Double-Teamed Mom

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I’m going to give the background quickly — not because I can’t expound on it or don’t remember details, but because I want to get to the action because everytime I think about it I smile and get hard..

I’m Jason, 20, and have an identical twin, Justin. We go to different colleges. We are so identical only our mother can tell us apart in daylight; no one can at night, or by our voices.

My father was a domineering asshole who ran roughshod over my no-self-esteem-mother, and left when I was 15. The only good thing about him was that he made a lot of money and set up college trust funds for Justin and me, and my mom got enough in the divorce to live fairly comfortably. However, his leaving turned her into a drunk and made her chronically depressed. She always wore just sweatsuits, inside or outside the house, no makeup, wild hair, and didn’t tend to her appearance in any way.

Mom, now 42, was brought up strictly and I found out recently Dad was the only person she had sex with, and only a few dozen times in 16 years of marriage, and all slam, bam, thank you ma’am experiences; and no one had ever eaten her pussy. She thought it was because she was deficient. Therefore she wasn’t looking for someone else after he left.

Justin and I have always been completely well adjusted despite our parents, maybe because we had each other. We did well in school and sports, and got our fair share of tail. By the start of the summer of 2010, we both had gotten several dozen blowjobs, and fucked (with condoms) at least eight or ten girls each. Our only bareback experience was when we were 18 with a 33 year old neighbor, Jiant Jugs Jenny. She had a homely face and just above average body, except that she had the biggest natural tits for a slim-waist woman you could imagine. She had a twins fetish so we double teamed her, one doing her doggy when massaging those geological wonders on her chest while the other got a blowjob, and then switching. Then we would each suck a tit for about half an hour while lying next to her as she chatted away. We were real sorry when Her Jiantness moved after about ten encounters. Her tits became my screen saver.

Anyway, Justin and I went to a shrink on our Mom’s behalf the summer of ’09 and blackmailed her into getting help. At the shrink’s urging we told her we would never come to see her again after we went to college unless she enrolled in a drunk program and saw the shrink about her depression. It worked. By the time we left for college in September ’09 she was making progress on both fronts. I heard about a special spa not far from her house from a friend at college, and Justin and I bought her the first two months membership for Christmas. She seemed to be making such good progress that both Justin and I got summer jobs in our home town and told her we wanted to live at home during the summer. We hadn’t seen her since Christmas.

I got home early June, a few days before Justin. I had only a suitcase and my laptop, having left everything else at my off campus apartment, and got dropped off by a friend at the end of our block. As I walked to the house, I saw a real Babe outside the house working in the garden. At first I thought it must be the wrong house — but it wasn’t. She had long slender legs with a light uniform tan, that ended in a Kim Kardashian ass, covered only by some skimpy jean shorts. Her tanned midriff was bare. She had long nicely combed radiant light brown hair, and a skimpy tank top that seemed to be –as best I could tell — barely covering a real nice set of bonkers. When I got closer I still didn’t have a good view of her face, but what I could see looked real nice, highlighted by light makeup. Being a horny red-blooded male who hadn’t had a good screw in a month and no prospects for the summer, my mind was in full blown fantasy about fucking the Babe’s brains out as the crotch of my pants was starting to tent.

When I approached the Babe from behind I didn’t want to startle her so when about 20 feet away I said “Hi, I’m Jason, Joyce’s son. Are you a friend of hers?”

When she spun around I almost shit my pants — it was MOM. She apparently thought I was just being nice with my comment, smiled, ran up and hugged me tight. I hugged back with my head on her shoulder, trying to gain my composure and suppress my rising tool at the same time. When I finally thought I had sufficiently succeeded in both, I released my hug, told her she looked fantastic, and we went inside arm-in-arm.

I’m not sure how coherent I was while we sat at the transparent kitchen table, drank lemonade, and chatted for the next three hours. The glass table was a joy and a curse — it made it easy to ogle her body, but shit, it was my mother! My mind was addled; but I remember the most important information. For brevity, I’ll summarize the relevant parts of our discussion.

Mom’s shrink pronounced her cured of depression. She hadn’t had even one sip of alcohol since August 15, ’09. The people at the spa were miracle workers (she got that right) and she bostancı elit escort bayan had gone there at least three hours a day six out of every seven days since Christmas. She realized that her appearance had changed dramatically (understatement of the decade). The exercise and clean living regime she was following made her feel fantastic but horny (not her word, but I was so shocked she would even talk with me about stuff like that I can’t remember her exact words), but she still had no confidence to date.

That night we went out for dinner at a restaurant she used to like but hadn’t been to since the asshole left. She wore a mid-thigh length sleeveless yellow sundress, a pushup bra, three inch yellow heels, and gold choker. Except for stress lines in her face, she could have passed for 30. I said “Mom, you’re one of the hottest women I have ever seen!” She blushed slightly, and dismissed my comment as a son’s prejudice, but she was obviously pleased.

At the restaurant I pointed out to her all the guys who were ogling her. Each time she had the same reaction as to my “hottest” comment, but clearly got more and more pleased and confident. On numerous occasions I put my hand on her bare knee, stroked or squeezed it. I stared into her big blue eyes every chance I got.

The restaurant had a dance floor with a great DJ, and after a wonderful meal, I asked her to dance. Time for another shock! She danced like a pro — lessons at the spa she said — and the movements of her body, whether intentional or not, were as seductive as a courtesan’s! My circuits were close to overload.

We didn’t leave the restaurant until midnight, three hours after her bad-old-days bedtime. She was still lively so we went sightseeing in our own city, something we hadn’t done since I was a child, and took a long walk along the river park. I put my sport coat over shoulders, and we held hands and chatted like we were on a date.

We got home after 2 a.m. By then was she a little bleary-eyed. Having just come from keeping late hours at school, I had a distinct advantage over her, and for better or worse used it. She gushed about how tonight was the most fun she had since she could remember, but then tears welled up. It was then she laid on me her lack of sexual experience, including the bad-to-nonexistent marriage sex, I reported earlier and said tonight made her feel like she really deserved a real sex life but she had too much fear to progress in reality, and she started to sob uncontrollably.

I would like to tell you that what I said to her next was motivated by pure interest in her well being, but you would know it was a lie; it was about me, with the hope that it would also be about her. I asked her if she thought she could start a sexual relationship with someone she knew loved her and would never hurt her until she gained the sexual confidence she needed. She interrupted her wild sobbing, and looking directly at me through her running mascara and weary eyes said that would be great but she didn’t know anyone like that. At that point I stood, lifted her off her chair, planted a lecherous kiss on her lips, and started carrying her to my room.

I know that given her fatigue and lack of confidence, and the abruptness of my movements, at first she was puzzled. However, as I laid her on my bed she started to realize that I was not acting like her son, but like her lover. She protested, but was too tired, emotionally spent, and overwhelmed to put up a fight as I pulled off her panties and started tonguing and licking her cunt. She cried the first few minutes I was ravishing her clit and pussy lips, but as soon as I penetrated her with two fingers and found and started abusing her G spot, all sounds stopped except for pleasure moans and screams. She orgasmed at least twice in the first minutes — maybe the first real orgasms of her life — and by the second climax I knew she was mine to please or punish as I saw fit.

I gently undressed her while constantly paying attention to her pulsing underused pussy, sucked her glorious tits while undressing myself, and then told her she was going to get a real fuck from someone who really cared about pleasing her. I turned her on her hands and knees, and jammed my tormented rock hard dip stick between her succulent lips, causing her to shriek. I pumped slowly at first, listening to her reaction. No more sobbing, just sounds of pleasure and “Oh My God”. I started pounding like a jackhammer. Once she climaxed again and I unloaded every ounce of joy juice I could into her, I laid her down on her side with my throbbing dick still filling her snatch, and wrapped my arms tightly around her while nuzzling her neck. Not only was I as serene as I ever was in my life, I could sense her contentment too. We both fell into a blissful sleep within minutes.

When I awoke the next morning, except for the involuntary withdrawal of my now flaccid penis from her pussy, we were in exactly the same position we fell asleep in. I gently bostancı çıtır escort kissed her neck, shoulders, and cheek and she started to come out of her sex-induced coma. I continued my gentle assault on her body parts until she finally gained enough awareness to realize where she was and remember what had happened. She turned over in the bed briskly and stared into my eyes. Before she could say anything I pondered “How does the hottest woman in the world feel today?”

She blushed, opened her eyes even wider, but then in a somewhat choked voice said “Jason, what did you do to me?” I responded “I loved you like you deserved to be loved your whole life and should be in the future. Did you enjoy it?” Her eyes started to softly well up with tears again as she stammered “It evoked the best, most intense, feelings I ever have had in my life, but it is so wrong….” Without letting her finish, I put a finger on her lips and said “What is wrong is the way you’ve been treated the rest of your life. If I could have made you as happy as you were last night some other way, I would have done it, but that wasn’t going to happen. Now, I’m going to teach you everything I know about how to fulfill a lover and only when I’ve done that will I stop — unless you are so fucking amazing that I have to make love to you the rest of my life.”

With that, I started kissing her open mouthed while tweaking her nipples with my left hand, and rubbing her stupendous ass with my right. She made a token effort at resisting for about two or three minutes, but realized it was futile, and ultimately submitted and groaned like a rusty water wheel as I fucked her senseless in the missionary position.

For the next few days we fucked like minks whenever I wasn’t at my summer job and she was home from her part time work. I had never seen her so upbeat at any time in my life, although she mock complained several times that I was keeping her from the spa when I demanded an afternoon carnal session.

The day before Justin was to arrive, at breakfast she said “What are we going to do when your brother gets here?” I said I wasn’t sure but after a few days I might have to tell him flat out what was going on and I knew what his reaction would be but didn’t want to tell her yet. She got a quizzical look on her face when I said “When he comes home tomorrow, wear the same outfit you did the day I showed up.” She wasn’t happy with my response, but didn’t push it, and nodded.

Justin and I told each other everything. I had already informed him about Mom’s transformation and told him I was fucking her twice a day. At first he didn’t believe me, but I convinced him when I told him if he didn’t like it he could move elsewhere during the summer, but if he was amazed as I was about the change in Mom he could get his own piece of the action since she was exhausting me. I told him there was no similarity between the woman I was porking now and the mother he remembered.

Justin’s arrival worked out as I had hoped. When he saw Mom’s ass in her jean shorts — he was even more of an ass man than I was — her perfect pelvis, her perky tits, and how happy and content she looked and the ease with which she conversed with us, he took me aside and demanded his “cut”. That night, he pretended to go to bed in his room before Mom and I, which made her feel better since she thought that then he might not figure out that she and I were sleeping in her bed.

Shortly after we went to bed and I started foreplay, I excused myself to get a drink of water, and she requested some too. Per our prearrangement, Justin was waiting for me in the kitchen, he took two glasses of water into Mom’s dark bedroom, and he started in where I left off. I voyeuristically listened at the door as I heard her muffled screams as he pounded the shit out of her twice. When the banging subsided I went to my room, only to be awakened about 7 the next morning with more banging.

I got up and was reading the paper when Justin came into the kitchen with a mile wide smile. His words “wholly shit, bro, that was the best sexual experience of my life. I never got it up three times in eight hours before, and certainly not with that much cum.” My loving brotherly response “I don’t want to hear about your sexual inadequacies. Did Mom figure out it was you?” He retorted, “Not last night, when she kept calling me Jason. But in the morning light she recognized me instantly and looked distressed when she asked if that were me last night. I told her ‘you figure it out for yourself Mom’ as I dove for her pussy, licked up a storm for ten minutes, and then made her ride me while I pounded her harder than I ever pounded any other woman in my life, including Jiant Jugs Jenny.”

Mom came out to breakfast about ten minutes later. I had prepared her favorite – strawberry waffles with whipping cream, two strips of bacon, and a pot of tea. Her initial sheepish look turned to one of joy upon seeing the spread, and as I helped her to her seat she smiled. After bostancı elit escort a few minutes of small talk about the breakfast and the weather, she asked if she had any say in our plans for her. I responded, “Mom, as you already know, you are the hottest woman in the world. Too much for either one of us, but we would love to alternate days as your lover to keep you happy and our plumbing in good working order. PLEEEEEEASE”. Seeing the looks of expectation on our faces, she laughed, and said “Wow, in less than two weeks I’ve gone from being incapable of getting laid to being too much for one 20 year old to handle by himself. As long as you give me one day off a week to go to the spa, I’m in.”

What followed was the best summer of our lives. Mom got Thursday off, but every other day Justin and I fucked her at least twice each day, and ate her whenever the opportunity presented itself. Just when we thought things couldn’t get any better, about ten days before we both had to go back to school, while sitting at breakfast naked, Mom posited “I’ve heard that anal can be fun; you boys know anything about that? I’ve also heard that some women dream about a Double Penetration. What do you boys think?”

Since all our blood had immediately rushed to our dicks we had none in our brains to allow us to think. Plus we were shocked, but had to play it cool since we were the ones teaching Mom about sex in view of her horrible love life prior to June, 2010. However, since both Justin and I were 100% certain that she was the best fuck in the world we needed to snap out of it. God, we loved everything about her, her passion, her soft vibrant pussy lips, her supersensitive glistening half inch clit, her easily stimulated G-spot, her hemispherical ass, her tight vagina, her succulent tits, her high libido, her infinite kindness — shit she was the whole enchilada!

Now that we had brought her to a sexual epiphany, we had to follow through even though we were getting past our comfort zone. While we each had a few condom anal experiences, we were by no means experts, or even entirely comfortable. Especially since we knew some women hated anal, and one of our main goals was to treat Mom with the utmost respect, we had to proceed carefully.

I started out by directly answering her questions “I’ve heard that anal can be fun; you boys know anything about that? I’ve also heard that some women dream about a Double Penetration. What do you boys think?”

My thoughtful response “Mom, anal can be fun, but you have to proceed carefully because it can be painful, and some people don’t like it. As far as a DP is concerned, if someone really likes anal and has two partners they are comfortable with, a DP can be very satisfying. Justin and I are more than willing to help our phenomenal sex goddess Mom test these out — we just need to be careful.”

With that, she smiled broadly, got up, put her arms around my neck and kissed me, and said “Well you’re up tonight Jason. Let’s give anal a try.” I smiled back, grabbed her bare ass and said “You’re on”.

While Mom went to get dressed for work Justin said “Dude, I hope you know what you’re doing. The idea of doing a DP with Mom has hijacked my brain, but we’ve got to be really careful.” I responded “I know, bro, we will be; but the satisfaction we would get by doing it successfully is worth the risk. It will make our experience with Jiant Jugs Jenny ho hum.”

Despite my bravado, I was really apprehensive, so at lunch time at work I got on the Internet and read as much about anal as I could. I bought the perfect lubricant at a drugstore on my way home, did more research after work, and was ready.

I was especially attentive to Mom that night, helping her prepare dinner, and gently kissing her neck, and stroking her ass, every chance I got. After dinner the three of us played a board game, and about a half hour earlier than normal I put my arms around her neck, kissed her, and whispered in her ear “I want you real bad tonight you sexy goddess. Can we get between the sheets now?” Without a word, she stood up, kissed Justin good night, and had her top off before she got to her bedroom.

I impressed upon Mom the need to be sure to tell me everything about how she was feeling while I was handling her anus because we had no idea what to expect. She smiled and said “I will, but I’m not a fragile doll. Do what you need to, we can post mortem it afterward.”

I rolled her on her stomach, kissed and squeezed her firm bulbous ass cheeks for a few minutes, then ran my tongue over her rosebud. She flinched at least a half dozen times as I flicked her asshole. Then I spread lubricant on her brown hole with my fingers, and slowly inserted a first lubed finger until it was completely buried. Mom gasped, then purred.

Over the next fifteen minutes I lubed and gently inserted a second and then third finger, and moved them around. She gasped with each new finger insertion, and then purred as I moved my fingers in reciprocating and circular paths within her tight hole.

By this time my cock was rock hard, and in need of attention. I told Mom it was time to go all the way, and she raised her ass in the air, I straddled her, and slowly inserted my lubed cock head. After minor resistance and a small moan from Mom, my dick slid right in and we both exhaled with relief and pleasure.

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