Dreams Do Come True Ch. 02

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You might want to read the first part if you haven’t already. I continued from there at the request of another reader. Many thanks for her encouragement and comments!


My first thought was to reach down and stroke her in turn but then I thought it might be fun not to let her know I was awake. Now for anyone who hasn’t tried it, it’s not easy pretending to be asleep when there’s an incredibly sexy lady stroking your cock! I did my best and after another minute or so of slow, teasing strokes, I felt her shift around on the bed. I really wanted to know what she was doing but to open my eyes would let her know I was awake so I just lay there and focused on keeping my breathing slow and easy.

At first I thought she was going to straddle me but when I felt something warm and wet run up the underside of my erection I knew she’d moved so her head was by my crotch. She continued licking up and down, sometimes taking a few extra licks right at the really sensitive spot just below the head. Just when I thought I had ‘sleeping’ under control, she paused for a second and then I felt just the head of my cock surrounded by her lips. Ever so slowly, she advanced down my shaft until I could actually feel her nose press against my pubic bone and then equally slowly back up. I fully expected her to repeat this again so I was totally surprised when the next stroke went from the tip all the way to the base in less than a second.

There was no way I could continue faking sleep with that kind of a treatment so I ‘woke up’ and looked down at her. Feeling me move, she looked up just long enough to give me an incredibly sexy smile before continuing her fast strokes up and down. I think I could have handled the slow ones for a while but I knew there was no way I was going to be able to resist cumming from the speed and suction she was applying. I could feel my orgasm building and when I gasped out that I was going to cum soon, she paused only long enough to smile at me again. It wasn’t long before I hit the point of no return and filled her mouth with spurt after spurt of my cum and I could actually feel the muscles of her throat moving as she swallowed.

After the last spurts had finished and I’d started to soften, Red moved up beside me so we could hold each other close. “Wow, that was the most amazing wake-up call I’ve ever had.” I told her.

“I’m glad,” she whispered back, “you don’t know how good it is to be with someone who’s turned on by what you do – even if they do pretend they’re asleep!”

Busted! But she was smiling as she said it so I knew that all was good. We lay there just enjoying being close to each other for a while, drifting back and forth between dozing very contentedly and touching and stroking each other. I was just starting to rise to her touch again and started to roll her onto her back when she rolled away from me & jumped out of the bed. I guess the look on my face must have been pretty funny because she started to laugh and said, “why don’t we go have a shower.”

A shower wasn’t what I was really wanting right about then but seeing as she’d used ‘we’, I figured that with both of us in the shower there’d be more than just cleaning going on. Unlike most hotel showers, this one was plenty roomy enough for two but still small enough to allow lots of ‘accidental’ touching. With the hot water spraying over both of us, I pulled her as close as I could to me and started kissing her passionately. The feel of the water running down my face as our lips and tongues teased and pleased each other was fantastic.

I’d been reasonably sure just from our emails and calls that the sex between us would be good but I’d had no way of telling if the ‘feeling’ would be good. Just being able to hold her, touch her and kiss her there in the shower confirmed what I’d felt from the time she’d first come into the room the night before — the feeling was definitely good! We took turns soaping and washing each other, making sure that we got as many gropes, grabs and touches in as we could. Even if the hot water had turned cold, I don’t think I could have lost my erection when she turned around, pushed her firm ass back against my crotch, bent over until her back was almost horizontal, looked back over her shoulder and said, “take me.”

Take her I did — I slowly slid my shaft into her waiting slit and then equally slowly pulled it out until we were just barely touching each other. Even as I finished the first stroke in, I could tell she was already quite lubricated so remembering her wakeup blowjob, my second stroke went all the way back in as fast as I could and then repeated it several times, getting a very satisfying moan from her for my efforts. Seeing as I’d cum less than an hour earlier, I knew I was good for a while but I didn’t want to push my luck so I slowed down a bit and alternated between long, slow strokes and short, hard ones where I just barely pulled back before thrusting in again.

It wasn’t long before she was thrusting back against me and her first orgasm came as I reached forward to caress her hard nipples. I could easily feel the clenching of her pussy walls around ataşehir escort my cock, almost as if she was trying to push me out but I knew that wasn’t the case because whenever I pulled back, she pushed back against me. I’m really not sure how many times she came but if every set of contractions was another orgasm then there were at least a dozen before I built to my second orgasm of the morning. Our timing was perfect — she was just starting into another orgasm when I erupted into her. Thankfully there were enough edges and grips in the tub for us to hang onto or I’m sure one of us would have ended up falling as the wave of pleasure hit.

We eventually did get cleaned up, got out of the tub and reluctantly got dressed. When we looked at the clock, it was almost 11am & by now we were both quite hungry so we went downstairs to the brunch. I didn’t even realize we’d been holding hands until we went to sit at our table — it just felt so natural. We were so busy eating, chatting, kissing and generally enjoying each others company that it was well after noon before we returned to our room. I’d told her a lot about London in our conversations so now she wanted to see some of it.

We spent the afternoon walking through Springbank Park, the art museum and were able to get on a double-decker bus tour of the city. The tour guide was really good and told us things that even I didn’t know about London. We didn’t realize it but we’d obviously been sharing so many hugs, kisses, looks and laughs through the tour that when we were leaving the bus, the tour guide asked if we were on our honeymoon. We looked at each other, laughed and at the same time said, “Something like that.”

It was almost 7pm but we weren’t really hungry enough for a big supper, so we grabbed a bite from one of the sidewalk vendors and made our way back toward the hotel. We stopped at a local bar for a drink on the way and it was already starting to fill. Talking to the bartender, I found there was a really good, old rock style band in that night and he said if we wanted to have a seat we’d be better to stay than come back later. That was good by us so we got a couple of chairs at a corner table and chatted some more while we waited for the band. As we talked, I found that while she’d never done the kind of interior camping I enjoyed, it was something she’d always wanted to do so I immediately suggested that we plan a week later in the summer and do it which she thought was a great idea.

The bartender had been right — the bar was quickly filling and by the time the band started to warm up there weren’t many empty seats. We both knew and loved most of the songs they were playing and with the lights dimmed we were equally loving touching and teasing each other. With a few drinks in my system, I finally had to get up and go to the bathroom but when I came back someone had grabbed my chair without Red seeing them so she gave me her chair and sat on my lap. Of course that quickly led to a whole new round of touching and with her squirming on my lap, I was really glad I’d already gone to the bathroom because I don’t think I could have bent my hardon enough to point it down at a toilet. Red soon had to use the facilities as well and when she sat back on my lap, she sat in such a way that she could easily stroke me through my pants and she totally surprised me when I felt my zipper going down! Seeing as I usually go commando, it was easy for her to pull my shaft out and it was dark enough that no one could see her do it.

I thought I was in for a public hand-job until she raised herself up, flipped back her wrap-around skirt and sat right on my cock. I quickly realized she must have planned this and taken her panties off when she went to the washroom. Everyone was cheering and singing along so no one even thought twice of her randomly bouncing up and down on my lap. The feeling was incredible and the thrill of doing it in a public place with dozens of people around us made it that much more exciting. As much as I wanted to touch her, it wasn’t quite dark enough for that so all I could do was sit there and feel the pleasure of her slick walls sliding up and down my shaft.

She seemed to know just when I was getting close to cumming because every time I got close, she’d slow down or stop until the urgency went away but I know she came at least 4 times. I’m really not sure what songs they did from then on, but I know it was just over an hour before they were done and I still hadn’t cum. As they did their encore, Red reluctantly pulled off of me and tucked my shaft back into my pants. I just got the zipper done up as the house lights came up and if anyone had looked, they’d easily have seen the wetness on my pants from her orgasms and the bulge from my cock.

We almost ran the remaining block to the hotel, both of us anxious to continue what she’d started at the bar. There was trail of clothes from a few feet inside our door directly to the bed and I landed with her on top of me. She immediately positioned herself over me so she could take my cock inside her again but I had other ideas. I grabbed her hips and avcılar escort guided her up until instead of squatting over my crotch, she was over my mouth. Red quickly figured things out and lowered herself onto my waiting tongue. I love the taste of pussy and hers was no exception. As I licked and nibbled on her lips and slit, she rocked back and forth to get my tongue exactly where she wanted it.

I quickly noticed that her moans were more noticeable when my tongue touched the skin between her pussy and back door. The more I licked her there, the further up she rocked until the tip of my tongue was just grazing the pucker of her ass. I’d never licked a woman there before, nor had any woman indicated that she wanted me to but I was pretty sure that she was liking it and I was willing to try so the next time she rocked up, I pressed my tongue right against her pucker and was rewarded with a load moan and a small gush of juice from her pussy. That was all I needed to know and seeing as she’d stopped rocking I figured she wanted more.

I spent at least 5 minutes teasing her by running my tongue over and around her hole before I got brave enough to actually press the tip of my tongue against her opening. I’d worked one hand up enough that I could rub her at the same time and the combination of my fingers on her clit and tongue pressing into her asshole was all it took for her to have a huge orgasm. As soon as she started cumming, I pulled her back so I could lick her pussy while I rubbed her clit and this time I felt at least 4 times the amount of her juices run down my face as she came.

When her orgasm subsided, she pretty much collapsed beside me and told me she’d always wanted her ass licked but the one time she’d asked her ex, he told her she was a filthy slut for even thinking of something that dirty and there was no way he’d even consider it. I could see a tear starting in her eye as she asked me if I thought she was a filthy slut for enjoying it. I reached over, wiped away the tear and told her that if she was then I was too because I’d really enjoyed it and if she liked it then it wouldn’t be the last time it happened. The smile that lit up her face was just beautiful as she hugged me to her and said, “you know, I think I’m falling in love again.”

I kissed her lips, her nose, her cheeks and her lips again before replying, “as long as it’s with me then it’s ok.”

We lay there together, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of being together before she said, “you still haven’t cum yet.” and pulled me over on top of her. The way we moved together and I slid into her felt like we’d been lovers for years instead of days. We made love like that for quite a while and because I was on top I was able to adjust the speed and depth to keep me from cumming right away, sometimes I even had to pause for a minute to keep it all together. It was during one of these pauses that she said, “you know those 3 things I told you I hadn’t done before that we did last night?”

“yup, I remember them quite well”

“Well, that wasn’t all the things I wanted to try but I was too scared I’d turn you off to tell you about anything else right off the bat. Seeing as you didn’t mind licking my ass, I guess it’s safe to ask if I can I tie you up.”

“I’ve played a little that way but usually not on the receiving end but sure, sounds exciting.”

With that, the worried look that had started on her face disappeared and she quickly grabbed a couple of her stockings and tied my arms above my head, my feet to the foot board and then pulled out a blindfold and looked at me with a ‘Can I?’ look on her face. When I nodded, she put the blindfold on me and then the fun began. For the next half hour or so, she touched and teased me which was great but the hard part was that I wasn’t able to touch her nor could I see what she was going to do next.

When she knew I’d had enough of the teasing, she straddled me and lowered herself onto my cock. The feeling was exquisite and I was doing my best to hold back until she said, “let it go, I want to feel you cum in me.” Well that was all it took and I unleashed a torrent of cum into her and as soon as I started cumming, I could feel her own orgasm rip through her.

As soon as I finished cumming, she put her mouth right by my ear and whispered, “here’s something else that I’ve always wanted to do.” and I could feel her moving on the bed. I soon felt her licking and sucking the mixture of our cum off of my cock but just as I was going to tell her she didn’t need to tie me up to do that, I felt her cum filled pussy press down against my mouth. She must have been afraid it would turn me off but I’d had a girlfriend a few years ago who really got off on being eaten after sex and I’d found it to actually be quite enjoyable. As my tongue parted her lips I could taste the first trickles of our cum finding their way out and I quickly realized just how much I’d cum as more and more of it flowed out.

I’d started to go soft but the combination of her mouth on my cock and her pussy on my mouth quickly brought me back to full mast. I licked and sucked avrupa yakası escort on her until she was almost as clean as before I’d cum and she turned around and took my newly hardened cock inside her again as her lips came down to meet mine. When her tongue pressed by my lips, she quickly realized she wasn’t the only one that had a kinky streak as I pushed some of the cum I’d licked out of her into her mouth. For a second she seemed a bit startled but then pressed down and tried to get as much of the rest as she could. I’d almost have bet money that I wouldn’t have been able to cum again that night but the eroticism of what we were doing was so high that even though it wasn’t much, I was soon shooting a few more jets of cum into her. As we both came back to reality again, she untied me so we could cuddle together and drift off to sleep. My last thoughts before sleep over took me were how lucky I was to have met her and how much I wanted our time together to continue.

I don’t really remember falling asleep, but when I woke up there was already a crack of light breaking through the curtains and the clock was showing just after 8am. I looked beside me and she was still asleep with a very peaceful, contented look on her face. As I looked at her I realized that the last 36hrs had been quite amazing. In the conversations we’d had before we actually met, we’d both admitted that we were primarily looking for some intense sex with no commitment yet her words about falling in love with me kept running through my mind and I admitted to myself that I was quickly falling in love with her as well. The sheets were partly thrown off of her and as my eyes were admiring the view of both breasts and just a hint of pubic hair I heard her whisper, “Enjoying the view?”

” I certainly am!” I replied, leaning down to kiss her wonderfully soft lips. As we kissed, I could feel her tongue slipping forward to meet mine but I had other ideas. I pulled away and grabbed the ends of the pantyhose that she’d tied me up with the night before.

“Oh, you think so do you?” she said, and began to fight me — just enough to make it fun but not hard enough that I’d think she really disliked the idea. After several minutes of wrestling which gave both of us ample opportunities to fondle the other, I finally ‘won’ and had her arms and legs tied to the bed. Next came the blindfold that she’d used on me and I was ready to go. Just as I was getting up to get a few things, the phone rang but seeing as she was ‘tied up’ at the moment, I just let it ring and carried on. When I got back to the bed, she was already asking what I was planning but I didn’t say a word, instead I ran my beard up against the bottom of her foot getting an immediate gasp and her foot pulled back as far as it could — which wasn’t far.

I spent the next 10 or so minutes just randomly brushing her body with my fingers, beard or lips — from her arm, to a nipple to her neck, to her knee and so on making sure I didn’t follow any pattern that would give her an indication of where I was going to touch next. By now almost every touch was rewarded with a moan or a gasp and I could both see and smell her excitement.

When she’d unpacked her bag earlier, I’d seen a few sex toys in it and had grabbed them after she was blindfolded. The most attention I’d paid to her pussy so far was a few slow touches so she was quite surprised when she felt one of her vibrators touch her slit. At the same time I touched her, I turned it on so she’d have no warning of what was coming. As soon as she felt the buzzing she thrust her hips up which allowed the first few inches of the toy to penetrate her. Once I had her full attention on the vibrations in her pussy, I leant down and sucked on one of her nipples — except that first I put an icecube from the bar fridge into my mouth.

I could tell from the sounds and the gyrations of her hips that if it wasn’t already happening, her first orgasm of the morning wasn’t far off so I quickly abandoned her nipple and shifted my cold lips and tongue to her clit. She came with a scream and I could feel her hot juices running down the vibrator and onto my fingers. As her orgasm subsided, I let go of the vibrator and brought my hand up to her mouth. Feeling them touch her lips, she started to lick my fingers and then stopped once she tasted herself on them. I wondered if she liked the taste or not but got my answer when she resumed licking and sucking on them until there was hardly a trace of her left. The phone was ringing again but we were way too interested in the sensations to stop and answer it and again it finally stopped.

The whole time she was licking the fingers of one hand, the other one wasn’t idle. Remembering how much she liked her ass played with, I popped the top off the KY, worked some on my fingers and began playing with her ass. It took a minute or so to work the first finger in from the tip all the way to the base but with the help of a little more lube it was much easier to get the second and finally a third finger filling her ass. I took my fingers away from her mouth and grabbed the next toy — a medium sized butt plug which I also lubed and after removing my fingers, I started working it into her well lubed back door. Even with the stretching and the lube, it took a bit to work it in until it made it past the widest point and then it looked like it was sucked in as her ass closed over the taper near the base.

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