First Anniversary

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It was out first anniversary & I decided I wanted to do something extra special for my boyfriend. I wanted to surprise him with the details but thought I should give him specific instructions so my plan would all come together.

That morning I told him that I had to be at work early for a meeting and his breakfast was waiting for him with a note. As I walked out the door I heard him scramble out of bed eager to see what I left. I walked around the house & watched him as he read the note.

Dear Michael,

Thank you for our first year together. It started with a kiss on my couch & since then we have fulfilled each other’s fantasies. Tonight I am going to fulfill a couple more of yours. Your only clues are in the bag in front of you. When I arrive home at 6pm you are to be ready & waiting.

Happy Anniversary Baby.

I could see the grin on his face widen as he read the note. As he tipped the contents of the bag out on to the table and examined them I could see his erection grow. The bag contained 2 items with notes attached to each one. The first was a blindfold which he was instructed to be wearing when I arrived home and the second item was a pair of handcuffs which he had to have in his pocket ready for me to use. As I was watching him I wanted to run back inside to get a taste of his cock but I knew there would be plenty of time for that later. I left him with his goodies & made my way to work.

All day I could only think about the evening ahead & when a huge bunch of roses arrived on my desk with a note that just said “Cant wait for tonight” I knew that was the only thing on his mind too.

I arrived home at 6 on the dot already dressed for the evening ahead. I found him sitting on the bed, blindfold on & a wicked smile on his lips. I walked over to him kissed him deeply and put his hands on my legs telling him to feel his way up. I was wearing thigh high (Cum Fuck Me) boots, a short leather skirt that barely covered my naked arse & freshly waxed pussy and a tight little top which pushed my breasts up & showed a hint of nipple. I could see his cock stiffening through the thin material of his pants & gave it a quick squeeze. He tried to lift his blindfold away so he could see how I looked but I slapped his çatalca escort hand & said, “Lets go”.

During the car ride Michael quizzed me on where I was taking him but I was tight lipped & every time his hand drifted to my thigh or pussy he would get harder smack than the one before. I was taking him to a restaurant that I found on the net that catered for every fantasy. I had to spend an hour there a week before and give them all the details of what I wanted to happen so they could have it set up for us when we arrived.

We got to the restaurant & were shown to our private room by the hostess. Waiting in there was everything I requested. Two very good looking waitresses were standing to the side of the table. Both girls were very similar in height and body shape to myself. They had firm, perky breasts and shaved pussies, and they were wearing the same CFM boots. Next to the waitresses was also a very well equipped waiter who’s job it was to bring the meals in & out.

I undressed Michael I then removed the handcuffs from his pocket & cuffed his hands behind his back. I sat on his lap & kissed him and then told him part of what I had planned. “You will be waited on hand & foot tonight Baby. You will do nothing for yourself, you will be fed you your meal and given your drinks.” As I said this I could feel his erection grow & he moaned as I pushed against him. “There is one thing though – I cannot speak to you for the rest of the evening and your blindfold will remain on until after dessert”.

I stood up next to him & undressed – leaving only my boots on. I then leaned over & placed one breast in his mouth so he knew what I had done. After letting him tease my nipple with his tongue for a minute I moved away & sat down on the chair opposite him. My plan you see was for the waitresses to take turns in feeding Michael while I watched.

I motioned for the first waitress to start; she was a pretty blonde with a very firm arse. She straddled herself over Michael kissed him. He realised straight away that it wasn’t me & started to pull away but the waitress grabbed his head & pulled him back. As she did this she pushed her pussy lips against his cock. Michael moaned & offered no more resistance.

She esenyurt escort poured him a glass of wine but instead of lifting the glass to his lips she sipped it herself and then transferred it to Michael’s mouth licking up the small amount that escaped & ran onto his chin. First course arrived which was a thick pumpkin soup. The blonde pushed Michael’s lips apart & then holding the bowl with both hands she dipped her right breast into the hot soup and then placed it in his mouth. He eagerly lapped at her breast & licked it clean. As her nipples hardened I could tell that these girls really enjoyed their job. She repeated the process, alternating her breasts so they both got the same attention.

When there was only a small amount of soup left, she sat herself up on the table & leaned back. She tipped the remainder of the soup over her breasts & let it run down to her pussy. The blonde grabbed Michael’s head & pulled him to her forcing his face to her chest & then pushing him down her body so he could drink the last of the soup from her cunt. He circled her clit with his tongue & she bit back a moan of pleasure. My instructions to these girls were that he was to be able to taste each of their pussies & make them orgasm as long as they didn’t utter a sound. Michael was an expert at teasing your pussy until you almost couldn’t bear it & then making you cum long & hard.

I could see that the blonde was having trouble staying silent so I decided to have some fun with this & climbed onto the table and pushed my breast into her mouth for her to bite down on. This helped push her over the edge & as she came she bit down so hard she nearly drew blood.

Once Michael finished licking the juices from her pussy she pushed him back into his chair gave him one final kiss & returned to her spot next to the table.

The second waitress was a red head, not quite as pretty as the blonde but attractive none the less. She sat on Michael’s lap & played with his nipples with her teeth while she waited for the main course to arrive. The waiter came in & the red head got off Michael’s lap & lay down on the table. The waiter then spread the meal over her body. She had slices of cucumber covering etiler escort each of her large nipples, mashed potato & gravy in a trail down to her cunt with a cherry tomato in her belly button & the piece to resistance, a sausage pushed nearly all the way into her pussy.

As she was unable to move I helped out by giving him another sip of wine from my mouth & then I stood him up & led him to the girl. As I pushed his face down onto her breasts I dipped my finger in the wine & inserted it into his arsehole & then gave his throbbing cock a bit of a pump. I could tell it wouldn’t take much for him to cum so I stepped away & let him enjoy his meal.

He worked his way down the red head’s body savoring every bite & giving her lots of little nibbles along the way. When he reached the sausage he gently used his teeth to slide it in and out a few times & then he concentrated on her clit bringing her to orgasm quickly so he could eat the cum covered sausage.

The girl got up from the table & as she sat Michael down again she wiped some of the pre-cum from his cock & sucked it from her finger.

Finally it was time for dessert & my turn to have some fun. I lay myself down on the table & let the waiter dress me in dessert. I was covered in strawberries & whipped cream – Michael’s favorite. The waitresses helped Michael onto the table & positioned him between my thighs then undid his handcuffs. I grabbed one hand & led him down to my face. He kissed me & then worked his way down my body. He licked & sucked every bit of cream from my body & removed the hidden strawberries from my dripping pussy. As he teased my clit with his tongue he finger fucked my pussy & put his thumb in my arse. I screamed out “Oh Fuck” as he made me cum breaking our silence. He sucked the cum from me & moved up to whisper in my ear “Thank you for a fucking fantastic dinner Babe, can I fuck you now?” I removed his blindfold & nodded.

Before he slid his cock into me he looked up at the two waitresses & smiled. “There’s one other thing I want” he said “I want to watch them eat each other as I fuck your cunt”. The girls hopped up onto the end of the table so they were just in front of us & started to enjoy each other. With that Michael thrust his cock into me & fucked me hard, not taking his eyes off the girls. It didn’t take much for me to cum again and as I did this pushed Michael over the edge & I felt him explode inside me.

On the way home I told Michael he could plan next year. He smiled & said I think we should celebrate every month from now on.

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