Fun in the Forest

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It was going to be a long miserable weekend. I’m Frank, twenty-six and the Assistant Scout Master for our troop and was going off for three days to look for a decent place to take our Boy Scout troop for a few days of a scouting jamboree in the backwoods of Pennsylvania. The weather forecast wasn’t good for our exploration but Jim and I would make the best of it.

Jim was my going to be my assistant for this trip and he seemed like a nice enough fellow. He had just turned eighteen and had a well-tuned body for a fellow his age. I am bisexual and couldn’t help but notice his small tight ass as he wandered around the area. Looked good.

It was late in the afternoon when we had the first clasp of thunder off in the distance. It sounded ominous but did sound as if it was a long ways off. By the time we got into our tent pitched the thunder was hitting a little closer and the rains began … not just a sprinkle but a full-fledged rainstorm.

The rain didn’t let up at all and we spread our ground covers out and prepared for the night. I was wondering if it would be safe or worthwhile to see if Jim was interested in any extracurricular activity and thought it might be worth testing the waters.

“Jim, do you have a girlfriend?” I asked.

He stuttered and answered that he didn’t. It sounded funny so I pursued it with, “Do you like girls Jim?”

Now he really stuttered and answered, “Not really. I’d rather be around guys any time.”

“Frank, do you find guys to be more interesting than girls or is it the other way around with you?”

“Well, Jim. Sometimes I can go either way.”

“Jim, have you ever had sex with a girl.” I probed.

“NO” he almost shouted.

“Do you jack yourself off a lot?” I asked.

“Sometimes. I don’t know if you would say it is a lot.”

“Is it more than once a day?”

“Oh no, it isn’t that much.”

“What do you think about while you are jacking yourself?”

“Well, I usually think of another guy who is my friend.”

Ooops, I believe I hit pay dirt.

“Have you and him ever had sex together?”

“NO, but I would like to.”

Well, well, maybe there is some hope with this fellow. The next day or so should be interesting.


The rain stopped sometime during the night and the sun was out in all of its glory by the time I got finished scrambling some eggs and making the coffee.

“Jim, one of the first things we have to find is an area large enough for the tent area. There will be roughly nine tents and I generally look for a spot a couple of hundred feet square and that give us enough room to set up the tents and the main campfire as well as a makeshift outhouse. Then we need to find places for them to play ball, perhaps go for a swim, and play some other scouting games. Let’s get started.”

With that we each went off in opposite directions for about a half hour and then swung around to our right and that let us cover a great deal of territory in an hour’s time.

We met back where we started an hour or so later and we were each a little excited. Both of us had found areas that were suitable for what we needed. I suggested we go take a look at those he discovered and then we would work our way back to mine. That was totally unnecessary since his were absolutely perfect. The best part of his was a stream that fed into a pond about seventy-five feet in diameter and that fed into a waterfall of about seven feet. The whole area couldn’t have been better. This was all State game lands so there wasn’t going to be any problem about getting permission for our camping.

We then picked a direction to hike to see if there were any places that would provide something interesting for the boys to occupy their time with. We found an old hunting hut and fireplace and then some great well-worn trials hunters must have used in years past. We walked those for a while and about then the sun had been up for a few hours and I was soaked with perspiration.

“Jim, I’m thinking I would like to go back to that pond and go for a little swim. We can swing by our tent and pick up our towels. Are you game?”

“Frank, let’s go.”

He never mentioned he hadn’t brought a bathing suit with him and neither did I.

We stripped near the waters edge laying our clothes out on the bushes and rather than simply dive in not knowing just how deep it was, I walked in and walked slowly out to deeper water. It was perfect … no large underwater boulders but it was damn cold. I guess we should have expected that being fed by a mountain stream. We splashed around for a bit before going out to dry off. I couldn’t help but notice that Jim wasn’t able to take his eyes off my crotch. I took a look over at his and casino siteleri he came up a little short in the cock department.

The walk back to our tent was only about ten minutes and we poked and prodded our campfire to get it going again rather than letting it go out and having to restart it that night. We went on a short trek to gather some firewood and in a very short while had enough to last us well into the next day. I put a pot on the fire for coffee and Jim dug our some lunch meat from the small cooler we had brought and we were set. We sat under a nearby tree having a sandwich and coffee.

“Jim, I didn’t sleep well last night and I think I am going back inside for a nap. We can do some more exploring later unless you want to go and do some by yourself.”

“No Frank, I think I’ll join you to catch some Z’s.”

I really was tired and didn’t have a thought in the world about anything else. I found out in a little while that wasn’t the same with Jim.

“Frank, I couldn’t help but notice when we were going in and out of the water the size of your cock. Does it give you any trouble getting it in a girl?”

Wow, that was some opener.

“No, Jim. A gals pussy as well as a guys ass all open up to accommodate intruders.”

“Really, you have put that thing up a guys ass?”

“Oh hell yes. Dozens of times.” I replied.

That was bullshit but I wanted to see how he would react.

Things got quiet after that and it didn’t take me long to fall asleep.


We awoke late in the afternoon and hiked out in the direction I had taken that morning to see if we could find a ball/game field. We found the perfect spot not more than five minutes from the place we had earmarked for the tents. It would give us ample room for sack races, fifty-yard dashes, softball and horseshoes. We paced it off and found it to be ideal.

“Jim, I’ll race you back to the pond for another swim.” I challenged.

“Okay, you’re on,” and he was off and running.

Damn, the kid is fast and he beat me by ten yards or so.

This was going to be a little more interesting than our morning swim since our towels weren’t with us. We were either going to put on clothes over our wet bodies or we would walk back to the tent bare-ass.

The water felt great and we stayed in for a lot longer than we had that morning. By the time we were ready to get out we were more than just a little beat. We had swum around the small pond a good few times and even had a few races, which thank God I won or I would never have lived it down with him.

I solved the puzzle as to what we were going to do without our towels. I figured we were at least a half-hour from the main road and could see anyone coming from a good ways off so I chose to hoof it back bare ass. He pulled on his shorts.

When we got back to the tent the fire needed some tending and I gave him that chore. By the time he had thrown on a few more logs and stirred it up a bit I was dry and dressed but I had again noticed him not being able to keep his eyes off my cock. Well, I would see what the night would bring. For dinner I put on two steaks from our cooler and threw a couple of potatoes to bake on rods over the fire. It really was a pretty decent meal considering where we were and how it was getting cooked. Even during dinner Jim’s eyes kept swinging down to my crotch area. It was almost as if he was expecting to see me get hard.

I let him wash up the few dishes and silverware we used and I cleaned up the tent area for the night.

We sat in front of the fire just talking for what seemed like hours and the topics ranged all over the place but eventually got back to where I knew it was going to lead … sex.

We were lying on our ground covers mattresses and I could feel some motion coming from his side of the tent. The kid was jacking off!

I let my hand wander over to his side and he was working his cock fast and furious.

“What are you doing Frank?”

“Well, I thought I might give you a little helping hand with your jacking off and maybe you could do the same for me.”

“Frank, I don’t know how to tell you this but sometimes I think of you when I am jacking off.”

“Aw, that’s nice. Are you thinking that you would like to be doing that to me at the same time you are doing yourself?”

“Yes. But sometimes I think I would like to do even more for you.”

This night is going exactly where I was hoping it would.

I reached over and took his hand and brought it over to my cock and just laid it on top of it. I soon felt his fingers encircling it and he began to stroke me. I hadn’t been hard when his hand first touched me but I was getting that way damn fast. He had canlı casino turned a little to face me and I reached around him and held him close to me with my left arm while his right hand was busy on my cock. First all the way up on the shaft and then down to the base. His tender fingers felt terrific.

That went on for a few minutes before I got the idea to try a little more with him. I moved my hand to behind his head and put some downward pressure on it. He let it go down without any reaction until his mouth was only a few inches away from the head of my cock when I felt some resistance from him in going any further.

“Jim, go ahead. Make me feel good.” I said softly and resumed the downward pressure.

“Open your mouth Jim and let it in. You know you want to do it.”

I soon felt his warm wet mouth circling the head of my cock. He had me in him a few inches and was just sucking on it lightly. My hand put some big pressure on the back of his head and I was soon in him more than five inches. I could feel him start to gag a little so I backed off before he got sick with it. I was in his mouth as far as he could take it and I started to thrust up at him at the same time he was bobbing on me. God, the kid could really make me feel good.

He soon had my balls in his other hand and was gently squeezing them as he continued bobbing. I thought I would give myself a little better feeling and rolled over so my cock was facing his mouth. I then reached down and held his head with both hands as I began a very slow fucking of his mouth. I was very careful not to go too deep for fear of his gagging but the feeling was awesome. I kept thinking that it wasn’t more than an hour earlier I had no idea this was going to happen and here he was giving me a great blowjob.

It wasn’t long before I felt the heat begin in my scrotum and come up to the base of my cock. That was it. I began shooting long streams of cum deep in his throat and he swallowed every drop and licked up all that was around my cock.

When he had me licked clean he moved back and asked if had done it right.

“Oh yes. You were perfect Jim.”

“Frank, I love your dick. It is so much bigger than mine.”

“Well Jim, you can stroke it all you want.”

We lay there talking for quite some time and Jim was just sliding his hand up and down my shaft. I know I had just had an orgasm but this guy was getting to me. It didn’t take long and I was hard again.

“Jim, lay on your side with your back to me. I am going to put it against your rear.”

I was wishing I had some KY with me for this guy was ready to get his ass fucked.

He had pulled his skivvies down and my cock was lying in the crack between his tight little cheeks.

“Jim, I’m a little too big to put it up your ass without any lubrication so I am just going let it lay between the tight cheeks of your ass and I’ll pump away there as if I am fucking your ass or a gals pussy. Okay?”

“Whatever, Frank. Will that make you feel good?”

“Well certainly not as good as if it were up your ass but we’ll save that for another time.”

I rolled him on his side and spooned to him with my rock hard cock being grabbed tightly by the clenched cheeks of his ass. Didn’t feel bad at all.

“Frank, I’m clamping your cock tight to make it feel better for you.”

“That’s perfect Jim.” I replied as I pumped slow and easy.

Damn, I had never done this before and it didn’t feel half-bad. I was pulling his hips to me as I thrust my cock between his legs and could feel him throwing his ass back at me. It didn’t take long before I was unloading between his legs.

“Frank, I felt you shoot. Your whole load is all over my balls and on my ground cover.”

“Good Jim, turn around and slide down and take me in your mouth to get every drop out of me.”

He did and then grabbed his towel to wipe up the rest of the mess. We just lay like that the rest of the night and slept like babies.

The sun was out by the time we awakened and I found that during the night I had pulled away from him and was lying on my back. I also found that he had put the side of his face on my stomach and fell asleep like that with his mouth inches away from the head of my dick and with his hand gently holding my balls. The guy must have fallen in love with my cock.

We rose and cleaned up the campsite planing to have breakfast at a little diner we had spotted a few miles back from the entrance to the game lands and we’d be back on our home turf by mid afternoon. All the way down the road Jim kept talking about us having to get together more often when we are home and I did a lot of nodding. I still had his ass to fuck but I didn’t want this relationship kaçak casino to get too cozy.


I have him over for a meal about once every two weeks but he is on the phone constantly wanting to come over more frequently but I have a ton of things to do for work at night and can’t spare the time. My neighbors are the gossipy types and sleepovers are out of the question at my place but we have had a couple at his.

For his first visit to my place and the virgin ass-fucking event, I had prepared with a few tubes of KY and he was no sooner in the door when I told him to get into the bedroom and strip.

By the time I got back to the bedroom he was naked and lying on his stomach. My cock was only half-hard and I sat along side of him and told him to take me in his mouth to harden me up. As he was licking and sucking away I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the KY.

I got a glob of the jelly and smeared it on the rim of his asshole and then got another gob on my fingers. I slipped first one and then two and finally three in his ass to loosen him up and then fucked his ass with my fingers in tent like position. He was able to take them all without a single whimper.

“Jim boy. You are ready for my cock. Let me cover it with the lube and I want you on our hands and knees with your chest and face down on the bed.”

The guy takes great directions and was like that in a minute. I got the head of my cock lined up with the red puckered lips of his asshole and then pushed in. It popped in an inch or so and I could feel him gasp a little. I then put a lot more pressure and was soon in him more than half way.

“Jim, how does that feel?”

“It hurts a little but I can take it.”

“Great cause here I come all the way.”

I grabbed his hips and pulled as I was thrusting in at him and I was soon in him to the hilt with my balls slapping against the cheeks of his ass.

“I’m in Jim boy and now my fucking is going to begin.”

This felt unbelievably good. His ass was tighter than any I had ever felt and he liked it so much he was reaching between his legs and gently touching my balls as I was fucking him. That got me going even more. I was fucking him harder than ever and he was throwing his ass back at me just as hard. Wow, the pressure started in my scrotum and came out my cock in one giant blast. I shot stream after stream up his ass as I was thrusting away.

“Frank, That was awesome. It hurt a lot when you started to bang me hard but I didn’t want to say anything cause I knew you were enjoying it. After a bit I got to like it too. Look at your bed. I shot my load all over it without me even touching my cock. It got rock hard and I had an orgasm just from what you were doing to me.”

“Don’t worry about it. You can change the sheets before you leave.”

“Jim, let’s go take a shower and I’ll finish cooking our dinner while you are remaking the bed.”

I had the lasagna ready with a great salad by the time he had the last corner of the sheets tucked in and I called him to the table. My dining room table has a glass top and all he could do while he was eating was to stare at my cock again.

“Frank, just how big are you when you are hard?”

“One gal measured me at nine inches.”

“Geez, and I had all of that up my ass?”

“You sure did and seemed to love it if I remember right.” I replied with a small laugh

“I most certainly did.”

He finished his dinner in somewhat of a hurry while I was enjoying my second piece of the lasagna when I saw him to drop to his knees and crawl under the table.

“What the fuck are you doing Jim?”

“I want to suck you off while you are eating.”

“Jim, that sounds sexy but I’m not too sure how comfortable it will be for me.”

He had my cock in his mouth in a few seconds and let his tongue go to work on the head of it. Damn, it didn’t take long. I was rock hard again.

It was the strangest blowjob I ever had. I could look down through the table and see his head bobbing away while his arms were clasped around my hips pulling me to him and keeping me from sliding back any further in my chair. I didn’t get much food eaten before I was filling his mouth with my juices again. When he felt I had shot my entire load he looked up at me through the table with my now soft cock in his mouth and smiled around it. The guy loves to suck me off.

As he was licking up around my shaft I finished my lasagna as if nothing at all had interrupted my meal at all. As I said, it was the strangest blowjob I ever had.

“Well Jim, you had two meals. One from my kitchen and one from my cock.”

“Guess which one I liked the best?” he said with a laugh.


I now let him come over and spend a few hours with me about every other week. My job is getting more demanding and he has enrolled in a community college so we are both a little short of free time. I’ll keep you posted as to what the future brings.

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