Daughter-In-Law Ch. 03

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This is the third installment of a story about my daughter-in-law. You do not need to read parts one and two because I think the story stands alone. However, it might make it more enjoyable if you read the others first.

* * * * *

“Let me see your tongue. Can you touch the end of your nose with it?”

“What?” I said, thinking what kind of stupid question is that. “When I was younger I could lick my eyebrows.” I added with a leer wondering if this extremely attractive woman would grasp my lewd suggestion. I was talking with Catherine McPherson, my daughter-in-laws sister. Cathy and her daughter Anne were visiting from their home outside London. We were all at a party in celebration of my granddaughter Kelly’s graduation from High School.

“Well I know that is a physical impossibility, but do you have some other special talent that you can do? Why would Kelly be telling Anne that you have the most talented tongue in all of this wonderful country of yours?”

“What!” was all I could manage to say. It felt like my tongue was tied in a knot. I had a vague idea that Kelly was telling stories out of school, and that she had probably told her cousin about our recent sexcapades. If this was the case I was going to be more than a little pissed at Kelly. “You know young girls…Kelly was probably just pulling Anne’s leg or something. I’m sure that what ever it was Kelly was just blowing smoke.”

“Getting to know the Penthouse Pet for September of 1984 are you Gramps?” My daughter-in-law Ann said coming up behind me. “Didn’t know your sexy daughter-in-law had an even more sexy sister did you? She still looks great doesn’t she?”

“She is truly an attractive woman, as are you Ann.” I said giving her a hug and just a little discrete pat on her fanny.

“Tell me Ann, why is Kelly telling Anna what a wonderful tongue this man has?” Cathy asked pointing her finger at me.

Turning six shades of red and stammering for an explanation Ann responded by just saying “Ah…ah…ah.”

No sense beating around the bush. Cathy was a sexy looking woman and I figured that maybe with a whole lot of luck I might be able to get a little action with her so I blurted out the truth.

“Kelly overheard Ann and I talking awhile back.” I said. “Ann had mistakenly given me a blow job, thinking I was her husband, and I had returned the favor out of gratitude. Kelly overheard Ann telling me that nobody in the world gave head better than I did.”

“Daaaaaad!” Was all Ann could come up with as she blushed and turned a deep shade of red.

“Don’t blame me.” I said. “Kelly’s the one with the big mouth. I just believe in telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

“Like shit! I know you. You’re nothing but a dirty old man under that nice guy facade. You’re probably trying to figure out a way to get into my sister’s pants. Confess up you old fart.”

“Me? I’m innocent.” I said raising my hands in the air. “Penthouse Pet…Wow!”

“See!” Ann said. “Don’t fall for his bull-shit Cathy. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he has gone down on Kelly as well.”

“Really! Cathy said as she got a thoughtful look on her face. “Isn’t it illegal or at least immoral to have sex with your grand-daughter?”

“Not if she wants it, I responded. “Not that I’m admitting I’ve done anything you understand.”

“You bastard! I knew that little slut would get to you, and you, you have no morals what so ever. You’d fuck Pogo if he’d bend over.”

“No I wouldn’t, I’m strictly heterosexual. I like tits on my sex partners. Boobs give me something to hang on to. I especially like tits like you and Miss Penthouse Pet here have,” I said as I leered at the chests of the two beautiful sisters standing in front of me.

“So, Gramps, you think Mom and Aunt Cathy have nice boobs? How about Anne and me? Ours may be a little smaller, but aren’t they just as nice?”

Damn that Kelly has a way of sneaking up and listening in on conversations at just the wrong time, I thought, as I turned saw the two eighteen year old cousins standing behind me. Kelly was tall, like her mom, almost six feet of angular female with breasts that were maybe smaller than her moms, but still a great deal more than a mouth full. Both mother and daughter had long dark auburn colored hair and green eyes that could make you cream your jeans just by looking at them.

Cathy and Anne were three or four inches shorter than their sister and cousin, but had the same dark hair and sexy eyes. From the way their unencumbered breasts moved under their thin tops I could surmise that both were well endowed. Cathy’s nipples pushed her shirt out like headlights in a storm, and I was mentally drooling as I contemplated testing their rigidity by biting through the thin fabric with my teeth.

“I can assure you that never in my life have I been surrounded by four more beautiful women than those present.” I stammered as I openly ogled and made a conscious effort to control the beginnings antalya escort of an erection. We were than interrupted by two cars, loaded with screaming and yelling recent high school graduates, pulling into the driveway. Kelly, pulling her cousin along, dashed off to greet her friends. My daughter-in-law and her sister left, leaving me standing by myself, with a hand in my pocket, just watching the world go by.

A little bit later in the afternoon I left with my son Grant to play nine holes of golf and when we got back the graduation party had petered out, so I prepared to take my leave. Kelly came up with her cousin Anne just as I started the engine.

“Anne and I want to come over to your house tonight if it’s all right with you? If it is than I’ll ask mom.”

“Sure, I don’t mind. Do you want to ride with me or take your own car?”

“Wait, I’ll go ask.” And the two of them ran off. A couple of seconds later Ann came back and leaned in the car window. With her top gapping open I had a clear view of her ample chest clear down to her navel.

“Cathy and I will come over tomorrow before noon and pick them up to go shopping,” Ann said. “But you behave yourself. Those girls are still kids as far as I’m concerned and I don’t want you corrupting their morals.”

“I will behave myself if you give me a kiss,” I said.

“You’re incorrigible,” she said, but bent over farther and kissed me on the lips. When she pulled back I put both hands to her face and lightly stroked her eyebrows with my thumbs, she let her left hand drop and grope my rapidly expanding dick. “I don’t think we should be having an affair,” Ann said. “I don’t think it’s fair to Grant even though I know he’s screwing the sweet bejesus out of his secretary every chance he gets.”

“We’ll always be friends, Ann. I love you; I don’t ever want to hurt you. I’ll do what ever it is you want, and I promise I’ll be good to the girls.” Thinking to myself that if they were good to me, I’d be really good to them. Just then they both came running up and jumped in the car.

“All of you behave yourselves.” Ann shouted as I backed out of the driveway.

“We won’t do anything you haven’t already done mom.” Kelly called out laughing.

Before I got to the street the radio was blasting away loud enough to burst your eardrums. The forty-five minute drive to my home went by in a flash. Kelly’s mouth never stopped. She was either singling along with the current song assaulting our senses or telling Anne and I what was going to transpire once we reached our destination.

“Gramps, you’ll have to make us up a great big pitcher of margaritas and than Anne and I will practice our strip tease dancing for you. When were all naked we’ll take a swim and then the two of us will sandwich you in that big bed of yours and you can teach us everything you know about making love.”

I wasn’t going to argue with Kelly it sounded like a pretty good plan to me. On top of that it didn’t look like Anne was going to quibble either. When we got to the house I mixed up a batch of drinks and joined the girls by the pool. Kelly had set up the CD player and had selected a bunch of songs she had brought with her. She had me sit on the double chaise lounge and than she sat down beside me.

“Anne is going first.” Kelly said as she snuggled up to me and nodded for Anne to begin. Than she reached over and unzipped my pants and clasped my prick in one hand and downed her drink with the other. Her grip on my dick was fairly loose and she lightly ran her fingers over the bulging veins and sensitive head.

The problem was that Anne didn’t have enough clothes on for a strip tease dance. She was barefoot, and when she dropped her shorts she was down to just her purple panties and her top. The movement of her breasts under the cut-off shirt clearly demonstrated that she wasn’t wearing a bra and before the first song was half way through she was dressed in only the high cut purple panties. When the song ended she pushed the panties down her legs and stepped out of them. Then she placed her hands on her hips and faced us.

“I don’t know how to put on a strip show.” Anne said. “I feel stupid.”

She looked gorgeous however. A clip held up her dark hair, and the nipples on her upturned boobs were tiny and poked out straight-ahead. Mature hips flared from a narrow waist and her long, lean legs extended from a neatly trimmed dark bush. She had a simple silver stud in her naval.

“You come sit with Gramps, and I’ll give you a demonstration.” Kelly said. Hang onto his joy stick, but don’t let that baby spit at you, OK?”

“It’s already drooling,” Anne said as she palmed my knob and plopped herself down next to me.

Kelly sat in a chair about two feet in front of us and starting rocking her body and bouncing up and down to the beat of the music. She spread her knees and ran her hands up her inner thighs and up her ribs to caress her breasts. She turned and kneeled on the chair and pushed her alanya escort shorts down over her ass and down to her knees and wiggled back and forth. She pulled up the side of her panties into the crack of her ass and wiggled some more.

As the song ended she stood and faced us. When the music started again she leaned forward and started shimming her wondrous globes under her tank top. Her nipples pouted out and threatened to poke holes in the thin material. Than she slipped her arms out from underneath the thin straps of her top and pulled the garment down and off her pointed tits. She continued pulling until it covered her hips, then she reached underneath and pulled down her panties just as the music from the second song ended.

Sitting back in the chair she cupped her breasts with both hands and demurely crossed her legs as the next song started. While she lifted her breasts one at a time to sensually lick at her nipples, she uncrossed her legs and slowly spread them open. The farther she spread her legs the higher up the material of her pulled down shirt rode up her legs until her wide-open sex was visible for Anne and I to view. Than she spread the lips of her pussy wide open with her fingers and dipped two fingers from each hand into her pink, moist, interior.

“Smell me, taste me.” She said as she rose and walked toward us as she pulled her top up and off her body. She extended one hand under my nose and I open my mouth and licked the nectar from her fingers. Anne hesitated but a split second before she too tasted the fragrance of her cousin. “Time to cool off!” Kelly shouted as the song ended and she led the way to the pool.

I’ll tell you that I needed to cool off. I was hotter than a firecracker on the fourth of July and was just about to blast off. We only spent a hot second in the pool, however, before Kelly led us off toward the shower adjacent to my bedroom. We took turns soaping each other and rinsing the day’s accumulation of sweat and pool chlorine of one another. Mostly however I kept back and let Kelly lead the action.

“God your breasts feel great, Anne.” Kelly uttered as she soaped, squeezed and hefted the pear shaped mounds that adorned the chest of her cousin. All the while she was rubbing her own stiff nipples into and around the back of her cousin. When they turned and faced each other I managed to run soapy fingers up the ass cracks of both girls at the same time while simultaneously trying to push my stiffing rod between them.

Kelly then herded us into the bedroom and the king-sized bed. As she had planned from the very beginning, Kelly and Anne flanked me. I was leaning back against the headboard and had an arm around each girl. Four hands were playing with my now rock hard dick.

“His dick is really long, Anne said as she lightly stroked her hand up and over the head. How long is it?”

“Just a little over seven inches,” Kelly said, “But I think it feels so much longer because the younger guys you and I date have such little cocks. I think that as guys get older their dicks get bigger.”

“That isn’t exactly true, Kelly, different guys just have different sized cocks, and just like women have different sized boobs.” I said.

“I know it Gramps. I was just pulling her chain a little bit. Do you think you can take all he’s got down your throat Anne?” Kelly asked.

“God no! I gag just thinking about trying to swallow such a long dick. If you can, Kelly, show me how.”

“Well you put your backside over Gramps head and let him get a taste of your sweet little pussy while I show you how to really deep throat a cock.”

When Kelly started to gargle on my cock head, my system went into overdrive with all the bells and whistles going off at the same time. Anne must have been receiving some pleasure of her own because she started bucking and twisting on my tongue like a brand new bull with a rider on its back. She was grinding into my tongue while her clit was trapped between my upper lip and the base of my nose. I stiffened my tongue and fucked the slick hole of this young British beauty to the best of my ability.

When the fireworks finally subsided for Anne she collapsed and did an old fashioned swoon. Every last bit of spunk my body could produce was then flushed down the open throat of my darling granddaughter.

“If you guys don’t get going again the party will be over.” Lambasted Kelly as she sat up Indian style on the bed and watched the two of us.

“Maybe you should call 911. I think I might have died and gone to heaven.” I suggested to Kelly. “Do I look dead?”

“Only your prick. You old fart. Next time I bring my cousin to a fuck fest I’ll have to invite some guys our own age. You didn’t last hardly half a minute.” Kelly pouted. “I haven’t gotten one thing out of this whole evening. You’d better service me, Gramps, or I’ll never come back.”

“Count to twenty, slowly, Kelly. If I’m not between those golden thighs of yours licking alanya rus escort up your nectar, than you can call the medics because I really will be dead.”

I rolled over and got to work when the count got to nineteen. I must have done a something right because when I awoke around eight-thirty in the morning both Kelly and Anne were sound asleep spread out naked on my bed.

Quietly I snuck off and showered and was on my third cup of coffee when my daughter-in-law and her sister showed up. Kelly and Anne must have heard us talking and came into the kitchen fully dressed just a few minutes after ten.

The four women took off for a day of shopping and I put clean sheets on my bed. Taking five steaks from the freezer to thaw, I went to the store for salad fixings and more booze. When the women got back to my place a little after five I mixed up drinks and started the grill for dinner.

Kelly and Anne had changed into itty, bitty bikinis and were lounging around the pool while their mothers were still dressed. Ann was wearing knee length shorts and a sleeveless top, while Cathy was wearing a strapless summer dress that had elastic at both the top and waist. It was a warm and breeze-less early summer evening.

“God it’s hot!” Cathy said. “The water in the pool looks really inviting. I wish I had my swimming suit so I could take a dip.”

“You never needed a suit when we were young.” Ann said. “When did you change into such a moralistic person?”

“Who said anything about being moralistic? I would jump in that water in a hot second, except I don’t want to embarrass your father-in-law.”

“You wouldn’t embarrass that old fart if you shaved your pussy in front of him. I know for a fact he’d cut off his left testicle if you offered him a blow-job in exchange for it.”

“Well then I don’t know what we’re waiting for. Let’s get naked and wet.”

The two women then stood and without ceremony removed their clothes and jumped into the pool followed a split second later by their two daughters shedding their skimpy swimsuits and joining them. I stood by the grill with my mouth open and the front of my short tenting. There isn’t a man alive that has better luck than I do I was thinking, but then my luck changed. Walking out on the patio deck was my son Grant.

“Jesus! Dad you’re a fucking pervert. How’d you get all four of them to take their cloths off?” Grant whispered.

“I didn’t do anything. Over the years I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut and let the cards, or in this case the clothes, fall where they might. What do you say we participate in the festivities?” I said while dropping my shorts and pulling my T-shirt over my head. I was fast, but Grant being younger, easily beat me into the water.

The water play was fun and sexy. I managed to get in a couple of inconspicuous feels of all four beauties, and I watched as Grant took liberties with his daughter and niece and sister-in-law that were much more obvious. After awhile we retired to the pool deck, and as the night breeze was still very warm, no one bothered to get dressed as the steaks and salad disappeared as drink after drink were consumed.

Anne and Kelly were the first to discreetly disappear, and Grant followed shortly thereafter. Cathy and Ann were whispering and conniving together when I stood up and stretched, letting my semi-hard dick dangle between my legs.

“I guess it’s time to hit the sack.” I said. “Either, or both of you, feel like joining me?”

“We were just debating that very subject dad, and now that you’ve asked, we’ll both join you. At least for a little while.” Ann said.

The three of us headed back to my bedroom grouping and foundling along the way. Both women fighting for control of my now fully expanded cock, and me with my hands full of very firm ass cheeks.

“Cathy you sit on his face and let his tongue work its magic on you. I’ll take a little wind out of this sail of his.” Ann said as I lay on my back kiddy corner down the middle of the bed. Cathy straddled me with her knees tight up against my ears while leaning forward with her hands on the headboard. Ann kneeled between my outstretched legs while wrapping her luscious lips around my leaking knob.

The squeals of delight were coming from Cathy because both Ann and I had our mouths full until Ann left my dick and crawled up my body to join me in feasting on the delightful nectar streaming from the gapping crevice of her sister’s cunt. After a bit I maneuvered them around into a sixty-nine position and after burying my burning rod in the hot flesh of Miss Penthouse Pet of 1978. I dropped a load worthy of a man less than half my age.

The women took turns trying to restart my engine, but I was out of gas. I did manage, however, to give them both multiple orgasms using digital stimulation and the oral ministrations of my tongue before drifting off to sleep.

I was on my second cup of coffee when Grant ambled into the kitchen.

“You’re up early dad. Do you know where Ann and Cathy slept last night?” He asked.

“They took over my room.” I think Kelly and Anne were in the guest room. I slept on the chaise lounge next to the pool. Did you take the couch?” I asked knowing full well that he slept with his daughter and niece.

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