Desire Takes Over

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I was the workaholic type, sitting locked in my cabin all day, and sometimes through the night, doing nothing but reading files after files. Rita had a cabin diagonally opposite to where mine was. Sitting there in my cabin, I almost always saw one or the other male workers peer over at her door hopefully, just to get a look at her breasts pushing hard against her white shirt, or her legs stretching out from under her skirt.

Rita was like those females from the movies, who had men drooling after them all the time. Long brown hair, skin tanned to the perfect color, long slender legs, breasts you thought would fit just so well in your hands, and all that jazz. She had those glasses that made her look oh so cute!

My heart would crumble into pieces when she’d pass me in the corridor. It would thump as hard as the drums in a metal song when we’d be alone in an elevator.

That brings me down to our meeting. The elevator.

Obviously, working together at the same level in the same company meant our paths crossed often. But few words were ever exchanged. Until one day, the elevator in which we were traveling alone stopped moving.

Awkward Silence.

We both looked up eventually, then at each other.

Another awkward pause.

Finally, I nervously cleared my throat and shouted, or rather, tried to shout, because what came out was just a husky whisper, “Can anyone hear me?”

I smiled awkwardly and tried again. I did manage to shout, “Hello?”

No reply. I tried hitting the door a few times, hoping that someone would notice the sound. It didn’t work. Pin drop silence.

I took out my cell phone. No signal. Rita’s phone too was ‘searching for network’.

I moved back and smiled sheepishly at Rita.

“I guess there’s a power failure or something. The emergency alarm isn’t working either.”

“Yea, it should be back to normal once the backup generator starts. Shouldn’t be long,” said Rita.

I moved back, opposite her, and leaned back against the wall, and started looking around nervously, desperately trying to find something to look at. I wouldn’t be surprised if my knees gave way from under me if my eyes met Rita’s.

Then it happened. Our eyes met, and suddenly the temperature in my pants rose. She smiled at me.

“It’s getting a little hot in here,” she said, and slid off her business coat.

“Tell me about it,” I muttered, loosening up my necktie and letting out a deep breath.

She smiled again. She opened up the top button of her shining white shirt and tried to let some air in by gripping the shirt from inside and stretching it outwards. But it barely worked. It was just too tight, and the more she jerked her shirt outwards, the more those breasts juggled under it.

More than once I tried to catch a glimpse of what lay underneath that shirt. I was only able to see the outline of her white bra, barely able to contain those breasts. The borders of her bra dig into that soft flesh, and I bet the bra just covered her nipples and a centimeter more.

Suddenly, Rita bent downwards, adjusting her skirt’s hemline or something. I saw that soft, creamy flesh jutting out from under her bra and so did my penis. Time slowed down. In contrast, my penis moved upwards with lightning speed and fought hard to break free and leap towards yabancı escort Rita.

I gasped. I had the feeling that Rita could somehow read my mind, and that of my penis, and that she had noticed my throbbing erection. I didn’t have the guts to meet her eyes. I tried hard to control my penis but to no avail. It was jutting out at a right angle to my legs.

Rita bent lower. I hardly cared what for, because the heavenly sight of this goddess’s half concealed breasts and cleavage transfixed me. I was practically sweating by now.

I looked down at the ground, and kept staring at my feet, trying hard to fight the temptation offered by the aforementioned sight. I sensed some movement from Rita, but didn’t dare look up, lest the movement make me lose control and desire overcome me.

Finally looking up, I saw a sight that took my breath away. Rita had pulled her shirt out of her skirt and slightly raised it, revealing her navel. She was casually massaging her belly with her hands. Tiny beads of sweat accumulated around her bellybutton and rolled down ever so slowly. Slow motion, yet again.

“Damn, its hot,” she said, in that low, husky female voice that would drive any guy nuts.

I just nodded.

“Yyy..yyy..eaa,” I stuttered, not able to take my mind, or my eyes away from her navel. I licked my lips slowly.

I imagined licking and sucking on that navel while I fondled those breasts softly and heard her moan my name. I closed my eyes and the scene came in front of my eyes, fully detailed. I don’t know how long my eyes were closed; more and more images came into my mind, and my penis was rock hard. My hand trailed down slowly…

But there was no need for it there. Another hand reached my penis before my own, and jerked me out of my horny reverie. I opened my eyes and saw Rita staring at me while her hand tightened around my dick, and the other massaged her chest from over her shirt.

I moaned loudly. My penis couldn’t possibly get any harder, and now it was throbbing. She took her hand away and unzipped my trousers. She took hold of my dick and squeezed it softly, and it shook violently while I moaned. She slowly trailed her fingers up and down its length. She brought a finger to its mouth, and started rubbing it there. My dick was now out of control, shaking rapidly. My eyes were shut and I was moaning loudly.

After a few moments, she grabbed hold of my dick and started shaking it. It was the best handjob I ever got. She held my dick from its base and jerked it rapidly, and I couldn’t hold on for much long. I was going to cum any moment now…

She pulled her hand away. I was torn between irritation and desire. No matter how much a man jerks off, it’s never even half as good as a woman giving him a handjob. There was no use of my trying to jerk off and cum now; the moment was gone.

She moved back slowly, and in a swift movement, tore her shirt open. Buttons flew everywhere. Desire pushed out any feeling of irritation inside me as I watched her take her breasts in her hand and massage them teasingly. She pinched her nipples and bit her lips. I took this to be an invitation and rushed forward towards her, took her in my arms and pushed her hard against the opposite wall. She was suspended mid air between the wall and yeni escort me, supported only by my hard grip pushing her against the wall.

I wasted no time and licked her neck hungrily, one of my hands moving down to caress her thighs softly. I bit her neck and pinched her thighs close to her pussy.

“Ahhh,” she whispered, instinctively bending her head to block my approach towards her neck.

She was completely in my control now, since I held her tightly and there was no escaping.

I started rubbing my fingers against the edges of her pussy. Her legs started shaking wildly, but I tightened my grip. She was moaning loudly now.

I moved my outstretched tongue down her neck towards her breasts. I was hell bent on teasing her just as she had teased me. I moved my tongue down the area between her breasts, completely avoiding any contact with them. Her whole body shook. I repeated this motion and licked her cleavage area several times.

“Mmmmmm,” she gasped, as I kept on licking her valley without paying any attention to her breasts. She desperately tried to adjust her upper body in order to bring my mouth to one of her nipples, but I just pushed her harder against the wall.

After a few moments, I took the soft flesh of her left breast in my mouth, avoiding the nipple. I kept sucking on the flesh while I started rubbing her clit softly, teasingly.

My fingers moved slowly around her clit, then over it, to and fro, and she started moaning loudly.

“Uhhh,” she let out. She tried in vain to adjust her body so that my fingers entered her pussy. The only parts of her body that she could now move were her hands and legs.

Finally, I took her nipple, along with a whole lot of her soft, fleshy breast in my mouth and sucked it softly. Her nipple had gotten real hard after all the teasing. I started sucking it harder and harder while my fingers rubbed her clit more rapidly.

Rita’s eyes were tightly shut and her head was pulled back, facing upwards.

She let out long, deep moans, “Uhhhh, yeaaa…yeeaaaa..ahhh.”

My fingers moved as rapidly over her clit as they could. I rubbed it hard and occasionally pinched it softly. Meanwhile, I took her left breast in my mouth and started licking her nipple while sucking on the fleshy part.

Rita’s body was visibly convulsing, even though I had effectively pinned her into a stationary position. I know she was going to reach her orgasm soon.

I kept rubbing her clit harder and harder. Once I was sure she’d cum any moment now, I push my fingers straight into her pussy and rubbed her walls as hard as I could. I rubbed and squeezed and pinched everywhere inside her pussy until she suddenly wrapped her hands around me and held me tightly, and came.

“Aahhh,” she moaned, as I kept rubbing my fingers inside her pussy while it was wet with her juices.

I kissed her deeply, licking and sucking on her tongue, while I took hold of her ass and squeezed it softly.

I laid Rita down on the floor and used her bra to tie up her hands. I licked her lips and pushed my tongue inside her mouth, kissing her passionately.

Slowly moving downwards, I licked her neck and behind her ears, and nibbled on her shoulders. I used my knees to spread her legs apart. I licked her nipples yenibosna escort once again and sucked them, then moved farther down. I stretched out my tongue and slowly rotated it around her navel. I licked the area rapidly without letting my tongue touch the bellybutton.

Rita squirmed and tried to move her body, but to no avail. My tongue was persistent in avoiding her bellybutton.

After a few more moments of teasing her like this, I finally gave her bellybutton a lick then started sucking on it slowly.

Rita moaned, “mmmmm..”

I bit her bellybutton then sucked on it again.

“Awww…mmmm…” She was breathing hard.

I slowly dragged my outstretched tongue down her stomach, eventually reaching her pussy. I teased it in a similar fashion, licking around it in circles while avoiding any contact with it.

Then, I started licking her clit slowly with the tip of my tongue.

A soft gasp escaped Rita’s lips. She tried to move her body again, but I held on.

I started licking her clit more rapidly.

Rita’s breath grew shallower and faster.

I started sucking on her clit now.

I held her tightly by her thighs and pinned her tightly, but still her body shook as I kept sucking on her clit.

After a few moments, I started licking it slowly again.

Then, I slipped my tongue into her pussy, very, very slowly. I didn’t push it deeper into her, but it brought it to a rest just inside her pussy. I started sucking on the edges of her pussy.

Her body was shaking again and she was moaning loudly.

“Hmmm.. hmmmmm…yea…”

I took my tongue back out, and suddenly pushed it deep into her. She gasped and moved her lower body downwards, trying to get my tongue deeper and deeper into her. I licked her walls and lapped up her cum hungrily. I started sucking on her walls and softly bit them while she moaned louder.

I brought my tongue out and again licked her clit, then sucked it hard. I could feel her orgasm coming. Just when she began to cum, I pulled my tongue away and sniggered.

I kept her legs spread open wide and waited.

“Fucker,” she groaned.

I took hold of her legs and raised them up, resting them upon my shoulders.

Ramming my dick hard into her, I wasted no time and began moving it in and out of her pussy rapidly. My hands were on her ass and I squeezed it hard while my dick rubbed hard against her walls.

Bending down, I began sucking her nipples hard while fucking her with increasing speed.

After a few minutes, I brought my dick to a rest inside her, and moved it around, rubbing it with her walls. I bit her nipples and sucked them again one by one while I started moving again, my dick rubbing hard against her clit as it went in.

I was going to cum soon, and I could sense her orgasm returning. I squeezed her ass harder and harder and she groaned.

I felt her pussy slowly contract around my dick and I knew she’d cum soon.

Using her ass as a means of support, I rammed my dick hard into her pussy, as fast as I could, spewing cum all over inside her. Her body shook in spasms as she began to cum too. I kept moving my dick in and out of her in slow, hard jerks while her orgasm lasted.

Her body slowly stopped shaking while I decreased my speed, eventually bringing my cock to a rest inside her. Her pussy was overflowing with juices, and cum dripped out of her.

I untied her and kissed her, then rest my head on her shoulder.

“Do you know I’ve had a crush on you since forever?” she asked.

What happened afterwards is another story.

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