Dear John

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Dear John,

Could you really have no idea how incredibly sexy you are? Every cell screams “sensual” and makes my heart thunder and skin tingle. Just a touch and I start getting butterflies in my stomach and that little flutter deep inside. Your casual greeting makes my nipples hard and my mind starts to fantasize about all the things I could do to you… and you to me.

Your sweetness and gentle ways are the perfect balance to your utterly masculine strength and physical presence. The boy in you keeps you from haughtiness and conceit, seeing the good in others. Life hasn’t stolen your innocence and fun-loving spirit. The man in you knows the needs and pleasures to be discovered on this journey. He knows that desire is a dazzling flame that cannot easily be extinguished.

How appealing to be the naughty seductress luring you to this forbidden encounter!

It will be erotic and unforgettable.

Oh, those lips so soft and full and kissable! I know they would burn me at first touch and quickly take over my senses. How long before your mouth would gain control and I would have no choice but to submit? No longer the predator, but now the prey as you savor each taste, sound, smell and touch. The wetness becomes unbearable and I’m struggling for self-control already. Dear God, the effort of restraining myself when all I want to do is devour you!

Those powerful hands, generous enough to cup my breast, arousing taut nipples and sending electric currents to my very core. Long, lean fingers just waiting to explore me. I yearn to take them in my güvenilir bahis mouth, licking and sucking, whetting my appetite for further adventures. I would nibble and taste you, breathing in your scent and reveling in the man that you are… strong, warm, passionate … daring to race my tongue along the nape of your neck, hot breath and lips nibbling at your ears and throat. Your nipples hard and erect, but only a distraction as my desire is much too powerful to stop there. The road map, a clear path down your belly to the manline peeking just above the rise of your jeans.

Your heart thunders, knowing my intentions… not sure if this is pure pleasure … or is it bittersweet pain? Do you have the courage to let me go further? Can you release your mind enough to explore the passion your body feels? Can I?

I’ve watched your muscles as they ripple beneath your shirt. The lines from your hips instinctively draw me into the perfect form that you are. My thumbs caress and circle, kneading your sinewy cat-like thighs. I’m ravenous for your touch, starved now for your power and domination of my spirit. At last, doubts slip away as the candlelight flickers in your eyes and a lazy smile shapes those delectable lips. The intensity of your need rushes to match mine and I’m no longer the seductress. As a boy, you’re unaccustomed to my eagerness. As a man, you harden at my touch and swiftly conquer me.

You want this as much as I do.

I’m so wet and aroused that all I can think of is holding you inside me. Not willing to rush, you declare lordship over türkçe bahis my body. Your lips brand my jaw and throat, licking and nipping at my collar and shoulders. Your hands exquisitely stroke and caress my breasts and ribs until I purr, moaning and gasping for release. How can you have this power over me? Like my own personal brand of heroin, I feel I’ll never get enough! Intense passion like this is only in books… for heroes and cowboys and damsels in distress!

Your fingers slip inside as my breath catches. I can’t hold back much longer, but still you tease and rub, pressing your manhood inside my thigh. I’m like a volcano and I need your fullness inside me to complete the eruption for us both. Quickly, you penetrate me as I take your full length and shudder again and again as you release with me.

The pounding of our hearts is the only sound for a moment. I can’t believe how amazing you are, or how mind-blowing making love to you has been. Even in fantasy I hadn’t considered how compatible our needs would be or how easily our bodies would respond and answer one another.

What’s taboo outside these walls has been pure and good and healthy inside them.

Satisfied yet wanting more, the night has just begun.

As we lie side by side, you curl into me, gently stroking and caressing as we speak in whispering tones of everything and nothing at all. Part of the beauty of coming together this way is the ease and comfort we share. No awkwardness, no rush to escape, the natural companionship that made us friends to begin with is strong and intact. güvenilir bahis siteleri Though we can never be forever, I will do everything in my power not to lose that bond in spite of the inevitable changes between us.

I want you again, but differently. Can I lead you just enough that you’ll dominate me once again? I grab your hands, slowly fingering myself with you as my puppet. Pressing and rubbing my clit, I know you feel me respond as you take over control and my hands are no longer needed for touching myself. Casually I roll onto my belly and stretch like a cat after a warm afternoon nap. I want you from behind, my face pressed to the mattress and my hips high and on target for your whole manhood to fill me.

You grab and lift my ass higher, still focusing on my button, knowing that’s the key to my release. We’ve been so open and candid, there’s little for you to guess about with all that we’ve shared over the years. Instinctively, you find the sweet spot and in moments I know I can’t hold back any longer. As my juices flow and I shudder with the power of my orgasm, your rock me back and plunge inside completely. We both feel my spasms though I can barely concentrate yet. I work my muscles, pulling and pressing to envelope you, sucking you into the sweetness and warmth of my honey pot. I know you have amazing control but I want you to come so hard and fast that you cry out, calling me in desperate release. I want to feel your hot thick come, the evidence of your pleasure, flood my body, knowing I could bring you to such heights as you have brought me.

You’ll remember this night forever. You’ll know my scent, the flavor of me, you’ll crave my touch, hear the beating of my heart in our ear, you’ll feel the heat of passion that we’ve shared.

I’ll remember you set me free.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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