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He doesn’t say much. But you’re here to fuck, not to talk.

You are on your back, naked on the bed. Not in the bed, on it. The duvet has been stripped off and you lie on the crisp, white sheet. He is on his side next to you. He has one leg hooked over one of yours, spreading you slightly. His left arm is around your shoulders. His right hand cups your left breast, his thumb gently rotates the nipple. His mouth is on yours. He is a good kisser. His cock is rigid against your thigh.

He speaks. A low sexy voice that you can feel starting deep down in his chest. He speaks to tell you what he is going to do to you. And then he does it.

“I’m going to kiss you all over. I’m going to kiss your eyes…”

He kisses your eyes.

“I’m going to kiss your ears…”

He kisses your ears.

“I’m going to kiss your shoulders…”

“I’m going to kiss your breasts…”

“And you nipples…”

“I’m going to kiss your ribs…”

“I’m going to kiss your belly…”

“I’m going to kiss your hips…”

“I’m going to kiss your mound…”

He kisses your smooth, hairless, perfumed mound.

He anadolu yakası escort gently removes his hand from under your back and moves down the bed. You raise your knees and part your thighs, forming your body into that bowl shape, that human sculpture that cradles a lover when he mounts you.

He moves between your thighs and kisses the smooth skin of your inner thighs.

He kisses the tight tendons that run between thigh and groin, the dividing line, the equator between belly and buttocks.

He kisses your mound. Again.

Then he speaks again. His face is so close to your cunt that he seems to be talking to it. You can feel his voice.

“My cock is very, very hard. So hard that the skin has pulled all the way back, exposing my knob. The little hole is gaping, ready to spurt thick, hot spunk inside you. Is your cunt ready?”

“Oh yes.”

“Is it wet?”

“Very wet.”

“Is it gaping open?”

“Wide open.”

“Nothing to obstruct my cock then?”

“Nothing whatsoever.”

“It doesn’t need kissing then?”

“It doesn’t ataşehir escort need it, but kiss it anyway.”

The finest kiss of all. He kisses your cunt. A gentle kiss on the lips. You cry out in delight. Then he opens his mouth wide and encloses your vulva with his mouth. He sucks gently and you seem to be turning inside out. His tongue snakes out and reaches deep inside, swirling to widen your already yawning sheath. He retracts the probe and uses it with his lips to trace a devastating trail down your labia, onto your perineum and onto the rosebud of your anus. His tongue stiffens again to penetrate the tight valve. You cry out again and then his mouth is gone, re-tracing its path upwards now, sucking your lips into his mouth in turn. Then it is on your clit.

His lips seem to draw the tiny bud deep into his mouth, sucking hard. You come, screaming in your release.

He moves up between your thighs, you are still high from the orgasm. His tip finds your opening without guiding and he slides inside. It seems to keep going deeper than you have ever experienced. At last he is all in. His ümraniye escort pubes press against your bald mound, his balls rest on your buttocks, his knob must be pressed tight against your cervix. You want more of him inside, you wrap arms and legs around him and draw him closer. You want all of him in your cunt. You are all cunt. He is all cock.

“Fill me.”

He starts his movements, long and slow. Then faster, still deep, but pounding.

He comes. Grunting as he does so. And you can feel his cum flooding you. As he promised, jet after jet of rich, thick spunk filling what little space is left inside you by his massive cock.

You tip over the edge and topple into your second climax. More powerful than before. Your mind loses its grip on reality and cries out to him;

“Do it again. Fuck me again. And then again. Fuck me from above, fuck me from behind, fuck me from the side. Fuck me again and again. Fuck my cunt. Fuck my mouth. Let me drink your seed. Fuck my arse. Fill my innards with cum. Rub your cock on my tits. Rub it on my nipples. Lay your cock on my breastbone and wrap my tits around it, shape them into a cunt and fuck me there. Come on my throat and chin. Let me touch your cock. Let me hold it in both hands. Let me wank it. Let me see you come. Come on me. Come on my belly. Come on my tits. Come in my hair. Come on my face.

And then fuck me again. And again and again. Don’t stop fucking me.

Fuck me forever.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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