Desire Becomes Reality Ch. 04

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She saw the envelope on her dressing table. Anna looked at it, puzzled, and picked it up. It was John’s hand writing. It was not gummed together and she took out the folded paper. Her hands trembled as she read. Anna felt weak and sat on the edge of her bed. Her mouth felt dry and her throat constricted.

‘I know what you and Uncle Mark had been doing. I saw you both in your room. I did not mean to spy but the door was ajar. I’ll be home later tonight. We have to talk.’ It was signed ‘John’.

Anna’s face flushed. The blood rushed to her head and she clutched the letter in her trembling hand. Her heart beat became erratic and felt like fainting. God, John had witness the sinful act between her and Mark. He saw the whole sordid affair.

Anna did not know how long she sat in solitude, her thoughts running wild. How could she face her son? He would be home soon. The small table clock on the table showed 9.38pm. Time passed like eons when she heard the front door opening. In the stillness of late evening, she could only wait for the inevitable.

As Anna sat in turmoil, she heard John closing the door of his room.

She waited for the dreaded knock on her door but there was only silence. Realizing that there was nothing she could do except to face the inevitable confrontation. She had thought of calling Mark but decided against it. Anna dragged herself up and headed for the bathroom. She desperately hoped that it was a nightmare and she would wake up to but the cold shower water drenching her burning body proved otherwise.

As the water cascaded down, she visualized what John had seen that day when Mark made love with her on her bed. It had to be a traumatic experience for her son. Why didn’t she lock the door?

She dressed in her pajamas and sat down, her heart pounding. Every little sound was amplified.

She heard his soft footsteps and it stopped. She heard the quiet knock. Anna clasped her arms around her and remained silent. The knock was slightly louder and she heard him.

“Mom, can I come in,” John said.

Without waiting for her reply, John opened the door and stepped in. Anna looked at him. Her son somehow looked different. His face was flushed and his eyes had a wild look. He was wearing only a towel around his midriff. His young sturdy chest was matted with fine curly dark hair. Anna could only stare at the young man. She had seen him often around the house dressed in this state, but at the moment, he looked like a stranger.

He sat by her dressing table.

Mother and son looked at each other, both locked in their own thoughts and fears.

“I see you read my note,” John said.

“I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry John,” Anna cried as tears flowed down her cheeks.

“Please forgive me,” she cried, as she antalya escort wiped the tears from the eyes. “I will die if it anyone knows about it,” she continued.

“Don’t hate me John, I could not live if you hated me,” Anna pleaded.

John felt a twinge of regret at his actions but the vision of the woman on the bed, so vulnerable, had a mortal effect on him. His own sexual urges were heightened and he knew he wanted her so desperately, his own mother.

The words just flowed out of him, beyond his control.

“It’s our own secret but I have to tell you something,” he said, his voice shaking.

For the first time, Anna raised her head to look at him, a great burden lifted from her chest.

“What is it John,” she said softly.

“I love you mom, so much you don’t know how I loved and wanted you all my life,” John said.

Anna stared at him.

“What!!!” she gasped in shock.

“I want you as a woman,” John said. He stood up and removed the towel that covered him.

For the first time since he grew to be a young man, Anna saw her son’s naked body. She looked at him in horror. She saw the firm, hardened penis and the bush of black hair that covered his crotch.

“No, God, no,” Anna turned her face away. This is insane, it is not happening.

And he was by the side, on the edge of the bed.

Anna squirmed to middle, her hands pushing him away, but John held them firm in his. There was wanting and desire in his eyes. There was fear and horror in hers.

Instinct told her to fight him but the sudden physical weakness in her body made her unable to move. John reached out and held her hands, not roughly but firm as they watched each other.

“I love you and this is our secret,” he said haltingly.

“No John, don’t be insane,” she stammered.

Releasing her hands, John cupped her head and his lips descended onto hers. Her lips were dry and his tongue wetted hers, kissing her urgently.

“Arrgg, no, no, arrgg,” she uttered in despair.

John was insistent as his tongue pride opens her lips and seeks entrance. Her resistance that did not last as his tongue entered her mouth. His kiss was deep and full of youthful passion. For a while Anna remained passive but her son’s sucking of her mouth and tongue finally made her moan into his as her head fell onto the mattress. He kissed her deeply and he felt her responding in return.

John raised his body and caressed his mother’s hair. He kissed and licked the tears that streamed down her cheeks. He kept telling how much he loved and wanted her.

Anna felt his fingers unclasping the buttons of her pajama’s top. She gasped as his hot, trembling palms closed onto her exposed breasts.

“Oh God,” she moaned as her son kneaded her breasts kepez escort gently. His lips were on her nipples, sucking them. The touch of his tongue on the sensitive buds made them hardened. The same mouth that had nourished on them when he was a baby was now sucking them in sexual wanting. Anna’s breath came in gasps as John fed on her nipples, as though trying to extract milk from the fullness of her breasts.

John reached out and took Anna’s right hand. He placed it on his penis. The contact of her fingers on the warm pulsating hard flesh made her draw back. But John held on and made her hold him. His girth was wide and she could barely close her fingers around him. She felt him throbbing.

John made her hold and gently masturbate him. It was the moment of truth. With a cry of fulfillment, John stiffened and his youthful sperm ejaculated, spurting to wet Anna’s hand. In his intense orgasm, John kissed his mother’s mouth, his buttocks bucking in fucking motion against Anna’s closed fist as he drained himself, wetting the sheets.

When he had finished, John raised himself off his mother and sat by her side. He got off the bed and reached for his towel. He tenderly wiped the stickiness off her hand and fingers. He cleaned himself. Anna lay exhausted and still in awe at what transpired as John buttoned up her top.

Anna’s eyes wandered down and saw that the young man’s penis was still turgid and hard. A small gob of cum was still exuding out.

Without a word, Anna got up and headed into the bathroom.

Under the shower, Anna cleaned herself, in her mind, hoping the water would wash away the shame of allowing her son to use her body. She shivered as she recalled the feelings of acute pleasure when his hands and mouth were on her breasts. Touching them unconsciously, Anna jumped at the intense sensitive endings that made her nipples stiffened.

As she toweled, she tried to put into perspective the events that culminated in the incestuous sins committed, both with Mark and John. It was completely out of the norm that it could happen to her. How could she face the future with both of them? It was different with Mark but it was closer to rape with John.

What about John? They stayed in the same house. She knew everything would finally end in catastrophe; their lives were changed forever. The thought of running away and living somewhere alone was the only solution. What would happen if Mark found out?

Cautiously, she opened the bathroom door. John was still lying on her bed. She felt her anger rising at his presence.

“Please leave my room, I need some privacy,” she said.

“I thought….,” John began.

“What happened happened and it is over, I don’t want to talk about it,” Anna replied.

Initially, manavgat escort John thought he had won over his mother and looked forward to the night, but her words deflated him. He looked at her and only saw a woman of passion. His next words shocked not only Anna but himself.

“I will confront Mark and tell him everything, and then I will tell grandpa and grandma,” he said.

“What had got into you, are you mad, do you know what you are saying,” Anna said in desperation.

“What do you want,” Anna continued.

“Come here,” he said.

Anna walked to him apprehensively. With only her big towel covering her body she stood in front of him.

John held her by her hips and looked up.

“You know what I want mom, from today onwards you are mine and mine alone. I want you to stop seeing Mark. You belong to me.” It was a statement of finality.

He pulled the towel off her. John pulled her closer to him and his mouth clasped on her crotch. That elicited a cry of astonishment from Anna. She bends her upper body forward, her breasts brushing against his head as he licked her clitoris. It was electrifying and Anna had to part her legs unconsciously to allow him access to her womanly secrets.

John felt his mother’s hips move in jerky motion as his tongue rasped against the tiny bud. The cleft of her vagina began to get slippery as his wandering tongue penetrated her. In his uncomfortable position, John tongue fucked his mother and she grasped his hair tightly, moaning in unsaturated pleasure.

Releasing her, John got up and turned his mother around. With one arm around her belly, he bent his knees and pushed his penis into her. When he entered, he straightened up, making Anna to stand on her toes. John began to fuck her slowly. Anna moaned as his thick girth moved in and out of her vagina, sometimes slow and at times faster. He was like a man possessed.

With both palms kneading her breasts, John whispered in her ear. “God, Anna, I am really fucking you.”

The mention of her name pierced through Anna’s fogged mind. Her son was calling out her name in the throes of his taboo taking of her.

“I know you are on the pill, I heard you and Mark talking,” John said in gasps as he pulled his mother down to sit on his lap, their loins joined. Kissing her back, he buffeted her on his lap. His hold on her breasts tightened making her grimace in pleasure and pain as he came inside her. Anna never felt such orgasm, not even with Mark as her son emptied his pent up love cream deep within her.

Anna cried out, as sweat drained from both their bodies. She collapsed weakly against him as John kept fucking her even when he was completely drained.

He pulled her down, her back on his chest, his thick penis still lodged inside her. Using his legs, he lifted her onto the bed. He caressed her tender breasts and stroked her hair.

The time on the clock showed 11.38pm. Mother and son slept in the spoon position. Anna’s room reeked of sex; the mattress was soggy with their combined secretions.

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