t.”

“Here,” Grandma said. “I’m going to give him a kiss for being so good to me, and you can listen in.”

Granny leaned down and, holding the phone next to our lips, she gave me a wet, sloppy kiss, practically licking me across the lips.

“Hmmmm,” she said into the phone. “Okay, Patty. Yeah. Maybe you’ll meet him when you visit. Bye hon.”

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