First Time Driving Part4

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Continued from last time….

It’s been a few weeks my dick was inside Juliana in Vinny’s room during that sleepover. I couldn’t stop thinking about that, but there was another thing on my mind. For some reason, I found myself getting hard in the pants whenever I talked to this girl in my class, Jackie. Jackie was really hot, and she was my age, 2 years older than Juliana. She was tanned more than Juliana, and was a few inches shorter than me. She had smaller breasts than Juliana, but not by much. Her legs were longer and her ass was a bit bigger. To top it all off, I could have sworn that I caught her looking at me a bunch of times during class. What was I to do…..?

It was Monday now, and I was doodling in my notebook. My history teacher’s voice droned on and on, and I could tell that nobody was actually listening to him. Once he announced a group assignment though, everybody got up quickly and began looking for a partner. My mind was set as soon as I got up.

“Hey Jackie! Wanna be my partner?” I asked.

“Chris! Uh, sure, why not,” she answered.

In my head, I thanked God. “So, uh, wanna meet up at my house after school? We can walk if you want.”

“Sure. Sounds good Chris,” she said, going back to her seat with a smile. I looked hard and thought I saw her blushing.

At 2:30 school ended, and we started walking home. I offered to carry her bookbag for her, which she gladly let me do, giving me a ‘thank-you’ hug in the process. I felt her chest rub against me and I no longer realized I had to carry two backpacks all the way home. Once we got to my house, we went inside and I remembered that nobody was home today. Both of my parents were working late. I put our bags down near the door, and hung up our sweaters.

“Hey, I’ll be right back down. I’m just gonna go change really quick. Make yourself at home,” I told her.

She nodded and went to sit down on the couch. I jogged upstairs, and quickly changed. I quickly thought about carrying Jackie up here, laying her on my bed, and fucking her however she wanted to be fucked. I laughed to myself, and reminded myself that she was here for a school project, nothing more. I focused on losing my hard-on, and then I jogged back downstairs. The TV was on, and Jackie was sitting on the couch with one leg folded over the other. Her skirt was really high on her leg, and I could feel my boner coming back, so I quickly sat down near her.

“So, do you actually wanna work today or just watch a movie or something? I mean, we have weeks to do this thing,” I told her.

“Haha. Watching a movie sounds much better than History any day. What movies you have?” she asked.

I got up and gave her a selection of DVD’s. She chose “Not Another Teen Movie”, probably one of my favorite comedies ever.

As the movie went on, we talked casually. When she asked certain questions or we joked about sex-related things, I could tell she was flirting with me. I was acting funny, and had her laughing for a long time. Vinny called my cell phone 10 minutes into the movie, but I didn’t pick up. Towards the end of the movie, Jackie turned on the couch to face me.

“Hey Chris. I have a question,” she asked.


“Well…I’m not really sure how to ask you. I..uh…well I kindalikeyou,” she said very quickly, blushing.

I looked at her for a second, and then I smiled.

“I like you too Jackie,” I told her.

Her eyes lit up.

“You do? I…Uh, would you wanna go out with me?” she asked.

“Of course I would,” I told her, moving closer to her, and hugging her.

She hugged me back, and I felt that chest again. My dick was getting hard in my shorts, but it was hard to tell while I was sitting down. I put my hands on the sides of Jackie’s head and slowly went in for the kiss. I could tell she was nervous, but she kissed me back. It was great. My tongue searched her mouth, and I could tell she was very new at this. I backed off for a second.

“Jackie, we’re alone here. You know, we can do anything. Whatever you want. If you ever wanted to experiment with any kind of…well you know, we can do it here. I mean, you’re my girlfriend now, right?” I told her.

“Well, I’ve never had sex before, Chris,” she said.

“We don’t have to have, you know, intercourse sex. There are…other things…” I said softly.

Jackie got up onto her knees on the couch, and gave me a perfect view of the front of her body. Her firm tits were protruding under her school uniform, and her skirt was rolled up high so I could see her thighs. She crawled onto me, and sat on my thighs, facing me. She wrapped her legs around my back.

“Let’s antalya escort bayan do something,” she said seductively. She reminded me so much of Juliana. Her hand moved from my nose, to my chin, to my chest, to my cock. As soon as her hand made its way that far down, I couldn’t control my boner any more, and it popped up, making a tent in my shorts.

“Chris! You’re…uh…your dick is…big!” she said, giggling.

I laughed. “It’s not even out yet.”

She slid off the couch and kneeled between my open legs. She slowly pulled my shorts down until only my boxers were on. My cock was about to explode through the slit in my boxers, so she helped it out. Her hand was so small and smooth. It was cold also, which my dick throb in her hand.

“Chris. I…I’ve never seen one of these before. Uh…what do I do?” she asked innocently.

“You can stroke it and jerk me off. Or you can put your mouth on it and suck it. Whatever you feel comfortable doing baby. But please do something quick. You’re hand feels really good just touching me.” I told her.

She looked at my erection in her hand, and she decided to stroke me. She moved her hand up and down and squeezed just tightly enough. She wasn’t as good as Juliana, but she was still great. Once she got into a rhythm, she got really good. She twisted her wrist with each stroke, making her whole palm rub my entire shaft. I advised her to spit in her hand for lube, which she also did. The feeling and noise of her jacking me off was great.

“Jackie, you’re good at this! Uh…oh yea…” I moaned for her, smiling.

She beamed back at me. “Really? I’m lucky I guess.”

She stopped stroking for a second, and quickly bent her head down. I shot up on the couch, not expecting this at all. My hands rested on her head softly, as I bent over her head and moaned in pleasure. She was sucking me off, and my entire cock was in her mouth. I had expected her to take it very slowly at first, and boy was I wrong.

“G…God! Jackie…! Oh that feels amazing…uh…” was all I could let out, breathing hard. I rested my back on the couch, leaving my hands on the back of her head.

She pulled off my dick, smiling, with a bit of drool on her lips.

“I knew guys must like that,” was all she said, as she resumed her amazing deepthroat.

My cock was wet, and she moved her head up and down rapidly now. When she went up, I could see all of her saliva on my shaft making it gleam. Her hands were on my thighs, and I fondled her tits with my hands. She slowly starting rubbing my legs with her hands, and she added her tongue to the blowjob. She sucked my dick hard so her mouth tightened around my entire shaft. She picked her head up and looked into my eyes as she sucked my dick, really turning me on. She backed off for a second, jerked me hard using all that spit and precum as lube. Her hand was cool compared to my throbbing cock, and she was jacking my shaft hard and fast. I started breathing hard, and i saw she was really into this. She was looking intently at my cock, jerking it with a perfect balance of speed and grip. She eventually stopped and continued sucking me off a little at a time to get me wet again. I looked at her, and decided I couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Jackie, I’m gonna cum!” I moaned.

She backed off my dick just as I shot a burst of my spunk onto her face. The second one was softer and it landed short, on her chest, clearly visible on her navy-blue uniform. I continued overflowing on her hand, and she moved her mouth close to my cum-covered cock. She licked softly, swallowed, and made a face.

“You don’t like it? You don’t have to swallow baby. That was amazing…” I told her.

She smiled and said, “I love you Chris. Now can you please do something to me?”

I smiled and breathed hard. I thought to myself, ‘What an amazing girl..’. I pulled her school uniform over her head, revealing her beautiful breasts covered by a sexy black bra. Just as I began to unstrap it, I heard a knock at the door.

“Shit…who can that be?” I said aloud. “Jackie, go up to my room for a second. Please, I’ll be right there.”

She smiled, took her clothes, and ran upstairs. I quickly put on some clothes and opened the door to see…Juliana?!

She came inside quickly.

“Chris, I called you before but you didn’t pick up! I need you! I haven’t masturbated for a week now…please give me your cock,” she begged, looking amazing.

My mouth opened, but no words came out. Juliana got on her knees and ripped my shorts down to my feet. She pulled my now limp cock out of my boxers and began sucking it.

“Hey, wait a second! This tastes like cum escort bayan already! Have you been jerking off Chris?” she asked, looking sad.

“I only just started Jules. Please, go ahead and finish the job…Uh…” I said, pushing her head on my cock softly.

Now this blowjob was even better than Jackie’s! Juliana deepthroated me right away, and then bobbed up and down quickly, scooping me up and slurping loudly with her tongue. For 14, this girl could be a porn star! She quickly took off her tank top, and I rubbed her breasts softly as she moaned while sucking me off. My cock was not fully hard in her mouth, which actually made it feel even better. It was squishing around in there, her cheeks and tongue pushing it from all sides and her saliva acting as the perfect lubricant. She sucked hard, and my soft cock expanded into the back of her throat. I felt her swallowing all the precum that was slowly coming from my cock. Before I knew it, I was at my limit.

“Jules…slow down or I’m gonna cum,” I said.

She backed off and smiled. “That was quick. You must have jerked off for quite a while. So, what do you wanna do while your cock’s recovering?” she asked.

I grabbed her hand and led her upstairs, my cock still hanging out of my boxers. Jackie was on my bed, her bra back on, watching TV. She looked at us in shock.

“Ch…Chris? What’s going on? Is that Vinny’s sister?” Jackie sputtered, not knowing what was going on.

I explained to both Jackie and Juliana the story, and told Jackie that Juliana was really awesome and that the three of us could have a really good time right here.

“I…I guess it could be fun,” Jackie agreed.

Juliana smiled, and added “Of course it’ll be fun.”

I went to sit on the bed near Jackie, as Juliana knelt down between my legs again, this time pulling my boxers down all the way. Jackie joined her down their, and they began to suck me off together. This was the best blowjob that I had ever had. Juliana took her turn first, sucking my head hard while jacking off my shaft quickly with her hand. While she was doing this, Jackie was in a perfect position under her, sucking and licking my balls softly. When I lightly pulled Juliana’s head off my dick, breathing hard, Jackie replaced her. She bobbed her head quickly sucking 3-4 inches of me at a time. This was good, and I could hold back my cum for a longer time while Jackie was blowing me. Juliana removed her shirt and unstrapped her bra quickly, climbing onto the bed behind me. She rubbed her chest on my back while massaging my balls and rubbing the insides of my legs. This was amazing: two girls at once! When Jackie stopped sucking me, Juliana moved to my front, and began rubbing my cock with her tits. They felt so good going in such a perfect, rhythmic motion. Juliana quickly saw a bottle of baby oil on my dresser, got it, and rubbed it all around the insides of her tits. She then continued titty-fucking me, but the lube made it feel much better. My dick was so smooth going over her already smooth tits that it reminded me of the short time I had spent in her pussy. Jackie kissed me and put her tits in my face for me to lick. I had to stop Juliana after about a minute, feeling ready to explode.

“Oh…okay guys. Let me do something for you guys now!” I said, smiling.

I stood up, my dick straight out, and pulled a condom out of my drawer. Slipping it on over my cock, I asked who wanted to go first. Juliana quickly stepped up to the plate and bent over, her ass inches from my cock. I slowly grabbed her hips and pushed into her. My meat stretched her asshole a little, but I quickly got a good pace going, thrusting and pulling back. Leaning over onto the bed, her moans of pleasure were drowned out in the mattress. Jackie looked on, rubbing her pussy through her panties. Juliana’s ass was tight around my dick, and I felt her enveloping me. I thought to myself that this wasn’t as good as her pussy, but hey, it was still ass. I started pounding her hard, building up my orgasm. I grabbed her hips harder and pushed as deep as possible into her a few times. She was moaning very loudly now, so after 5 minutes, ready to cum, I pulled out. Juliana, leaning over the bed, tried to stand straight but couldn’t at the moment so she lay down on the bed, panting. Her naked body, wet with perspiration, looked amazing. She rubbed her tits as Jackie stepped up to my dick.

“Chris, it’s my first time so go slow,” she said meekly, before bending over.

Her ass was an inch from my cock and I stared at it. It was bigger than Juliana’s, and thus I could get a better grip. I slowly pushed into her, and my cock went in smoothly. antalya escort I saw Jackie grab the sheets very hard as I pushed in all the way, and pumped. I went slowly but went in deep each time. I pumped in and out for about a minute until she got used to it. Then I went faster. She moaned loudly, and the sounds made my cock even harder. I was loving this. Juliana moved towards Jackie’s face and spread her legs, making her pussy a clear sight for me. It was beautiful, and I wanted to cum right then and there but I held back. I bent over Jackie’s back and grabbed her tits. Hugging her chest, I penetrated into her deeper and harder than before. I pounded into her the same as i had just done to Juliana. I grabbed Jackie’s tits firmly and used my arms hugging her to push harder into her. I could tell she was cumming by her ass contracting on my dick. Panting over her, I pulled out after a few more seconds.

“It’s awesome, isn’t it Jackie?” Juliana said, smiling.

“God yea! I love this!” she said, still breathing hard and bending over. She rubbed her asshole and tried to stand up straight.

I lay down on the bed, my head on the pillow. Juliana took the wet condom off my dick, replacing it with a fresh one. She then stood up on the bed, and proceeded to sit, with her pussy, on my erected cock!

“Ju…Jules! I thought that was out-of-bounds!” I said.

“Oh, fuck it. Let’s go!” she said, moving her hips to get my cock all the way in.

She sat down all the way, my 8 ½ inch meat completely enveloped by her pussy. She grabbed her chest and swung back and forth, moving her hips. The feeling was amazing. She moved up and down slightly, giving me the feeling of some kind of handjob or blowjob, but she also moved back and forth, making me feel like nothing before! I reached up to touch her tits, and I massaged them for her. She moaned and continued riding my dick. Within 2 minutes, she was cumming. She lay down on my chest and remained there for another minute, breathing hard and licking my nipples, her eyes closed, my dick still in her pussy.

“Chris….that was great…” she let out.

Jackie told us that her pussy wasn’t ready for today, so I smiled and told her it was fine. I resumed my position sitting on the edge of the bed, and both Juliana and Jackie slid down in between my legs. This time Jackie pulled off the condom, and took me into her mouth. By now I was doing all I could not to bust down her throat right then. I slightly thrusted my hips into her throat, my cock head very far down. Her saliva swirled around my shaft, making soft slurping noises. She backed off after a minute and let Juliana get to work. Juliana started off sucking my head and jacking off my shaft very quickly. This made me grab her head and push down, so she stopped jacking me off and started a deepthroat. She made loud slurping noises and bobbed her head up to my head and down to the base of my shaft around 10 times. Then she pulled off and started to give me a good titty fucking, using saliva as lube. As she stroked me with her tits I lost control, and my orgasm exploded. The first jet of cum splashed over her tits, and she quickly put my head in her mouth and jerked my shaft again. I filled her mouth with cum until it dribbled out of her cheeks, and then she backed off. Jackie came up, took a shot of cum in the face, and put 4 inches of my meat in her mouth. She rubbed my balls as I filled her mouth up too. I put my hands on the back of her head and thrusted, letting the last of my cum out. When Jackie pulled off, they both opened their mouths, FULL of cum. They both had the most cum I had ever seen in their mouths, and I was really impressed at how much I had shot out today. I doubted they would swallow all that, but Juliana started by gulping it down. In one shot. The sight made me spurt one last little stream of cum which landed on Jackie’s tits. Juliana was quick to suck it all off, making sure to lick and suck Jackie’s still hard nipples. The sight was great. Jackie had a harder time swallowing all the cum, and she lost quite a bit of it to the floor, but she got most of it down. Watching them swallowing made me want to cum just a little bit more, so i grabbed the back of Juliana’s head and pushed it onto my cock, which was now soft. She sucked voluntarily, and i could feel a little bit of cum starting to build up again. She sucked my soft dick hard, making it stretch along the contours of her mouth. As i started to get slightly hard, Jackie came up to Juliana and started licking her tits. I was ready, and i shot 2 more bursts into Juliana’s mouth, as she deepthroated my dick and swallowed instantly. I fell down on my back onto the bed, breathing hard and sweating.

“Guys…I love you so much,” was all I could say, closing my eyes.

At the same time, they both replied, “We’re definitely doing this again tomorrow!”

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