Dirty Gurlie on Vacation: Arrival

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I wake up from a restful sleep and remember I’m on a plane to Hawaii. I look over to find my new friend looking at me. I ask how long I was out for and he tells me about three hours. He’s smiling which I hope means I made his flight an enjoyable one. We should be landing in about half an hour and I can hardly wait to land. So much to do and I’m just not sure there will be enough time for it all.

As the voice comes on letting us know to buckle up and prepare for landing, I lean over and offer my cell number. I tell him if he’s looking for some kind of fun while on the island to give me a call. He takes it and offers me his as well. The plane lands, we get off the plane and head our separate ways.

I flag down a cab outside and just as I’m getting into it, a dark man in a suit steps out next to me, asking if he can share my cab. I look him up and down and say sure. We get in and I give the address of my hotel to the driver. The man gives another address and the cabby tells me that I’ll be getting off first.

On the way to my hotel, I find out that the very striking man in the suit is in town for a business meeting. He’s only here for two days and asks if I know where anything exciting is going on tonight. I tell him its my first time here, but that I’m in to planning my entertainment, so I know of a luau on one of the beaches. We chat about this briefly as I watch his eyes roam my long legs.

I see him looking and lean in close to him. I whisper that I can entertain him before tonight if he’s interested. He looks me up and down again and then nods. He tells the cab driver that he’ll just be getting out at my stop. We arrive at my hotel and I get checked in. We take the elevator up to my room.

I open the door and before I can even take the key out, the man in the suit is pushing me through and onto the bed. He’s on top of me before the door even shuts. He rips my tank top away and pulls my bra down hard. He grabs one of my nipples in his mouth and pinches the other with his hand.

His other hand finds its way up under my skirt and his response to finding no panties is how dirty of a girl I must be to go roaming a strange place with no panties on. Fe shoves a finger into my cunt, only to be met with no resistance because I’m already soaked.

He seems pleased as he gets up and drops his pants. His cock is hard and ready. He tells me to get on my hands and knees and I do so. Sometimes, letting him take control is a good thing. I did my demanding for the day already on the plane. He comes up behind me and drives his hard cock up inside me. He doesn’t take any time, just slams it all the way in and starts fucking me like crazy. He slaps my ass and then grabs it tightly in his hands while he pushes deep and hard into my slick pussy. He is burying himself into me and pushing me hard into the bed. My knees are taking a beating on the bedspread from his violent thrusts, but I’m loving every minute of it. He’s holding on to my ass and I can feel his nails digging in to my tender skin. His cock is thrusting deeper and harder into me as I find myself being overcome with my orgasm. I scream out as I start to cum and he continues to ream me.

He fucks me until he cums. He pulls his cock out and shoots his load on my ass, spreading my cheeks. He then runs his softening cock along my ass crack. I can feel him starting to get hard again. Once he gets hard again, he shoves his cock hard and fast into my asshole. He starts fucking my asshole, again grabbing my ass as he shoves me into the bed.

He takes one hand and starts to play with my clit while he fucks my ass and tells me how absolutely dirty I really am. He calls me a dirty cunt as he reams me. My cunt is screaming to be fucked again as he shoves in and out of my ass again and again. I want to beg for him to fuck my cunt again, but I’m not sure how he would respond.

He continues with my ass until he cums again and then pulls out and goes to clean up. Before he leaves me, he tells me not to move because he hasn’t finished with me. I lie there as I hear the water start in the bathroom wondering what he plans next.

He comes back out of the bathroom and tells me to get on my back and to stretch my arms and legs out. He’s completely naked now and I can see how defined his body is. He comes up to the top of the bed and takes the pillows out of the cases. He then uses the cases to tie my arms to the bed. I like where this beylikdüzü escort is going. If only he had asked, he could have used the tie downs I brought along with me. Oh well, at least he’s inventive.

Once he has my arms secured to the bed, he climbs on top of me and starts to eat out my juicy cunt. His mouth is like heaven, satisfying my craving. His fingers find their way inside me as well and he’s driving into me. He nibbles firmly on my clit. Not enough to really hurt, but enough for me to take notice of it. He switches between licking and nibbling as his fingers continue to molest my insides.

The walls of my cunt starts to twitch and I pull at my restraints. His fingers feel this and he speeds up all his actions on me. His mouth is hot and wet on me and his fingers pump rapidly as he pulls my orgasm out of me. I start to scream out as I cum, feeling the warmth of it wash over me. He pulls his fingers out and straddles me, putting his cock into my mouth. I can feel how hard he is as soon as it enters. He holds my head as he thrusts into my mouth, fucking it as he pleases. He is pushing hard and fast, grabbing hard at my hair as he forces me to suck him off. He gets harder the moment before he explodes in my mouth. He tastes delicious and I find myself so glad he was interested in coming back here with me.

He gets off of me and goes across the room. He gathers up his clothes and starts to get dressed. I feel a quick tinge of panic as I wonder if he will release me from my bonds or if I will be able to get out of them once he leaves. For a split second I think maybe I’ve gotten myself into a bad situation.

After he gets done putting on his clothes he walks over to the bed. He looks down on me and tells me I’m an incredible fuck and that he enjoyed meeting me. He then releases one of my arms and heads to the door. He opens it and just before leaving he winks at me and thanks me for a good time.

As the door closes behind him, I’m a little relieved to have a moment to myself. I untie my other hand and lie naked on the bed for a while. I should be getting up and preparing for the luau this evening, but lying here feels far too good.

Once I feel rested enough, I get up and take a shower. I get out of the shower and go through the clothes in my suitcase. I pick out a floral print dress I got just for this luau. Its quite short and ties around the neck. The front gives a fantastic view of my tits. What man will be able to resist?

I put on a pair of heeled sandals and call for a cab to take me to the beach that the luau is supposed to be at. He arrives and we drive for about 10 minutes. He stops at my destination and once I’ve paid him, I get out of the cab. I walk down to the beach where there is a large bonfire burning. I see tons of people talking, dancing, making out all around the fire.

I go over to a small bar set up near the fire and get a shot of tequila. I take it quick and order another. I look around at all the people around the fire and spot a cute little brunette making eyes at me. I don’t mind women from time to time, but my preference is definitely to get a good dicking. But looking at this brunette has got my cunt twitching.

She starts to walk over as I take my second shot. She slinks right up next to me, pressing her large breasts against my arm. She tells me her name and how she couldn’t help but admire me from afar. She leans forward and kisses my lips, soft and sensual. Just like a girl would. She pulls back and looks at me to see my reaction. I grab her and kiss her deep and hard, just like I might to a man I want to fuck right then and there.

She rises to the occasion and kisses back with force and lust. Her hand comes up along my inner thigh all the way up to where my legs meet. He finger slips in between my lips for a moment before she takes her hand away. Our kiss ends and she is looking at me with desire. She takes my hand and leads me over to a low chair near the fire.

She sits me down in it and pushes my legs apart, exposing my cunt to anyone who might walk by. She then blocks the view by pressing her face into me. Her tongue flicks at my clit as her hands grasp and release my thighs. I grab handfuls of her head as she eats me out. I lean my head back as she licks and sucks, consuming me. She keeps going, eating me like a pro. She knows just where to lick, just how hard to suck, all the beyoğlu escort right moves.

I’m going nuts with this hot brunette between my thighs. She fucks my cunt with her mouth until I cum. I explode as she finishes me off and I feel myself draining. She pulls her head away and I tell her its her turn now. I get up on semi shaky legs and let her take a seat. She’s wearing a sheer sarong with an itty bitty bikini under it.

I run my hands up her thighs and grab the edges at her hips. I pull her bottoms down to her ankles and then press myself in between her knees. I can see the glistening of her wetness in the light of the fire. It makes me so hot that I wish someone was fucking me while eating her. Perhaps another night for that though. For now, its just her and I in our own world of desire.

I put two fingers inside her as my mouth comes down onto her awaiting pussy. I slide my tongue between her shaved lips and circle her clit with my piercing as my fingers stroke her insides. She tastes so sweet and the sensation of feeling a clit on my tongue has been missed. I realize it as soon as it touches her. She is leaning her head back and has her hands on her knees as my hair tickles her inner thighs.

The flavor of her pussy is intoxicating. I almost feel lightheaded and as though I never want to stop licking at her. She tastes so good to me. I start to suck lightly as I slip another finger into her. She is moaning and I too start to moan, letting her feel the vibrations of it against her clit. I can feel her hips moving slightly under my lips. She’s making me hotter and I’m torn between wanting to continue tasting her and to have a dick fucking me from behind.

I keep sucking at her while fingering and I can feel her walls tighten around my fingers. I move faster and firmer, making her cum for me. She tastes ever sweeter when she explodes on my hand. I lap her up, making sure she’s good and clean. I don’t want to miss any part of her as she tastes too incredible not to savor every last drop.

She stands up and I help her get her bikini bottoms up. She looks at me and then kisses me again, this time firmer than her first, but still a very girlish kiss. She wanders off towards the bar again and I continue to just look around and see what else is going on.

Not seeing anyone that really strikes my fancy, I grab another shot and head out to dance for a while. I dance til dawn and am exhausted. I still haven’t found anyone that appealing, so I just grab a cab and head back to the hotel. Tomorrow is another day!

I head to bed, fulfilled and tired. I’m asleep before my head even hits the pillow. I sleep deep and well, my head filled with the last 24 hours of excitement and fun. I awake in the early afternoon and jump in the shower.

I head out for some sight seeing. This is a vacation after all, I should do some exploring, and not just the sexual kind. I take some tours and whatnot. I do a little wandering around the stores in the area and come across a tattoo shop. I’m all about new tattoos and think what a great way to remember my trip than to get a new tattoo while I’m here.

I walk into the shop and am greeted by a tall blonde with blue eyes. He reminds me a little of the guy I met on the plane, but this one is older. He asks me what I’m looking for and I tell him I’m not entirely sure. I’m looking for something to remember my trip. We talk about my options and I decide on a small gecko with waves around it. Now to decide where to put it….

I think about it for a bit and decide I want it on my bikini line on the right side. He warns me that it will be tender and likely hurt. I tell him I do not fear pain, I enjoy it. He smiles and brings me back into a room so I don’t have to expose myself to everyone that comes into the shop.

He tells me to take off my shorts and panties and that he will need to shave me. I drop my shorts and panties to the floor and tell him I’m already shaved. He informs me that its standard procedure to shave, even if it already is. He tells me to take a seat on the chair and to lean back.

I do as I’m told as he continues to prep for my tattoo. He places several things on a rolling table near me and then takes a seat on a stool. He spreads my legs wide and covers my pussy with shaving cream. He takes a razor and gently shaves my already bare skin. I can feel myself becoming aroused as he is shaving bomonti escort me.

He finishes up and wipes away the leftover cream. He washes my bare pussy and then pats it dry with a towel. I lean up on my elbows and look down at him. I can see a bit of a bulge in his pants and this just increases my needs. He looks up at me and sees where I’m looking. He tells me its a risk of the job. He is after all, still a man. I smile.

I spread my legs wider and slip a finger between my lips. I nudge my clit a little as he watches. I look at him and tell him to come take a taste. He doesn’t hesitate as he buries his face into my freshly shaved pussy. He licks, sucks, nibbles and I feel so damn good under his touch.

His touch is firm but gentle and his tongue is refreshing against the freshly shaved skin. I rotate my hips under his mouth and put my hands in his hair. He brings me so close and then slows his motions to let my need drop a little, only to bring me close again. I’m so ready to cum, but he seems to be enjoying tormenting me.

He finally lets me cum and I start to yell. He clamps a hand over my mouth before I alert anyone else in the shop to what is going on. I bite against his hand to keep my screams to a minimum as I start to come down from my high. He licks me gently a little more before taking his hand away from my mouth.

I thank him and he nods as he resumes the process of prepping me for my tattoo. He was right, it does sting some, but its all worth it in the end. I have a great memory that will be with me forever. I head back to my hotel for some rest.

I spend several days visiting shops, letting my tattoo heal and sightseeing. I go to a few parties and another luau. I’m having a blast. Its two days before I’m supposed to go home and my cell rings. Its the blonde from the airplane asking how I’m enjoying my trip and if I’d like to get together. I tell him I’m busy that night but free the next. We agree to meet at a restaurant near my hotel the following evening.

I get ready to meet up with him that next night. My tattoo is still healing, but most of the tenderness is gone now. Its my last night on the island and I damn well plan on making it worth the trip. I wear a short black skirt and a bright green tank top. I meet him at the restaurant and we enjoy a nice meal together. Afterwards we decide to walk down to the beach.

We walk and talk about how our trip has been. I tell him about my tattoo and show it to him in the moonlight. He grabs me and pulls me in close, kissing me deeply. I can feel his cock against my stomach and I’m immediately turned on. I kiss him back, showing him I’m ravenous. I had to slow down my excursions with my tattoo healing, so I’m starved for it.

I pull him closer to me and start rubbing his cock through his shorts. He starts to pull off my tank and plays with my tits through my bra. I want him so badly and I don’t even care if anyone sees us. I undo his shorts and then pull him down onto the sand with me. I pull him to me and into me, feeling him penetrate me as his weight falls against me.

He is kissing me as he pushes into me. My tattoo is still tender and I realize just too tender for him to be on top of me like this. I tell him we need to change it up and he pulls away from me. I push him down onto his back and then straddle him.

I lower myself down onto his hard cock and start riding him, feeling him slide inside with ease. I’m so wet and ready, I slip along him quick and firm. I am moving fast, bringing us to orgasm fast because I’ve missed that feeling of being filled so much. He grabs my waist as I ride him, fucking him until we both cum. I get up off him and then get on all fours in front of him.

He comes up behind me and slides right in. He holds my hips as my knees dig into the sand. I look down between my thighs and can see his balls slapping into me with each of his thrusts. I push back against him every time he pushes in. He fills me well and I can feel myself building inside again. His thrusts are well timed and the feeling of his hands on my hips just adds to the pleasure of it all.

I can feel that he is close and I start to get there myself. He increases his speed and starts to really fuck me. The sand is soothing yet painful at the same time. It feels incredible. I call out to him, begging for him to finish me. No sooner do I ask than I get my wish. My cunt spasms against him and he is also cumming inside me. He stays inside a few moments before pulling out of me.

We put ourselves back together and walk back to my hotel. We kiss before he grabs a cab to go back to his hotel. I walk in and head to my room, quite satisfied with my vacation. Tomorrow, back home I go.

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