From Friends to Lovers Ch. 12

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When I woke the next morning, it took me a moment to remember where we were. Beth stirred beside me, stretching luxuriantly. “Morning, lover.”

I heard a distinct rumble from her stomach, and she rolled her eyes. “I’m starving. Come on, a quick shower and let’s get some breakfast.”

I helped her wash, then we made our way down the two sets of stairs, Beth’s hair still damp. We retrieved our clothes, and I nodded towards the kitchen as Beth buttoned her blouse. “Didn’t you miss something?”

She grinned. “I don’t need them today, and if Sarah does need to come back for any reason, they’ll give her something to wonder about.”

We put the keys through the letterbox at the estate agent’s as we’d promised, then headed for the McDonalds. “Anything particular you want to do today?” Beth queried as she bit into her breakfast muffin.

“Well, we have some phone calls to make,” I reminded her. “And we can cancel our hall rooms.”

“Oh, yes.”

Beth grinned. “I’ve just remembered – there’s that big furniture place just off the motorway, isn’t there. We could go in there, see what grabs us.”

We finished our breakfast, and we were soon heading west again, then north. “There it is,” Beth pointed, and I took the exit. I found a parking spot, and glanced round. “Want a trolley?”

Beth shook her head. “Let’s just browse, we can get everything delivered, can’t we.”

We made our way inside, and I glanced at Beth. “What would you like to look at first?”

She thought for a moment. “Well, we need kitchen stuff, and I know they have amazing bookshelves here.”

Beth’s eyes sparkled. “But the first thing I’d pick is the bed.”

I grinned. “Got you.”

We headed for the relevant area, and Beth ran her finger down the size chart on the wall. “Our bedroom’s huge, isn’t it – we might as well get the biggest bed we can, otherwise it’d look swamped, wouldn’t it.”

I looked at the chart. “Sure. Do they have one we can see?”

We walked a little further, and Beth pointed. “I think it’s that one.”

She slipped off her shoes, giving me a frisson of remembered pleasure, and sprawled out on top of the mattress. “Come on,” she invited.

I looked round almost guiltily, even though I knew potential buyers were expected to try out the beds, and joined her, linking my hands behind my head. “Oh, yes, this is great.”

Beth turned, propping herself on one elbow. “We’ll need a headboard, too.”

She grinned. “Something for me to hold on to while you’re in me from behind, pushing me up against it.”

My eyes flared wide, and I took a deep breath. “God, Beth, I love your imagination.”

She chuckled. “I know.”

She sat up, pulling out her phone to take a picture of the product name, barcode. “OK, got it.”

We made our way through the various departments, noting down styles and colours we liked. “There’s one thing we do actually need to get today,” Beth pointed out.

“What’s that?”

“A tape measure.”

“Of course,” I nodded. “I suppose we’ll have to go down to the house again quite soon.”

Beth’s eyes were full of promise. “Naturally.”

She looked thoughtful. “We can’t just keep calling it ‘the house’, can we. Was there a name on the details anywhere?”

I shook my head. “Maybe there’ll be something on the old maps. We can have a look over lunch?”

“Hmm, lunch,” said Beth. “We’re still catching up on missed meals, aren’t we.”

We made our way to the restaurant, getting meatballs and all the trimmings, finding a table. Beth took out her phone, stabbing a meatball with her fork and chewing thoughtfully while she tapped at the screen. “Here we are – on the 1841 map, it’s called The Grove.”

“Sounds sort of Greek,” I mused. “Fauns dancing in the moonlight, that kind of thing.”

I tuzla escort gave Beth a soft look. “Of course, I have a nymph of my own right here, if she feels like dancing anytime.”

“Nymph-what?” she grinned wickedly, then her smile softened. “Not really – only with you.”

We finished our tour of the store, remembering to pick up a tape measure, then walked back to the car. “Home?” I queried.

“Home for now,” Beth smiled.

When we got back, my father was in the garden, weeding around the roses. “Thought you’d eloped,” he grinned.

“Wups,” I glanced at Beth guiltily. “I guess I should have texted.”

“How did it go?” he asked, leaning on top of his hoe.

I raised my eyebrows at Beth. “Actually we bought the house.”

My father blinked. “You don’t hang about.”

He put the hoe down, beckoning us inside. “Well then, we have something to celebrate…”


The next few days were a whirl, choosing paint, carpets, ordering furniture. We got the rest of the house purchase organised, and arranged with the estate agent to pick the keys back up on the next Friday. “We can go down for the weekend,” suggested Beth. “Only this time we’ll take a few things – it’ll be a bit like camping.”

She looked thoughtful. “I wonder if the pizza place delivers that far out of town.”

We picked our way through the rush hour traffic, arriving at the estate agent’s office a few minutes before the time we’d set. Sarah looked up as the door opened, and smiled. “Good to see you again.”

She glanced at the clock. “This is my last appointment for a couple of weeks – my flight to New York leaves this evening.”

“Well done,” Beth grinned, and Sarah blinked in surprise as Beth leaned over to kiss her on the cheek. “You’ll have to come and visit us after term starts.”

Sarah fetched our keys from the cabinet. “I hope moving in goes really well for you.”

As we drove out of town, I threw a knowing glance at Beth. “You’re still thinking of Sarah and that kitchen table, aren’t you.”

“Maybe,” she chuckled. “But we have the house to ourselves this weekend, I’m sure we’ll find plenty of ways to entertain ourselves.”

We pulled up outside The Grove, and Beth opened the door while I brought cardboard boxes from the boot. “OK, this one’s for the kitchen, I’ll leave the attic one until we go up later. Are you hungry yet?”

Beth nodded. “We decided on pasta and cheesy bacon sauce tonight – my turn to cook.”

The kitchen was comfortably warm, and I glanced at the Aga. “Sarah said she’d come in to light it, didn’t she.”

Beth caught her bottom lip between her teeth, her eyes dancing. “So she’ll have come across that one thing we left, I guess. I wonder where she put them?”

I glanced around the kitchen. “Aha.”

I passed Beth a small package carefully wrapped in tissue paper, and she unfolded the paper to reveal white cotton. “She’s even put them through the wash, bless her.”

She put her panties back on the worktop, and started emptying the cardboard box. “Pans, pasta, bacon, cheese sauce granules. Put me some water in this one?”

I sat at the kitchen table to watch her as she cooked, blowing a stray strand of hair out of her face. “This feels so natural, as though we’d been here for years.”

She stirred one pan, then lifted the other from the heat, closing the lid of the Aga. A cloud of steam rose from the sink as she drained the pasta, shaking the pan. “OK, we can eat.”

She brought heaped bowls to the table, and I took a bite of the sauce. “Mm, that’s amazing.”

I glanced across the table at her. “Do you want to start measuring this evening?”

Beth nodded. “We can do our bedroom, save the ground floor for tomorrow.”

We made short work of our meal, and Beth grinned. “Sorry, tuzla escort bayan love, the dishes are yours.”

I stood at the sink, setting the tap running. “Plenty of hot water, anyway. We should try the bath later.”

Beth moved to stand behind me, pressing her breasts against my back. “Mm, yes.”

The dishes didn’t take long, and I followed Beth up the stairs to the master bedroom. “So – what’s on the list?”

“Carpets, mostly. Oh, and curtains.”

I held the end of the tape while Beth measured, jotting in her notebook. “Now for the windows.”

She glanced up. “Hmm – think I’m going to need something to stand on.”

I went back down to the kitchen to fetch a chair, then watched as Beth positioned it by the window and stepped up. She stretched to put the tape at the top edge of the window, and I couldn’t help my eyes being drawn to the gap created between t-shirt and jeans, just a hint of her bra visible. “Gorgeous view.”

She looked down, her eyes twinkling. “You say the sweetest things. Right – what’s the measurement at the floor?”

We finished the measuring, and I glanced at Beth. “Ready for a bath?”

“Mm-hm. Oh, the towels and stuff are in that other box, aren’t they.”

I pretended a longsuffering look. “I’ll go and get it. Want to start the water running?”

When I got back with the box, Beth rummaged, pulling out towels then a small bottle. “Mm, I thought I’d put bath oil in.”

She went back into the bathroom, tipping a little of the oil into the steaming water, and a subtle fragrance filled the room.

“Want me to undress you?” I offered, and Beth nodded, letting me pull her t-shirt over her head, slip her jeans down. I moved behind her, unhooking her bra, sliding her panties off, then cupping her breasts. “Aren’t you going to lose your clothes too?” she teased. “They’d only get wet if I splash you.”

I quickly undressed, and followed her into the bathroom, kneeling on the floor and watching her sink into the hot water. “If we were going to change anything, I’d put in a corner bath, room for both of us,” I ventured.

Beth swirled the water with her fingers. “I like the sound of that.”

She moved her hands to her breasts. “We should have brought some candles, I could really relax one evening.”

I chuckled softly. “I know what you mean by relax. Want me to help?”

Beth shook her head. “I know you’ll enjoy watching. And then I might not be so ‘right now’, I can concentrate on what you want.”

She slid her fingers down to touch herself below the surface of the water, and breathed in slowly, her breasts rising, the bath oil giving them a tantalising sheen. “Mm.”

I watched as she moved her fingers more urgently, drawing her knees up a little, her eyes closing, lips parted. “You can choose how you have me tonight, I’ll do whatever you want…”

“Anything?” I murmured.

“Mm, yes, my mouth, my hands, in me whatever way -“

Her words were cut short by her moan of pleasure as the surface of the water rippled, some overflowing the edge of the bath to puddle on the floor. “Mm…”

Beth opened her eyes, and I leaned down to kiss her moist forehead. “Think you’re sufficiently relaxed now?”

She nodded, getting gracefully to her feet, water cascading down her body. “Hand me a towel?”

She stepped out of the bath, not bothering to dry herself fully, and walked back to the bedroom, spreading the towel on the floor. “This is about where the bed will be,” she said thoughtfully, lying down on her front and resting her head on her arm. “Don’t be too long,” she hinted.

I got into the bath, ducking my head below the surface to wet my hair. The idea that Beth had pleasured herself lying here just a few moments ago was arousing, and I didn’t linger, getting to my feet escort tuzla and reaching to pick up my towel from where I’d left it. I dried myself about as thoroughly as Beth had, dropping the towel on the floor, and walked over to kneel beside her. Her skin was silky to my touch, and on impulse I bent down to place a kiss at the bottom of her back, breathing in the lingering scent of the oil.

“Mm,” she stirred, “nice, don’t stop…”

I traced my lips around the base of her spine, then a little lower, feeling the fine hairs on her bottom brushing my top lip. Beth murmured, and moved her feet further apart, creating a tempting shadow. I dabbed my tongue into the cleft of her bottom, and my mind threw up a memory. “One time soon…”

I moved lower, my tongue brushing across the pink star I found, and Beth made a quiet sound of pleasure. “Oh, yes.”

She lifted her head for a moment to look at me. “Tim – we said we’d do this, and now would be perfect, we have all the time in the world, there’s nobody else here.”

She smiled a little nervously. “There’s a bottle of moisturiser in the box, that’d probably work.”

I nodded, leaning over to reach into the box. “But I know something else that’ll help, and maybe we need to…”

I retrieved my towel, folding it, and Beth lifted a little to let me slide the towel under her hips. “Mm, that makes me feel more exposed,” she breathed, sending a renewed thrill through me.

I positioned myself behind her, pressing my hard tip into her still-wet entrance, sliding easily inside, and Beth sighed with pleasure. “Mmm… I wouldn’t be disappointed if you changed your mind.”

I moved in her a little, then withdrew with only a hint of regret. A squirt of moisturiser into my palm, mixing with Beth’s slipperiness on me, and I used my fingertips to stroke a little of the moisturiser onto her pink star. “Ready?”

She nodded, and I pressed my tip against her opening, at first feeling the resistance of smooth muscle. “Keep going,” Beth encouraged me, and I pressed a little harder, feeling her make a conscious effort to relax. I felt the ring of muscle slip over my tip, hearing a quiet gasp from Beth, and I stilled, letting her adjust. “You OK?”

“Mm-hm.” Even with only a couple of syllables, her voice sounded different, throaty. “You can go a little further,” she breathed.

I pressed in carefully, the sensation utterly different, and my hips met Beth’s bottom, getting a murmur of satisfaction. “Oh, yes, that’s perfect.”

I bent to kiss between her shoulder blades, stroking her hair. “Now, love,” she whispered, “go for it, I want to feel what it’s like when you get there.”

I withdrew a little, then thrust again, the intriguing sensation of tightness gripping my hard shaft while at the same time I moved within smooth warmth. “Mm – oh, yes, love…”

I couldn’t help myself, flexing my hips more insistently as I felt my release approaching. Beth pushed back against me in response, and I thrilled as she found her voice to fantasise. “Mm, maybe next time I can be on top, you’d be able to touch me, then I’d get there at the same time, imagine how that’d feel…”

The combination of her words and the sensations I was feeling, finally tipped me over the edge, and as I stiffened in her Beth gave a soft moan, my warmth spurting into her. “Oh wow,” she breathed.

Finally I was spent, and I withdrew from Beth’s body just as carefully, lying beside her and drawing her into my arms. “Thank you, my love.”

She smiled. “Another new thing for us…”

After a few minutes she stirred. “Quick shower before bed? We can use the one upstairs.”

We made our way towards the attic, Beth stopping unexpectedly halfway up the staircase. “Oops.”

“You OK?”

She blushed an attractive shade of pink. “I – um, your stuff, it’s leaking…”

A blob of sticky fluid splashed on the stair treads, and Beth managed a resigned grin. “Another one of our adventures that the carpet is going to have to cover up for…”

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