Don’t Play Games!

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“REDGINGER34: {nibble}”

“HARDCHARGER43: {lick}”

We teased each other in the private chat box during the interlude between games. We had both just lost – again.

“REDGINGER34: grrrrrrrrrrrrrr that bitch won again. 2nd time in 3 games. U no she is using a cheat program. Only way u can do that. Means no1 else has a chance, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”

“HARDCHARGER43: I kno – but this game sux tonite anyhow. Havent gotten a thing”

I had started talking to “Ginger” a few weeks ago, after we had commiserated in the public chat of the same game. We had gotten friendly, and teased each other constantly, now.

“REDGINGER34: running tongue down your neck”

“HARDCHARGER43: Mmmmmmmm, that’s good, do it again”

Although we fooled around constantly, we had never really gotten into full blown cyber sex. I think it was a case of “been there done that” for both of us. But lately, her teases had gotten a bit more provocative. I felt a hint of tightening between my legs when I saw:

“REDGINGER34: Slipping my hand under your shirt”

I replied,

“HARDCHARGER43: slipping my tung btwn your open lips”.

Sounded like a great idea to me. But at that point, the game started again, and I concentrated on finishing the first round. When I checked the score box at the end, I saw her score was still zero.

“HARDCHARGER43: your not playing?”

“REDGINGER34: fukkit this stinks, Im going to mc D’s. Wanna cum?”

“HARDCHARGER43: mmmmmmmm, wish I could. 2 bad u are so far from here.”

“REDGINGER34: Actually, maybe im not. I lied on my profile. We are in the same city – unless u lied 2”

“HARDCHARGER43: OMG really? no I didnt that would be gr8!”

“REDGINGER34: do u no where the McD’s is at 24th and Irvington?”

“HARDCHARGER43: that’s about 5 mi from me.

“REDGINGER34: If u want we can meet there. In about 1/2 an hr. BTW, I look pretty much like my avatar, and I’ll be at the back of the lot in a red Mustang. And Ronny, my real name’s Terri. Terri Evans”

“HARDCHARGER43: I’ll be in my black Charger – of course.”

“REDGINGER34: see u there {smile}”

“GAMEHOST: REDGINGER34 has left the room.”

Wow! I was stunned! There had been no hint about meeting before this. I hurriedly took another look at her avatar, though I almost knew it by memory, and hoped the billowy strawberry blonde hair was accurate. The big tits would be nice too. But every woman on-line has big tits. The avatar was wearing a red tank top and pink shorts. I wondered if she would match that too. Just in case, I put on a blue T-shirt and camo cargo shorts to match my persona.

I quickly brushed my teeth and took a shave, then washed up a little. If I screwed around any more, I’d be late, so I headed for the car. I didn’t know what to think, this was so sudden, but she had piqued my interest, and I certainly wanted to find out more about her. I could not believe she had been so close all this time. But I couldn’t blame her for being cautious with all the BS on the net these days.

The mustang was the only car at the back of the lot, so I backed in next to it, and we waved through the windows. I got out and walked to her door, and was greeted by billowy strawberry blonde hair and a big smile. Along with a glimpse of red and pink in the darkness of the lot. We exchanged greetings and she got out and joined me. Wow, she was tall, only an inch or two shorter than my 5″11″, and the avatar sure hadn’t shown those long slim legs.

I leaned to kiss her cheek, but she turned her head so her lips met mine and we shared a friendly kiss. “I’m hungry, let’s go in,” she said.

When I brought the tray to the booth she had selected, I started to sit opposite, but she motioned me to sit next to her. When I slid in, I felt her leg press against mine, and her hand was on my shoulder. She gave me another, big smile and said, “I’ve wanted to meet you for a while now, you know. I was hoping you would feel the same way, so I tried to give you a little incentive. Lick!” I felt the tip of her tongue tease the edge of my earlobe.

I shivered. “Mmmmm, that feels much better than online,” I replied. I felt her hand come to rest on top of my leg, and shivered again.

We both took a few bites of the burgers and fries, but our appetites had pretty much vanished, except maybe for each other. She never flinched when I ran my hand up and down the top of her leg, and the leg pressed harder against mine. “I think maybe we should go,” she said in a very quiet, breathy voice. I wasted no time disposing of the trash, and met her at the door. When we stepped outside I was going to suggest we could sit in the back seat of my car, but she trumped me by saying, “You can leave your car here if you want. I really live very close by, and we can go there if you like.”

Damn, she wasn’t wasting any time, and I wasn’t about to say no! As soon as we got the doors closed our lips locked together, and she didn’t argue a bit with my tongue in her mouth. And her tongue was an eager player. It was a little hard in the small bakırköy escort car, but we managed to fondle each other each other and our breathing rapidly got deep and ragged. The windshield started to steam up. On the other hand, I was a lot hard, and when her hand finally found the bulge of my cock I shuddered and moaned into her mouth. She ran her fingers over the length of it a couple of times, and finally broke off the kiss to gasp, “Mmmmm, just what I was hoping to find!”

When my hand covering her breast squeezed even harder in reply, hers did too. Maybe she didn’t quite have the internet tits, but very nice indeed! And I loved it when she arched her back, shoving herself into my hand. When we finally pulled away after the next kiss, she said rather weakly, “I think we better go, before I can’t drive.”

I released my grip on her and sat back, breathing deeply, just like she was. She flashed me another great smile, and pulled out of the lot. I managed to reach over the console and put my hand on her leg, fingers inside her thigh, just below the shorts. As she drove, I slowly teased up and down the soft skin. A couple of times I let my hand slide lightly over the front of her shorts, above her legs. Her driving was a little jerky and I could see her chest heaving a bit with her deep breathing, but we made it ok, in less than 10 minutes.

I was a bit taken aback when I saw where we were, in the drive of a very large house at the end of a cul-de-sac, in a very upscale neighborhood. But when I got out of the car and hesitated, looking around for a second, she took my hand and very firmly pulled me to the door. “If you’re interested in the neighborhood, we can do that anytime,” she said with a smile as the lock clicked and she pushed the door open.

I walked in close behind her, and door wasn’t even shut when my arms went around her. Instantly, she pressed back against my chest, and as my hands squeezed her breasts, I whispered, “Nibble!” in her ear, then kissed her neck, my tongue running slowly up it. I could feel her whole body shiver. When my teeth caught her earlobe and she felt my hot breath, she gasped, and her head came back, pressing against my mouth as her back arched her breasts into my hands. “There must be someplace more comfortable than this,” I breathed into her ear.

“Right now, I’m pretty damn comfortable,” she said breathlessly, and squirmed in my grip. “But c’mon, I know what you want, and so do I.”

As I released her she took my hand and led me straight to the downstairs bedroom. There was a nightlight, and she didn’t bother turning on anything else, except me. She put her arms around my neck, and pressed against my chest, her body moving a little to be sure I felt her heavy breasts. As our lips locked, I slid my hands down her sides and over her tight shorts, feeling her firm round ass. She moaned into my mouth as my hands kneaded and squeezed. I pulled her against me, and she ground herself against the bulge of my rock hard cock. Between kisses she gasped, “Dammit Ronny, I’ve been thinking about this for weeks!”

She leaned back slightly to let me pull her tank top over her head, then she did the same with my T-shirt. When our bodies pressed together again I could feel her hard nipples through the satiny bra she wore. “Take it off,” she moaned, and my hands slid around her back and found the clasp. I stripped it from her, and when she squirmed against my chest, those bright red tips felt like pebbles pressing into me. She gasped once more and rammed her tongue deep into my mouth.

My hands slipped under the waist band of her shorts, and over those smooth, firm spheres, warm to my touch. When I felt her hands slip between us I gave her room as she fumbled with my belt. Once she got belt, button and zipper undone, her hands went to my sides, and she grasped the waist band. With a shove my pants and briefs were around my ankles, and she was on her knees in front of me. I quickly kicked off my shoes and pants as she looked up, smiling at me. “I hope you want this as much as I do! Kiss!” And her lips met the tip of my cock, her tongue licking off the drop of pre-cum, then wetting me thoroughly. “Suck!” she giggled, as her lips slid over the tip and I watched the head of my cock disappear into her mouth.

Her lips sucked and squeezed, and her tongue went round and round my head, and I was gasping in seconds. I could see the smirk in her eyes as she stared up at me. Knowing the urgency of her need, I figured I would take advantage of it and get what I really wanted. Placing both hands on her head I pulled her towards me as I thrust my hips forward. She tried to say something, but was it was muffled by my cock as it slid to the back of her mouth. Her hands immediately slid to my ass, and she started rocking back and forth, sucking hard and stroking fast. But when I pushed harder, my cock started to enter her throat, and I could feel her gag at the sudden intrusion. Not giving her a chance to protest, I pressed until my cock was buried in her throat. When I looked down başakşehir escort I saw her lips pressed into my pubic hair, and tears streaming down her cheeks, but she did not try to pull away. There was a look of defiance in her eyes.

When I let up the pressure she slid very slowly off of me, gasping and staring up. “You Bastard!” She snarled, and immediately rammed her mouth back over my cock. She deep throated me again with no help and started rocking back and forth, my cock going to the back of her throat time after time, like a piston. I stood it as long as I could, but soon had to force her head back, to avoid exploding down her throat. She was gasping again, her firm breasts heaving. “How the hell did you know I wanted that?” She growled.

I smiled and simply said, “I wanted that! And I knew damn well you did too!”

Suddenly she lunged forward, and playfully bit down on my cock. “Yes I did, and I’m not done with him either!”

She ran her hands up my legs as she stood again, and closed her eyes as I caught her gorgeous breasts in my hands, my thumbs pressing against the nipples. I kneaded her, thumbs making circles, and she leaned back and moaned. Her pussy pushed against my cock through her shorts, her hips rolling with a slow regular rhythm. I grasped both the bright red nipples in my fingertips and pulled, hard. A cry escaped her lips, which continued and grew louder as I squeezed and twisted. Her hands went to her waist and she yanked and pulled at her shorts, getting them over her hips, and the sheer, soaking wet panties pressed against me.

My hands went to her bare ass cheeks and I lifted her, dropping her backwards onto the bed. She lifted her legs as I pulled off the panties, and she spread them wide as I fell to my knees in front of her. She bent her legs and put her feet on my back as I kissed and licked her inner thighs. “Nip!” I said as I playfully caught her tender flesh in my teeth.

She jumped and gasped. “GRRRrrrrrr! Damn it, you wouldn’t dare do that again!”

In answer I kissed the spot tenderly, then moved to her other thigh, kissing and licking gently. Suddenly, I bit down hard! Enough to leave a mark, I was sure. She couldn’t hold back a squeal, but instantly she grabbed my hair in both hands and yanked me up to her pussy, pushing my face into it hard. “Damn You! Eat me!”

She forced my nose deep into the slit between her lips, and my lips were mashed against the entrance to her cunt. She was sopping wet, and I drank my way into her, my tongue gathering more and more of her juices the deeper it went. I slid both hands under her cheeks and pulled her against me even harder, grinding my face into her pussy. I felt her body arch and her hands were rhythmically pushing me against her, in time with the violent thrusts of her hips. It was incredibly exciting, and I would have loved to keep my swirling tongue buried in her, but I couldn’t breathe!

When I couldn’t hold out any longer, I forced myself free long enough for a few deep, gasping breaths, her juices dripping from my chin. I looked up at her just long enough to growl out, “This is my idea of a Happy Meal!” and I buried my face into her again.

This time, I slowly kissed my way up her slit, tongue swirling all along the way, until I finally found her clit. I sucked it in and ground and swirled my tongue against it, and she started howling in between short, shallow gasps. A couple of times I let my teeth graze the tender bud, and she jumped, probably afraid I would bite it. But I didn’t want to hurt her; I wanted to make her cum!

Without warning, I slid two fingers inside of her, and pushed until my hand was pressed against her lips. I swirled them around inside her and her hips started to roll again, her little cries now filling the room. Then I sucked hard once again and started fucking her with them. Her ass lifted off the bed and her cries rose to a pitch almost above audible as she was in the grip of an incredible orgasm. She was thrashing on the bed, her fists pounding the mattress, and her pussy ground against my mouth as I continued to suck and lick. Her cum gushed out of her, and I greedily drank it up, lapping up the remains, my tongue searching inside for more.

When she finally was able to stop moving a bit, she gasped out, “Oh my god, oh damn, oh FUCK!”

I didn’t give her a chance to relax, but pulled myself up over her, and kissed her hard, my face still covered with her juices. She hungrily returned my kiss, and squirmed under me, her pussy moving against my rigid cock. When I pushed myself up again she stared up at me and said, “Ok stud, let’s see what you’ve got!”

When I grasped my shaft and slipped my head into her she gasped, but when I rammed myself into her up to the hilt she let out a scream that could have been heard outside. I pulled back all the way and slammed into her again and again, each thrust eliciting a high-pitched screech, but when I paused and looked up at her she gasped, “What are you waiting for? FUCK ME!”

Of course I complied, bebek escort pounding into her, driving her ass into the mattress and making the bed shake and rap against the wall. The sound of our bodies slapping echoed in the room. We were both gasping for breath, and sweat was dripping off my chin and onto her body. She was covered with a watery sheen from her own exertions, as she met every one of my thrusts. My hands were digging into her hips as I held on for more leverage, and she had her nipples in her fingertips, pulling and squeezing.

I was amazed I had held out this long, and knew it would be over soon. My cock was throbbing and tingling, and I was biting my lip. I was getting tired from the sheer effort, but I was determined not to slack off until I had finished her. I was relieved when she started to wail, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh godddddddddddd,” and her hands started pounding the bed again. I was about to pull out of her when she locked her legs around me and forced me in. I ground against her pussy and felt the bed shake as I exploded inside of her, hips bucking, cock pumping and spurting with a mind of its own. She let out a series of cries and everything but her shoulders and heels lifted off the bed as her orgasm matched mine. When her ass finally stopped bouncing on the bed she began to sob, cry, laugh and moan all at once, her body almost out of control.

I slumped down next to her, my softened cock slipping out, and gathered her writhing body in my arms, forcing her to be still against my chest. She put her head against my shoulder, and I could feel hot tears running down my chest. It was obvious this had been and extraordinary experience for her as well as for me, even though I wasn’t sure why. I stroked her softly, all over, and gave her little kisses on the forehead and cheeks. She had her arms around my neck, and was hanging on tightly to me.

“It’s ok honey,” I said softly, “I never expected anything like that, but it was wonderful. I just hope you’re all right.”

In answer, I heard a little sniffle against my chest, and her arms tightened around me a little more. “I’m ok,” she said, “in fact I feel terrific, but … but … I guess I just got carried away. It was so good it scared me a little.” She looked up and gave me a weak smile. I bent my head down and kissed her softly on the lips.

That seemed to relax her a little, and she snuggled into me a bit more. “Mmmmmmmmmmmm,” she said, “this feels good. I’m so sorry Ronny, I know there was no way you could have expected that.”

I kissed her softly again, and said, “Shhhhhhhh, we can talk about it later. I have been wishing we could get together ever since we began talking, but of course, I didn’t know you were so close. Lately you have been turning me on more and more, even with the littlest remark. I wanted you too, Ginger, I hope you could tell that.” Realizing my mistake, I added, “Oops. Terri, I’m so sorry, but I’ve thought of you as Ginger for so long.”

“It’s fine Ron, I know I let you assume that was my name. In fact, I like it, you can call me that if you want. And I just hope you wanted me as much as I wanted you!”

“I like Terri, too, baby. But if you like both, I guess I can never be wrong!”

We both giggled a little, and I could tell we were becoming more comfortable together. She snuggled again, and I hoped it felt as good to her as it did to me. I ran my hands softly over her body, and when she shivered I knew it was having the same effect on her as on me. I became aware of her breasts pressing against me, and I could feel her pussy against my leg. I ran a hand over her soft, smooth ass, and very quietly, she let out a long soft moan of pleasure.

She pulled herself up over my chest, and, with a smile, pressed her lips to mine. As I slipped my tongue between her lips, I felt my cock stiffening, pressing against her hip, and I knew she could feel it too. She wiggled a little bit, and moved against it. She lifted her head a little and whispered to me, “I like that. And I like this too.” And she gave me another long, deep kiss.

Now there was no urgency, we were just enjoying each other, more like making love than having sex. The more I stroked her body, the better it felt under my hands. She tried to lie still but could not, constantly moving as I touched her, and moaning quietly with each stroke against her skin. Gently I rolled with her in my arms, until she was on her back, smiling up at me. My hand moved slowly up and down her body as we enjoyed another long and leisurely kiss. Gently I took one breast in my hand, and rubbed and squeezed it softly. Her back arched, and she gave a groan of pure pleasure.

My lips moved from hers, and I kissed softly along her jaw, then her neck. I sucked in her earlobe, then kissed and licked her ear. I could feel her body moving as my hand continued to gently fondle her breast. I gave her a soft kiss on the lips again, then bent my head down and slipped my lips directly over a bright red, rock hard nipple. She gasped and arched her back again as she felt the warm wetness of my lips and mouth. As I sucked gently, my tongue slowly circled, pressed and teased, and her breathing became faster and shallower. She put a hand on the back of my head, and pushed me down, and I sucked more of her breast into my mouth. I could feel the slow rhythm of her hips rocking on the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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