Fun on a Train Pt. 02

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When he finished, I brought my hand up and I licked his cum off it. By now we were almost at Inverness.

“I hope that you’re going to give me a lift home?” I said.

Mick responded straight away, saying, “of course, don’t worry, we’ll take care of you,” with a grin.

I scooped off the rest of Harry’s cum that was on my skirt and stockings with my fingers and licked them clean. “Fuck Harry, you’re cum tastes as good as your prick looked,” I said and laughed.

The train then pulled into the station and all three of us got up and left the train. Once we were through the ticket barriers, they led me with them to the car park. Harry had his arm loosely round my back, Mick’s was in a similar position on the other side, only his hand was on my arse.

“Now we can see, you’ve got lovely legs Anna” Harry said.

“Thanks, they’re also very photogenic, so take as many fucking pics as you want,” I replied.

They both laughed as we approached a big Audi.

“Here we are, do you want to sit in the front or back Anna” Harry asked.

“I’ll sit in the back,” I replied.

“I’ll join you,” Mick said.

By the time Harry had started the car I was snogging Mick. His hand went straight on my thigh, I pulled my skirt up and spread my legs as wide as I could. Mick’s hand went straight to my fanny and he rammed three fingers in my slot.

I was still soaking from the train fun and my twat was making sloshing noises has he fingered me.

I was no slow coach myself and got his trousers undone. As I pulled his pants down his solid cock stuck up in the air. Not as big as Harry but a very nice 7/8″ and stiff as an iron bar.

I started furiously wanking Mick’s cock, pulling his foreskin that far back his bell end was swelling as he jammed his fingers up my snatch.

“Find somewhere to pull over Harry,” Mick said, “I need to fuck her.”

Before Harry could do anything, I climbed on top of Mick and slammed my dripping married cunt on Mick’s prick.

“I can’t wait that long,” I squealed as Mick’s prick went in up to his balls. “Fucking hell, her cunts like a vice,” Mick shouted as he tried get further up me.

I was riding him as hard as I could, I was slamming myself on him that hard that my cunt was making fucking slurping sounds.

The car suddenly turned a sharp corner and screeched to a halt on an industrial estate. Harry put the interior light on and turned around to watch as I bounced up and down on Mick’s prick like someone demented!

“Pull my skirt up casino oyna Mick, so Harry can watch your cock slide up my gash.”

Mick pulled my skirt up around my waist as we tried to fuck each other’s brains out.

“Can you see it Harry, can you see Mick’s cock fucking my dirty married cunt? Take some pics Harry, close ups of my cunt full of cock,” I yelped.

“Fuckin hell,” was all that Harry said.

Mick then pulled my arse cheeks apart, “cop this Harry.”

“Perfect, I’ve got the whole lot, she’s fucking creaming, cunt juice is running over you balls,” was Harry’s reply.

I was having a massive orgasm, it was lasting forever as Mick’s prick battered my insides senseless.

It still wasn’t enough though “finger me Harry, I need more, shove your fingers up my hole as Mick fucks me,” I cried.

Harry shoved two fingers up my snatch. The feeling was awesome, being fucked and fingered at the same time, my twat exploded with a massive jet of cum that sprayed everywhere.

“Don’t fucking stop, I love it, do what you want to me, I’ll do anything, I’m your dirty slut,” I screamed yet another fountain of cum sprayed out of my cunt.

Harry pulled his fingers out and I heard him unzip his trousers. I was dying to see that fucking dong again and spun round on Mick without missing a stroke. Harry had got his trousers off and was kneeling between the front two seats, so his prick was pointing straight at me. Fuck it was massive and looked gorgeous, the insides of my cheeks were watering with desire.

I leant forward and we started kissing, my tongue was deep in his mouth as my hand found his cockhead. I rubbed the palm of my hand over it as he dripped pre-cum soaking my hand.

I changed hands and started wanking his prick, I broke off from kissing him and looking directly into his eyes rubbed my pre-cum soaked hand all over my face and then licked my hand clean. All this as I was bouncing on Mick’s cock.

Mick started to groan, “cum in me Mick, fill me full of spunk, it’ll be lube for Harry’s cock,” I screamed as I felt jet after jet of hot liquid going up me.

Mick really unloaded up me, my belly was full, and it was running out of my hole and down my thighs as Harry opened the rear door of the car.

I swivelled round and lay back on the seat, my head was in Mick’s lap with his knob on my face.

I lifted my legs in the air and spread them as wide as I could. Harry stood there with his anaconda sized prick pointing at me.

“Fuck it Harry, shove your fucking knob canlı casino up me, make it yours, make my filthy married cunt yours, I want it, fuck me senseless,” I cried with lust.

Harry moved forward and rubbed the end of his cock up and down my crack. The teasing was incredible, then the pain was excruciating as his cock head went in.

Fuck it was like I’d got a bulldozer up my twat, if my cervix wasn’t broke before, it was now!

“Fuck Anna, I’m in up to my balls,” Harry cried. He then slowly pulled out, when the tip was at my lips, he shoved himself back in. He kept doing this but each time a little faster, god I was loving it.

He then started to fuck me hard. I was screaming with pleasure as he turned my insides out.

My eyes were watering, I was cuming so much my legs wouldn’t stop trembling and the car seat was like a fucking paddling pool with my cum. “Suck it Anna, lick your cum off my prick,” Harry ordered.

In a flash I was on my knees and slobbering all over his cock. My arse and cunt were in the air in front of Mick. “Fucking hell, her cunts got a gape like the Channel Tunnel,” Mick shouted.

He then shoved his fist wrist deep up me as I tried to swallow Harry’s knob.

Mick was ramming his fist up me which felt terrific. At the same time, I’d got two hands on Harry’s prick with his foreskin right back. I was licking the thick rim of his helmet with the tip of my tongue, I loved it.

Mick knew what he was doing and forced his hand right up me. At the same time, I opened my mouth as wide as possible and got my lips wrapped around Harry’s cock and his bell end in my gob.

Harry’s cock was coated in my cunt juice and mixed with pre-cum tasted delicious. As I sucked on Harry’s cock, I felt him lean forward and his hand between my arse cheeks.

The next thing was the feeling of Harry’s finger pushing its way in my arsehole.

Having my arse fingered made me gasp and my mouth open further, that led to 6″ of Harry’s cock stuffing my mouth. Mick’s fist was sliding in at a rapid pace, my twat was creaming all over his hand, I was in fucking heaven.

I’d met two men on a train 2hours earlier and I’d been spunked on, fucked and filled with jizz, and was now having my arse fingered as I was being fisted as I sucked a massive prick- fucking awesome!

I’d got my hand on Harry’s balls as I went to town sucking his cock.

“Fucking hell Mick, if she sucks any harder, she’ll turn me inside out, she’s got a gob on her like a fucking vacuum cleaner!” Harry said. kaçak casino

“Tell me,” Mick replied, “her cunt was like a vice and drained my fucking balls, now my hand’s up snatch her past my wrist, we’ve found a fucking good one here.”

Listening to them talking about me like this turned me on even more, I’d past the point of no return and would do anything they wanted.

“I want to fuck her Mick, so get your fucking arm out of her gash,” Harry said as he moved back, his prick was shining with my saliva.

I turned around on the seat, so my arse was in the air and facing Harry.

“What a fucking gape, her twats wide open,” Harry groaned as he shoved his bell end in my hole.

He grabbed my hips and shoved the rest in, he started fucking me with some force, his balls banged my clit he went that deep.

I was face down in the back and Mick had swivelled round so that my face was being pushed into his cock and balls with the force of the pounding I was getting.

Mick lent back and raised his legs, “suck my balls Anna, get me hard again.”

I started licking Mick’s balls as he started tossing himself off.

“We have a meeting with a few friends on Thursday night Anna at the bowls club, would you like to join us as we need help serving drinks?” Harry said. “How many?” I replied as I continued licking Mick’s balls.

“About 8 Anna,” Harry replied.

“Will they all fuck me?” I cried as another massive orgasm wracked my body.

“Right answer,” Harry replied as he started slamming his knob up me.

Mick was now hard again, no wonder as I’d just stuck my tongue up his arsehole! Harry pulled out of me and walked round to the rear of the car.

He opened the boot and came back with large blanket which he laid on the floor.

“Ride me Anna, I want you to sit on my cock,” Harry said, as he lay in his back with his prick sticking up in the air like a fence post.

I got out of the car, my skirt was around my waist, my suspenders had unclipped, and my stockings were around my knees.

My thighs were glistening with my cunt juice as I lowered myself on Harry’s prick.

My ears nearly popped as I slid down his shaft to his balls. As I started to ride him Mick got out of the car and stood beside me and fed his prick into my mouth.

Wave after wave of orgasms hit me and fanny batter was pouring out of me as I squatted up and down on his cock.

I was being fucked into oblivion and was loving it when someone with a torch shone it on us. I looked to my left and a security guard stood there watching us.

Without a word he unzipped his trousers and 8″ of solid prick stood out. He moved a bit closer and started wanking his cock in front of me.

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