Family Cabin Ch. 02

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=== Friendly warning: Parts of this series include incest between a man and his father ===


“Glad we chose the tallest hill on the planet for this fucking trip,” Hunter huffed a couple steps behind us.

“Watch your mouth, son!” Mr. Cooper reprimanded him as he lead the way. I followed behind and couldn’t help but feel a little bit of mean joy from the fact that Hunter was hating this trip so much. He was the one who wanted to do it so badly in the first place and he constantly made fun of me saying that I will not be able to go through it all the way. Well, who’s laughing now?

After yesterday’s nap, we went down and found Hunter’s dad downstairs. He didn’t seem to suspect that we were fucking like rabbits and that I was wearing his hunting gear while doing it. I was so relieved. I was afraid it was going to create awkward tension between us – my boyfriend and his dad seemed to get along amazingly, but I really didn’t want our intimate life to mix into it. I just felt like that would do no good.

We had been walking since dawn – there was supposed to be an amazing viewpoint of the whole area somewhere atop this hill. The only catch was that it was an all-day hike. At first, I thought that I wouldn’t be up for it, but after a few miles, I discovered that it wasn’t so bad. I was glad because I wanted to make a good impression on Mr. Cooper. I didn’t want him to think of me like just a spoiled city boy. I followed his footsteps and couldn’t help but admire his physique. He seemed to have more stamina than Hunter and I combined. Some memories from yesterday tried to creep into my thoughts but I quickly batted them away as soon as I felt my shorts getting a bit too tight.

After a couple more miles, I turned around and saw that Hunter was falling behind a lot. He was sitting down on a log, trying to catch his breath. Okay, this wasn’t funny anymore… I was actually getting concerned.

“Hunter?” I shouted, in a worried tone, “Is there something wrong?”

He just waved at me, but then buried his face into his hands. Oh crap! I turned around and ran up to him. I kneeled down and put my arm around his shoulders.

“Probably the flu,” Mr. Cooper added. I didn’t even notice that he caught up to me. He also sounded a little concerned. He kneeled down and put his hand on his son’s forehead.

“Yeah…” he said, shaking his head, “You’re burning up. That’s a fever.”

“Do you think we should take him back to the city?” I asked him, concerned. He shook his head.

“No, little Hunter almost always caught one of these on the first day we came here. His body is probably overly sensitive to the water here or something… He’s going to be fine in a day, he just needs an aspirin, a cup of tea and some sleep.”

“I’m feeling totally fine,” Hunter said, his voice all hazy and weak. He started getting up onto his feet. “We can continue with the trip, I’ll walk it off.”

“Nonsense,” his dad announced in a tone that implied zero room for discussion, “We’re taking you back. Gary’s gonna help me carry you and you can piggyback for a while.”

“Dad, you’re overreacting,” Hunter groaned, “Just let me-”

“No negotiations, mister!” Mr. Cooper raised his voice. It took me off guard how authoritative he could get. No sane mind would dare to cross anyone with that tone. “We’re marching back, and now!”

Walking back took us a little longer than walking there, but luckily we weren’t so far from the cabin just yet. We reached it in about an hour, more or less. At first, I was really concerned for my boyfriend – he looked so pale and weak that I doubted what Mr. Cooper said about it lasting for just one day. His dad almost had to carry him for the very last portion of the way, which earned my respect. How strong was this guy that he was able to carry another adult human for so long?

Luckily, everything changed once we got to the cabin. We sent Hunter to the shower and made him some instant soup (for lack of any better sick day food) and a cup of hot tea. I put it all onto a tray and when I reached the bedroom, he was looking better already. He was even smiling – even though he still looked very tired.

“Thanks,” he said as he tried to take the cup from the tray before immediately putting it back.

“Yeah, it’s hot,” I chuckled, “You gotta be careful.”

“I’m so lucky that I have such good caretakers…” he said, voice overly soft while stroking my arm overly lovingly, “My strong heroes, my lighthouses at the dark sea-”

“Okay, that’s enough,” I laughed as I backed away from his hand. His terrible sense of humor was returning. Good – that was a good sign. I put the tray on the nightstand and sat on the edge of the bed.

“How are you feeling?” I asked while putting my head onto his forehead. Not quite there yet, but it seemed much better.

“Most of it is gone, I think,” he answered, “I don’t think that we should sleep together tonight though. I’ll probably be fine tomorrow but if you catch it from me, whatever it is, we will just keep passing it between each other.”

“I casino siteleri guess you’re right,” I said, as I stroked his hair, “I guess I’ll take the couch then.”

“Don’t sleep on that old, creaky thing. You’ll ruin your back,” he dismissed that idea while he tried taking a small sip of the tea once again, “Take one of my brother’s rooms.”

“There are no beds in there anymore,” said Mr. Cooper. I looked around – I barely even heard him come to the room. He was leaning on the door frame now, looking over his son. “One got broken during the renovation so we got rid of it. The other one was a piece of junk so I threw it out too.”

“Fuck…” Hunter groaned, “I don’t want to get you sick, man.”

“There’s one more option – if you don’t mind, you can just bunk with me,” Mr. Cooper said as he turned to me, “Sure, it’s not the biggest bed in the world… But it would be just fine for one night. I think.”

I didn’t know how to feel about that idea. I mean I just started getting along with his dad and now it was supposed to get this awkward? The two of us sharing a bed? I was about to say no to that but then I saw Hunter nodding his head.

“Do that, Gary, I would hate to infect you with this crap,” he said before he smiled at me, “Don’t worry about me, just make sure you get some good sleep. Well, if that’s going to be even possible – when my dad starts snoring, it sounds like a bunch of fireworks going off in a crockpot.”

Mr. Cooper let out a deep chuckle.

“You know, I’ll let that one slide without a comment since you’re sick and all. But don’t get too used to it! It’s settled, then. Gary, you’re sharing the bed with me tonight.”

Okay then… I guess I didn’t have much choice. I still wasn’t totally sure about the idea, but maybe I was overreacting. How awkward could it possibly get?

I decided to take a walk that afternoon and check out the surroundings of the cabin. Hunter and his dad sure had a point – there was a certain beauty to this all – being out here in the almost intact wilderness, breathing the fresh air and not being disturbed by anyone. I actually got so caught up in it that I caught the sun setting. Worried that I won’t find the way home, I practically ran back – the last thing I wanted was to end up lost in the middle of the woods in the dark!

When I got back to the cabin, Hunter was already asleep. His dad was nowhere to be found, so I assumed he was in the bedroom. At first, I considered laying down on the couch for a bit with a book, but my hurting body made it pretty clear that it was done for the day. Very well then… it wasn’t that late just yet, but perhaps I should get some sleep. It was a crazy day anyway!

I knocked and automatically opened the door to Mr. Cooper’s bedroom and I froze for a second in the doorway. He was there, in the middle of the room – wearing nothing but his underwear. The sight caught me off guard, to say the least – in my family, everybody was always very modest. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my own parents out of their clothes… Needless to say that seeing my boyfriend’s dad like that felt very, very awkward!

“Um, sorry,” I said, blushing, “I didn’t realize I was interrupting.”

“Not at all!” he said with a chuckle and gave me a warm smile, “Come in! I was just doing a couple of stretches. I think I pulled a muscle.”

He then proceeded to stretch his arm over his head and reveal his hairy armpit. I do have to admit – even though I did my best to hide it, I stared. Hunter’s dad was kind of a beefcake. His body was just as hairy as I imagined it when he had his clothes on, and his body had that nice dad built – a bunch of solid muscles from back in the day hidden under a small layer of fat, making him look big and imposing. He didn’t bother too much with a razor, that was for sure – his pubes were roaming and growing wild everywhere. His body reminded me of the gay bear porn I used to look up when I was young and discovering my sexuality… Men like him were always my go-to before I broadened my horizons. That, and also the fact that he was sharing some features with Hunter – his face, his thick calves, the pattern of body hair on his treasure trail – was making me feel kinda…


I woke up from the trance and met his look. Shit. Did he ask me a question?

“Huh? Sorry?”

“I asked if you enjoyed the walk outside,” he repeated patiently, still wearing that smile. Oh god, I hope he didn’t notice me staring…

“Yeah!” I nodded, trying to get back into my regular way of thinking – that distracting image of his promising bulge in those perfectly tight boxer briefs was making that very hard though, “Yeah, it was beautiful actually. I had no idea that it was going to be like that out here.”

“Told you,” he said, in a satisfied tone, “This place makes you aware passions you didn’t even know you had…”

I nodded and tried to look away from his body, especially from that imprint in his crotch. God, once again, I’m fantasizing about my boyfriend’s dad’s dick! I need to get a grip…

“I canlı casino was thinking I would go to sleep a little earlier tonight,” I said, heading to the edge of the bed. This thing was small! It was just enough for one adult person – but with me and the massive body of Mr. Cooper, this was about to get really personal. I tried not to think about it as I started taking my shoes and socks off.

“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea,” Mr. Cooper said as he sat down on the same edge of the bed as me – close enough for us to almost be touching our thighs, “I’m not as young and strong as I thought when I promised that I would help carry Hunter. He really wore me out today…”

I chuckled at that. Mr. Cooper paused for a bit, before he continued, his voice a little more suggestive.

“…differently but also kind of like he wore you out yesterday.”

I froze, with my sock in my hand. I turned to see Mr. Cooper looking at me with a cheeky smile on his face. Oh fuck. He knew.

“You… I… I’m sorry?” I tried playing dumb.

“When I went to the basement yesterday before I wanted to take off, I found out that I was wrong about the fuel. There was a bunch of it stored down there – I must have forgotten about it,” he explained, “So much actually, that it would easily last us for this entire trip, so I didn’t go anywhere. I was about to go up and let you know, but you were already too busy to talk.”

Now, THIS was embarrassing… Mr. Cooper heard me getting railed by his son! God, and I wasn’t even trying to be silent! It was our most passionate sex in a long time and Hunter’s dad was there to witness all of it. I practically felt my face going red.

“I… I’m… I’m really sorry,” I stuttered, trying to make excuses for why we ignored Mr. Cooper’s rule about fooling around. He raised a hand to interrupt me though.

“It’s okay, Gary. I was once young too. I figured you were going to do this here sooner or later. And it was wrong of me to try to stay in the way of your VERY passionate relationship.”

I grabbed the bedsheet I was sitting on out of embarrassment. I was discussing my sex life with Hunter with his father – who happened to be sitting on the same bed, only in his underwear. He seemed to shuffle closer to me too – his hairy thigh was now rubbing against mine, contrasting with my mostly smooth and thin leg. And wasn’t his bulge a little bit bigger now?

“I was just a little worried, you know,” he said as he put his hand around my shoulders, making me feel the weight of it and his strength, “I wanted to make sure my son treats you like a gentleman. It sounded like it got pretty rough.”

“I…” I stuttered again, distracted by his touch, “Yeah, yes! Of course! He’s the best guy I could ask for and I… Well… I like it a little rough sometimes.”

“Mhm…” Hunter’s dad said as he shuffled even closer. He was really close now – close enough for me to smell his musky, manly odor. Tangy sweat, mixed with… was he using the same cologne as Hunter did? Or was the familiarity there just because they were related? His eyes were looking down, directly into mine, but he didn’t seem shy. No… he seemed… eager.

“Is that so?” he asked, as his calloused fingertips ran down my spine. I arched my back as I felt his fingers tapping on the little piece of exposed skin between my shirt and my jeans. I tensed up and my heart started beating twice as fast. Was Hunter’s dad coming on to me?

“So, he’s able to satisfy you. That’s good,” he said, as his hand slowly crept under the fabric of my shirt – his rugged hand running over my naked skin, “You know… He’s not the only one from this family, who’s able to satisfy a man”. I tensed up. Why wasn’t I stopping him? Why wasn’t I saying no? And why was I so painfully hard?!

I crossed my legs to hide my hardon, but his free hand gently landed on my knee and opened them again, showing my erection in all of its beauty.

“That’s not necessary, my boy,” he whispered to me gently, his hand still roaming under my shirt, boldly exploring my body, “No need to be ashamed of your own body. Look – I have the same problem as you.”

He opened his legs a little wider and I’m ashamed to say my eyes dropped right onto his crotch. I gasped as I saw his dick, just semi-hard but already tenting the underwear to its limits. The wet spot at the front made the fabric a bit transparent and was exposing part of his bloated, full mushroom tip. It looked so tempting and delicious…

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” I shook my head, but it was more of a statement than an interruption. It was the very last piece of effort my rational brain decided to put into this before succumbing to the power of pure lust. I felt Mr. Cooper’s fingers grabbing my chin and making me look up to his handsome face.

“That’s right, Gary,” he said, his eyes piercing through mine, “We shouldn’t.”

Then, he leaned in and pushed his bearded lips on mine. There was little time to react before I tasted the whiskey on his breath and his wet, eager tongue pushing its way between kaçak casino my lips. A rush of emotions washed over me. The way he put his hand behind my head and slowly let his fingers travel down the back of my neck… God, that was exactly the same way Hunter always kissed me!

I gave in. It was just too much. I was so horny, and the thought of unleashing this bearish stud onto my body was just too much to resist. I opened my lips and let Hunter’s dad explore my mouth. His fat tongue dominated me and made its way down my throat as he stepped even further. He grabbed me by the hips and pushed me on my back. I felt his huge hands on my vulnerable, naked skin and I wanted to feel them everywhere. And they complied.

“Ahhhmmm!” I moaned into his mouth as he started manhandling my pecs. His greedy, lustful fingers grabbed then hard and squeezed my nipples tightly. I felt my body growing soft and docile, opening my legs and allowing this stud to climb over me. His shadow covered my whole body and I couldn’t smell anything else but him. His sweat was filling up my nostrils and making me feel even hornier. I felt his strong, giant body pinning me down to the mattress, his rock-hard bulge pressing against mine. All the while he was teasing me with his skilled hands and biting on my lower lip.

He was breathing hard and even hornier than me. He was like an animal, looking for a release of his sexual tension. Hunter told me that his dad was single for a long time… And I was here now to experience all that sexual energy, releasing onto me in the form of his beautiful, big body rubbing against mine. I wanted to please him so much. I wanted to be the one who puts an end to his dry spell and spills all of that pent up load, preferably all over me.

It was so wrong… But that was what made it so hot. I was grinding against my boyfriend’s dad’s hard dick! I tasted his lips and I felt his hairy chest against my smooth body! His hands were playing with my nipples and my dick was getting ready to explode!

One of his hands went rogue and slid down my belly and straight into my underwear. I gasped when his fingers wrapped around my dick. It was already so hard and wet from rubbing over Mr. Cooper’s hardon, I wasn’t sure how long I would be able to last. But it seemed like Hunter’s dad didn’t want me to last – he wanted me to blow my load, right there in my already drenched underwear. I arched my back and moaned. His rough, huge hands were a little bit too much to handle. I knew I wouldn’t last long and he knew it too.

He soon got exactly what he wanted. I moaned hard and felt myself getting past the edge. My dick spasmed and started spurting ropes of cum right into my tight underwear. Mr. Cooper didn’t stop, he kept rubbing my dick and milking out more and more cum out of it. I moaned and whimpered into his ear as he kissed my neck, taking my incredible orgasm to perfect completion.

As soon as it finished, it dawned on me what had just happened. I was about to open my mouth and say something, but Hunter’s dad slid his cum-covered hand out of my underwear and grabbed me hard. His strong muscles easily flipped me onto my back and before I knew it, I was facing the pillows. It was time for him to get a release.

“I’ve been dreaming about this ever since I met you,” he growled into my ear as he pushed me down into the mattress, my moaning mouth meeting the sheets of the bed. I felt his masculine, hot body on top of me, claiming me like the alpha stud that he was. He really was his son’s father. I was helpless against his manly power but I wasn’t uncomfortable. On the contrary – I wanted more and more, no matter how wrong this was. Even though I already came, at some level, I wanted this to continue.

His body started grinding against me once more, his clothed bulge rubbing the rough cloth of his underwear on my lower back, going closer and closer to my buttcheeks. I’m ashamed to say that I was horny enough to thrust back – I wanted to be the object of his pleasure. I wanted to feel his dick on my naked skin. And soon I got what I wanted… Mr. Cooper reached down to release himself from the encasement of his boxer briefs. I felt his fat, sweaty cock bounce out and slap right onto my lower back. It was warm and wet and it felt massive. I didn’t get to see it, but I sure as hell felt the power of it.

Hunter’s dad apparently enjoyed me in a position where I was, because his strong hands grabbed my wrists and held them against my back. I complied eagerly, even though I was a little disappointed he wouldn’t let me even have a look at that naked cock of his. But subjecting to his power was just so much more gratifying… If he only knew that his son was exactly the same in the bedroom. Naturally in charge, physically and mentally. He asked no questions, he just took what he wanted. That’s what made it really click between us in the bedroom.

Now I finally knew where he got it from.

I felt the man’s breath on the back of my neck and his throbbing, fat cock sliding up and down the crack between my cheeks. Apparently, he was hesitant to slide it right in. Some hangups might have caught up to him – I was his son’s boyfriend after all. He didn’t want to go all the way. But he also wanted a release – no, he NEEDED it. And I was eager to help.

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