Different than Normal

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Double Penetration

This is my first attempt at posting on this site. Comments are welcome but please be constructive.


Well, in this dream we were at my house. I don’t know what we were doing or what you said or anything but I just remember being very turned on all of the sudden and really wanting to get you alone. So I ask you to come into the bedroom for something. You follow me in and shut the door behind you. I turn around and press you back against the wall and pull you down to me by the front of your shirt. I kiss you, urgently and roughly. There’s no soft gentle exploration this time. This is all tongues swirling and teeth nipping. My hands are fisted in the front of your shirt and yours are up in my hair. I tear my mouth away from yours and move over your jaw to your neck, you can feel my tongue sliding over your skin. I move up on my tiptoes to nip at your earlobe with my teeth and start unbuttoning your shirt while I run my tongue over your ear. I get your shirt unbuttoned and run my hands down your chest before turning you around by your waist and pushing you down to sit on the bed.

I immediately climb up on your lap so I’m straddling you, facing you. I pull your lips back to mine and immediately feel your tongue in my mouth. I pull your shirt off just in time before you yank my shirt over my head and off. One hand goes into my hair to pull my head back so you can get to my neck with your tongue and teeth while the other one is busily undoing my bra. You pull my bra off and my breasts spill out into your hands. When your fingers start to rub my nipples I decide that I need to take back control of this situation before I forget what I wanted to happen. I pull your hands away from my breasts and they immediately go down to undo my jeans. I manage to pull away from you and stand up. I pull you up with me and you push my jeans off my hips as you stand up. Once you get them off you try to kağıthane escort pull me tight up against you. I know if I let you start leading things I’ll totally forget myself so I turn us around and push you back up against the wall. You have a very amused look on your face and you’re looking at me as if to say “Ok, we’ll see where you’re going with this.”

I decide to see if your nipples are as sensitive as mine and run my fingers over them. I let my fingers keep moving down your chest and over your stomach to the buckle of your belt. I’m unfastening your pants and pushing them down while I flick my tongue lightly over your nipple. I look up to test your reaction. You seem to be breathing a little heavier which I take as a good sign so I completely envelop your nipple in my mouth this time and flick my tongue over it with a little more pressure before drawing it into my mouth and sucking lightly on it. I pull your underwear away from your body and wrap my hand around your cock which is hard and throbbing in my hand. Your hands which were resting at my hips grip them as you groan lightly. I start kissing down your chest, slowly lowering myself to my knees and pushing your underwear off as I go. As I come to rest in front of you, you push your hands lightly into my hair. Your cock is right in front of me now and you can feel my hot breath on it but I haven’t touched it yet with anything more than my hand. I grip your cock more firmly in my hand and lightly trace my tongue around the tip. You wait for me to take you into my mouth but I continue to run my tongue over your cock. Your hands tighten in my hair and you try to pull me forward. I put my hand on your hip and push back lightly against your hands.

I pull your cock up against your stomach, lean forward and take one of your balls into my mouth, stroking it with my tongue, sucking on it gently. I do the kartal escort same to the other and stroke your cock in my hand. Still holding your cock against your stomach, I move my mouth back up kissing your cock back up to the tip before engulfing it in my mouth. I get as much of your cock in my mouth as I can before coming back up, taking a breath, and working you back into my mouth and then my throat. I take the last few inches in my mouth, my lips wrapped around the base of your cock, my tongue swirling around you. I hold you there, not moving. I reach down and cup your balls in my hand, squeezing gently. I hear you moan something but can’t make out what, if anything, you said. I start to move my head back up, easing your cock out of my throat. I pull your cock completely out of my mouth, stroking it a few times before putting it back in my mouth and sucking softly on just the head. This time when you push me forward gently I let you and start bobbing my head slowly on your cock. I think how odd it is how much I’m enjoying having your cock in my mouth because blow jobs really aren’t my favorite thing but I find myself moaning around your cock as I move faster, starting to suck harder. I continue for a few minutes before pulling your cock out of my mouth. I don’t know how close you are or even if you’re close at all but I know I have other plans for your cock, other places I want to enjoy it. As I start to stand up you keep pulling me up right onto my toes and kiss me urgently.

I turn you back around and push you onto the bed again, this time all the way back onto your back. I let myself come with you, continuing to kiss you, loving the feel of your tongue around mine. Your hands are pushing my panties off my hips and down until I can kick them the rest of the way off. Your hands move between my legs, stroking against my pussy, feeling how wet I am. Before you küçükçekmece escort can do anymore I sit up and take your cock in my hand, stroking it back and forth against me before sinking down on it. I moan and bite my lip, you know it’s been a long time since I was on top and I’d forgotten how deep you can go and how good it feels. I start rolling my hips around your cock, groaning at how good you feel inside me. You sense I’m a little lost at how to go from there so you put your hands on my hips and start to move under me, guiding me until I get the rhythm. You take my breasts in your hands and I lean forward so you can suck on my nipples as I continue to move over you. You can tell by the way my pussy is gripping your cock and how loud my moans are getting that it’s not going to be long for me. I sit straight up and slam myself down the last couple of times. As I start cumming my moans change to babbling “Oh God oh god oh my god” to light screams as I really lose control. You moan and pull me forward as the warm rush of my cum runs down your cock and over your balls. You can still feel my pussy spasming around your cock as you roll us over so I’m on my back.

You’re still inside me, not moving at the moment, giving me a chance to recover, so to speak. You can feel my breath against your neck, hot and fast. As it starts to slow down a little you feel my tongue stroking against your neck, flicking over your skin. You start moving inside me again, slowly, then faster and deeper. I gasp and wrap a leg around your waist, arching my hips up against you. You move faster as I whisper in your ear for you to fuck me harder, and faster, and deeper and most of the time I don’t know what I’m saying I just know I want more and more. I keep whispering, about how good you feel and how I don’t want you to stop. Soon you hear me breathing faster and my whispers have turned into moans. I rest my forehead against your shoulder, my hands clutching at your back as I start to go over again. You know you’re close and you let go so you can go with me. You’re groaning and I’m screaming into your shoulder as we ride out the wave together, my hands gripping your ass. We both lay there, not moving and breathing hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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