Encounter Ch. 04

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Introduction: ‘Encounter’ records, in dialogue form, sex between two middle-aged strangers who have not had intercourse for a long time. ‘Encounter 2’ and Encounter 3 continue the dialogue. Encounter 4 continues it further.


‘Good morning, Jane. How splendid to wake up holding your bottom.’

‘You’ve been holding it all night. And very comforting that was. Now I can feel you’re finding it exciting, judging by what’s poking my thigh.’

‘Quite right.’

‘Shame not to make use of it.’

‘Jane, I think you’re inviting me, and that is absolutely marvellous.’

‘Can you wait till I’ve been to the bathroom?’

‘Of course. I’d better go, too.’

‘If you lie on your back and lift your left leg, like that, and I lie on my side, like this, I can go into you when you’re ready and use my left hand on your sweet slot, like this.’

Oh yes, Jonathan, I’m nearly ready. Can you feel me getting ready?’

‘Yes, yes, your lips are opening and lubing. Delightful!’

‘Kiss me, Jonathan. That’s delightful, too. Can you kiss my nipples?’

‘That’s another good thing about this position. Look at them swell. Like they’ll never stop. Do they feel good?’

‘They go all tingly, and it spreads down into my bottom and clitoris.’

‘Yes, your clitoris is hardening, and there’s more glaze on your labia.’

‘Do you this keeping maltepe escort up a running commentary?’

‘Yes, I do, very much. It makes me feel confident, and comfortable that everything is going right.’

‘It’s going so much all right I could purr like a cat.’

‘Why don’t you go into me now? I’m sure I’m ready.’

‘You surely are. Here I go, just slipping in. Oh, Jane, that’s heavenly. It’s like you’re sucking me in.’

‘I am, I am. I so much want you inside me. I can feel you moving.’

‘You’re opening for me inside! So deep.’

‘I want to take you through my vagina, into my womb, fill myself with your sperms.’

‘I can come any time, and I feel you’ll suck it all up through your cervix.’

‘Kiss me again, and keep touching my clitoris, and I shall come. Yes, that’s right. I’m going to come, Jonathan. Coming!’

‘I can feel you coming! Pulsing round me. I’m coming!’

‘Jane, that was amazing. The way your vagina spasmed with your orgasm. I don’t remember that happening so much before.’

‘My dear, I don’t think that ever quite happened before. And I could feel you swell and let go into me. It was like you were giving yourself into me.’

‘I was. It was my tribute, my admiration of your beauty.’

‘You’re still inside me. I’m trying to hold you, but you’ll slip out, I know.’

‘It’s mecidiyeköy escort so lovely inside you, Jane. It feels like the way things should be.’

‘Is it because we’re away from home, on this island, where no-one knows us and we can be completely alone and do anything we like?’

‘You mean, is it all a fantasy? No, it’s not. Of course it was easier here for us to meet and go to a room and make love, but the love-making is real. It’s the realist experience I’ve had in years. I feel alive again.’

‘Jonathan, I’m so glad you said that. I feel as if we’ve fucked ourselves back to life. And I would never have used that word before.’

‘I’m so conscious of you. When I touch you I feel as if I have a place in the universe.’

‘Can you come again before breakfast, Jonathan?’

‘Yes, I think I can. Making love with you fills me with desire for more. Can you come again before breakfast?’

‘No. But I want you to. I want you just have me, to show me how you want me, and never mind if I can come or not. I want you to take your penis out of me and make it hard again, and mount me and fuck me like a dog. There, I’m using that word again. Can you do that, Jonathan.’

‘That would be wonderful. Kneel up, then. That’s right. Oh, look at that astounding bottom!’

‘I can’t do that, you know, but I’ll take your word nişantaşı escort for it.’

‘The sight of it is enough, dear Jane. Here, reach back and guide me in. That’s right.’

‘I’m nice and slippery from before, aren’t I? You can just plunge right in.’

‘Oh yes, that’s so good. It might take a little while, since it’s so soon after last time.’

‘There’s no hurry. I’m loving having you in there.’

‘Just being inside your cunt is perfect.’

‘That’s the right word. I’ve never used it before. Inside my cunt, yes. It’s more fitting really than the Latin for sheath.’

‘It’s a little tighter now you’re not getting ready to cum.’

‘Is that all right? Have I got a good cunt, Jonathan?’

‘Perfect, as I said. Can you feel me reaching your cervix? Your cunt is a bit shorter now. Did you know cunts expand when a woman is aroused?’

‘I didn’t know as a fact, but I think I’ve noticed it in myself. Yes, I can feel you’re in as far as you can go. Is it still all right?’

‘Always perfect, whatever state it’s in. And I’m going to come.’

‘Shall I push back, or wriggle my bottom or anything?’

‘No. Keep perfectly still. I’m going to hold your cheeks tight and pull myself in, like this. And this. It’s coming. Now!’

‘Oh yes! I felt you swell and squirt. I hope I’m full of your sperms. I can feel my cunt sucking them in.’

‘Thank you, Jane. That was so generous.’

‘No. It was what I wanted. I wanted you to be so excited by my body that you could just fuck me. Later on I’m going to fuck you, too. I’ve just thought of that possibility. Now if we fall sideways you can stay in me a little while. That’s the way.’

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