Flight Journey To Sex Journey

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Flight Journey To Sex Journey

Hi, guys, I am back with another exciting story. Those who want to know about me, I am a typical Indian with a normal body of 22 years old with a dick of 5.5 inches. I love to do massage. This is the story about an angel who met on a journey to Bangalore and the fun with her in Bangalore in her flat.

By the way, the heroine of the story is Savitha (true name). So, without any delay let’s get into the story. So after my semester exams. I got holidays for 15 days. So I decided to visit Bangalore where my mama (mom’s brother) lives. I kinda like the place but frankly, I am afraid of my mama.

So the day after my exams finished I booked a ticket to Bangalore. The flight is around 7:40 in the evening. So I decided to go early. It is the time when all the colleges and schools and offices close. So the roads will be filled by the vehicles which ultimately results in a terrific traffic jam.

I reached the airport at 7:10 or something. I had my boarding pass and was waiting for the call of our flight. After boarding my flight I was adjusting my luggage. A voice with a sweet tone mesmerized me asking for help to place her bag too since she is a short girl.

Yes her height is 5’3¨. But her assets are amazing I mean it. For that height, she had great dying ass which was coming out her tight black jeans. I thought she is the one who is sitting beside me. But luck didn’t cooperate with me. She was sitting in the next row.

I thought that she is having her first flight journey. She is very excited and nervous and taking many selfies etc. When all the passengers were aboard I looked over and observed that there aren’t many passengers. So I tried my luck. I asked her if she is having her first journey in flight.

To my question, she just gave a small smile which showed her dimples. OMG, I just love girls with dimples. I thought of offering my window seat to her. When I asked her she instantly nodded and we changed our seats. I sat beside her. She had a kind of expression on her face like she doesn’t want me to sit there.

I understood that and I was about to change my place. She said sorry and insisted me to sit there itself. I thanked God for the luck which helped me to talk to her and get to know about her.

Savi: Sorry for taking your seat. This is my first journey in flight, so bit excited.
Me: It’s ok with me. No problem at all.
Savi: Thanks, by bahis firmaları the way, I am Savitha. Android developer.
Me: Android developer! Cool. I am Sai Ram. Agricultural engineering final year.

Savi: Agriculture, you had peculiar thought for taking it.
Me: Kind of.
Savi: Ok.

Then the air hostess came and asked us to tie the seat belt as the flight is about to take off. Savi had a blush while tying her seat belt. I asked why she is feeling shy. She said, “I never talked to a guy in my first meeting and we are going to travel along.” I just can’t resist my laugh and said, “It’s ok you can trust me.”

When the flight was talking off she was scared and placed and her on my hand and held it tightly. I said it’s ok it will be just a minute. She was relaxed by my words. I said to myself, ‘You have a great day Ram.’ I thought of starting a conversation with her.

She asked me do you have a girlfriend. I was shocked by her question. And I said no. (I had a girlfriend with a relation of more than 1 year). She again asked me why. I just said whenever I try to impress a girl I always fail. She had aww expression and disturbed my hair with her hands.

I was again shocked by her reaction. She said she likes to do like that when she has someone beside her. Now, I asked her does she had a boyfriend. She said she had one in her college time. But now she had a break-up with him. I asked for the reason. She said he is having another affair with his colleague.

She had tears in her eyes. So to comfort her I held my hand on her shoulder (though a bold move I tried). She felt a bit relaxed and asked isn’t she good. It was to control my feelings then. But I controlled and said yes you are beautiful indeed hot. She had a blush and cleaned her tears with the tissues.

I again asked when she had this break-up. She said it’s been 4 days. So she came to her home to be diverted from his thoughts by spending time with her friend. I thought this is my opportunity. I asked how far is your relationship with your boyfriend.

She was shocked by my question and said they also tried sex. But it was painful to her, so they stopped. I told her that this may be the reason for his affair. She said she has asked him for sex several times after that day. But every time he is escaping saying he has work and all other things.

I told her if you were my girlfriend I wouldn’t have left you. She was blushing for every now güvenilir casino and then showing her dimples. She asked me what do I like about her. I said that curvy ass and dimples. She instantly gave a peck on my cheeks which shocked me. She said, “Will you help in having my revenge?”

I was dumbstruck and said yes in excitement. Then we exchanged our phone numbers and she gave her flat’s address. Then I came to know that she is staying in the same area where I am going to stay. We both together took a bus to our area. When we are about to leave I gave her a kiss on her cheeks.

Then I went straight to my mama’s house. That night I wasn’t able to sleep. Suddenly I got a message from Savi, ‘Slept?’ I immediately replied how can I sleep. She said this Saturday my flatmate is going to her hometown. I wanted to confirm so I asked what’s the plan.

She said, “You dumbass I want you in my flat that 2 days i.e., Saturday and Sunday.” I said, “Ok I will be there by 11o clock on Saturday morning.” She said she will be waiting for me. To tease her, I asked should I bring condoms. She got angry and started abusing me. I told ok I will bring them too.

On the day, I went to her flat with a backpack. She asked how did I manage to get there. I said I am leaving to Mysore to visit my old friends. She instantly hugged me for coming. We had some juice and started sharing our fantasies. She had craziest and wildest among all the women I ever met.

She wanted me to tie and bang her. OMG, even I wanted to try that with my girlfriend. I thought inside my head and thought of having trails like that. When I was thinking about the position suddenly she came to me and gave a big smooch. She must be a pro in kissing.

We kissed for 5 minutes while exploring each other. I can’t control my hunger. I instantly tore her t-shirt and yoga pants to have those yummy melons and gate to heaven. She is in a black push-up bra and panties matching with the bra. Then she removed my shirt and jeans. I was left only with my jockey.

When I stuck my head on her pussy over panties she dug her nails into my chest. In pain, I gave a love bite on her pussy. She gave a big moan and wanted me to get into the real action. Then I removed her panty started eating her ripen pink pussy. I love to eat pussy.

After a few minutes of sucking and eating there was a flood of her juices. The way she moaned when she is cumming, still internet casino I can’t forget. Then she took my little soldier. It just saluted her beauty and she took it in her mouth. She started kissing its tip and slowly taking into the mouth.

But I can’t be patient towards the slowness of her. So I grabbed her and deepthroated her. She can’t take my whole dick once at a time but she is trying to take it. After a few minutes of hard blowjob, I came in her mouth. Then we started smooching each other.

I was running my hands all over her body searching for the right spot to tease her. After that, we came in 69 position and started using the magic of tongue. After a few minutes, we both cummed. We both were almost tired because of multiple orgasms within a short time.

Then we had ordered lunch from Foodpanda and had the food. After that, we started watching movie RX100 from prime. Since the movie has some erotic scenes, it made us horny again and we resumed our lovemaking. But now I was very horny and can’t control myself.

I tore her t-shirt and started pressing and sucking her breasts. She is dumbstruck by my sudden action and slowly started enjoying it. In an instant, she pushed me away and blindfolded me and made me sit in a chair. Meanwhile, she brought some ribbons to tie me to bed.

After getting ribbons she freed me. She took me to her bedroom and made me lie on the bed. She tied me to the bed with those ribbons and made me as her prisoner. After that, she started stripping her short and panty and started dance in front of me. It made me more hungry and hornier than ever.

But I can’t do anything. Then she started removing my clothes and started riding on my dick in cowgirl position. She enjoyed watching me getting pumped. But all my hunger is wasted since my hands were also tied. I started shouting to untie my hands. To that, she untied my right hand.

Instantly I had her boobs pinched and pressed them hard. She started shouting in pain and pleasure. And then I untied my other hand and pressing her boobs very hard and buried my face in between her boobs. After a few minutes, I was about to cum. She got to know that and started sucking my dick very fast.

Then I unloaded my hot cum into her mouth. By then she was very tired and we took a break. Then we went for bathing together and I ended fucking her under shower too. After that, we had many streaming sessions and a massage session too (you know I am an expert in massage).

And I left on Sunday to my friend’s place. Thus I full filled her wish and desire. Still, we do some sexting. That’s all guys feel free to comment and girls want any help or sex chat or massage or sex ping me

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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