Emma Watson’s Vacation Part Two

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Emma Watson’s Vacation Part Two
Emma woke up the next day in her own room, though she had no memory of how she got there. She really needed a shower!

After her long shower, in which she paid special attention to her crotch and ass, she dried off and began to remember her night of sex with Andrew and Daniel! “I think they each ass fucked me last night! Part of remembering that was due to her ass being sore – bruised! She had the general sense that she had enjoyed it immensely!

She put on one of her new bikinis! It was pure white and went from her high hip bones and down to her crotch where a thong showed off her perfect ass cheeks! Her tits were perfectly cupped by the skimpy bra top! It was very sexy! She thought about having several new sex partners today, but not Daniel! She thought she would make him wait for a couple days.

The phone rang. It was Jane. “So Jane…how was your blowjob of Daniel last night?” asked Emma.

“Ok.” she admitted. “But nothing special. I mean, how can a guy be preoccupied with his cock in a girls mouth? I made him cum in my mouth, but I was disappointed! How did you girls make out?”

“June went back to her room alone, but I hooked up with this very handsome and sexy guy! He was great in the sack!” Emma said.

“Did you let him fuck your ass?” Jane asked.

“No way! I wouldn’t give it up to a total stranger!” Emma lied.

“Huh! Ready for the beach yet?” Jane asked.

“I’ll meet you downstairs in a minute or two.” answered Emma.

Soon the two of them were walking on the warm white sand, shaking there asses to catch the eyes of the men already there.

“Here’s the perfect spot! And I need to start the day with a rum drink!” said Emma.

They each ordered rum drinks that were very strong! Their first couple sips went down easily! Emma’s head was spinning after only 30 minutes of sipping the very strong drink.

“Ahh! Life is good!” she thought to herself. The sun felt great and she was very relaxed. Something wasn’t right though. Ah yes, no men. Sitting up on her beach towel, Emma casually scoped out the talent. There were several handsome men on the beach, with great bodies. They just weren’t scoping out the ladies though. Emma hated to be the one to initiate a meeting. Yes, she had done it last night and it had worked out fine, but she was feeling less aggressive today. She wanted to be approached.

Emma suddenly felt the sand nearby depress as if a foot had planted itself close to her. Turning her head, she noticed an older man standing fairly close to her.

“Excuse me young lady, would you like to be in a commercial being filmed here today? You look perfect for the part that just opened up!” he said looking down at her. “My name is Larry and the beautiful young girl we had lined up for today slipped and broke her ankle. We would of course pay you for your work. Have you ever been in any films?”

“Whoa buddy! Slow down! My name is Cheyenne! Have you ever seen me in any movies?” said Emma. Emma felt like an alias would be best for now.

“I can’t say that I have, but you’re certainly pretty enough to work in the Industry!” Larry retorted. “May I sit down next to you?”

Larry was at least 55 years old and was showing his age! Emma classified him as a Geezer without even thinking about it. “Sure…have a seat!” Emma said.

“Look, I’m dead serious here! You’re a beautiful young woman that’s has exactly the look we need. The entire shoot would take no more than three hours, and we could pay you $3,000.00 for your part in it. We will be shooting three versions of the same commercial! Would you mind standing up and turning around so we can see if you have disqualifying tattoos?” Larry asked.

Mildly amused, Emma stood and slowly turned around 360§.

“What’s the product you will be advertising?” she asked.

“Sun block.” Larry answered.

“When would the shoot begin? I’m here having a good time with a friend of mine.” Emma said.

“We casino siteleri have the sheltered part of the beach reserved starting in one hour. What do you say?” Larry asked.

“Is three thousand the most you can offer me? It seems like you’re in a pickle here!” asked Emma.

Knowing that her co-stars had contributed an additional $1,500.00 because they knew her true identity, Larry upped the offer to $4,500.00 for the shoot! “Shit, this bitch better give good head! Still, her face will look perfect with her lips wrapped around my cock!” He thought to himself.

“Alright…how about $4,500.00 for the entire day then!” Larry offered.

“Sold! When do we start? And what will I have to do in the commercial?” Emma asked.

“You will play the part of a beautiful young girl having sun block rubbed on her skin by a male masseuse in the first version of the commercial. In the second version of the commercial, the sun block will be applied by a female masseuse. And in the third version the sun block will be applied by a male masseuse and a female masseuse. It will be a bit suggestive, but that’s all!” Larry explained.

“Sounds easy to me!” said Emma. “Come and get me when it’s time. I’ll be right here.”

“Perfect! I’ll be back soon.” Larry said.

“What the Hell, Emma! You don’t really believe this guy just happened upon you here, do you? I’ll bet he knows exactly who you are! This is a setup to get you in a rigged position! I saw the look on his face when you stood up and showed him your body! He wants his cock in you before the day is over!” Jane said.

“So what? I’ll be in complete control of the situation. They won’t do anything to me that I don’t want them to do! My guess is that the male masseuse is a real hunk, and that the female masseuse is very pretty! You should sneak up behind us and watch the performance. In fact, make sure your phone is fully charged. Take a video of my performance! And here, do the same with my phone! Come join us if the ‘performance’ turns you on!” Emma said.

Jane bit her lip lightly at the suggestion of joining the group. She had always wanted to play around with Emma! Maybe this was her chance! “Ok Emma! I’ll try to get some video of you and your ‘commercial’!”

After a short while, Larry came and got ‘Cheyenne’ for the commercial shoots. The last thing Jane saw of Emma was her naked ass swaying in the breeze.

Quickly Jane got up, grabbed everything they had and started after the small group in the shooting crew towards a more exclusive area of the beach. Jane reached a bunch of high bushes and managed to peek through the dense foliage. There not more than 30 feet away stood Larry, Emma, some lighting guys, a very muscular young man of maybe twenty years of age, and a beautiful young blonde lady of maybe nineteen years of age. They were all huddled together near a rather solid and steady massage table.

Jane had a great view of the table, and she was staring at the other two actors. The massage table was about three feet high where it came to the man’s waist. Jane started filming when Emma got on the table with her face down and almost completely nude. Her nudity was interrupted by just a few thin straps of her bikini. Emma’s face was down in a padded hole, and she seemed quite relaxed.

The filming began at the table with the man’s hands rubbing Emma’s shoulders and back muscles. He spoke to Emma and she nodded yes. He undid the back of her bra and pushed the straps out of the way of his hands. The only thing between his hands now were the straps of her thong. He did a thorough job of applying the lotion on her back, and then moved down towards her legs, pausing for a short time on her ass cheeks, where he caressed the space between her legs. Jane could feel her own pussy tingling while watching Emma having his fingers rubbing her pubic mound!

A few minutes ago, Emma had come to the conclusion that this was bahis siteleri canlı going to end up in her suite! Erick had magic fingers and hands! His massage was making her hornier and hornier! Then two of his fingers dove slowly down to her cunt, and she almost jumped off the table!

“Erick!” Emma said softly, so that only he could hear her. “Let’s take a break in my suite. We can always finish the filming later! If you would just do up my bra, we could take a break. There’s no need to continue to pretend you don’t know who I am either!”

“Ok Emma! You may have noticed how ready I am for you, when you ‘accidently’ touched my cock!” Erick said.

With her bikini top once again fastened, Emma hopped off the massage table, clutched Erick by the hand, and began quickly walking towards the Hotel! Each step she took stimulated her clit even more! She was holding onto Erick’s arm tightly.

They reached her suite at about the same time that Jane did! “Oh! Erick, this is one of my girlfriends Jane. You wouldn’t mind if she came inside with us, would you?”

Erick’s eyes opened wide and he smiled even wider! “Three’s a good number, as far as I’m concerned!” Even though he loved Emma’s body, he did notice that Jane’s breasts were just a bit larger than Emma’s!

The three of them entered Emma’s suite of rooms. Erick’s swim trunks were immediately pulled off by Emma, freeing his very large cock for both girls to gape at! “Shit Erick! Where is that supposed to fit!”asked Jane.

“I thought you would like it Jane!” said Emma. “We have our work cut out for us, don’t we?”

Soon Emma’s and Jane’s bikinis were in two distinct piles on the floor, as they both dropped to their knees and grabbed a handful of white cock without their hands touching each other! They then began slow up and down stroking actions in perfect timing together! Erick’s eyes closed and his head arched back as he enjoyed their expert ministrations! Emma hand was nearest the end of his cock and she occasionally rolled her thumb over the end of it. It didn’t take long for his pre-cum to lubricate her hand, which she enjoyed very much!

“Oh fuck ladies! Your hands are wonderful! Jane, let go of my cock and let Emma jerk off my big hard cock into your mouth! See how much of it you can fit in your wide open mouth!” Erick said.

Both girls followed his directions. Jane put the head of his cock into her mouth and began using her tongue on it, while Emma’s hand stroked the full length of his nine inch monster.

“Shit this is a huge cock!” Jane thought as she opened her mouth as wide as she could and was able to get just the head inside. She tried moving her face down and then back up, but all that accomplished was to roll her lips on the head. Try as she might, she couldn’t go any farther down on it. Soon she was in a rythym with Emma’s hands and she was tasting Erick’s pre-cum on her hand! It was very slippery and musty!

Reaching up, Jane found his balls with both hands and began rolling them together!

“Oh shit! That’s nice! Play with my balls just like that! Your hands will work up a big load of cum in them!” he said.

“God damn Erick! This is a big cock! How is Jane doing with her mouth? Has any woman ever forced more of your cock into her mouth?” Emma asked.

“She’s doing great with her tongue! Just great! If you two aren’t careful, you’ll be getting a big load of my jizz in your faces. As good as it is, I want to fuck you now Emma! I want to fuck you doggy style now!” Erick said.

Disengaging his cock from their hands and mouth, he grabbed Emma by the hips and swung her around until she was on all fours with her ass high in the air and her legs spread wide.

“Oh shit! He’s going to try to put that big cock in my ass! No! It won’t fit!” Emma thought to herself.

But Emma was wrong! The tip of his cock pushed against her vagina and the first two inches forced her cunt to expand canlı kaçak bahis around his cock! Then with one solid push, he impaled her on his massive cock!

“Oh God it’s big! It’s too big! Take it out! Please!” said Emma.

Then Jane had her hands on Emma’s hips and she was egging her on! “Take it Emma! Take the whole length of it. Your cunt looks just grand with his massive dick inside you! I can feel it going in and out when I hold your belly! Look at it yourself! Isn’t it just wonderful slowly fucking your guts! You should be feeling it on your g-spot too!” With that, Jane took a grip on Emma’s naked ass cheeks and started shoving her hips back and forth, all the while staring at the massive intruder where it entered Emma!

After several minutes, Emma seemed to relax a bit and Erick was able to increase the speed of his thrusts. Now there was no doubt that Emma was being fucked hard and fast! Emma grunted loudly each time his big balls bounced against her clit! The grunting began as sort of a numbing moan, but it soon turned into moans of pleasure! Jane knew this would happen, and Emma hoped it would happen!

This long passionate fucking was making Jane hornier by the minute! In a sudden burst of lust, Jane asked Emma to make love to her with her face!

“Emma, you delicious slut! Will you eat me out right now! Please, I need you so badly!” Jane begged.

Emma looked up at Jane’s face, contorted with lust and just said, “Push my face against your cunt! I’ve wanted you for such a long time!”

Jane got up on the sofa and lifted her hips up level with Emma’s face and soon felt Emma’s perfect tongue on her clit! Jane’s orgasm began rising almost immediately! This was proof to Emma that sexual pleasure was seated in a person’s mind, and not in their genitals! Yes, the body needed to be stimulated to reach the upper limits of satisfaction, as Erick was so heartily demonstrating in Emma’s cunt.

Jane felt Emma flicking her tongue back and forth across her clit: it was Heavenly! Reaching up, Jane grabbed the back of Emma’s head and pulled it hard against her own pussy! “That’s the way Emma! Lick me! Eat me out! Oh God! I’ve wanted this for such a long time! You’re a delicious little lesbian slut! Take that giant cock in your pussy, and eat my pussy! How does it feel bitch?”

Shaking her head quickly against Jane’s pussy, Emma lifted her face from Jane and said, “Shit! It’s so good! This must be how giving birth feels! His cock is so big! He’s got one finger on my love button, and I don’t know how long I can keep from cumming! I feel like such a whore! It’s wonderful! I love being such a slut behind closed doors, and so proper out in public!”

“Shut up Emma, and just take my cock like the little whore that you are! Reach back and play with my big balls! Oh yeah! That’s the way! I can feel that you’ve done that before! Only a complete slut could know how to do that so well!” said Erick. “Just keep that up and I’ll be filling your cunt with my jizz! You want me to cum inside you, don’t you?”

“Oh God yes! Fill my cunt with your jizm! I don’t use birth control either. Just put a baby inside me you wanker! Then when you see my big belly in 5 months or so, you can point to it and think to yourself how much of a man you are!” Emma said.

“Mmmmpph! Mmmpphh!” came from Emma’s mouth as Jane again pulled Emma’s mouth against her cunt.

“That’s the way to do it! Eat me out! I’ll be cumming very soon! Let’s all cum together! Cum with me Erick! Cum with us Emma! Cccuuuummm!” Jane said.

“Fuck yes! Here cums my spunk Emma! Here I cum! Ugh! Ugh! Uugghh!” yelled Erick.

When the first shot of Erick’s spunk splashed inside Emma’s cunt, she felt it and immediately screamed out in ecstacy! “Fuck that feels so good! I’m cumming too! I’m cc__cuummiing!”

Then Jane got her wish, and all three of them climaxed together! From a short distance away, they must have looked like a ball of spasmming flesh, their muscles all flexed at the same time!

They would need a short while before they would be able to continue with the commercial shoot. But that was just fine with all of them. There’s nothing quite so good as being freshly fucked!

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