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Note. This is a very very dark story that i want to continue. If you don’t like the cruelty twords children you have been warned. I don’t condone the actions i portray in this story it is simply fantasy. Leave right now if you dont like a single tag that this has. and as for putting tags that this certain chapter doesnt have, i plan to continue this story if i get some good reviews. Comment if you want more, and if you dont like it then dont read it. Thank you for your time and i hope you enjoy.


I was 27 when I found her crying in the streets. I asked her why she was crying and she told me her mom had told her to stay in this spot till she came back in a couple of minutes, it had been hours. It seemed like what she was telling me, she had been abandoned. Left to fend for herself at 7 years old, I asked her her name and she told me “Samantha”. She told me she didn’t know where she was or anyone around. I told her she should come stay at my place, and in the morning id take her to the police. She was reluctant to come at first, she told me she wasn’t aloud to go talk to strangers, let alone go with them. I stroked her blonde curls and told her everything will be okay, she grabbed my hand and held on for dear life.

I lead her to my car and buckled her in the back seat. She had been wearing a small skirt and a t shirt. When I got into the driver seat, I looked back at her and noticed that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. My mind started to swim with ideas… I decided then antalya escort bayan that I was going to fulfill some of my darkest dreams. We drove for about an hour or two, for awhile she was confused as to where we were going, but she soon fell asleep as it was getting late. We stopped at my cabin that I used during the summer for road trips and as a safe house. I unbuckled her and lifted her limp sleeping body, and brought her in the house. I stripped her of her clothes while she slept and pulled her legs apart to look at her pristine untouched pussy.

I wanted to just go for it, but I held back, I held myself from the temptation. I spread her lips and looked at its glory. Her eyes fluttered a bit and she slowly started waking. She saw what I was doing and pulled away, she backed away from me and turned bright red from head to toe. Her petite body made me the hardest I had ever been, I dreamed of what I was going to do to that body. She didn’t know anything about the house she was in, she was at a major disadvantage. Come here Sam I said. She said no and tried to run away. I grabbed her by the hair before she could get to far and I pulled her to me and told her she was going to do exactly what I said or She will find a way back to the city through the wolf infested forest by herself, her only reply was a slight whimper.

I threw her against the wall and undid the button and zipper on my pants. I slid them off and picked her up off the floor. She was crying, her mouth wide open, I grabbed her hair and shoved my dick as far as I could into escort bayan her throat. I face fucked the seven year old as hard as I could, her screams muffled around my enormous cock. I thrusted in and out of her face over and over again until her whole front side was coated with a thick layer of a mix of her spit and my cum. I finally pulled out and she gasped and choked.

I picked her up and laid her on her back on the table, her head hanging off the end. She was kicking and screaming the whole time trying to escape. I slapped her across the face and grabbed her head, she clamped down so I couldn’t get in her mouth. I continued slapping her face until she finally didn’t have the strength to close her mouth anymore. I slid my ten inch cock down her throat, you could easily see the bulge in her throat moving back and forth. Deeper and deeper I went, at one point watching the bulge disappear underneath her collar bone and under her ribcage. You could see her face turning purple, her throat tightening around my throbbing meat, her eyes starting to role back in her head. I pulled out right as she lost consciousness.

She was still breathing, just passed out. While she was out I tied her legs to the table and her hands together behind her back face down on the table. When she awoke I was spreading lube all over her little ass. She tried wriggling and screaming, all I said was I have decided not to deflower her just yet but still wanted to have some fun. I lined my dick up with her little ass hole and lathered up my dick with the lube on her ass. I placed antalya escort my head against her pucker, and said this will hurt.

She started crying again. I pushed the head of my dick into her ass, her whole body twitch. I pulled out and did the same again, I pushed it in one more time, grabbed her shoulders and fucked her ass. She screamed in agony, as I plunged into her hole again and again, she didn’t stop screaming either. I got deeper and the more I pulled out the more poop fell out. I fucked her so much until she had stopped shitting and had nothing left in her system. I came inside her and fell over on top of her exhausted.

I pulled all the way out and untied the little girl. I looked at her in the eyes and said, Sam you are to clean my dick off with your mouth. If you do anything wrong you get sleep outside with the hungry animals. At first she refused, I smacked her, picked her up and threw her outside into the cold night air. She was pretty confident in herself and limping away from the lights, every now and then looking back at the lights, the pain in her ass throbbing and making her wince. The wolves started to howl and gather. She looked around and ran straight back to the lights.

She banged and screamed at the door. I opened it and asked her if she was ready to clean her shit off my dick. She stared at the floor and nodded. I let her in and I exhaustedly plopped down on the couch. She knelt in front of me on the floor, I put my hand on her head and pushed her head down she got the picture and did most of the work after that, I kept my hand on her head the whole time, I occasionally forced her down farther than she could by herself. If your a good girl ill take you out to the stables tomorrow. Do you like horses Sam?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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