Doris’ Itch Ch. 01

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This story is written on behalf of a friend, Doris, who makes a fantasy come true. This is the first time I have written a story from a female prospective so I hope you enjoy it. I would welcome your comments & feedback so I can improve the next chapter.


Hi folks, I have never confided my fantasy before, and it feels a bit weird doing it over the internet to strangers through the fantastic Literotica website which I visit daily. So here goes!

A little about myself so you understand how this fantasy came about & gave me an itch, an itch which got worse the more I ignored it, and until finally I couldn’t resist the urge to scratch it.

I am in my early forties, married and with two sons. We live in a nice leafy suburb of Chicago in a lovely two-storey home. I met my future husband Ian whilst I was at school and we were married as soon as I reached 18. I am five feet six, I weigh 140 pounds, and I have a 42DD-26-38 figure which probably explains why Ian wanted to get me down the aisle so quickly so he could get into my knickers, as there was no way he was being allowed in them before we were married. I have long brown hair (top & bottom, as I don’t shave down there), blue eyes and a nice complexion. 25 years of marriage have given us two great sons, Andy & Mike, and a very comfortable lifestyle. I’ll tell you more as my fantasy unfolds and my itch develops.

Ian is often away from home during the week as he works as a rep for a firm selling diamond tipped saw blades to the construction industry. In some ways I am pleased with this arrangement as 10 years ago Ian changed into a very enthusiastic born again Christian with very firm and only with the lights off. His being away during the week allows me & the boys to live a more relaxed lifestyle Monday to Friday, and we only have to live by Ian’s rules at weekends when most of Sunday is lost to Church and readings or meetings. His job pays for a great lifestyle and means that I don’t really need to work. Though once the kids started school I got bored being in such a large home on my own so I took up nursing and now work days as a ward nurse in our local hospital. The day shift means I get home just after the kids and we can share time together in the evenings.

Andy works in the evenings at the local gas station, while he saves for a car, so he eats later when he comes home. Mike has a friend, Toby, who has been his best friend since the first day at school. Toby’s folks both work long hours to make ends meet and so Toby has mostly grown up in our home with Mike. When I come home each evening Mike and Toby are sitting at the table doing their college coursework together, and then Mike starts cooking dinner (which I prepare before going to work), while I go upstairs and get changed out of my uniform.

Now I love Toby as if he was one of my own sons, and he adores me with a bright loving smile each evening when I come through the door and hang my coat up. When he was very young I used to hug & cuddle him if he hurt himself playing, wrapping him in my protective arms & smothering him into my bosom to make him feel better & safe. As he has grown older I think he looks at my bosom with affection and a little longing. I have often caught Toby looking at my huge bosom as I move around the house, and when our eyes meet he doesn’t look away ashamed of being caught, he just smiles at them or me. I joke to myself that he has been a dirty old man since the age of five!

One thing I’ve noticed is that Toby is always sitting facing the coat rack as he does his coursework with Mike and a big grin spreads across his face as I unzip my coat and ease it back off my shoulders as this thrusts my huge chest even further forward as I work my arms out of the sleeves. He is still smiling as I reach up to hang my coat up and my uniform rides up my legs as I stretch upwards. Thinking on it as I write this, the cheeky little shit has been very clever over the last couple of months, as he has started hanging his thick jacket and cycle suadiye escort helmet on the lowest pegs of the coat rack making me stretch even higher to hang my coat up, thus giving him a better view of my legs & ass. The cheeky little shit. To be honest he reminds me of the Artful Dodger in Oliver Twist as he has such a cheeky smile and you know he is up to no good. But saying that, he is a wonderful friend to Mike and has never been any trouble.

When I come home I usually have five or ten minutes chatting with the boys seeing how their days went and what they did at the local Technical College where they have just about finished the first year of their engineering course; before going upstairs to get changed.

Over the last couple of months Toby has started to occasionally follow me upstairs, supposedly to go to the bathroom, but I know he is looking at my legs & up my uniform as I climb the long flight of stairs towards my bedroom. Just as I enter my room I just catch a glimpse of him holding back at the bathroom door and looking towards me. Usually I leave my door ajar and I can feel his eyes on my back as I start to unbutton my uniform blouse and leave it hanging open, exposing a vast cleavage above my bra. At this point I turn to enter the ensuite and I feel Toby gazing through the crack in the door at my incredible expense of flesh rolling in my bra as I walk towards the ensuite. At this point I sense Toby leaving & heading towards the bathroom, no doubt his trousers bulging with a young teenage hard on.

Once in the ensuite I strip out of my uniform & underwear and climb into the shower. I have the water temperature fairly low as it has been a hot day and I want to cool down. As I soap myself all over I find my nipples have become very erect and I wonder if this is due to the cool water or that I have been teasing young Toby. I cast these thoughts aside and finish my shower, before getting dry & dressed to head downstairs.

Mike has done a great job with cooking dinner as usual, he is becoming quite an accomplished cook as he serves up a bacon & leek pasta dish.

“Is Toby not staying for dinner tonight?” I ask.

“No,” replies Mike “He said he had to go to the store and get some things for his folks.”

“Mmmnnn, this is great Mike, thank you. The pasta is cooked just how I like it,” I compliment Mike, as I tuck into the large helping; eating part of Toby’s serving.

Toby usually has dinner with us before spending the early evening with Mike watching TV, reading or playing games,; before heading home to his folks about 7pm. As I finished my dinner I realised that each time Toby followed me upstairs he never stayed for dinner, an interesting thought to follow through on.

After dinner Mike watched a movie while I headed off to my den to do some sewing. I have a room set up purely for myself containing my sewing machine, computer, TV & DVD, a comfortable leather swivel chair and a small music system. I usually spend a couple of evenings a week down here, mostly after Mike & Andy have gone to bed.

I heard Andy come in from his evening job and start to reheat the remaining pasta for dinner so I went through and sat with him while he ate dinner. Andy is about six feet tall with brown hair and a well toned figure due to regular swimming and tennis. He is growing into a fine young man who is attracting lots of female attention, both from girls of his own age and older women who look long & hard at him as we walk through the mall together some Saturdays. I bet some of them would love him as a toy boy, ‘what a wicked thought Doris, behave yourself,’ I smile to myself, crossing my legs under the table.

About an hour later both boys are up in bed and I retire to my den again. This time I switch on the computer and start surfing a couple of my favourite websites. As I mentioned early, Ian my body and mind craves more. I don’t want to be unfaithful to him by having an affair, even though I have had a couple of offers in çekmeköy escort the past, one from someone at church and the other from our local butcher who rounded out his offer by licking the end of his nose! It seemed gross at the time but I became a little wet between the legs as I walked through the mall thinking what that long tongue could do for me. But as I said, I wasn’t prepared to be unfaithful to Ian, so I had to take care of myself, and the internet provided very well for that. Over the last year I have spent a lot of time surfing using our broadband connection for fast download. The amount of choice is unbelievable with thousands of porn sites delivering as much as you want on any subject I could think of; and lots of subjects I didn’t even know existed. Initially I had looked at picture sites while playing with myself through my clothes. From there I had graduated to story sites, such as the wonderful, and with that my hands had entered my clothes to play with myself. In the last month or so I had found sites where I could download movies and this is what I was doing now.

As I said Ian is only interested in the missionary position, I’ve tried to get him to slide down and lick me out, but his head and mouth will go no lower than my nipples. This just leaves my pussy gagging for attention, and I usually end up frigging myself off in the shower after we have made love. I had tried sliding down on him so I can take his beautiful prick into my mouth for the first time, but Ian always stops me when I go anywhere near his prick & balls with either my hands or my mouth. The nearest I get is to grip his ass as he plunges his manhood in and out of my pussy. The thought of him lapping up my pussy with his mouth makes me so wet, but it is so sinful in his eyes. What could be sinful about eating out Eve’s garden of Eden in a biblical sense?

So here I am leaning back in my high backed office chair watching a young stud go down on the pantie covered crotch of a thirty something housewife all dressed up in her finest lingerie, drinking a cocktail as he muff dives her through her panties. As it is a warm spring evening I am lounging in my chair wearing tennis shorts, knickers, t-shirt and a bra. I follow the action by sliding down my shorts and running my finger across my own gusset matching the movements of his tongue as I imagine my finger being the tip of his tongue pleasuring me as a forty something housewife.

She is obviously becoming very turned on as her hips thrust forward demanding more from him. He is quite content to tease her, but she wants more NOW and pulls the sodden gusset of her panties to one side to reveal her pinks lips unencumbered by hair. What a lovely shaven pussy she rams into his face. Now I am sliding my panties down off my hips and I kick off both the shorts & the panties to lie discarded on the floor of my den.

Now the stud runs his tongue up the full length of her moist lips until he reaches her hood, eliciting a moan from the woman. I run my finger along to my hood making myself moan automatically, no acting on this side of the screen! Now he peels back her hood to expose a very excited & horny clit, so do I. His tongue lashes her clit as does my finger on mine. She explodes in a crescendo of noise, I come too but bite hard on my lips to stifle my own cries of pleasure so as not to disturb the boys. I rub my clit unmercilessly as I rock my body in the chair as my pussy vibrates to the waves of pleasure surging through me. The feelings are exquisite and I come longer & harder than the actress on the screen.

The stud is smiling towards her seeking appreciation of his talents, and his smile is just like Andy’s. Oh God, where did that thought spring from as my pussy twitches in appreciation of such a wicked and taboo thought. In my present condition of arousal I wouldn’t stop Andy if he walked in now and dropped between my thighs…….shit, where are these thoughts and cravings coming from?

On the screen şerifali escort the stud drops his head between her thighs once more and peels her lips apart with his fingers to expose her in all her glory. I use one hand to open up my pussy and the other to mimic his tongue as it dives deep into the depths of her pussy. Soon my ass is bouncing on my seat as my fingers wildly fuck in and out of my pussy in rhythm to his tongue on the screen. Oh the joy of satisfying my lonely pussy is driving me wild in my seat as the leather rubs against my ass. My fingers are delving deep into my love canal as the juices released flow over them & down my thighs & ass onto the chair.

After an eternity of pussy licking the stud suddenly reaches up one hand to fondle her Basque encased breasts. My hand instantly releases my pussy lips and flies up to fondle the immense area of hot flesh that is heaving through my t-shirt. My nipples are already thrusting through my bra, crying for release from their confinement. The stud must hear the cry as he reaches in to her Basque to fossick out her breasts to his demanding finger tips. In an instant my t-shirt has gone and I am undoing the front clasp of my bra to release my mammaries to the effects of gravity and the pleasure of my demanding fingers.

The image of Andy between my legs licking me out and playing with my tits fills my mind. Suddenly I seem wetter for this forbidden thought, but oh, I am so horny that I crave him pleasuring me.

My fingers are a blur as they wreck havoc in my pussy and across my clit; and my nipples are being mauled by my other hand as I surge up on the next wave towards an unbelievable full on orgasm. Instead of the stud on the screen, all I can see is Andy’s face with my juices smeared all around his mouth as he smiles at me and roughly handles my 42’s in his hand.

The image of Andy, my own son, my own flesh and my tits heave across my chest, one of them rolling free and the other being abused by my own savage hand. My head spins in overload and my pussy overflows with juices that pour out over my fingers. As I finish coming the actress theatrically thrashes through her own orgasm on the end of the stud’s dancing tongue. As I watch her finish the stud stands and pulls down his jeans to release a thick long rampant cock. I dangerously wonder if Andy’s is as big and as thick. I have no doubt that his young body could deliver it stiff and ready in front of me if he was given the opportunity. Oh Christ, I am descending into the pits of hell with these thoughts!!! …… but they are so wicked & so gorgeous.

The stud pulls her tits harshly together as he thrusts his cock into the now formed cleavage from the underside. I cup both of my tits together with my right hand and forearm, making an immense sea of heaving tit flesh as my other hand delves into my pussy to coat my fingers liberally in my own juices.

As I admire the stud tit fucking the actresses lacking cleavage, I thrust my juicy fingers up between the warm mounds of flesh as I imagine being tit fucked myself ………. by Andy!!!!!

I imagine the head of his young cock thrusting out of the now wet cleavage on each upwards thrust. I would love to lick across the sensitive head with my tongue each time he thrusts his powerful hips forward. I close my eyes & extend my tongue, and in my imagination I can taste the head of his prick & his precum on each upwards thrust. It is just too much for my mind and body as I self destruct into another wild orgasm. My mouth makes an O shape and sucks as I imagine swallowing Mike’s cum as it explodes from between my tits. My hand has now dropped to my clit and pussy, self abusing them both in my need for out of this world pleasure. My ass slides on the leather due to the amount of spent juices lubricating it, my legs almost trash the computer as they thrash wildly under this sensational orgasm.

Finally I look down at myself. My nipples are erect and blinded by the image of Andy licking me out and tit fucking me.

I usually score a movie by how turned on it makes me and how much clothing I lose while watching it. This movie rated as a blockbuster as I tried to stand on orgasm weakened legs and head for bed.

I’ve now got an itch, and I don’t know how I am going to ignore it.

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