Dirty Laundry

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“Geez, mom,” I groaned, “these boxes are so heavy!”

As I walked up the stairs to what was now our new apartment, I looked around with apprehension. How could a young 18 year old country girl like me feel at home in this ritzy city building? Just as I thought this, two girls about my age jogged down the stairs, jostling me. I looked down at myself and then at their fancy clothes, and sighed with anxiety. I wore plain cut-off denim shorts (a bit too short for my mom’s liking), sandals, and a tank top with no bra.

“Oh well, at least my body is nicer than theirs,” I thought, letting my tanned tits press up against the heavy box my mother had dumped into my arms, my nipples hardening against the rough cardboard. “Even city guys can appreciate these.”

My mother and I worked for a week, unpacking the truck, moving in our furniture, clothing, dishes, you name it. I began to feel like maybe living here wouldn’t be completely hopeless. For one, I had noticed several good-looking men passing up on the stairs. Good-looking men who obviously noticed me, too, as I got many stares and helping hands with the boxes — hands that also helped themselves to accidental brushes against my tan thighs and perky tits.

Once we had gotten settled in, my mom was out of there. Out to explore the big city, and I knew she’d be gone for the night. My mom never really was one for the country, she needed music, clubs, parties. Alone, I sighed, and wondered what to do with myself. Since I would be starting a new school the next day, I figured I’d better do some laundry, lest I go to school in my panties. So, I heaped a basket full of my clothes and went to the basement, where the laundry room was.

The area was completely empty, although the dryer was running. I dropped my clothes in the washer and hopped up on the dryer to wait. The dryer felt warm and nice on my bare thighs. A naughty idea slowly crept its way into my head. I pulled my skirt up around my waist, letting my ass also feel the warm güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and vibrating dryer. Then, I unbuttoned my shirt, just enough to let my hand slide down and caress and rub my firm tits. As my one hand began to pull and pinch my nipples, my other slowly slid up and down my thighs, occasionally brushing against my bald pussy, which was steadily getting wetter and wetter. I let my head fall back and let myself go. My shirt came off and my hand squeezed and pinched my large breasts as my finger slowly slid in and out of my tight cunt. I bent my knees and pulled my legs up on either side of me, now using one hand to finger-fuck my tight hole, and one to rub and pinch my clit in a frenzy. I groaned and shuddered, my body beginning to heave and sweat.

“Now, now, I thought country girls were supposed to be prim and proper.” I opened my eyes wide at the man who came into the room carrying a laundry basket and hastily put my legs together, replying quietly, “I’m sorry, sir, forget where I was.”

“No need to apologize to me, young lady,” he murmured in a husky tone that sounded like sex. I then took a moment to look him over. He was an older man, salt-and-pepper hair, about 45 or so, a little over twice my age! He wore slacks and a rumpled business shirt, probably just off work. Underneath his slacks, what must have been a huge hard cock was evident.

“But, you might need to apologize to your mother when I tell her just what kind of young lady you are,” he said. I looked up, startled and pleaded with him not to tell my mother, she’d kill me.

“Well, I suppose I could be nice, just this once,” he responded, gazing at my still-exposed breasts and rubbing his hard cock. Immediately knowing what he was implying, I smirked and let my legs fall back open. He grinned and unzipped his slacks, letting them fall to the floor. Underneath, he wore nothing and his raging hardon sprang up, inviting me.

I slid down from the dryer and sauntered over, lowering güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri myself to my knees.

“Do you want me to suck your cock, slide my hot wet mouth around your dick and move my head up and down while you thrust your hips back and forth?” I breathed.

“You know I do, now shut up and suck my fat dick,” he ordered.

I smiled and wrapped my hot young mouth around his fat cockhead, flicking my tongue lightly across the tip. He groaned and shoved his hips forward, trying to invade my mouth with more than just the head. I worked up more saliva and worked my mouth up and down his long pole, reveling in its length and hardness. He groaned as my wet tongue massaged his dick all over.

“Oh god, yes, that’s good, you little slut, keep sucking my cock with your tight little girl mouth,” he muttered down at me.

I sucked harder and faster, sliding my mouth up and down his meat, my spit making his dick slick and shiny. He thrust his hips faster and faster and I felt his hand come down to the back of my head, shoving my mouth down farther and farther until my chin hit his balls. I felt his hard rod in my throat and began to clench my muscles there to make him groan. I moved my mouth up and down, taking him down into my throat and then pulling him back out until his tip hovered against my lips. He began to moan and curse and just as I felt his cockhead begin to swell and prepare myself for his hot load, he pulled his dick out of my young mouth, leaving my lips shiny and swollen.

He picked me up and tossed me on top of the dryer. My chest thrust out and my hard nipples invited him. He bent his head and closed his mouth around them, biting them roughly. I cried out from the pain and pleasure of it while he slid the tip of his prick up and down my soaking slit, teasing my pussy, which hungered for his long fat pole. I pulled my knees up along my sides, opening my pussy for his cock.

“Come on, fuck my tight little pussy, stretch it wide güvenilir bahis şirketleri open with that huge prick of yours, make me come,” I whispered at him.

Slowly, he pushed his cockhead into my dripping twat. I gasped at the feel of his hard cock, which was stretching my little hole wide. I moaned just as he let all his weight drop on me, burying his cock in me to the hilt. I screamed then and pulled my legs up higher as he began to pump his cock in and out of my tight twat.

“Oh god, you have a tight little pussy, baby, I’m going to stretch this sweet little cunt open,” he moaned.

He really began to fuck me then, shoving his cock all the way in me and then pulling all the way out. My legs were up on his shoulders, my tits bouncing with each thrust, covered in sweat. My head beat against the wall behind me and he grabbed the dryer behind my shoulders, really pounding my wet little snatch, then. I screamed and moaned as his huge dick stretched my pussy. I felt my pussy begin to spasm and I shouted out.

“Oh god, I’m going to come, your fat cock is going to make me come, my wet little girl pussy is going to come all over your huge cock…make me come, make me cry, make me scream, you bastard!!!” I gasped out, on the edge of delirium.

I screamed and came, my pussy clenching and squeezing his fat cock. I moaned out again and again. My legs were bent as far back as they’d go, my tits were shiny with sweat, my eyes closed, my head tilted back, my mouth open, gasping and screaming. I felt his dick swell and his balls tighten and he began to fuck me harder and harder.

“I’m going to spray my cum all over your hot little body, you slutty little bitch,” he snarled.

He pulled his pulsating meat out of my wet contracting cunt and moaned just as the first stream of hot jizz shot out of his dick and landed on my chest with a sting. I groaned and he trembled as stream after stream of his thick cum spewed on my tits, stomach, cunt, chin, and face. I opened my mouth and let his load spatter the back of throat.

After he finished, he pulled up his pants, got his laundry, and left. I lay there, exhausted, covered in cum, shaking and panting, my pussy still clenching. As I rubbed his cum into my skin, I thought, “Perhaps the city won’t be so bad after all.”

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