Fifty-Somethings in Vegas Ch. 03

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“It looks like I got here too late,” Linda said with a note of sarcasm in her voice as she scanned the three people wearing towels.

“I thought you were sleeping honey,” Jim offered as he moved quickly towards the couch and began pulling on his shorts.

“Obviously,” came the terse reply.

Bill was also pulling on his clothes, but he said nothing.

“I…I, don’t know what to say,” Jean said apologetically.

Linda let out a giggle. “Oh come on, you know I was kidding. Just tell me…did you have a good time?”

The older woman could tell by the look on Jean’s face the answer was ‘yes’.

“Hey, you guys were going to show us some red rocks or something,” Bill said as he finished zipping up his tan shorts.

“We were thinking of taking you to Red Rock Canyon,” Jim said.

Jean grabbed some clothes and walked into the bathroom. This time she made sure the door was closed.

“I had the concierge get us a picnic lunch,” Linda said, obviously proud of herself. “All we have to do is pick it up.”

Jean walked out of the bathroom dressed in a blue “I love Las Vegas” T-shirt and tan shorts.

“Nobody will be able to tell that you are a tourist,” Bill laughed.

Red Rock Canyon was about 30 minutes from their hotel, but it seemed like another planet. Red sandstone rock formations rose from the desert floor way from the glitter of “The Strip”.

Jim turned off the concrete loop drive onto a dirt road.

“Hertz won’t like this Jim,” said Bill.

Everyone laughed as Jim drove about ½ mile along the bumpy road.

“Here we are,” Jim said as he turned off the ignition. “Linda, grab the basket. Jean, you get the blanket.”

The hot desert air blasted the foursome as they climbed out of the air conditioned Ford Taurus.

“It must be 120 degrees,” complained Jean.

“Nah, only 110,” laughed Linda as they began to walk towards an outcropping of rocks.

Jim spread the blanket down on the desert floor next to a large rock. In the distance, they could see the skyline of Las Vegas. The view was blurred by waves of heat rising up from the ground.

Bill reached into the basket and pulled out a bottle of 2002 Chateau St. Michelle wine. “Anyone want a glass?”

The women both nodded their heads. Jean raised her right wrist and wiped the perspiration from her forehead.

Linda looked at her husband. “It is awfully hot today. Do you mind if I get a little more comfortable?”

Jim shook his head as he held the wineglasses out and Bill began filling them.

Linda reached up and in one swift motion, pulled her white T-shirt over her head.

To Bill’s disappointment, she was wearing a white bra.

“You might be cooler if you kept going,” Bill said mischievously.

Linda looked at Jean. “I will if you will.”

Jean felt her heart jump. But, we are outside!

“Oh go on honey,” Jean’s husband responded. “We have seen it before.”

The magnitude of Bill’s statement caused Jean to gasp. My God. They casino siteleri have!

Linda did not wait for her friend. She reached around her back and undid the clasp holding her bra together.

“That feels so good,” exclaimed the brunette as she felt the hot Nevada sun beat down on her bare breasts.

She looked towards her friend and smiled.

Jean took a deep breath then grabbed the bottom of her blue shirt. Her breasts bounced noticeably as she pulled the shirt over her head. One of her breasts managed to pop free from the cloth cup holding it.

“There’s one!” grinned Jim as he watched the large orb on Jean’s chest settle.

Jean hesitated before unhooking her bra and freeing her other breast. I can’t believe I am doing this!

Bill handed the two topless women a glass of wine. “Drink up ladies.”

The sun continued its relentless attack on the foursome as they sat on the blanket and ate their lunch.

“Isn’t this great?” asked Jim as he poured the last of the wine into the women’s glasses.

Both Linda and Jean could sense they were getting a bit drunk. . The heat and wine were causing their heads to spin.

“I don’t know about you, but this sun really feels good,” Linda said as she slipped her hands under her jean shorts. “Time for a sun bath.”

The schoolteacher pulled her shorts and panties off, then laid back on the blanket. Her white body was in stark contrast to the brownish-red of the ground and the red blanket. Only her pink nipples and the black triangle between her legs interrupted the un-tanned woman’s color.

Bill looked at his wife. “Oh, go on,” he chided her.

Jean looked around nervously as she lifted her hips and removed the tan shorts.

Her husband beamed as Jean slipped the black panties down over her legs and off her ankles.

The UPS clerk blushed before lying down next to Linda and closing her eyes.

Bill and Jim stared at the two naked forms sprawled out on the blanket in front of them.

“Can you believe this?” Bill whispered to his friend.

“I would have never thought Jean would do something like this,” came the excited response.

Linda opened her eyes and looked at the two men. They both have mischievous grins on their faces.

The brunette glanced over at the slightly graying woman next to her, then up at the two guys.

Time for a show she thought to herself.

Linda reached over and touched Jean’s right arm. A smile broke out across the woman’s face. Encouraged by the reaction, Linda moved her hand to Jean’s right breast. She felt the nipple react as if an ice cube had been place on it. The brunette leaned over and gently placed her mouth over the outstretched nipple. Jean moaned softly.

“Look at that!” exclaimed Jim as his wife began to gently suck on her friend’s breast.

“Oh, I am!” was Bill’s thrilled reply.

Jean felt a warm feeling move through her body as Linda suckled her. Instinctively, she moved her hands to Linda’s head and held canlı casino her mouth against her breast. Without realizing it, Jean parted her legs.

The guys stood in silent awe as Linda’s right hand slid up Jean’s thigh. Jean moaned softly as Linda’s hand moved to the slot between her legs. Linda’s palm rested against curly black pubic hair as her index finger slid down the length of Jean’s opening. Jean opened her eyes momentarily and thought of objecting to what was occurring. Her objection was replaced by a soft cry of pleasure as she felt Linda’s index finger push into her pussy.

Linda circled her tongue around Jean’s constricted right areola as her finger probed the soft insides of her friend. Jean’s moans became louder as her friend rubbed against the small shaft inside her vagina.

Small goosebumps were protruding up from Jean’s skin as Linda looked back towards the two guys.

“Give me that,” she said, pointing towards the empty wine bottle.

“What…what are you going to do?” Jean’s husband asked breathlessly.

“You will see. Hand it to me.”

Bill’s hand shook noticeably as he handed the bottle to Linda.

Linda wrapped her left hand around the middle of the bottle as she continued to circle Jean’s stiffened clitoris with her right index finger.

Jean’s eyes opened as Linda pulled her finger from the quickly moistening opening between Jean’s legs.

“Linda?” asked the Ohioan.

“Shhh,” Linda whispered back as she placed the round opening of the bottle’s neck against Jean’s slot.

“Holy fuck!” exclaimed Bill as he watched Linda push the glass neck forward and penetrate his wife.

Jean let out a loud groan as she felt the sleek cylinder-like bottle push into her.


Linda began slowly working the substitute penis in and over of Jean’s quivering pussy.

The guys stared in awe as Jean began to tremble as a result of the bottle sliding in and out of her opening.

Linda could feel her own pussy moistening as she watched the brown bottleneck disappear then reappear. Linda closed her eyes as Jean’s body began to move in rhythm with the motion of the bottle’s thrusts. Even with her eyes shut, Linda seemed to know how far to push forward before pulling her hand back and causing the bottle to retreat from inside Jean. The glass cylinder was becoming slicker and wetter with each gentle push forward into Jean’s vagina.

“I don’t know about you Jim,” Bill said excitedly, “but I can’t take this anymore!”

Jean’s husband unbuttoned his shorts and slid them off. The top of his hardened cock was pushing over the top of his boxers.

Jim was quick to follow. He pulled his shorts and briefs down. Linda’s husband’s cock sprung free.

Linda pulled the bottleneck from Jean’s saturated pussy and tossed it aside. Sensing what her husband wanted, she rolled over and rose to her hands and knees. Within seconds, Jim’s erection was poised at the entrance to her pussy.

Bill’s eyes were as wide as quarters as he kaçak casino watched Jim push his hardened rod into Linda’s opening. Jim’s hands found his wife’s hips and he began rocking back and forth.

Bill grabbed Jean and pulled her up. He positioned the trembling woman on all fours next to her friend.

“Oh My God!” cried Jean as Bill slid his penis into her awaiting pussy.

Linda’s right hand found Jean’s left as the two women’s bodies began to move back in forth to the piston-like movements of their husbands.

“Damn Jim! Jean is like a swamp!” yelled Bill as he took his wife doggie-style.

“So is Linda!” replied Jim. “Who do you suppose is wetter?”

“One way to find out!”

Jean gasped loudly as Bill pulled his shaft from her saturated opening. Jim nodded and pulled his erection from his wife’s pussy.

The two men grinned broadly as they maneuvered their bodies until each was behind the other’s wife. They could hear the women breathing heavily as they each pushed forward.

Linda let out a piercing scream as Bill pushed his cock into her. Her shriek was matched almost immediately by Jean as the younger women felt Jim enter her soaked opening.

The women’s fingers intertwined as the felt the cock of each other’s husband slide effortless back and forth inside them.

“On the count of 3!” yelled Bill to his friend.

Linda and Jean felt fingers dig into their hips as Jim yelled “One”.

Bill sensed pressure building inside his testicles. This was a race he did not want to win. Jean’s husband pulled his cock back until only the acorn-shaped head was hidden inside Linda.

“Two” responded Jim. “Hurry. I can’t hold it much longer!”

“Three!” shouted Bill.

Both mean groaned as they felt their testicles tighten momentarily before sending a stream of semen through their shafts and into the waiting pussies.

Linda’s fingers dug into Jean’s palm as her pussy tightened around Bill’s cock and she felt a rush of hot cum propel into her. Jean’s head dropped slightly as Jim thrust forward and sent his offering of white sticky goo deep into her pink tunnel.

The women began to scream in unison as each other’s husband unleashed their semen into them.

“Oh God!” cried Linda as she felt her clitoris throb and a rush of warmth fill her insides.

“Take this Jean!” yelled Jim as he thrust his rock-hard staff completely into Bill’s wife. His command was met with an ear-shattering shriek as Jean’s ‘little man’ pulsated against Jim’s shaft. His erection was covered in a clear sheen as Jean’s pussy began to expel her own juices.

“Fuck! I don’t know which one is wetter!” yelled Bill.

“It’s a tie” responded Jim as he thrust forward one last time into Jean.

The two men pulled back and let their cocks pop free. Each of the shafts was covered in a combination of male and female ejaculate.

Jean and Linda both fell to their sides, facing each other. Their bodies were both trembling.

Linda smiled at her friend and managed a weak “are you okay?” Jean attempted to answer, but couldn’t. She simply nodded.

“A heck of a place, this canyon'” commented Bill as he pulled on his shorts.

“That it is my friend. That it is.”

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