Daughters – Eve, Ch. 03

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Daughters of the American Evolution – Eve, Ch. 03 (Conclusion)

This story is part of a series called “Daughters of the American Evolution.” The stories are all based on the concept of an allegedly sinister (some say beneficent) organization called ‘Families Interaction Therapists’, or FIT, that has put into action a plan to subliminally convert every female on earth to lesbianism, and to non-violently reduce the number of men on earth by 98%.

Eve’s story is the account of how it all began….this is the conclusion of this chapter of her life.

* * * *

Eve sat at her desk in the Research and Development lab of Devonshire Analytical, Ltd, one of Sydney, Australia’s leading pharmaceutical companies, pondering the mystery of the unknown person who had contaminated the formulation under her care, and, even more perplexing, why they had done it. Idly, she tickled the small, stuffed koala that Andrew Holstead had given her for her birthday. Its glassy eyes stared back at her in a friendly, but professional, manner.

As he was much older than Eve, Andrew had been something of a substitute father figure to the twenty-four year old American. Her parents and two sisters were back in Seattle, and she was feeling just a slight touch of home sickness. She brushed back her dark blonde hair with her hand, and sighed. She had been in Australia as the decade turned into the 1990s, nearly a full year away from home.

As to ‘who’ might have caused the contamination, Eve mentally reviewed each person who had most access. First, of course, as head of the lab, was Andrew Holstead. He had greatest access, and never had to let anyone know what he was up to. But Eve couldn’t divine any reason why he would bother to do so. He had barely shown any interest in the project over and above that required by his job.

Next was Ben Marker, the scientist who had access, the necessary skills, and had been mysteriously absent from the lab on many occasions, and who had been seen with a very odd stranger, according to Cynthia. But again, why would he be doing this? Jealousy of Eve’s role in development of the new formula?

Maybe, but it wasn’t as though this would be a revolutionary new product. It was really a run of the mill, over the counter discomfort reducer for women – perhaps a steady seller for their client, Novagon, if it were successful, but most likely nothing more than that.

And that left Cynthia Murray. She was no scientist, only a lab technician with a BS degree. She was also young, so she brought neither knowledge or experience to the sabotage, nor could Eve think of any reason why Cynthia would get involved with sabotaging a project at Devonshire.

She seemed like the best place for Eve to start her investigation, however, as twenty-one year old Cynthia would probably be the easiest to eliminate, and certainly the most naive – Eve was obviously no detective, and needed to practice her investigational skills on a suspect who wouldn’t know any better.

Eve waited until she and Cynthia were alone in the lab. Andrew and Ben were away at a day-long seminar in Bathurst, and Eve had a fair certainty that she and Cynthia wouldn’t be interrupted, as Eve slyly (she hoped) quizzed her.

“Cyn, how’s it going?” Eve asked, conversationally.

“Fine,” answered the short-haired, almost boyish, lab technician. “How about you?”

“Oh, pretty good,” Eve said. She was trying to think of how she could get on the subject she wanted to talk about, when Cynthia continued.

“Hey, I notice you and Adana from the Executive Suite are hanging out a lot,” Cynthia said, her eyes speculative.

“Um, what do you mean?” Eve asked, nervously.

Cynthia grinned. “I saw you two at the Coles market two Saturdays ago, in the produce aisle. You seemed rather…chummy. You two were giggling at the cucumbers.”

“Oh, uh, we had gone somewhere that day, a movie, and it was just easier if we did some shopping together…you know, do it all at once.” Eve felt a light sheen of sweat break out on her forehead.

“Yuhh, ‘do it’, I know,” Cynthia said, her tone, and the leer on her face conveying the impression that she had Eve perfectly pegged, unfortunately. Cynthia was a very attractive girl of about twenty one, somewhat on the athletic side, and Eve had more than once wondered how Cynthia would be in bed – at least since Eve had had her life converted, anyway.

Ever since Eve had been infected with a mysterious protozoan, she had become an enthusiastic lesbian – with Adana, the woman who had inadvertently infected her, and with two female baker friends, the women who introduced Eve to sapphic love in the restroom of their bakery. But she had tried to keep her new sexual interests under wraps, otherwise.

Neither Eve nor Adana felt that they had to be monogamous with each other, though they were deeply in love with each other. Eve conceded that it was quite unusual for someone to be both deeply in love with another, but also very interested in fucking many others, but what was there casino oyna about Eve’s stay in Australia that had NOT been unusual?

Eve decided that she had to get the conversation back on track.

“Cyn, I wanted to ask you about the incident we had a few weeks ago – you know, the contamination of the batch of formula? I’m asking everyone in the lab, what they saw, and what they remember from that time, in order to get a better idea of what happened…to prevent it in the future.”

“Oh, okay, sure, ask away. Let me just check the door, to see that we’re not interrupted. That way you can get it finished faster.” Cynthia went and locked the lab door. That seemed a little unusual, but Eve shrugged.

Presenting herself back at Eve’s cubicle, she stood by Eve, who was seated.

“Please, take a seat,” Eve said, gesturing at Ben’s chair in the cubicle next to hers.

“Nah, I sit too much as it is, it helps me stay in shape if I’m on me feet. Besides, Ben farts in that chair.” Cynthia wrinkled her nose.

“Does he?” Eve said. “I hadn’t noticed.’

“Yeah, well, you’ve not been next to him when he cuts one…I’m surprised the lab rats don’t just all kick off. They’re pretty sensitive, you know.”

“Speaking of lab rats,” Eve said, “I wanted to find out what you might have seen that you thought was…unusual, around that time.”

“Oh, I’ll be happy to discuss that, there’s some unusual things happening alright, but really, you haven’t noticed them yourself?” Cynthia asked, moving closer to Eve.

“Like what?” Eve asked, puzzled.

“Oh, like your fucking that hot little secretary from down the hall…maybe having your tongue deep inside her steamy little twat?” Cynthia said, with an evil grin, as she grabbed Eve’s wrist, and twisted the American’s arm behind her back in a flash.

“OWWW! What?” Eve exclaimed.

If she were hoping to reason any more with Cynthia, it didn’t seem likely that her expectations would be met, as Cynthia forced Eve’s face onto her desk, the scientist brutally pinned to the wood surface. Clearly, Cynthia was MUCH stronger than Eve had ever thought.

Eve’s thoughts were racing rapidly – it looked as though she’d found the culprit on her first try! But now she was not exactly in a position to do anything about it. However, Eve’s thoughts began to travel in a radically different direction as her body began to respond to Cynthia’s unexpected abuse.

While Eve was pinned by Cynthia’s right hand, her left hand was, first, flipping up Eve’s white lab coat onto her back, followed by her dress being flipped up the same way, followed in rapid succession by her panties being pulled down, and Cynthia’s hand slipping between Eve’s thighs.

Surprisingly, after such rough, inexplicable treatment, Cynthia’s hand and fingers were very gentle…at first…and then very obviously, practiced in the ways of bringing pleasure to another woman. Cynthia’s finger tips were teasing and tracing along not only Eve’s increasingly hot cunny and clit, but also over the sweet sensitivity between pussy and anus, and all around her ass hole itself.

Eve found herself responding rapidly, excitement quickly growing, and it might as well have been Felicia or Adana, Eve’s only previous ‘real’ experiences, playing with her for all the reluctance she was feeling – which is to say at that point, none.

“Oh god, Cynthia,” Eve blurted. “That feels so fucking good. Fuck me, fuck my pussy…oh god, yesss, my ass too…oh fuck, I’m cumming already..” she moaned, as Cynthia stroked and poked the cute young girl’s eager holes. Cynthia chuckled as she fucked her index finger into Eve’s tight ass hole at the same time her little finger was stroking Eve’s spasming clit, and her middle and ring fingers were fucking into Eve’s already gushing vagina.

“How’s that, slut?” Cynthia asked, though Eve got the impression that Cynthia didn’t give a fuck what the answer would be.

Eve didn’t answer, only wriggled her bottom onto Cynthia’s hand – god, she wanted…no, needed, more of that fucking – hard, and remorseless. Cynthia jammed herself harder into Eve.

“Oh lord, I’m going to be so bruised,” Eve thought to herself, but she couldn’t protest – not while that sweet tension was building to an explosive level in her pussy and clit. Like a dam bursting, she was once again flooded in sapphic pleasure, her body spasming as she came, over and over, intense waves of ecstasy and delight coursing through her entire body, as she flopped around on her desk.

“You like that, bitch?” Cynthia growled, as she felt Eve wriggling on her impaling fingers. Eve grunted.

“Then you’ll like this even more…” Cynthia whispered in Eve’s ear, bending down and biting her ear lobe until she yelped. The confused American girl could no longer easily differentiate between pleasure and pain, and felt rivers of delight run from her sore ear to her cunt.

“Want me to stop?” Cynthia challenged the bewildered, but frantically excited, American.

“No…yes….I mean, unnh, god! canlı casino Yes, yessss, fuck me…please! But please don’t hurt me, that hurt me when you bit me…”

“Shut the fuck up and spread your legs wider,” Cynthia barked.

Her fingers stopped wriggling inside both of Eve’s holes, and instead Cynthia concentrated her attention on Eve’s pussy alone. She roughly thrust three fingers inside Eve – fortunately, Eve had opened at least a little from Cynthia’s two fingers, but she felt her vaginal walls stretching to accommodate Cynthia’s rape of her tiny cunt.

“Unnh,” Eve grunted, raising her ass up, her feet on tip toes, in a vain attempt to give more access for Cynthia into her tender pussy. Cynthia continued adding fingers until she had her whole hand poised to enter Eve’s tight vagina.

“Mmmm,” Cynthia cooed into Eve’s ear, nuzzling her ear lobe again between her teeth, increasing the pressure of her teeth on Eve’s sore flesh.

Eve whined, “Nooo…please…” It wasn’t clear if Eve wanted to prevent Cynthia from causing her more pain, or if she were begging for more.

Cynthia slowly, inexorably, began twisting her hand around as she pushed into Eve. Millimeter by millimeter, agonizingly but teasingly slowly, her hand slipped inside Eve’s aching, hot cunt.

“Oh, oh, oh!” Eve whispered, as the pain and discomfort of her vaginal walls stretching, slowly converted into a feeling of immense fullness down there, then to a soft tingle, and finally to a buzzing that swelled her clitoris with excitement and pleasure. She felt her cream dripping hotly down both her inner thighs, excitement burning her skin where it touched.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeee!” Eve crooned, as Cynthia’s fisting of her excited and swollen pussy set off fireworks of bliss in her being, her body thrilling to her submission to another woman’s complete and total domination. Eve would have done anything that Cynthia commanded at that instant, her body oozing into a servile and submissive puddle of girl goo. The moment passed, but Eve was shocked, but also thrilled, at her own willingness to allow Cynthia to use her as she wished.

But Cynthia wasn’t finished, just because Eve had cum. Her hand worked itself deeper inside Eve’s abused pussy, its way made much easier by Eve’s sopping wetness. Cynthia went down on her knees behind Eve, who barely noticed that Cynthia was no longer holding her down. Even if she had noticed, it would have mattered little, since at this point Eve had no desire to escape from Cynthia’s abuse.

Cynthia’s hand was buried inside Eve’s pussy all the way up to her wrist, as Eve spread her legs farther and farther apart, not so much at that point to ease any discomfort, but rather to encourage Cynthia to fist fuck her even deeper and harder.

“Tell me you want to be fucked harder!” Cynthia ordered Eve.

“No…no,” Eve quavered, but her voice told Cynthia everything she needed to know.

“Tell me! Or I’ll stop.” Cynthia began easing her hand outward.

“Noo….” Eve crooned. “Alright…please, fuck me…” she moaned.

“More!” Cynthia ordered her.

“Ohhhh…please…fuck me Cynthia…fuck me harder,” Eve said, moaning with desire and shame. Reflexively, her hips pushed back and down as she vainly tried to get Cynthia’s arm up inside her hungry pussy.

“God, yess, harder…fuck me…fuck me like the slut I am…I wanna cum while you fuck my filthy, dirty cunt!”

Eve’s previous girl on girl sex had been comparatively restrained, but this…this need was eating her alive, this need to be FUCKED in as slutty and filthy a way as possible.

Cynthia was only too happy to oblige. Cynthia snickered at Eve, as the almost-butch girl brought her free hand around Eve’s slim hip, to begin playing with Eve’s clit, as stiff and erect as Eve could ever remember – not that she was doing much thinking. Cynthia’s touch was knowing, sending shivers of pleasure through Eve as she softly, at first, strummed the blonde’s pink pearl of pleasure.

“Oh god, oh god, ohgod ohgod ohgod,” Eve nearly screamed out, as she came yet again, splayed out on her desk, her ass in the air, a woman’s fist deep inside her bright red pussy, a female hand stroking her clitoris. Eve’s hips shook with pleasure, her drool accumulated on the desk top, then smeared her cheeks as she kissed the wood surface.

Eve’s orgasm was long and hard, but if she thought that would be the end of it, she was mistaken.

Cynthia did let her recover from her cum for a few minutes, but that was all.

Thinking that Cynthia’s fucking was finished, Eve turned her face to the side, and grunted, “Why are you doing this, Cyn?”

“Shut up, bitch. Shut the fuck up!” Cynthia growled, but then answered Eve’s question anyway.

“Because I want to…and because I can.” Then she started on Eve’s pleasure-wracked body once again.

She fucked in and out of Eve’s now well-stretched pussy, her fist moving in and out more easily, with Eve’s body accommodating the sexy female invader. Cynthia’s kaçak casino other hand, whose fingers had gently stroked eve’s clit before, now seemed to turn mean, her fingers pulling Eve’s pubic hair near her clit, then randomly pinching Eve’s clitoris, sending shocks of pain into Eve’s pelvis.

“Oh!” Eve yelped, whenever Cynthia pulled her hair too hard, and every time she pinched Eve’s sweet luscious pussy pearl, but Eve was afraid to say anything. As Cynthia tortured Eve’s clit, she buried her face between Eve’s plump ass cheeks, her mouth pushing up against Eve’s tight, puckered ass hole. Cynthia’s tongue snaked out, licking Eve’s tight, hot ass hole, inhaling and licking up Eve’s luscious, female scents and taste.

The pain at Eve’s mons soon receded, converting itself in Eve’s fully lesbian mind into creeping pleasure, delight oozing through her entire mound, and joining with the quite real pleasure her overstuffed pussy felt, as well as the new, lewd ecstasy of a woman’s tongue fucking her ass. Eve began pushing her ass into Cynthia’s face, not caring now about anything but the pleasure once again building inside her.

“Unnh, unnh, fuck, I’m gonna cum…you cum too, please, cum with me….fuck, I’m squirting, ohh, hot cream all over your hand, baby, cumming in your hand…so hot…so good…unnh, yeah…” Eve floated on a soft cloud of passion, her pussy, clit and ass hole sore, but feeling SO good. She hoped that Cynthia was getting as much pleasure from raping her as Eve was from being raped.

Cynthia slowly withdrew her face from Eve’s ass, her face damp from Eve’s ass sweat, and her fingers came off Eve’s clit, her other hand easing its way out of Eve’s hot and dripping vagina, leaving Eve feeling physically empty, but emotionally, very, very satisfied.

Eve raised up, then turned, eager to take Cynthia in her arms and kiss her passionately. That had been the hottest, roughest fuck of Eve’s life, and she wanted more.

To Eve’s surprise, Cynthia had other ideas. She took her girl cream covered hand, and wiped it off on Eve’s lab coat, in two hard strokes between Eve’s breasts, making a wet ‘X’ on the cotton fabric. Then she looked at her hand as though it had been covered with shit, rather than Eve’s juices.

Perplexed, Eve move to kiss Cynthia. Cynthia backed away.

“Get away from me, I don’t kiss sluts. And I sure as hell don’t want your slutty mouth on my body.”

Then Cynthia turned to walk out.

“Wait, don’t go,” Eve cried out. Cynthia, undeterred, headed for the door. Then, at the last minute, she looked back at Eve.

“Please…don’t go..we need to talk,” Eve told her plaintively. She had to know why…

Cynthia hesitated. “Talk? About what?”

“Why you did that. And…why I enjoyed it, for starters.” Cynthia stared at Eve.

“You enjoyed that? I don’t believe it. None of the others have,” Cynthia said, more rhetorically, it seemed, than to Eve.

“Please, sit with me. I really do want to talk to you about…that,” Eve said, her hands open, instinctively showing Cynthia that she meant her no harm. Cynthia seemed undecided, then finally came to a decision.

“Alright, but I’m ready to go if you try anything.”

“I won’t,” Eve said, wondering why she was the one who had to do the reassuring. Technically, she was the ‘victim’, not Cynthia.

Cynthia returned to where Eve stood, next to her desk.

“Here, take this,” Eve said, offering Cynthia her chair. “I’ll take the stinky chair.” Cynthia smiled at that.

The two sat facing each other, at first in stony silence. But Eve was determined to solve the contamination problem, and find out how Cynthia’s behavior was linked.

“I didn’t know you were a lesbian,” Eve said.

“I’m not…at least, I wasn’t,” Cynthia said, pain passing over her face.

“What do you mean?” Eve said, as sympathetically as possible.

“Just what I said,” Cynthia said, bristling. “I’m not a lesbian. I don’t like girls, I like guys. I don’t know what makes – made – me do that.” Her eyes welled up with tears.

Eve decided that a confession of her own might help Cynthia open up.

“There is a contamination in one of the old batches of formula-” she began.

“I know that!” Cynthia interjected.

“I know you do,” Eve responded calmly. “You and I were the first to notice it. Well you did, actually, then you told me.”

“That’s right,” Cynthia said, mollified that Eve was supporting her recall of the incident. “But, what of it?”

“Do you remember how the rats that got that batch were responding?” Eve asked.

“Sure, mainly, they were fucking.”

“Yeah, they sure were,” Eve said. Both women giggled at the thought.

“And do you recall what kind of rats we were using at that stage?” Eve asked.

“Sure – Sprague Dawley rats, the strain we use pretty much everywhere around here.”

“Well, yes,” Eve said. “I meant the gender.”

“Oh….um, they were female.”

“That’s right,” Eve said. “We specifically wanted to see if the formulation had the desired effect on female rats. We had no idea at the time that it was contaminated. I think the contamination has a peculiar effect on female rats…and maybe on females of other species.”

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