Empty Nest Cumback Ch. 03

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My wife, Janis, and I have broken out of our empty nest routine sex syndrome in the last year thanks to two events.

First there was Ted, a business associate of Janis, who provided her first experience with another man- at my urging and witnessing. Next came Brett, a “recruited peeper,” who watched as Janis and I put on a real show. We discovered there was a lot of exhibitionist in both of us. With no desirability, health, or discretion problems involved with a true unknown voyeur, performing for strangers really turned us on and we did repeat.

Now something new was needed. As we were enjoying dinner one night, I mentioned to Janis that even as good as planned peepers were, we should try something else.

“This time my sexy, naughty wife, it’s your call.”

“Thought you would never ask, she responded. I do have a suggestion that should meet our desires and also help someone else.”

My curiosity got the best of me. “What’s on your mind and how do we help someone else?”

Janis responded, “Barbara is my good friend, I know she’s lonely, misses a man, and would enjoy a little fun without any involvement.”

I knew Barbara. She was our age, divorced for many years, a CPA, and mother of three grown children. Although she was a little plump and no classic beauty she did have that chemistry that turned me on but I never flirted with her being such a good friend of Janis.

Barb was only 5 ft/3in in height, ash brown wavy hair, big brown eyes that can stare a hole through you, AND like Janis, she had those full lips and a pair of boobs -almost as large as my voluptuous wife’s that would be paradise to suck on. Believe me I noticed her attributes and hope she never caught me staring.

Trying to act surprised, I suggested to Janis we have her over for some innocent communications and drinks and see how it goes. Janis agreed. Later she talked to Barbara who also liked the idea. . Janis explained that Barb at her age was not into serious dating or even one night stands with all the health and other issues involved. She has been supporting herself financially, loves her work, her family, and is relatively happy with life except that lingering need for sex!

That Saturday night Barbara appeared at our door dressed in a non-conservative short, tight black skirt and a matching front buttoned peasant girl blouse that still could not hide her shapely boobs. Things are looking up already.

After an exchange of hugs and pleasantries we relaxed with drinks and solved all the world problems. Eventually the margaritas begin working and discussions turned to today’s outlook on sex, marriage and dating. Some risqué jokes followed.

Then I made a move. “Pardon me, but you two women are both really stacked and have lips to die for. There I said it and I’m glad!”

“Shame on you husband, your mind must be in the gutter,” my wife said unconvincingly.

Barb just smiled and said “What a nice compliment. I didn’t think you ever noticed!”

Now I put my plan to work. “I think you two need to have a ‘tit off and a kiss off’ to determine who’s number 1! Your both so voluptuous and desirable.”

The ladies acted shocked and looked puzzled. “What do you have in mind?”

“Ok, I responded, first I need you two ladies to bare your chest so I can decide whose got the sexiest set.” I knew Janis had no problem with this and hopefully the drinks were doing their job on Barb.

Barbara looked suggestively at me and to my relief said “you’re the boss- whatever you say.”

At my urging, both honeys then proceeded to relieve themselves of their tops. Funny, they turned their backs to each other. Shy I guess. Next came the bras. Now four beautiful full melons were alive and swaying. They still were not checking each other out but I was…

Turning Janis and Barb towards me I first cupped Janis hot full tits in my hands and made the most of the situation. Janis moaned as I also gently squeezed her perky small nipples. I could see that Barb was also enjoying my lustful ventures.

“Well my sexy love machine you are sooo good but now but now I’ll check out our friend Barbara.”

Turning to Barbara I looked directly into her eyes. I knew she would never go along with this if Janis hadn’t been present. Their friendship was deep and she would do nothing to casino oyna deceive Janis.

At first contact with Barb’s boobs she flinched a little but then relaxed as my hands very slowly cradled her surprisingly firm breasts. For a moment I was spellbound. Holding these hot large well proportioned melons with her large nipples was a real cum on. My heart was already pounding widely and I was only cupping her tits! Now I began to massage them as Barb swayed a little, trying not to be too turned on in front of Janis

It didn’t work She sighed, moaned and said how wonderful I felt. Janis too was really taken in by Barbs’ reaction. I think we all knew this was going to be a night of nights and I begin to wonder if they maybe they had not “been together” before.

“I still haven’t decided. Would you two closely face each other and rub your boobies together. That should help.”

They looked into each other’s eyes, moved close together, took their own tits in hand and proceeded to rub them against the other’s both giggling softly. This had a very sexual effect on all of us. Their perky nipples began to harden. I’m sure they both wanted to massage the other’s.

“Enough, Janis gasp, What’s next Mr. Judge?”

“Okay, I announced, now the lip test. I first took my hot lipped wife in my arms, our lips and tongues found each other in a long hot, sexual kiss. It was Barbs’ turn. With she being short, I bent down a little, held her head with my hands and very slowly our lips touched. Not in a hurry, we toyed with each other. Then I began to press her full, soft, warm, flavored lips to mine. My tongue found hers and she responded with hers aggressively seeking mine.

Barb was aware she was giving in and didn’t want to upset Janis.

Janis sensed it and eased her guilt by saying “Barb, it’s really okay. We have been experimenting lately and it turns me on when I see my husband doing it with another woman as long as I approve.”

Barbara couldn’t help herself. As I finally pulled away she moaned “Oh god, don’t stop Denny, it’s been too long.”

“Not so fast my wife’s best friend. I still can’t decide who the best kisser is so you two will decide. I want you to kiss each other, as I observe as an uninvolved judge…”

Silence, then Janis stated, “Well one kiss won’t hurt and we are friends.”

“Your right Jan. I’m willing if you are.” At that point they held hands, looked into each other’s eyes and hesitantly stroked the others face. Eyes were closed, mouths slightly open, and bodies slowly came together as they kissed tentatively at first but did not pull back. Now the kiss became more passionate and their body movements more active.

The girls were so wrapped around each other they at first forgot about me. With a touch of reality they finally pulled away and looked sheepish. “Sorry, hope this didn’t embarrass you. We had no idea we would react this way. You don’t think of us as lesbians” Janis cooed.

“Don’t worry my sexy ladies. Now we can have a real threesome! You both are so desirable but I am an over 50 man without that youthful recovery power and can’t possibly satisfy you both for this entire evening. Seems you can fill in very nicely while I regenerating.”

They both giggled like school girls as what I said sank in.

“Well, who won,” Janis quizzed?

In a professional manner, I stated results would be forwarded in the mail and all decisions are final. Everyone laughed.

In the mean time I stated to make a really fair decision I would need a little more time getting to know our guest.

Janis then picked up on my request by suggesting Barb and I have a little privacy in the bedroom for getting to know each other.

“Are you absolutely sure,” Barbara asked?

Janis was quick to assure her she was not only sure she would be disappointed if we didn’t have some private time.

After she put her blouse back on but unbuttoned, I took Barb by the arm and soon we were holding hands and staring at each other behind the closed bedroom door.

I slowly drew her to me. Our bodies completely melted together. I gently caressed her breasts and fingered her perky nipples, then leaned down and took her head in my hands as my lips found her soft neck.

The Clinique perfume mixed with her natural female scent became a complete canlı casino aphrodisiac. I’m sure she could feel my hardness. Our lips then pressed together and tongues again entwined as my hands slid down to cup and squeeze her full ass checks. Her hands were holdings my head until one made its way to my growing groin area.

We were like a couple of teenage first timers until I broke it off and said, “lets get comfortable, I want to totally enjoy this and explore your entire body.”

Barbara just gave me that wanton smile and her big brown eyes had me completely captivated. As I watched, she slowly removed her blouse setting those luscious boobs completely free. Now she was stepping out of her tight skirt which settled on the floor and then off came her flats.

She was about to remove her red, lace bikini panties when I stopped her. “No sexy lady, that will come later, now I just want my eyes to devour your gorgeous body, and let my imagination run wild visualizing what’s under those panties.”

“Oh you are as romantic as Janis said you were”- then caught herself, realizing I now knew they had talked about me in some private ways.

“I don’t know what my sex princess said but tonight it’s just the two of us,” I responded.

With that I quickly pulled off my shirt, pants, and sandals leaving only my bulging silk jockey shorts. Barbara stared, then smiled approvingly.

I looked towards the bed and motioned for her to lie on her back but she hesitated.

“Denny, I haven’t done this in a very long time. I too want to savor the moment and not rush. You had your look, now I want mine.”

At that point she dropped to her knees and slowly removed my shorts revealing a very harden cock.

Barb was like in a trance staring at my manhood. She then took it in her hand and tenderly kissed the tip licking off the pre-come. Holding my penis in one hand, she now tongued the entire length and took my balls each separately into her mouth. She was cooing and moaning and I was really becoming worked up as she attempted to take my entire shaft into her hot waiting mouth.

Getting over excited, I pulled out of her sucking mouth with a loud slurping sound and helped her lie down on the bed.

She spread her legs bringing her knees up. I couldn’t take my eyes off that waiting pussy hidden seductively by those lace panties. Some moisture was forming on the bikini and strands of her pubic hair were visible around the edges.

I do think Barbara was surprised at my strong reaction to her, knowing that I had such an appealing, sexy wife who obviously was a very satisfying lover.

I sat on the side of the bed and fondled her full tits some more. Now I leaned over and lustfully kissed her lips as I felt her nipples hardening just like my cock.

I crawled in bed beside her and positioned my left leg between her legs. Slowly I drew my knee up and made contact with her panty covered cunt and sex mound. Janis loved this and obviously Barb did too as she pushed back.

As my knee worked against her cunt, I kissed and nibbled the side of her neck. Barb was moaning, head turned to side, her eyes were closed, and mouth open and cooing.

“Oh I love this Denny, don’t ever stop.”

Now I began my journey south, “tonguing,” blowing and tasting as I ventured south to her hot boobs, her stomach, her belly button where my tongue paid homage, her soft plump lower stomach area, and finally now to her panty clad pubic mound, briefly blowing softly on it and feeling her pussy hairs tickle my chin.

Barb was now moaning, jerking, and pushing my head towards her waiting pussy. She rose up in anticipation however I had other plans.

Purposely I bypassed her promised land and now moved down to above her knees. My mouth began to explore her inner thighs slowly working up to the ultimate goal.

Barbara was a total wreck. She had already climaxed, her pussy lips were reddened, very wet, and puffy. She was gasping, pumping, and moaning uncontrollably.

Enough was enough. I mouthed her soaked panties and pulled them off. Oh my god. Tasting Barb’s frothy pussy for the first time was overpowering. I inhaled deeply and became mesmerized by her distinct female aroma. My tongue explored the inner canal of her cunt, savoring her creamy juices and nipping her hardened kaçak casino sex button. With my hands cradling her ass checks and she holding my head in place, we rolled in ecstasy on the bed.

Finally as my cum was about to boil over, I rolled on top, spread her legs and buried my hard cock into her lush pussy.

“Are you ready for my load, Barb? My big hard cock wants to screw your cunt flood your love canal with my sweet cum.”

“Oh yes my lover, please bury that hot hard manhood of yours all the way up my pussy and fuck me. I need a good fucking badly,” she wailed.

I pumped for all I was worth as Barbara rose to meet each thrust.

Soon my cum began its journey. I tensed and shot a full load into her lush pussy as she was rocked with one spasm after another and cried out in ecstasy.

We were now both breathing heavy and quite frankly worn out. I kissed her lovingly and finally rolled over on my back to blissfully relax.

Suddenly there was a tapping at the door and Janis appeared. She was only wearing her new black lace see-through panties and a big sultry smile. Even in my current condition I marveled over my gorgeous, feminine, sexy wife. Her slit could be barely seen through the panties but enough to prolong the mystery. Her small nippled but huge tits were an eyeful. As far as I’m concerned, she’s the epitome of the perfect older woman.

Barb instinctively tried to cover up but realized how foolish that was. She then just smiled and let her just fucked body be totally exposed to Janis’s roving eyes.

“My, from the sounds coming out of this room and Barb’s condition, you guys must have had a great time,” Janis laughed.

“Oh did we, I said. Barb is no longer lonely. We totally and literally got into each other. She is one hot lady and I am so glad you have such a sexy and accommodating friend.”

Barbara also purred what good full sex we had but bemoaned the fact that it’s break time now with a touch of disappointment.

“Ah, I don’t think you need a break now, Barb. What you need is some girl love with my beautiful wife which should rejuvenate me just watching.”

On that queue Janis removed her panties and crawled to the other side of me. Here I was in the middle and the thought of these two sex dolls getting with it was already having a strong affect on me.

As I relaxed in anticipation they both began kissing me all over and fondling my semi- soft, cum covered meat then sucked and licked off the jism. After a few minutes they looked into each other’s eyes, passionately kissed, and exchanged what love fluids they had mouthed. Their tits were crushed against each other and their hips fully pressed together.

They began moaning, gasping, then rolling uncontrollably all over the bed. Janis finally tensed and let out a love cry soon followed by Barbs’ oral outburst. Both gasp and collapsed in each other’s arms.

Because of all this fanatical sexual activity, I was already totally aroused. Wonders never cease. My cock needed to be embedded into a warm sex cavern. Janis immediately noticed, straddled my chest and directed my hardened cock into her waiting pussy. She hovered over me, groaned, pumped and ground away with a lustful look in her eyes. My mouth was well occupied sucking her luscious hot perky tipped melons.

Janis suddenly rose up and disconnected our organs. “Ok Barb, you have the honors of finishing him off.”

Barbs oozing twat was suddenly absorbing my manhood as we fucked wildly. Janis had positioned herself to fully watch the action and was captivated over the erotic view of my cum covered cock plunging in and out of Barb’s frothy cunt.

Soon it was time. I tensed up, gasp, and ejaculated my second load into our friend’s waiting love nest. Soon Barb also let out a passionate cry and more than matched my climax.

Still intoxicated with all this sex, I rolled Barb over on her back and both Janis and I eyed her luscious well fucked cunt covered with cum . To conclude our latest sexual fantasy evening, we took turns licking up the jism and our friends’ pussy cream from her love nest. Kissing passionately, we savored and exchanged gobs of love cream as Barb sighed approvingly. It was fitting that our last act was to share Barbara’s essence.

As the girls went into the bathroom to clean up I picked up their decadently smelling panties to savor one final taste and smell. God, if only they could bottle this stuff!

What a night. I sure do enjoy Janis’ friends. Can’t wait for our next sexual adventure!

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