Emma’s Growing Pains Ch. 06

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Final part of the Emma’s Growing pains series. Some good news though. I am using this story to introduce Emma’s older Sister. Gemma.

So look out for Gemma’s growing pains which should be around 3 or 4 stories in length. If I get enough possitive feedback I might even write a series on Mary the youngest of the three girls but that depends on you. Thanks for reading


“You girls ready?” Emma’s Dad called up the stairs, early one summers morning.

“You bet,” replied Emma. “Gemma is almost done too, give us 5 minutes OK.”

“Where we going?” Gemma asked Emma, who shrugged in return. “All I know is its some adventure weekend.”

“Yep, that’s all I know, what confuses me though is why Mum & Dad insisted that Mary and Tommy didn’t come along. It just seems weird since they are the youngest and most likely to enjoy it?” Gemma said as she zipped up her bag.

They both carried their bags out the room, down the stairs and placed them into the back of the car.

They drove for many miles, the sun was rising in the blue sky and people were out in their shorts and T-shirts. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the day and eating ice cream. Emma gazed out the window as the world rushed passed. She looked up and saw seagulls circling overhead and smelt the distinct salty air.

“Are we going to the beach Dad?” She asked excitedly, her Dad nodded and both girls cheered. They arrived at the hotel a few minutes later. The ocean was in sight and the sea and beach looked hot and inviting. The girls went up to their room and Emma starting unpacking her swim suit. She noticed Gemma sitting on the bed and as yet, not unpacking anything. “What’s Up?” Emma asked. “You know what’s up.” Gemma replied. Emma sat down on the bed next to her sister. “Look Gem. I know you’re a boy trapped in a girls body but can’t you let it go this one time.” “I don’t have a suit.” “Not a problem, I brought too. You can borrow one of mine.” “Okay.” Gemma said eventually. She took the swimming suit and locked herself in the bathroom.

A knock on the door a few moments lately, Emma opened it to find her Dad standing outside. He looked nervous as he said, “I have booked us into a health club for the day to get us all pampered and in the mood.” He smiled weakly.

“Fine with me.” Replied Emma. Ten minutes later, they arrived at a fancy looking building of which had high walls around it. They walked in and the Dad walked up to the counter, while the Mother held the two young girls back.

“Now, this club is a little different than a ordinary health club. Its a naturist club, you know what that means?” She asked.

“Yes, naked people.” Giggled Emma.

“Correct, don’t worry. Everyone will be naked so no one will be paying you any attention ok. Your father and I are thinking of joining so be quiet and don’t get into trouble.” She said, pointing a finger at both, “Oh, and if you seeing any couples getting romantic, just ignore it. Your both girls of the world I’m sure.” She pointed a finger again, then walked over to join her husband at the counter. Emma burst out laughing, then giggled quietly when her mother turned around and pointed a finger again.

“This is a little bit too weird for me.” Said Gemma, suddenly serious.

“You think that’s bad, we will have to see our parents naked.” Emma said, her face screwing up in disgust.

“OK girls, all checked in so lets go.” The father said, his voice trembling. He led the girls to some changing rooms, then selected a empty one and went inside. The other women then went into their own. Emma felt nervous. She had been seen naked a few times before but never on such a large scale. She wondered how Gemma was feeling; they were close but had never seen each other before either. A knock on the door, and Emma heard her Dad asking them all to hurry up. Emma stepped out a moment later, her arm covering her firm perky 34B breasts while her hand covered her shaved pussy.

“Don’t be shy,” Emma’s Dad said. He stood naked, hands on hips and a semi hard and rather large cock swaying with every move. Emma couldn’t help notice that for 45, his had quite a firm body. Both of them often went to the gym to work out, Emma could see it paid off. Emma’s Mother came out next; she too looked good for 40. All over tan and quite large breasts with long dark brunette hair and a tight body.

“You guys all out there?” Gemma asked, through the door. “I’m not sure about this.” She appeared a moment later, also covering herself much the same way as Emma was. She was 3 inches taller than Emma at 5’9. Her hair was brunette like her mothers. Just like Emma, she had firm 34B breasts and slim body with a flat belly and shapely bum.

“Ok, you two, at the same time, remove you hands and just relax and be free.” The Mother said. After a quick nod to each other, Emma and Gemma let there arms fall. Their naked bodies coming into view and just like Emma, Gemma shaved her pussy as well.

“That wasn’t so hard,” The mother said, then başakşehir escort noticing both girls shaved pussies, shook her head and walked away. “This way.” They walked down onto the beach. It was quite busy, people of all colours, shapes, sizes and ages walked and bathed in the sun. This will do, the Mother said, laying two large towels onto the sand. Their Father walked up to help, sporting a very thick monster cock.

“Dad,” Emma protested, pointing at it. Her eyes wide in amazement. He looked down and as if noticing it for the first time, gasped in shock and then went to cover himself then changed his mind.

“Better get used to seeing this, plenty more guys walking around I expect with the same problem.” He quickly laid down on his stomach, hiding the offending member. For the next hour, the four of them lay on the beach. Emma eyed everyone intently, as did her Father – well the women anyway. Then feeling to hot, she got up and explained she was going for a drink. She walked back towards the building. People smiled and said hello as she walked and many eyes were upon her. She reached the building and went inside. Signs pointing towards swimming pool, bar, tennis, hot tubs and other areas. She found a bench and sat down, glad to be out the sun for a while. An attractive woman walked over to a drinks machine and bought a coke. A moment later, a younger man with a hard cock walked over and introduced himself. They spoke for a while, Emma over heard a little. A few cheesy lines from the guy but the woman seem too like it. Then without warning, the woman dropped to her knees and slipped his throbbing cock into her mouth. She sucked him hard, while he gripped her head firmly. Another older couple walked past but paid no attention. What kind of place is this? Emma thought. The guy had now noticed Emma was watching, he tapped the woman on the shoulder and she to looked over and then pointed at the cock. Emma politely declined and left them to it.

“Emma, is that you?” She heard as she wondered through the building. She turned to see a bone skinny pale young man with thick glasses. “Darren, that you?” She asked. He nodded eagerly then looked her up and down, his cock twitching slightly. Damn, the village nerd has seen me naked. I will never live it down, she thought.

“What you doing here?” He asked, excitedly.

“My parents brought me here, and you?” she asked, already bored and embarrassed.

“Same, is Gemma and Mary also here?” his excitement near boiling point.

“Just Gemma.” Emma replied, “Well, nice seeing you, bye bye now.” She turned and walked back the other way, he quickly moved to catch up and walked by her side.

“Your the first girl to see me naked.” He said, smiling as if she should feel honored. Emma said nothing, they soon came across the couple by the drinks machine, “Look.” Darren said, grabbing Emma’s arm and pointing, “Their fucking, isn’t this place great?” Emma looked down at his hand, he quickly removed it and she walked on.

“That woman had a great body.” He said, as he walked quickly to catch up. “Not as good as yours though, you’re amazing.”

They walked on in silence for a while, and then came across a sex shop. “This place is great, lets go in.” Darren said, then without waiting he rushed inside. Why not, Emma thought, she had nothing better to do. Inside all sorts of sex toys, costumes, adult games and videos were on every shelf. By the counter, a girl held a large vibrator and was asking about how good it was. Try it out the woman behind the counter replied. The girl switched it on and ran it over her neck, then moved it over her firm large breasts. Darren watched, breathing hard. Emma to found herself unable to look away. The vibrator moved lower and lower till the girl had it pressing against her clit, a flick of a switch upped the speed and the girl let out a throaty groan. She held the counter for support. Her hips rotating, her breathing hard and fast. She squealed loudly then plunged the humming toy into her wetness, her body jerked and she whimpered and she then removed the toy and placed it carefully on the counter.

“Thanks but no thanks.” She said, smiling weakly and then wobbled her way past Emma and Darren, leaving the shop.

“Have a nice day,” The assistant called out after her.

“That was so awesome,” Darren said, as he gazed about the shop. He nudged Emma. “Have you noticed, nearly all the sex toys in here are for women?”

“So what?” Asked Emma.

“You women are so lucky, so many ways to get your rocks off. It’s not fair. All us men have is our right hand, and maybe a inflatable doll.”

“That maybe so, but it must feel good. I mean all men seem to masturbate at the drop of a hat.”

“Well, I can’t argue with that, but I bet a dildo feels much more real than my hand or some rubber.” Emma could only shrug.

“You ever used a toy Emma?” Darren asked, his eyes wondered over her body, his cock twitched a bayrampaşa escort little.

“Can’t say I have.” Emma replied.

“Well, we are in a shop full of such sex toys, and they allow you to test them. So why don’t you?” Darren asked, Emma laughed and turned to walk out the shop.

“Excuse me, Miss?” The assistant said, “May I recommend the rampant rabbit.” Emma turned to see the woman holding a pink dildo; she waved it slightly and smiled. Emma walked over to take a closer look, Darren right on her heels. The woman handed over the toy, the cock part was about 6 inches in length and looked like beads in the centre. Also a rabbit with big ears was attached.

“Right, this button here, rotates the cock, and this button vibrates the rabbit ears, enjoy.” The assistant said, “Oh, do you need a lubricant?” Emma looked at Darren who was panting with desire, she sighed and then moved her hands between her legs. Her fingers moved between wet folds. Shaking her head, she lowered the toy between her legs and lined up the cock and pushed. She gritted her teeth as it stretched her. It had been a while, then moaned as it slid inside. She worked it in and out a few times till finally, had it all the way inside.

“Wow.” Darren whispered. Emma pushed one of the buttons; a loud whirling noise could be heard.

“Wow.” Emma gasped, “What it doing?” Darren asked breathlessly.

“The cock, it’s swirling around.” Emma replied, she was starting to enjoy teasing Darren, some how feeling she had power over him, and decided to try and turn him on some more, “Its swirling around, deep inside me.” Darren moaned, Emma managed to suppress her smile. She reached for the other button, a small humming sound added to the whirring noise.

“Oh, now that’s different.” Emma cooed, the vibration was already starting to feel good on her clit, she bit her lower lip and moaned again. The shop assistant winked at Darren, well aware of the pleasure of the Rabbit. Emma moaned again, and held onto the counter. She closed her eyes and pushed the toy harder against her clit and deeper inside. Out of nowhere, the orgasm washed over her body. She whimpered, body shaking and her chest and cheeks flushed red then she pulled the toy from her. It still hummed and whirled, as Emma handed it over.

“My god, how long did that take, 2 minutes or what?” Emma joked, “It was good but I have had better, I guess you call that a quickie.” The woman smiled and wiped the toy clean, Darren swallowed hard.

“That was the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed,” he said. Emma glanced down to see his cock, still limp and shook her head wondering what it takes to get a hard on from him. They left the shop and walked back through the building towards the beach. Darren broke the silence.

“Its not just self abuse you women are lucky with you know, you can get sex when ever you like.”

“That’s not true, guys can have it just as often.”

“Your wrong, look I will prove it.” He walked over to a pretty young red headed woman, “Good afternoon.” He greeted, she smiled back.

“May a trouble you for a kiss of passion?”

“Oh, well thank you for the kind request but I must decline, I have a dentist appointment this afternoon but thanks for asking any ways.” She replied. Darren walked back over and said, “See, always the same. You see that guy over there, his pretty handsome, if I say so myself. Ask him for a kiss and I bet you he will and give you more if you let him too.”

Emma went to protest but Darren pushed her gently toward this other guy. Emma shook her head and walked over too him. He was about 6’4, muscle-bound build, black hair and well defined features.

“Excuse me,” She greeted politely, “Can I trouble you for a kiss?” He smiled and stepped in close to her, his huge arms wrapped around Emma’s shoulders. Their lips met and they kissed, softly at first and then she allowed his tongue to enter her mouth. Darren walked over slowly, his eyes never leaving Emma. The man broke the embrace, and then positioned Emma so her legs and bum pressed up against a desk. He lowered his mouth and sucked greedily on her right breast, tongue twirling around her hard nipple. His hand slipped over her flat belly and between her legs, he moaned in pleasure as he fingers traced over her wetness. Emma looked over at Darren, her face a picture of amazement and pleasure. His licked all over her breasts, leaving them wet, nipples hard and sensitive. His finger found her entrance and he pushed in a fat finger, causing Emma squirm.

“Your so wet!” he gasped, “Did you use a lubricant?” Emma shook her head as his finger probed deeper. He moved it around feeling her insides and her soft vagina walls. He explored every bit of her most private parts. Less than a minute later, he straightened and spun Emma around and pushed her over the desk.

“No fucking way.” Darren gasped, as the man stepped in behind Emma. Darren had secretly liked Emma for beşiktaş escort years and felt like his plan to make a point was about to back fire. The man held his hard 6″ cock, moved his hand up and down it a few times and then lined it up with Emma’s pussy. He turned and winked at Darren, then pushed in quickly causing Emma to gasp. He gripped her hips firmly and worked his cock in and out slowly till he was fully embedded. He waved Darren over, when Darren was standing next to him he pointed down. Darren’s gaze lowered, as the man withdrew a extremely wet looking fat cock.

“Man, you girlfriend has the best damn pussy I have ever had the pleasure of being inside, and trust me. I’ve have fucked over 50 bitches.” Darren groaned in frustration, though his couldn’t tear his eyes away from the man’s cock as it slid back inside Emma’s warmth. Gripping Emma firmly, he pulled her back to him, then began fucking her at a solid pace. Emma hung her head, her long blonde hair covering her flushed face. With every thrust, she oh’d and ah’d, and within minutes he pulled out and sprayed jets of hot cum all over her back. He patted Emma on the bum, and then walked away with a smile across his face.

Emma straighten, she smiled weakly and then pointed to the ladies. Sshe stepped into the shower, washed off her body. She emerged a few minutes later with water dripped off her, making her appear more tanned. Her wet blonde hair was combed back over her head.

“Your so beautiful.” Darren said, breathlessly, as she walked towards him, feeling some what better and turned on by the fact that he had just seen his love( in his mind) get fucked, though the envy still tore him up inside.

“How did that feel?” he asked.

“Great.” She replied.

“No I mean, really, in detail please.”

“Well, I was still aroused from the orgasm I had twenty minutes ago. When I’m aroused, I’m more sensitive, and of course I’m pretty wet.”

“Go on.”

“I must say, he wasn’t the best lover I have had. Very wham bam thank you mam, but still I hadn’t had sex for a while. It felt nice having a man there, feeling him throbbing inside. Feeling his thickness filling me up, his balls and body slap against me, pushing into me with animal desire. He gripped me hard, pulling me back towards him and hearing him moan in desire. Fucking on and on and…”

“Okay, Okay, I get the message.” Darren interrupted.

“You did ask,” She said defensively.

Darren looked deep in thought, “What?” She asked at length.

“Can I fuck you?”

“No” she gasped, her face screwed up like she had just sucked on a lemon.


“No way”

“I will be quick.”

“Give it up.” She said, and then continued on her way towards the beach.

“Can I at least put my finger inside you, I have never done that before.” His voice pleading. Emma shook her head and quickened her pace.

“Told you so.” He said loudly, catching up and trying to change the subject, “So easy for you women, so easy. In fact, I bet you could even have sex with another woman easier than some men. After all, you have every they do so its not like they are giving up anything.”

“Now I know you are joking.”

“You prepared to try?” he asked. She nodded, confident this time that it wouldn’t be the case. “Fine, I know a place where its not to busy.” He led Emma around the back where an open-air pool was located, only a few people were around just as he had predicted.

“That one over there,” He said, pointing to a skinny blonde, with large breasts and around her mid twenties. Emma nodded and left without another word, Darren followed cautiously behind.

“Hi,” Emma announced, “Lovely day.” The woman smiled and nodded, then returned to reading her book. Emma stood there for a minute, wondering what to do next.

“Can I help?” The woman asked, noticing Emma still standing there.

“Yes, your so beautiful, I want to touch your breasts as they are so big and perfect.” The woman gasped in shock, then looked Emma up and down. Emma felt ridiculous and nervous. She knew, thinking about it now that Darren was right. She could have most men but this was so different. Men, predictable creatures, love women’s hair, soft skin and features, firm breasts and of course, tight wet pussies. What power did she hold over someone who already had breasts and a pussy? She wondered.

“I guess that would be ok.” The women said at length, and then sat up on her towel.

“Huh?” Emma replied dumbly. She turned around to face Darren, amazement in her eyes. The little shit was right, she thought. The woman coughed politely and pushed her chest out some more; Emma realized she must do something. She knelt down and with trembling hands reached out. Her hands couldn’t even properly cup the large breasts so she touched them softly and paid attention to the woman’s hardening nipples. The woman sighed in appreciation, and Emma removed her hands.

“Thank you,” Emma said, and then moved to stand, the woman reached for Emma’s arm.

“My turn.” She said. She reached her own hands out and they cupped Emma’s breasts perfectly. She rolled the hard nipples between her fingers. Emma looked over to Darren and then looked at his cock, it trembled but was still limp as ever. The woman pushed Emma gently onto her back, and then moved Emma’s legs wide apart.

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