Friends with Benefits Ch. 02

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She wakes up and goes into her room. Before long she’s laying in bed on her side. She’s in a black tshirt and green panties. She’s thinking about him and he’s asleep in the living room, still.

She rolls onto her back, she starts running her hands up and down her body. Playing with her breasts over her shirt, she moans. Her hands travel down her body, caressing herself through her panties. She slides her right hand down her panties, her legs fall apart slightly as she starts stroking her clit.

She moans and strokes her clit fast and hard. She stops, pulling her hand out, she takes her shirt and panties off and continues playing with her clit. Her eyes are closed as she enjoys the sensations her playing causes.

She massages then squeezes her left breast with her left hand. She loves playing with her breasts and has no compliments from her lover, either. For he loves them too.

She’s moaning a little too loud and soon hears movement at her bedroom door. She opens her eyes and sure enough he’s standing there, watching.

Eager to join and help. She smiles to herself as she slowly stops playing with herself.

She says, “Welcome to my bedroom.”

She continues saying, “Come join me.”

She asks, “Want to play?”

He says, “Yes”

Stripping as he makes it to the bed in two seconds and laying beside her just as fast. She rolls canlı bahis onto her side, facing him. She reaches over, grabs his dick, and starts stroking him. He makes a noise. She starts stroking faster and harder.

She stops, pushes him onto his back, moves onto her knees, and starts licking him from his nipples to his dick. She moves lower, she licks his dick from base to head, slowly. A few times before shoving him in her hot, wet mouth.

She starts sucking him hard, harder, fast, faster. Using her hand to stroke him in the opposite direction. She deep throats. Once, twice, three times before just sucking him again. She listens to him making noises and it just makes her do it harder and faster.

She continues until she feels him tense, she knows he’s going to cum soon, so she moves faster, faster. Her mouth is so wet, hot, and wanting his cum. She is relentless until she feels the cum flowing into her mouth, she swallows and sucks until he’s done and swallows that, too.

Licking her lips, she smiles at him before laying on her back again. He rolls onto his side, to help her. He starts stroking her clit, she giggles but he continues. She moans and he works his hand down, inserting a finger inside her wet, shaved, hot pussy. She gasps as he begins moving it in and out of her slowly at first then moving faster and harder.

He moves in between her legs bahis siteleri without stopping his attack on her pussy. She moans as his mouth closes over her left nipple, sucking softly before moving to her right doing the same thing. She moves against his finger. He’s so good at what he does.

Soon, he moves down, replacing his finger with his tongue. She moves her legs wider apart. He starts thrusting his tongue in and out of her. Fast. Faster. Hard. Harder.

She moans and grunts as he fucks her with his tongue. She can’t handle anymore, grabbing his hair she tugs him up and off her. She pushes him on his back and straddles him. She grunts as he goes inside her, deep. Thick and long. She loves this ride. She leans forward and kisses him as she starts moving her hips.

She spreads her legs wider as she moves forcing him deeper. She sits up and moves hard and fast. Her eyes are closed as she rides. He moves under her. His hands on her hips. Thrusting up as she goes down. She’s so wet and he’s so hard.





She’s definately enjoying this ride and from the sounds of it so is he. She’s moving as hard and fast as she can then she slows down, leaning over she grabs her toy. She places it on her clit and turns it up full speed. She moans loud and comes to a stop, letting the vibrations do their job for a bit before bahis şirketleri she starts moving harder and faster than she possibly can.

He cums inside her, but he’s still going as she’s getting ready to cum, too. So very close, she pushes herself at times then the other times she stays still and lets the vibrations take over, which force her over the edge and with a moan she cums hard and fast.

Panting, she moves off him and lays down. Trying to calm her breathing again.

After awhile…

She exclaims, “Damn! That was good!”

She rolls over onto her side, facing him.

She says, “You are one terrific lover that is for sure.”

Soon, they are both up, dressed, and are back in the living room.

She says, “Come on, let’s go outside. It looks nice and I need fresh air.”

He says, “Mkay.”

And they make their way outside.

Sitting on the steps, she moves so he can sit beside her.

She asks, “Leaving today?”

He answers, “Yesh.”

She says, “Okay.”

There’s silence. As usual. What’s the point of talking?, she wonders to herself.

He says, “So.”

She asks, “So what?”

He asks, “What’s up?”

She replies, “The sky.”

He gets up and starts walking to his car. She hesitates but follows him to the other steps.

He smiles…woot!

She says, “See ya later. I had fun.”

He says, “Later. I had fun, too.”

He gets in his car, starts it, drives away, and she turns to go back to the steps.

They both had fun and will do this again…Eventually…Stay tuned!

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