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So, I’m not a great writer, nor am I wealthy. Throughout this whole story you may see typos; I’m using my ipad for this because my computer sucks shit. So expect mistakes.
These events are all true, though I have changed my friends name to “Isaac”. Now, lets get onto the fucking story before I bore you all to death with my non-sexual texts.
—————————————————————————————————————————————————- This story takes place around the early 2000’s.
In a town called Columbia, Maryland.

My names Declan, I’m a chineese asian, age 12. I have a best friend named Isaac, we were basically best friends since day one, and to this day we still are. So, my first expierience starts at Isaac’s house, playing a video game called “Metal Arms: Glitch in the system”. Now Isaac, was about 5’3, the same as me, and he was asian also. He was wearing low shorts that day, I could see a bit of his underwear when he got up to go to the bathroom. I also knew he was packing a one incher at the time, saw him getting undressed to go to the pool once, never thought anything of it until my first time with him.

So, we were sitting there, playing videogames on the Ps2, laughing at the game itself, having lots of fun. After about an hour though, Isaac got a little quiet. I finally looked over at him, he seemed to be embarassed about something… Then I saw a tent in his pants. I immediatly knew what he had, I smirked a bit and played antalya escort bayan on for about thrity more minutes. After eating dinner with Isaac and his family I headed home, thinking about my best friends little tent….

It was the next morning… A SATURDAY! I got up, had my breakfast, and headed torwards Isaac’s house. On Saturdays, me and him usually go to the playground and do kid things. I dart up to Isaac’s door. “Hey Isaac! You ready to go to the park?” I said, yelling into his open window. Isaac then says “Yeah, let me just grt my shorts on!” he quickly yells out to me and then silence. Two second later, he opens the door. “Isaac I brought my Lego-” I paused and looked at the shorts he was wearing, some hot skinny orange shorts, they looked tight, and I could see a outline of his 1 inch wonder. “Erm, I brought my Legos today.” He smiled with joy and we walked down to the empty playground. The whole time though I wasn’t focused on playing with Legos, I was focused on his crotch.

We got to the park, I guess we got bored after five minutes because we decided to sit down on a bench together and admire the empty park.”Hey, Declan?” He looks at me with the most beuatiful facial expression. “What?” I say to Isaac with a straight face, admiring him, just thinking about his shorts.” I saw you peeking at me yesterday, are… are you gay?” When Isaac said this my eyes widened open. “Er, um… no” I was very nervous after that, stuttering when talking to him. He just looked down a bit, escort bayan his eyes facing me a bit; looking adorable.”Um… Sorry if I made this awkward….” My best friend was blushing, blushing at the fact that I was staring at the newly pitched tent in his pants. I looked up at him, lunged forward and started kissing him. This may sound like it happend all too quickly, but it did. It actually happend this fast. He tried to say my name, but it was all muffled. You could hear slurping noises from the kissing, and us moaning from the pleasure that this all brought us. I grabbed at his dick, his eyes widened and he moaned. In a flash we were on the soft grass, pulling down our shorts, grabbing each others dicks. He started to jerk my 3 inch hard on, we were in total pleasure, moaning at every stroke. “Oh god Isaac! Fuuuuck!” I squinted my eyes as he squeezed my little balls, and jerked me so fast. Isaac stopped me from jerking him, actually, the jerking stopped all together. He told me to get my pants on, I looked at him confused, but, I did what I was told. We headed back to his house… This is where shit goes down….


We arrive at his house, open the door, run up the stairs, and go into his room. Isaac then locks his door and strips his pants down to show his sexy 3 inch hard on.”Decky, take yours off” He said, horny as can be. As I took my clothes off he took his shirt off, and he flopped on his bed.” Can we fuck?” He said, looking way too excited.”Um, dude, antalya escort I honestly have no idea what to do… maybe we can do a 69? My brother showed me some porn with that in it.” I said to him. I was actually a little dazed at what was happening. It was happening so fast…. I finally got undressed though, my little balls and dick jumped out. I got into bed with Isaac, we looked a each other and started stroking each others cocks.”Stroke faster, I’m going to cum into your face Declan.” Isaac bloated, not knowing that I was going to shove my dick into his mouth any second.” So, have you ever-” I intrup
my best friend by stick my hard package into his mouth. He seems VERY surprised and he gags a bit. But indtead of taking it out of his mouth he continues to suck. He started to suck faster after 2 minutes, in which I said in that time span. “Suck my small dick you horny asian.” He must’ve got so much more horny over me saying that, because he was stroking his hairless dick like crazy. About a few minute later I told him I was going to blow my load, he just sucked faster. “Ph god, you’re going to take my tiny load from my tiny balls, fucking asian.” I heard muffled moaning coming from Isaac; I look down to see that a single rope of cum flew out of his small dick. “Oh god… you had better like this load Isaac… Oh… Fuck! I’m going to cum!” Before he could do anything, two or three strings of cums flew into his mouth.”Oh… shit” I said, tired, lying next to my friend. Isaac then said something super cheesy, “So, *huff* wanna fuck?”.

Thank you for reading! If you wan part two give good feedback! In the meantime, I need to go inprove my writing skills and get a new computer!

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