Defrosting Mrs Winter Ch. 02

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I was still in a bit of a daze the morning after fucking my married colleague, Sandi Winter the previous evening in the office of the furniture shop we worked in; so when she stepped out of the kitchen door into the smoking area where I was sitting, I was unsure how to react as she nervously walked towards me.

“Hi.” I greeted her as she gingerly approached me. “Do you want a smoke?” She nodded and took one from the packet that I proffered her. I stood in front of her to light it, as usual, and whispered, “Is everything ok?”

She sucked in a lungful of smoke and appeared to be thinking very deeply before answering my question; then nodded as she exhaled the blue plume.

“Yes,” she stopped herself continuing and took another nervous draw on the cigarette.

“Can I……Oh God,” She sighed, “about…last night;” She now looked away before whispering, “You haven’t told anyone, have you?”

“A gentleman never tells.” I laughed as I slid my arm around her waist, “Look; it was fucking amazing….but; if it was a one off, I understand. You’re married; we work together….it could get messy.”

“That’s the problem,” she gave a thin smile as she stubbed out the cigarette on the ground, “I don’t think I want it to be a ‘one off’…I loved it….I can’t stop thinking about what I did; what you did…..but I can’t stop thinking about how you made me feel……and…….I want to…… it again; is that…wrong?”

“Tonight then? After the kid goes to College?” I asked.

“Oh God….Yes…but…..please Pete….it must stay a secret.” She told me as she playfully grabbed my jacket lapel.

I chuckled as I checked to see if anyone was watching; and satisfied they weren’t I kissed her full on the lips and slid my hand inside her coat to get a good handful of her tit.

“You randy bugger.” She giggled as she pulled away.

The afternoon flew by; as I packaged some pieces ready for the collection van the following day and even managed a sale; fondling Sandi’s tits when I went into the office. It was difficult taking my eyes off her when she walked across the shop floor; as her nipples were virtually exploding out of her thin shirt. By the time it came for Justin to leave at 4 I’d worked up quite a head of steam and my blood was already pumping into my dick.

Just as Justin left the shop a customer came in and bought two beds and some other bits and pieces. When I took the order to Sandi in the office I had another quick fumble of her tits as she placed the order on the computer much to her amusement; as the old lady was standing two feet away, with her back to the office window.

When I saw her to the door I checked the street outside and it was virtually empty so I dropped the grills on the windows and locked the plate glass door.

When I walked into the office Sandi was sitting sexily, cross legged in her swivel chair with her arms outstretched along the desk.

“Well.” She smiled.

“Well, indeed.” I replied; as I began unbuttoning her shirt and pulling it from the waistband of her skirt; revealing a very sexy bra that emphasised her ample tits.

“Do you know what I fancy tonight?” I chuckled as she unbuttoned the cuffs and took her shirt off; neatly placing it behind her.

“What’s that, then?” She asked, sweetly dropping her chin to one side and looking coquettishly at me.

“A titty fuck!” I laughed as I jiggled her massive mammories.

“What?” She squinted her eyes and curled her lip; illegal bahis genuinely not understanding my request.

“Take your bra off; and I’ll show you.” I laughed as I pulled my polo shirt over my head and unbuckled my belt. Sandi was still looking quizzically at me; but was unhooking her bra anyway.

“Fucking hell!” I whistled as she sexily dropped the bra on the floor and pushed her chest out; “your tits are fucking fabulous. Are they real?”

“Sort of,” She smiled; “I had them pumped up a little bit two years ago; a Christmas present from hubby.”

By now I was pulling my trousers down to my ankles and my cock was straining to get out of my tight cotton pants. When Sandi saw the bulge she raised her eyebrows and grinned; more so when I pulled my pants down and it actually sprang upright.

Without a word I stepped forward and placed my dick between her mammories then squashed them against it before moving my hips up and down; which mad her laugh.

“Oh my, that looks so naughty!” She giggled as my knob end popped out of both its sleeve and her tits on the upward strokes.

“Stick your tongue out.” I told her as I held the back of her head and pulled it forward. She did as she was told; and my cock touched it on the next upward stroke.

“Aaaggghh!” She squealed and recoiled, laughing; but still keeping my dick between her luscious tits.

“Come on;” I urged, “stick it out again.” With a grin the size of Kansas Sandi poked her tongue out again and dipped her head forward without any help from me and giggled every time my dick touched it.

“Don’t you suck cock?” I asked as we continued our game. Sandi shook her head; “There are a lot of things I’ve never done.” Then raised her eyes and winked.

Not one to miss an opportunity I released my cock from its soft cage and rubbed it along her lips; “Do you want to try now?”

My married colleague nodded and kissed the tip; before licking it like a lollipop; first the velvet knobhead then long slurping strokes along the shaft.

“Don’t worry….I will be the teacher; now open wide.” I chuckled as I held my cock in one hand and the back of her head with the other. Sandi’s big brown eyes were twinkling as she parted her bright red lips.

I slowly slid my cock along her tongue and back out again; then repeated the exercise. “See,” I panted, as I watched my long dick fill her married mouth, “It didn’t hurt, did it?” Sandi gently shook her head. “Now; suck it and lick it while I play with your jugs.”

She playfully smacked my arse; but began eagerly sucking my dick.

“Fucking Hell!” I gasped at one stage as I tweaked her rubbery nipples, “That’s fucking amazing! Are you sure you’ve never done this before?” Sandi was now in a Zen like state, automatically breathing through her nose as she gobbled my stiff rod and shaking my ball bag.

She slid it out but never let go as she kept kissing the shaft; “Tony has never asked…….he’s a bit shy like that. But I’ve wanted to do this ever since I was at school.” Then she went back to sucking it; accidentally deep throating me at one stage.

“You’d better stop.” I joked, “Or else I’m going to cum in your mouth.” The look on her face said that wouldn’t have been a problem; but that was for another day.

“Get your drawers off.” I told her as I sat on the spare chair. This had no arm rests; but still had castors; much easy for her to ride me.

While she was definitely a ‘bossy boots’ in the office; illegal bahis siteleri I was quickly realising she liked being Mastered during sex.

I sat tugging on my cock, as Sandi unzipped her skirt and folded it next to her shirt; then she had to bend over; letting her titties swing free as she started pulling down her tights and knickers. Now naked she looked at me for her next instruction.

“It’s all yours sweetpea; get on board the Love Train.” I sniggered as I waved my dick at her.

Sandi giggled with joy and raised her shoulders before stepping towards me and as she straddled my thighs; her pussy juices were hanging out like a spider’s web.

“Get a hold and guide it in.” I firmly told my married colleague. Sandi looked between her legs and took a grip on my dick before lowering herself onto my pink spike.

“Oh my God!” She gasped and closed her eyes as she sank all the way down until her fanny squelched.

“Now ride it; up and down.” I told her as I dug my fingers into the flesh of her augmented tits; which made her wince. Sandi slowly raised herself up but dropped back down quickly; letting out a big gasp when it bottomed out.

She didn’t need any more guidance so I buried my face in her tits; sucking on her nipples whenever she slowed down.

After a few minutes of furious fucking me she began to tire.

“Lift your legs up.”

She looked quizzically at me.

“Lift your legs up; this will be a laugh.”

When Sandi raised her legs I slid my hands under her knees. When I was sure I had a firm grip, I walked my chair forward, which made her giggle again; but when I got to the big metal cupboard at the side I curled my leg and raised a foot before propelling us backwards across the office.

Sandi squealed with delight; so I repeated it from the other side as she held her hands behind my neck. “Aaaagghhh….this is great!” She shouted on the fifth or sixth journey.

By now my balls were swollen beyond belief; so I told her to get off and bend over the desk.

Again she giggled and raised her eyebrows and shoulders like a little schoolgirl.

“Fucking hell; Sandi you’ve got a fucking sexy arse!” I complimented her as she ‘assumed the position’; legs wide apart, pussy dripping and tits pressed against the Formica.

“Uuughhhh,” she grunted as I slid my cock deep into her cunt with no finesse at all. I then held her hip with one hand and shook her arse cheek with the other as I battered her cunt with my pork dagger.

“Oh God….Oh God!” She kept gasping as I pulverised her insides until I felt a tingle in my toes and I knew my eruption was imminent. With my body pumping adrenalin; I nearly forgot to breathe as my fucking got even faster and harder; making her squeal…..”Yes…yes…yes!”

Then I shot what felt like a gallon of jizz deep into her womb; followed by another two or three squirts. As usual; the adrenalin disappeared in seconds leaving me gulping air into my lungs as I held my hand out and sat back on the chair as my legs had gone too weak to stand.

Shaking with excitement and nipples sticking out like diamonds as my spunk oozed out of her freshly fucked cunt, Sandi was shaking her head and grinning from ear to ear when she turned to face me.

“Bloody Hell!” She gasped and pointed at my sticky cock; “I can’t believe it; it’s still hard.” I shrugged my shoulders and looked down between my legs. It was still nicely stiff; but far from hard.

Her eyes canlı bahis siteleri were out on stalks as she sighed; “Tony’s normally disappears straight back into its shell after sex.”

I gave it a little shake and some specks of spunk and pussy juice fell off.

“Can I………suck it again?” She asked as she looked longingly at my dick.

“Be my guest.”

Sandi dropped to her knees and carefully held my cock between her fingers as she slowly licked all of our excess goo off it; even sucking some from my ball sack before filling her mouth with dick again. For someone who claimed never to have sucked a cock she was a quick learner; wrapping her tiny fingers around the shaft and wanking it as she greedily sucked my knob like a ten pound whore.

The blood soon filled my long cock; and although it was a bit sore; my married lover appeared keen to keep the session going.

Her fingers were soon stroking my shaft like a thousand butterflies as she nibbled on my ball sack; but it was her big brown eyes that intrigued me. She had them locked on mine as she lived out her fantasies; sucking and wanking my cock; minutes after it had filled her hot cunt full of spunk.

“What about you?” I asked as she wrapped her tits around my cock and sucked my knob again.

“Me?” She asked as she shook her tits.

“Do you want to cum?”

“Oh God; yes.” She giggled.

“Do you play with yourself?” I asked as I patted her face with my dick.

For the first time she looked away and nodded.

“What was that?” I laughed as I slapped her face with my dick; “What did you say?”

“Yes….yes…I do.” Sandi pouted.

“How often? I asked.

She shrugged her shoulders and maintained the sexy pout; before breaking into a mouth-watering grin; “”Not often….not as often as when I was a teenager.”

Still on her knees and stroking my cock she gave me her coquettish looked at me for guidance again.

“Lie down and show me how you bring yourself off with your fingers then.” I laughed as I stroked my cock.

My married colleague blew me a kiss as she rolled onto her back on the tattered rug that covered the office floor; before raising her knees and parting her legs; exposing a bright red gash still oozing spunk.

Without a word she began circling her quim with her fingers as she stroked a nipple. Her eyes were fixed on mine as I told her to push a finger into her sticky cunt. Her eyes rolled backwards as the finger slid up her quim.

“Faster!” I raised my voice as Mrs Frosty Knickers frantically fingered herself as her palm touched her engorged clitoris; making her let out a little gasp.

“Another finger.” I called out and she instantly complied; followed by a third when I demanded that too. Soon she was rocking side to side as her palm ground against her button with three well-manicured fingers deep in her cunt.

Now my cock was rock hard again, I had to give myself a proper wank. When she changed hands I made her sexily lick the goo off her hand as the other was a blur between her legs making her tits wobble like jellies.

Without thinking I was soon standing with my feet either side of hers and when she had an orgasm that looked like a convulsion; splashing something onto the rug, my second orgasm of the last half hour splashed down onto her tits.

As I gathered my thoughts I checked my watch to see it was past the official closing time. I helped Sandi to her feet and after a short giggling conversation we gathered our clothes and strolled naked through the shop to the toilets where we cleaned up and she gave me one last blow job; but I seriously struggled to get stiff; but she didn’t mind; she just wanted another mouthful of cock.

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