Finally, My First Time!

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So here I am. Lying on Robby’s bed. He’s kneeling over my face. Not so gently sliding his cock into my mouth. My first blow job turned from me giving one to getting my face fucked. And you know what? I don’t hate it. It took some getting used to but once I did it was “ride me cowboy!”

I always told him I’d do anything he wanted and well I guess he decided to take me up on it. My hands were wrapped around him. Holding his ass cheeks and pulling him into me. Occasionally I’d gag from him hitting the back of my throat. I felt bad but think he kinda liked it. And well this is my first time. What do you expect?

I could tell he was getting ready to cum. His balls were tensing up and cock was throbbing a bit. I was both petrified and craving that load. I had no idea what he was going to do. And honestly I had no choice in the matter. He never slowed down. A quick “I’m gonna cum…” and then… Wait. I’m getting ahead of myself here…

I met Robby online about 5 years ago. I’d never been with a man before. Well being honest, I had one drunken encounter in college that I only vaguely remember. It was always a blur and I always wondered what we did. I guess I get an asterisk next to my claim of being a virgin huh? Or does it still count if I don’t remember?

Robby and I chatted online for years. We shared a lot of interests and spent a lot of time talking about them and building a great “virtual” friendship. I’m not going to try to lie though; we had plenty of intense sex chats and video cybersex sessions. I really enjoyed everything about him and I knew that if I were to ever really be with a man it would be him. It had to be him really because I knew it would mean more with someone I knew so well. Someone that could make me want him so much over a computer screen and phone calls HAD to be amazing in person. I needed to find out!

We had set up times to meet and something always came up. One of us had something suddenly come up. I know most if not all mine were genuine (and not fear) and I hoped his were too. This time, we had set up to meet at a local bar at lunch. The morning came and neither of us had backed out. My heart skipped a beat and I was both excited and little scared. There was no way I was backing out. Besides, we were just meeting for a beer. Nothing had to happen if I didn’t want it to.

Twelve came and I was there. I was watching the TV sipping on my beer, trying to act normal and not show that my heart was racing. I was going through a million scenarios in my mind how this would go.

“Chris?”. I was immediately brought back to reality by the sound of Robby’s voice.

He sat across from me in the booth and was even better looking in person than he was over the computer. I wanted to slide under that table and go down on him right then and there. Thinking that might be too forward, and the fear of him not feeling the same about me, I kept to my seat. The conversation just flowed like we had been best friends for years (we had). No uncomfortable small talk. Just leaving off at our last chat about cars, housing projects and all our mutual areas of interest.

I glanced at the TV and an hour had gone by. How did that happen? I did notice casino oyna I started to feel a little bit of a buzz. Then it happened. The waitress came over to see if we needed anything and Robby asked me if I wanted a shot of tequila. That was the agreed upon sign that one would ask if we wanted to take this to the next level.

I replied “Oh yeah definitely!” The waitress left and then came back with the shots. We did them and promptly paid our tab and hopped in the car to his house.

His house was only a couple minutes from the bar so we were there at his door before I knew it. He looked at me and said “Are you sure you are ready for this?”

I said “Well…” then proceeded to pin him against the wall my right thigh rubbing his groin and planted a hard passionate kiss on him. I felt his hardness against my thigh.

He reached down with his right hand and rubbed my hardness too. It felt so good. I could have kept going but he stopped to open the door.

We walked in and he directed me to have a seat. I did as I was told. Always seems to like the idea of being submissive but that’s another story.

We sat on the couch and he pounced on me. His tongue began probing my mouth and his weight on top of me pinning me to the couch. This time it was his thigh rubbing my throbbing cock through my jeans.

He left my mouth and started kissing down my neck, unbuttoning my shirt and running his lips and tongue down my neck to my stomach. His moth never left my skin and he had my jeans around my ankles before I knew it.

My straining cock pointing straight up and as hard as it had ever been. I’m about 7 inches and average thickness I guess.

Robby gently held my throbbing member telling me how much he loved my cock. He took off his shirt and then dropped to the floor. He ran his tongue up the underside of my balls then cock and I saw fireworks. He took a little into his mouth and began to give me the most amazing blow job I had ever gotten. Amazing. I didn’t think I could last long with how expertly he was sucking me.

I struggled to get free from him and pinned him down on the floor as we fell off the couch. I went straight for his shorts. I unbuttoned them and slid them down and his cock sprang out to greet me. He was about the same size as me but had a huge fat head. I didn’t bother to take his short off I just grabbed that meat. I was on fire. I needed it!

My first cock was now in my hand. It was hard but soft. It felt kind of odd but also amazing. Different than mine. The thought of what I was doing hit me for a split second but then I just had to have it.

I did exactly like Robby had done and ran my tongue up the base of his balls to the underside of his cock and then proceeded to take in a bit of that cock head in my mouth. The warmth of it. The musky man smell. My god, I was meant to be a cocksucker. While I started giving my first blow job, Robby proceeded to take off his shorts and shirt.

I was now taking most of him in my mouth. The feeling of his head almost at my throat was wonderful. I could taste his precum and that just turned me on more. All of a sudden he flipped us over and was kneeling above my face.

He asked if I canlı casino meant it when I told him I’d do anything he wanted. At that moment I wanted that cock in my mouth so bad that I would have agreed to be gang raped by the Green Bay Packers so of course I said “Oh yeah baby. I’m yours. Whatever you want.”

He rotated around and lowered his balls into my mouth and commanded me to suck them. I sucked on one then the other.

I then opened wide so I could take them both deep into my mouth. He was so deep my nose pressed up against his asshole. That didn’t bother me in the slightest. To be honest, I was in pure heaven. He continued giving me the tea bag treatment then pulled them out of my mouth.

Before I had a chance to complain, he rotated back to face me and knelt over me. He leaned forward pushing his cock into my mouth and started gently fucking my mouth.

I was loving that. He took his cock out grabbed and smacked my cheeks and mouth a few times making me begs for it.

He said “Get up, we’re going to the bedroom!” I nodded and eagerly followed him. Walking behind him I saw what a fantastic ass he had. I just wanted to grab it and run my tongue over it right there on the stairs.

When we got in his bedroom he had me get up on the bed and he quickly got back to kneeling over my face. He went back to the slow gently strokes in and out of my mouth. He started building up speed and depth.

He asked me if I wanted more.

I couldn’t answer any more than a grunt so he must have assumed I was OK with it or didn’t care. Soon his balls were slapping against my chin and my nose was buried in public hair. I think he was almost as deep as he could go. I felt him even further in my throat.

His balls started tensing up and cock was throbbing a bit. I was both petrified and craving that load. I had no idea what he was going to do. And honestly I really had no choice in the matter. He never slowed down.

A quick “I’m gonna cum.” and he pulled out jerking his load into my face.

Some went in my hair, some my cheeks. My eyes… I’m coated. A couple globs into my mouth which I quickly swallowed. A small taste. A tease. He tasted better than mine! I wanted more. Once his spasm stopped he sat back panting.

“Don’t move baby, I’ll clean you up.” he said.

He told me to lay there and close my eyes as he wiped away the cum with a warm towel. I loved I could smell it on my skin and taste it in my mouth. I think the room smelled of sex. Or maybe it was just that I was in sensory overload!?!?!

After he finished cleaning me he gave some attention to my aching cock. He rubbed the towel with it coating it with his cum and started slowly jerking it. I moaned in satisfaction. His hand felt so good.

I was dying to cum. I didn’t care how quickly it happened. I just needed to cum. Now! As he jerked me though a new need arose. I needed to be fucked. I needed him in me. That urge overpowered my desire to cum.

I begged him repeatedly… “Fuck me please baby! Please???” I said.

After my begging got more urgent he stopped jerking me and pulled my legs up onto his shoulders.

He squirted some lube onto a finger and put a big kaçak casino blob right on my man pussy. That caused a tingle up my spine. I needed him in me.

As he pressed one finder into me pushing the lube in I let out a soft moan. It felt so good… even better than my own fingers in the shower. He worked up to 2 and then 3 and I was about to lose it… “Come on baby. Get in me. Now!! Please???”

He reached for a condom and unwrapped it. As he was about to put it on I smacked it out of his hand.

“Fuck that thing!!” I said. “I need to feel you. Only you.” I stated.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Oh yeah. I’ve wanted you to fill me with your load forever now. Please just fuck me now. Whatever you want baby. I’ll do whatever.” I begged.

He paused for a minute.

“Come on…Fuck me now! Please!!” I continued to beg.

He took out his fingers and placed the head of his cock right at my hole. He applied a little pressure and slid in a little bit. His fat head was stretching me good. It kinda hurt a little bit but it was an “oh my god gimme more” kind of pain. He started rocking back and forth into me. And then the head popped into me completely. I groaned and grunted in ecstasy. It was amazing but I needed more.

“Come on baby. Fuck that ass!” I moaned.

He rocked back and forth some more. Going a little deeper each time. The fullness was amazing. He was definitely thicker than anything I’ve had in me before. And it was absofuckinglutely amazing!

I groaned with each thrust. He grunted as he built up speed.

“You are fucking amazing!!” I yell.

Finally he rocked forward with all his weight and was balls deep in me. I let out a loud yelp as that was deeper than anything had been in me too. Again, Mind numbingly amazing! He stayed there a moment and let me adjust then started pounding away at me. It was fucking unlike anything I had ever felt before and I didn’t want him to stop. Ever! I was hooked on cock.

He was going at it hard and with each balls beep pounding into me I was moaning a screaming and begging for him to go harder and faster! I spit into my hand and grabbed my cock and started jerking furiously.

I was probably about 5 strokes from blowing and he announced he was about to cum.

“Me too!” I yelled.

I started to cum and it was an amazingly intense mind numbing orgasm. Shooting up to my face and chest. I was so out of it I didn’t notice that Robby too was cumming.

His body was writhing and he was moaning. He was shooting deep into my body and filling me with his cum.

He collapsed on me…My legs still up on his shoulders and his twitching cock still in me… I could feel the shudders in his body as he slowly pulled out. We were both spent. Out of breath.

“How’d you like it?” He asked?

“Enough to do this.” I said. With that I wrapped my arms around him and passionately kissed him. The sweat. The scent of sex filling my senses. Then I stopped.

Looked at him and said “Wow…Baby you are amazing. I wish we didn’t wait so long…Wow… Just wow!”

Robby smiled and I slid down under him grabbed his softening cock and licked the drop of cum off the tip that had collected and enthusiastically swallowed it. I then squeezed the last drop out of him and snacked on that.

Oh my god that was amazing… I’m hooked and I needed more… like right now…

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