Fun in Hawaii

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It was going to be a great November/December vacation. My husband Bob and I were arranging a three-week trip to Hawaii not including weekend stopovers in San Francisco on the way over and back to break up the long flights. I’m Jane and we are both twenty- nine and have been talking about this vacation for what seemed forever. We never did have a honeymoon so this was going to do double duty.

I had screwed up and waited until a few weeks before leaving before doing any real shopping for the trip. One day in the mall had convinced me how stupid I had been. We live on the East Coast where it is cold in November and very few of the stores have any summer weather clothes out. It would appear I would have to spend precious vacation time shopping when we got there. Damn!

We arranged it so we could have a morning flight out to San Francisco so we would have more time to wander around that great city. We would be there for two nights before going out across the Pacific. The flight to California was a riot. It was a 747 with the normal both aisle and middle seats. We had gotten two seats on the side and with no one sitting between us had a little extra room to stretch out. There was A loud raucous couple in the middle five seats and they were sitting in the middle of the row. We wondered why for it made it more difficult for them if they wanted to get up to use the lavatory or just wander around to break the monotony of the long East to West flight. We saw the reason about two hours after take off.

They had raised the arm- rest between their seats and were cuddled very close. I looked over and could see the gal had her hand in the guy’s crotch and I swore she had taken his cock out and was stroking it. I nudged Bob but he was by the window and didn’t have as good an angle to see what was going on as I did. The gal buzzed for the flight attendant and asked for a couple of blankets. Blankets, it was warm in the plane? We soon saw the reason. The gal had draped one blanket over the guy’s lap and obviously had his cock out and had him groaning a little with the pleasure. A few minutes later she had draped the other blanket over her head and had dropped her head to the guy’s lap and was now bobbing away very slightly in her blowjob. I almost shit laughing and Bob could see what was going on and he laughed as well. Everything went along fine for the next few minutes until the plane hit a little rough air. It lurched up and then down rather severely and that had drinks flying all over the place. They weren’t the only things that was disturbed. Apparently on the upward lurch it drove the guys cock so deep in her throat that her gag reflex took over and she was soon upchucking all over his lap. You could have heard him shout all over the plane. She must have had a very large breakfast for his lap was full of the stuff. Talk about laughing….we were rolling. By then the gal had uncovered her head and sat up. She looked over at us and we were in hysterics. The guy was pissed out of his mind but when she saw us laughing she gave a big smile and rose to go to the lavatory. Well, it was a great way to start the trip for us. Not so for the guy getting his pipes cleaned.

The touring of San Francisco was wonderful. Besides touring the old Alcatraz prison we saw a ton of things we would long remember. One of our old favorite restaurants had closed but we found a good few to replace it with. The flight over to Oahu a few days later went very smooth…no more rough air!!

Our hotel was right on the beach with our room on the seventh floor and had a balcony facing the ocean. The weather channel was forecasting temperatures in the mid-eighties, which was about fifty degrees warmer than what we had left behind us on the East Coast. Just what we wanted!

We went for a swim in the hotel pool the afternoon we arrived and then had dinner in the hotel restaurant rather than go out looking for one. We were going to have more than three weeks to ferret out some good eating spots and didn’t feel like rushing it. It was going to take us a little time to handle the jet lag and we didn’t want to hurry that at all.

As we sat down to dinner Bob started to laugh and said,

“You are not going to believe this.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Look” and he pointed his head over to the side of the room.

WOW, it was the blow job couple from the plane going into San Francisco.

They hadn’t seen us and it wasn’t as if the guy would have recognized us anyway but the girl might if she saw us. Sure enough she rose to go to the ladies room and as she passed our table stopped and looked down at us and laughed.

“Small world.” She said softly.

“We see you are able to eat again. We thought your throat might have been ruined.”

“Not with the small thin thing I had in it.” She said with a smile.

“Aw, that’s a shame. It looked as if you were enjoying it.” I said.

“It wasn’t me who was enjoying it and I was only doing it to make up with him.”

Bob casino oyna couldn’t resist the chance to brag about his big wand and said something like,

“Well, it’s a good thing you weren’t making up with me and have that rough air happen to you. Your throat would be ruined for a long time.” He said with a big gleam in his eye and I kicked him hard under the table.

She said, ” That might have been worth the price for the fun that would have come later.”

I had to jump in for I had no idea where this conversation was leading. “Maybe we’ll see you in the lounge later when we have our after dinner cognac.”

“That would be nice. Maybe I can get my guy drunk enough he’ll go to bed early and by himself.”

Oh boy, we had no idea where this would lead. I knew where Bob was hoping it would go and it had been a while since we had been involved in a threesome. It might be a fun night after all.

Dinner was fine. I had some type of local seafood and Bob had his old standby of steak. He isn’t very adventuresome when it comes to food.

We each skipped dessert and just sipped our coffee. The BJ gal and her mate had left the place a half-hour earlier and we figured that was the end of it. Bob charged the bill to our room and we went out for a little walk before ending up in the lounge for our cognacs. We hadn’t been seated for more than a few minutes when our new gal friend was pulling an adjacent chair up to the table. “Hi, I’m Doris and I was able to dump the asshole.”

Bob handled our introductions and I couldn’t resist it but had to ask,

“Why would you come on a trip this far with an ‘asshole?'”

“Yeah, you’re right but he won the airfare and room and we had been going together for a couple of months when he asked me if I wanted to see Hawaii. I thought about it for about a second thinking of the fun of seeing the place but failed to think about whom I would be seeing it with. He’s a drunken bore and he hasn’t been treating me very nice lately. Judging from past performance I’ll bet I can keep him drunk and sleeping most of the time.”

Bob couldn’t resist it but responded with, “Particularly when he jams his cock down your throat.”

She roared with laughter and I could have brained my outspoken husband.

We ordered an after dinner drink for her and we sat there chatting about all of the things we were looking forward to seeing. A couple of drinks and she asked,

“Were you serous about having a love tool big enough that it would have really hurt my throat?”

“Tell her Jane. She’ll never believe me.”

“Yes, it’s true. He has been blessed with a big one that I absolutely love but hate his bragging about it. I measured it shortly after we began seeing each other and when hard it measures very close to nine inches and the head is six and a half inches around.”

“God, I have only heard about big dicks or read about them on the Internet. It hasn’t been my luck to see one close up.” She moaned.

The way this was going I thought a threesome was near at hand.

“Well, we were just about ready to go up to our room. Would you like to join us and see one for yourself?”

“Would I? You bet.” And she pushed herself away from the table. Bob motioned to the waiter to put our drinks on our room charge bill and we all left the lounge.

The conversation on the elevator was as normal as could be with no indication of what lay ahead. The other passengers in the car wouldn’t have guessed a thing about what we were thinking of.

We were no sooner in the front door of our room when Bob had an arm around Doris and she was looking up at his face longingly. I was keeping up the rear and that was true figuratively. I couldn’t take my eyes off Doris’s ass. It was sweet.

Bob played his part to perfection. He leaned down and planted his lips on Doris’s while at the same time pulling her to him. He let a hand drop down to her breasts and was soon massaging them the way that only he can do. She responded exactly the way I knew he was hoping for. She threw her arms around his neck and was kissing him as hard as she could. I knew better than to make any move on her yet. I had to wait until she was totally committed. Nude, with his cock buried in either her mouth or her pussy. I could see that it wouldn’t be long before that was the case. Doris finally pulled herself away from him and looked over at me and asked if I didn’t mind what they were doing.

“Not at all. We have a very open relationship and if he gets turned on he is free to do what he wants.” I didn’t mention that as soon as he had her committed to enjoying his cock I would be moving in and have her committed to eating my pussy.

Our room was actually a small suite. It had a small sitting room with a very large bedroom with a king-size bed in the middle of it. Bob could see where it was all leading and maneuvered her to the bedroom. They stood at the end of it as they stripped their clothes and when he had dropped his canlı casino pants and shorts all I heard was,

“Oh my God, you are huge. I’ll never be able to take all of that.”

“Isn’t that what you wanted?” he asked knowing her answer.

“Oh yes, but I never dreamed I would get so much of what I wanted.” She joked.

By then she had her bra off and was pulling down her panties. She had lovely breasts and I was now seeing her sweet ass for the first time naked. Bob led her to the side of the bed and sat down on it pulling her with him. She reached for his cock with both hands and couldn’t keep her eyes off it. Bob had his hands on her tits and then dropped one to her crotch and soon had her clit out and ready to play. They both lay back and kissed deeply as their hands were enjoying the others sexual organ. It was near time for me to get into the act. I started to strip without Doris seeing what I was doing when Bob pulled himself on top of her and guided the bluish head of his tool to the lips of her waiting pussy. He gave a slight push and it opened her up enough for him to continue his pressure and it wasn’t long before she was gasping and groaning as his cock started its final penetration. He knows he could serious damage to a woman if he just jammed it in so he sort of maneuvers it in very slowly and somehow around anything he finds in its way. She was wrapping her legs around his upper thighs and then finally she had thrown them in the air and spread wide giving him an easy straight in path to the depths of her vagina.

He soon had it buried to the hilt and she was moaning so loud I was afraid our hotel neighbors would be complaining about the noise emanating from out suite. He started a slow but steady thrusting and that is when I moved up on the bed and had my pussy within a few inches of Doris’s mouth. Her eyes were closed with ecstasy and when I reached over and put a hand behind her head to pull her lovely lips to my waiting pussy she opened her eyes and shrieked with surprise.

“Oh no, I don’t do that.”

Bob hushed her with, “Honey, you may not have before but this is a special time don’t you think?” as he drove his entire shaft from the head to the base in her in one long thrust. She was gasping and throwing her head from side to side with the overwhelming feeling she was enjoying. I pushed towards her and pulled her face to my pussy even harder.

Bob finally took charge of the situation. “Doris, get your face in Jane’s pussy and be done with it. Anymore of your crap and I will remove my cock from your pussy and ram it up your ass.” Hell, that was enough to scare a horse.

She started to cry saying; “I feel I am being raped by you two. I got suckered into having sex with your big cock and now I have to do lesbian sex to pay for it.”

“Shhh, Doris, just put your lips against my pussy and let your tongue work on mea little down there. You know the same as you like to have done to you and then I’ll do you afterwards.”

Right about then Bob started to rhythmically thrust his big cock in and out of her and she was so excited about that she simply forgot about her complaints about what I was asking her to do and just did it. I was able to move my crotch around and Bob raised his stomach so I had my pussy squishing around her face. I was working my pussy every bit as vigorously as Bob was doing with his cock. Damn, it didn’t take long before I began to feel the pressure building deep inside of me as my love juices started to pour out of me. I can’t say Doris gave me the best pussy eating I ever had but it was more the thrill of both Bob and I having her at the same time that made me feel so good. I slid off her face but kept my pussy very close to it as I came down from my orgasmic high.

Bob was coming close to having his orgasm when Doris had hers. She screeched and threw her arms to the side of her on the bed and was pounding the bed up and down with her fists as she was throwing her pussy high to suck his cock even deeper inside of her. I didn’t want Bob to fill her pussy with his come if I was going to eat her out so I motioned for him to pull out and move his cock up to her face and let her take as much of him in her mouth as she could and he could then fill her mouth with his come. As he was moving to do that I moved down to use my mouth on her now soaked pussy.

I started to work on her pussy by using my fingers to unsheathe her clit and then having my tongue flick ever so gently but very quickly over the nib. While I was doing this Bob had just put the head of his cock into her mouth and had his hand on the shaft and was jerking himself off to fill her mouth with his white hot come. The whole area of her crotch was soaked with her pussy juices and I let my fingers soak up some and then moved them around to her tight little asshole as I was working her clit. I was expecting her to raise holy hell as I slipped first one and then two fingers all the way in her ass but she seemed to enjoy what I was doing kaçak casino and threw her ass down to meet up with my fingers and drive them in even further. That seemed to be all she needed to have another big orgasm. She had one hand down at the back of my neck pulling me into her as she was throwing her pussy and ass at me as hard as she could. Bob’s timing couldn’t have been better for he was filling her lovely little mouth with his come almost at the same moment she was unloading for the second time. Whew, what a romp.

We untangled ourselves form each other and just lay there completely breathless. Doris had gotten her pussy fucked by a large cock, taken it in her mouth for its orgasm, ate my pussy and had me eat hers. She was more exhausted than either Bob or I but my turn was going to come again with Doris’s sweet mouth. I wanted to lie on my back and have her eat me out slowly. She would have be on her stomach with her mouth buried in me and Bob would be only too happy to slip his massive cock in her from the rear; not up her ass but in her pussy from the rear. (I’m not sure any one in the world could take his cock up their ass)

I got up and went to the room’s mini bar and asked what the two of them wanted to drink. They, along with me, wanted some white wine and there were about a half dozen small bottles of that well chilled so we were set for a while. I poured the glasses and served them at the nightstands along the side of the bed. As I lay down to join them Doris was still breathing hard but moved one hand over to my pussy and her other hand to Bob’s cock. She was lying there with the best of both sex worlds right at her fingertips. She was in her glory after all.

Bob started with, “Doris, let’s talk for a few minutes of what’s going to happen next. Jane and I have come over here on vacation, not only to enjoy the warmer weather but we want to see all the sights these islands have to offer. From Maui to the Pearl Harbor and then over to the volcano on the big island of Hawaii. Now I know I can speak for Jane but the sex we all just enjoyed was terrific and I hope you felt the same. But, you are here with another person and we would be happy to continue with a threesome but not a foursome. We will be flying to the other islands and staying there to see the sights those islands have to offer and you are more than welcome, in fact we would love to have you join us at our expense, but there is the little problem with your companion. So, if you can find the way to free yourself of him, Welcome Aboard!”

“Oh my God. What an offer! I can’t stand the asshole and would be happy to join you guys but give me a day or so to think of a way out of my predicament. OK?”

It was my turn to jump in and I did with, “Doris, I dearly hope you can make it happen. Now, let’s get back to some serious sex. I want to lay on my back and have you bury your face in my pussy while Bob is entering yours from the rear. I love it when he fucks me that way and I know you will enjoy it just as much.”

“Jane, I told you earlier that I have not had any lesbian type of sex before and I meant it but I will say I really enjoyed it when you were doing it to me before and I enjoyed giving you that same pleasure when I did you. So, I am ready.” And she threw herself up and down on the bed while lying on her back.

It didn’t take her long to move her sweet little face to my crotch and then start her fingers on my clit. She was using her fingers to slide up and down each side of the nib while her tongue was flicking the tip of it slowly. She wet some fingers in my pussy and then slipped them up my ass the same as I had done to her earlier. I almost flipped off the bed with excitement. I could see Bob positioning himself behind her and he reached down and lifted her ass with one hand and slid a pillow under it so it would be raised for his entrance to her pussy. As he slipped into her I could feel her face being sort of forced deeper into my pussy with his pressure. I cold see Bob’s face over her back and he had his eyes closed and was feeling her vaginal muscles grabbing his cock. It didn’t take him ling before he started thrusting it deep inside of her. He had one of his hands on each of her hips and was holding on and pulling her to him as he fucked her. I could hear her moaning around my pussy as her emotions were aroused with him entering her so deeply and I cold hear him starting to breathe more heavily as the pressure started to build deep in his balls. It was only a matter of a few more minutes before this time he filled her pussy with his white hot come and she moved her face faster and harder on my pussy as she and I had almost simultaneous orgasms.

When we exploded I slid out from under her face and slid down her side and pushed her up on her own side to free up her breast for my mouth to work on. I think she enjoyed that as much as she did the fucking Bob had just given her.

Another couple of glasses of wine and we were calling it quits for the night. We kissed passionately at our door and then accompanied her down to her room one floor below us. She opened her door and entered the room with no sound coming from within so we figured she was safe and returned to our room.

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