Enigma Pt. 03

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ENIGMA Part I was basically an infatuation between a 19 year old college girl — Joshna — and a mature 48 year old successful Entrepreneur — Dev. How she had developed a crush for him when in her High School and her crush led to infatuation and finally culminated in obsession!

ENIGMA Part II was the introduction of Jyoti — the 38 year widow mother of Joshna. Hospitalised owing to a massive heart attack. Dev coming for the rescue. Joshna was over-whelmed with Dev’s help. She was indebted. Consequently the night in the ICU saw one of the most mind-boggling blow-jobs Dev ever got and the first touch of a tongue inside Joshna’s virgin cunt!

ENIGMA Part III Is all the way a story between Dev and Jyoti… Joshna being a mute spectator or… At best a catalyst!



CHAPTER: 12 — Taming Of Jyoti! (38 Year Old War-Widow Mother Of 19 Year Joshna)

After staying in the hospital for a period of two weeks, finally Joshna’s mother — Jyoti was back over to their house. I (Dev) was paying them a visit regularly everyday night to check up all the things were okay or not. Even there were regular check-ups at home by the best cardiologists available in Bhubaneswar. Though, Joshna never objected to my visits, or was less vociferous, and rather was waiting eagerly everyday night; her mother Jyoti was feeling slightly awkward.

Then on a Saturday night when I reached their duplex at about 10.00 PM, Joshna was more than quick to open the door for me to enter in. As usual she wished me and I reciprocated; but could notice an under-current of gloominess in her otherwise bubbly and beautiful face!

“Is everything okay?” I enquired.

“No.” She gave probably the shortest reply I’d ever heard from her.


“We’re worried!”

“Well, ‘we’ mean you and your mother.”


“Why? What happened?”

“Mom’ll elaborate the same to you.” Saying so she vanished into the kitchen.

I first looked at Joshna as she was distancing herself from me and vanishing into the kitchen. Her opulent butt-cheeks were oscillating to a fine rhythm with every single forward step she was making. Then I looked at the staircase leading to the first floor. Thought for a while and started climbing the steps tentatively.


As I reached the master bedroom saw the door was closed but not locked. So, I just turned the knob and peeped in. There was standing Jyoti diagonally opposite to me — her face to the full length mirror and back to me.

Just fresh from bath had clad only in her Sari. Yet to wear the blouse and bra. I could see the reflection of her womanly boobs — might be 38″ ‘D’ with dollar-size areoles and bullet-size nipples. Her dusky bare back was smooth and shiny. Droplets of water still falling from over her freshly shampooed hair on to the fleshy back creating illusion of priceless pearls! I was lost! Lost in her semi-nakedness!

Mad with ‘Kama’ (desire) I stepped forward and wrapped my left arm around her waist, while putting the right hand over her mouth. She was shocked! Without any warning I stooped down and took her exposed left nipple into my mouth. Jyoti was shocked! So also her nipple! She was taken completely by surprise! And her nipple grew harder in my mouth!

She gasped!

Never expecting this in the wildest of her imagination! She screamed once, more out of astonishment than out of any pleasure! Tried to pull her body back and told me sharply to stop. But I had held her in place while continued to suck on her nipple as well as her areole and a larger portion of her breast too! Without stopping. She put her hands on my shoulders and urged me to move away from her with as much strength as she had. But alas, I was much bigger and stronger than her. I kept sucking her nipple. Then had my strong hands on her sides, partially around her back, gripping her tightly, and secured her chest to my eager mouth.

Now she started feeling her nakedness very clearly! So exposed! And so helpless! She looked around frantically for any immediate help! She slapped my arms and shoulders with her hands… To distract my attention… But this seemed to have no effect on me… For she did not known the level of my determination… When I desire to get something… I do get it… My way… The way I like it… Only a matter of time… With some soon… With others sooner… But never late! Joshna was the only treasured creature for whom I waited a painful three year period!

Back to present situation… I rejuvenated my licking and sucking of her delicate nipple much harder and stronger! Jyoti was in real mental turmoil… Her nipple felt so aroused and vulnerable… So helplessly trapped inside my wet and warm mouth… I could feel my cock started to grow harder… As I kept on sucking her long and stout nipple… Jyoti started casino siteleri realising that unless controlled at this moment of time… She would soon completely lose control of the situation… She caught hold of my head with both her hands and said more sternly… With a growing anger in her voice, “Stop this… I mean it… What are you doing? Get the hell off of me!” She said and then paused for a moment, “Joshna is down stair. Might come in any moment.

But what she did not realise was that… Joshna her 19 year old daughter… Was standing right at the entrance of her master bedroom door… Looking at her dearest mother was being ravishingly enjoyed by me… It was Joshna’s master plan… And master stroke… To involve and indulge… Her sweet widow mother… In the most erotic way… To ravish by the carnal desire… Which she was deprived of for the past twenty years!

I ignored her pleas and kept on sucking and licking the same nipple continuously uninterrupted. Jyoti turned her head to the left and then right vigorously… Highly embarrassed by what was happening to her and to her slowly arousing body… Desperately looking for some sort of assistance… And still assuming this to be nothing more than a sexual overture of different kind… Some sort of a nick of the moment arousal prank… Of totally different kind… Seldom realising the very fact that I was really going too far… So far as she and her luscious body was concerned… Mad with lust I bite her left nipple pretty hard!

She really got very angry and shouted in a low yet firm tone, “Okay… That’s enough… Would you now allow me to wear my bra and blouse please…”. Saying so she desperately intended to push off my face from her heaving chest… But she just could not get my mouth separated from her heavy bosom… She made her tiny palms into tight fists and started beating upon the tops of my muscular shoulders…With really no real effect on my body or mind… Rather her very action acted as a catalyst to ignite my passion further… She tried to pull me off by my hair… But my crew cut short hair was slippery enough with cream and perspiration… Subsequently making her soft hands slipped off. She snarled, “Oh Shit… Will you stop it… For heaven sake?”

I kept on assaulting the same left nipple… Sucking it in deeper and tickling the tip with my tongue… It was a magic touch on her already sore nipple… I kept it on for about a minute or so… Then began to pull my mouth back… Away from the tight suction on her fleshy breast… But still holding her nipple flesh between my lips gently… As if holding a ripe Concorde grape between my lips… Drawing out her now tender nipple with soft insistence… Pulling it… Chewing it… Biting it… Extending it… And teasing it… With my lips, teeth and tip of my tongue… But keeping the very end of the breast distended with his mouth… Finally releasing it TOTALLY! I did this REPEATEDLY… DELIBERATELY… PURPOSEFULLY. She was too dazed to think of anything now but my mouth…

She was literally absorbed in my deadly mouth and its attachment to her desperate body!

I let go of the nipple and now began to lick the tender underside of her other breast… Then the top… Followed by the sides…And finally back to her susceptible nipple… Only to repeat the action again… And again… And again… I did this repeatedly… So her breast glistened with my saliva… I kissed and licked the sensitive area on the side of her sensible breast where the swell begins… I ran my tongue all around the outside of her breast… Making gradually smaller concentric circles… With my tongue until I concentrated again on her now acutely sore sensitive nipple… Made even more so by the constant titillation… Licking with wet circles around the end and then… Tickling the very tip with my eager tongue…


CHAPTER: 13 — The Ordeal Continued With Jyoti! And Her Daughter Joshna Enjoying It!

Whenever I did this, her upper body twitched… And her arms clutched about my head more tightly… This was her first indication to me… THAT IS WAS AROUSED… AND ENJOYING MY ASSAULT… ON HER… She was completely helpless… In a hopeless situation… Lost as the passionate waves of sexual gratification started bathing her body completely inside out… First it had been her left breast… Now the all too sensitive right was being methodically besieged… Teased and aroused to a fever pitch… By me in a pre-planned way… Strategically… Systematically…

Oh, what was I doing to her…? She couldn’t remember where she was… Or even who she was… Or for that matter… What I was doing to her… Or where is Joshna… And what the hell she was doing… Joshna was still at the doorway of the room… Relishing her 38 year old mother is being molested and manipulated by a 48 year old man… AN ALPHA MAN… TO BE PRECISE… Jyoti started involuntarily to move her buttocks canlı casino slightly up… Pressing her vagina against my thigh… She could feel my unprecedented erection bumping along her inner thigh… And then closer to her… Near her Sari-Clad crotch… The tip of my desperate cock… Just brushing up and past very gently… Against her hairy and puffy labia… She was in torment… About to pass-out at any moment of time…


Then I did something she never expected in the wildest of her imagination… As her Sari-Clad nether lips were so delicately teased with the tip of my rampant cock… Exciting her… Maddening her… With the implication of these touches… I began licking-up her nipple with the flat of my tongue… I took her hand in my strong hand and pulled her right arm back over her head onto the side… Exposing her smooth and naked underarm… I started my tongue at her right nipple… Trailed my tongue slowly up her chest… Along her side… To her underarm… And began to kiss her and tickle her there… With the flatness of my tongue.




Jyoti was spell-bound! It was as if an electric shock ran through her entire body! She tried to pull her arm down to escape this new agony… But could not… I held it firmly above her head… Then continued to tease and torment her hairy underarm… With the tip of my eager tongue… Licking up her arm and then back down… To her underarm again… Which was having a glorious growth of long and dense armpit hair…

Then back to her nipple… And then back to her underarm… Again… And again… And again… She was going wild… No one had ever done this to her probably before… I made maddening little circles with my tongue as I provoked and teased her into moaning like a maniac… Anticipating her supposed move… Well in advance… I made her lie flat on her back he on the well cushioned king-size master bed… And then sucking first left breast then the right… When she began to struggle and whimper… I started kissing her long and strong… Exploring her exquisite mouth with my eager tongue…


CHAPTER: 14 — Teasing Jyoti By Tasting Her!

She ceased resisting me any more… Rather kissed me back… Just as fervently… As I was doing her… That was my first win over her body and mind… From the corner of my eyes I saw Joshna was looking both at me and at her mother… As now her left hand was slowly stoking my erect cock… Her fingers couldn’t go around the girth of my one-eyed monster… There was an element of surprise in her eyes and face… But the very next moment she giggled like a newly-wed bride… And slowly started stroking it lustfully… She lost hold on her lifeline to reality when I slowly began moving down her amorous body…

After kissing her deeply… I kissed my way back to her firm and fleshy breasts… Her nipples were stiff with excitement as I sucked and licked her round cone shaped mounds again and again… For the first time she moaned… It was low but long… I continued down her belly… And to the top of her Amazon forest bush… Now I realised where from Joshna had inherited her pubic treasure… Like mother like daughter…

Positioning myself between her plump legs… I was licking and kissing her inner fleshy thighs… Closer and closer to her bushy pussy… Placing my mouth over her delicious hole… I fucked her like a pro with my tongue… Then, licking her clit… I fucked her with a stubby middle finger… She moaned again and held my head close to her pussy… Her hips were gyrating above the mauve coloured satin bed-spread… Trying to get closer to my eager mouth and experienced finger… She came with a suddenness that surprised me to the hilt…”Ooohhhhhh… Dev… Pleeeease… Stop it… I’m toooooo sensitive out there!” Jyoti said in a pleading tone.

I was just getting warmed up… And wanted more of her juices… To my heart content… But did as she said… To gain her confidence… And subsequently divert her attention… I worked my way back up her body… Kissing and licking every inch on the way… Up her voluptuous body…

“Dev!” She addressed me with love for the first time, “I’m really shocked and perturbed that… things went out this far…. Though I thoroughly enjoyed it… We must stop it at this point… I know you’re a happily married person with a growth up daughter… And you know I’m a widow with a grown up daughter… This won’t be right for us to do things in the wrong way… You’ll be wrong… I’ll be wrong… And two wrongs will never make a right!” Jyoti begged to me with folding hands.

I looked at her first then at the doorway… Where Joshna was standing and listening kaçak casino to her mother pleading to me… She stepped forward… Came near the bed to my rescue… “MOM!” She said as she put her loving fingers on her dishelved hair… Jyoti was shell-shocked! She was stark-naked… Whereas Joshna was fully clothed… She turned her face away from her daughter to avoid eye contact… Joshna stooped down and kissed her mother on her cheek and said in a soft and sober voice, “DADDY was dead even before I was born. I’m nineteen… And as far as I know… You do not have any fringes… In your life so far… Just because you wanted to give me everything!” She stopped for a moment and continued, “Now, it is payback time for me! I know Dev Uncle… Who’s also my ‘Daddy-Uncle’… My ‘God-Father’… My Guardian… For the past four years… Please allow him to be with you… Trust me… You won’t repent his possession over your un-touched body… For the past twenty years… If you don’t like it this time… I won’t force you in future for the second time… I promise…” Saying so Joshna caught hold of my long and thick cock and guided it on to the hairy labia of her mother Jyoti!

As the tip of my huge mushroom head brushed past Jyoti’s outer labia… Her body quivered with anticipation… I pushed my hip forward… The massive head pried open her outer labia…

“Just the TIP Please…” Jyoti cooked.

“Sure. Just the TIP!” I assured her. Then instead of putting my cock head on to her labial lips… I put my shaft in a way… The bottom portion was resting horizontally between her thick and long labia… She moaned… I moved forward and backward… That way the base of my cock was rubbing against her hairy crotch…

I had other plans for her… Just flipped her over… And she squealed as I pinned her wrists to the bed… I kissed my way down her long, slender neck… And she arched her back… Her nipples spiked and thrusting… Begging for my touch… I was happy to oblige… When my lips touched those hard little buttons… She gasped and tangled her fingers in my hair… Pulling me into the firm mound and calling my name repeatedly… I had never seen even my dear wife this turned on before…

Though she was always very responsive… And her nipples are always very sensitive… But this was something totally a new and amazing experience to me… I loved on them for what seemed like ten minutes… But couldn’t have been… Because she guided my head lower… I think she had a small orgasm… While I was loving those luscious tits.

“More… Dev… I need more… Really a lot more!” She cried out in an admixture of pain and pleasure… I kissed my way down over her flat belly… As she arched her back… Seeking and revealing in the contact… I pulled on those mid-night black coloured curls below with my lips and she giggled and sighed… She willingly spread her dusky thighs for me… When I lay between them and her muscles quivered and tautened… As I nibbled on the silky flesh of her inner thighs… I nipped at her… Letting her feel my teeth… And she groaned and began a slow writhe… Just a hint of tremble in her motions…

I knew that sign of her rising excitement… And I nibbled my way up to… Her inner lips were sealed shut in a beautiful line… That extended up to the button of her little clit… She had a beautiful pussy… Hairy and clean and sweet… There was a little drop of honey leaking and I lapped it up… Savouring the taste of her… To my heart content… She twitched at the contact of my tongue… Against her lips and… I used it to open her like a beautiful flower… She bucked under my touch… And there was a flood of moisture… I lapped it up like a starving dog… As she twisted her hips and writhed beneath me…

Her moans were now constant and… When I worked my way up her lips to the little nub of her clitoris… She arched her pelvis toward my lips… Seeking and finding what she craved for… I teased its protective hood and the little button peeked out… She squealed and jumped when my tongue hit it… I loved on it and… Caressed it gently and… The trembling in her body grew more pronounced… I pulled my lips away from it and… Tapped on it gently with my fingertip… She jerked convulsively… “Ooohhhhhh… Gaawwwdddd… Yes… Dev!” Her gasps were electric… “You’re driving me wild!”

I took it back between my lips and… Lashed at it with my tongue… Causing her to explode off the bed… Crying out and thrusting against me… When I added a finger to her tight little sheath… She went off again… I kept her there as long as I could… My finger buried in her hot moistness… I added another and… Licked frantically along the pink lips… Her engorged clit standing lonely above… Until she started to come down… She was beginning to relax and I attacked it again… She shrieked and tried to push me away…

I captured her slender wrists in one hand and… Put some weight on her… Trapping her in place and… Continuing to attack her clit… “No!”… Her voice was a little frantic… “Pleeeease… Dev… I can’t stand anymore! Don’t do it to me… Pleeeease stop!”

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