Finding Eden Ch. 01

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Note: This is mainly an introduction for a series I’ve just started on so it’s kind of a quickie.


She rambles incessantly about life and love as she tries to fend off sleep in the early morning hours. I lie completely still next to her, listening to every word but too tired to respond.

I somehow muster up the energy to turn over and face her. Orange light from the street light outside washes over her motionless body. I smile to myself as I hear her breathing become slow and steady. She looks so innocent and peaceful.

Eden is a gorgeous girl even though she rarely thinks so. She has short dirty blonde hair that sets off her slightly olive complexion beautifully. Her hazel eyes change colors with her moods. She has the body of a Grecian goddess – plump perky breasts and the wide rounded hips that surely only an artist can create.

I can’t take my eyes off of her as she sleeps. I can feel the heat rising up my face as my pulse quickens. Even in her sleep, she drives me crazy.

She grunts softly and stretches her leg out. Her warm, smooth casino oyna skins brushes against my bare leg and heat immediately begins radiating up my body. My eyes hungrily take in the contours of her gorgeous breasts as they rise and fall with each breath. My pussy throbs at the thought of tasting those breasts. I close my eyes and imagine how her nipples would feel in my mouth. I can barely control myself as I think of kissing them, sucking them, biting them.

I involuntarily slide my arm over her chest, lightly cupping one breast in my hands. I try to slow my breathing by shoving my face into my pillow a bit, hoping if she does wake that she’ll think I was doing it in my sleep as I’m known to be quite a cuddle bunny sometimes. I’m not sure why I did this but I hold my breath anyway awaiting her reaction; there is none. I exhale rather loudly when I realize she is completely out – something that will easily happen when you mix a lot of beer and a lot of pot together in a short amount of time.

I think to myself that I should pull my hand back before she wakes but a part of canlı casino me won’t let it move. Instead, against all best judgment, my fingers begin caressing her breast in search of her nipple. A few seconds of fiddling with the soft material of her tank top and her nipple is hard and pushing gently against her shirt.

Despite the fact that I’m partially laying on my right arm, my hand still manages to find its way to my own breasts and I playfully pull at my own nipples for a second before moving along. I slip my hands under the waistline of my panties and instantly begin massaging my clit in a slow circular motion.

Not being able to stand the cloth between my touch and her flesh any longer, I slowly move my hand up underneath her tank top. I caress her bare breasts, cupping them and squeezing them. I work my fingertips under the waist of her boxer shorts and very slowly find my way to her pussy. I pause for a second, listening carefully for her breathing – still slow and steady.

I rest my hand over her pussy. I can feel the heat coming from her in waves. With one kaçak casino finger, I gently caress the lips of her pussy. My fingers are already completely soaked with her juices by the time I thrust them into her awaiting pussy. I become dead still after I do this. Not believing what I am actually doing, I one again stop and listen for her breathing. It’s speeded up a bit now, but completely steady. I wiggle my fingers vigorously inside of her, unable to control myself any longer.

I’m frightened a bit as she bucks her hips a bit against my hand. I stop thrusting my fingers but she continues to buck against them. I begin massaging my clit even rougher now. I can feel the tension starting to build as I get more and more worked up over her fucking my fingers. I pull my fingers out of her dripping wet cunt and begin violently rubbing her clit. Her thrusting calms down to a gentle pushing motion and a small moan escapes from her throat.

I feel her entire body jerk as she orgasms. Within seconds, I climax as well and force my face harder into my pillow to keep from making a noise. I slowly take my hand out of her boxers and pull the blanket up tight around her.

I turn over in the bed, facing away from her and smile as I suck her juices off of my hand. I can’t believe what I’ve just done.

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