Fun with Cuckold Husband’s Staff

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(This is the story of a working wife getting forced by the employees of her husband in a compelling circumstances and discovering her husband’s cuckold nature and finally both enjoying the same)

I’m a married woman aged 25 years, married about two years back. I’m working as a lecturer in a college since last three years. I am 5’3″, extremely bright complexioned and my vital statistics 34-32-36. I know that many male students of mine fantasize about me and they keep surveying me as I take their classes.

My husband, Rajeev, is an automobile engineer and is the owner of a chain of automobile garages along the national highway. He is a stout man of 36. We met accidentally before our marriage when my car had a break down and his men repaired it. After a brief period of courtship we got married.

Rajeev is very hard working and his roadside garages provide all emergency and sophisticated services. He has about 24 staff working under him in different garages. We live in our own bungalow which is adjacent to the main garage on the highway. Sitting at the central garage adjacent to our bungalow, Rajeev, co-ordinates the functioning of all the garages.

We have three staff working in our central garage. They are Sunil, a Bengali man of about 27 years, Munna, aged 24 from Bihar and Chandel aged 29 from Haryana. They are all trained mechanics and learnt conscientiously from Rajeev.

Of them, Chandel is also a very good driver who usually drops me to the college or brings me back to home when Rajeev is busy in his works. Sometimes in our trips to the nearby towns, Chandel drives our car. In our campus, there are three quarters between the garage and our bungalow where they live.

Things were running smoothly and Rajeev effectively monitored the jobs of all the garages. Of the three staff of our central garage, Rajeev depended extremely on Munna and he often told me that Munna will someday have his own garage because he had instinctive love for automobile.

It was during the September last year that Rajeev told me that some valuable spares were missing from the go-down of our central garage. When Rajeev casually asked our staff about the stock position of that spare they all replied that the stock had exhausted long back.

But Rajeev was not satisfied, his inventory check indicated that six pieces of those spares were last bought about two years back while thereafter only two bills indicated that two numbers of this spare were used for customers. So by that calculation four more pieces should have been in the store.

Rajeev was brooding over this for quite sometimes and one day when the three staff were out in the evening Rajeev managed to open their quarters and found the spares in their quarters hidden very carefully. In the course of this he also found a few other less valuable spares in their dens.

Rajeev was angry like anything for they not only stole the spares but tried to misguide him and it was a breach of trust we had on them. Before their return, Rajeev lodged FIR with police and by the time they returned police were waiting to search their quarters for the missing spares.

As they saw police, the colour of their faces changed and they tried to avoid the search by pleading emotionally to Rajeev. But both Rajeev and police were adamant and soon police recovered the stolen items. Munna was trying to say something but Rajeev was so angry that he slapped Munna in front of police and it was the inspector who saved Munna from further assault.

All the three were arrested and since then Rajeev decided not to retain any staff in the central garage permanently but to manage the work by rotating his staff from other garages. Their quarters were sealed by police. Rajeev decided to install CC Camera in our entire campus including the garage and bungalow. CC Cameras were already there in our workshop and in all other garages owned by us.

Things went on as usual and we almost forgot about the incident except when there were dates of hearing in the court for the theft case and even that too had frequent adjournments. In the absence of Chandel, I started to drive for reaching my college.

With the lock down due to pandemic our garages had to be closed; Rajeev was very upset not only because his business was closed and he was jobless but mainly because he had to say good bye to his staff after paying them one months’ salary in advance. He often discussed with me about the future of his workers who were without any employment. But with our own business shut down indefinitely, we could not think of retaining the staff without jobs.

My college was also closed though I continued to receive the salary. Petty theft cases like the one of our garage were no longer heard during the lock down and we almost forgot about Munna, Sunil and Chandel.

This year the Vaisakhi celebration (celebration of new year as per Indian calendar) was at low ebb due to over all scenario. Our relatives could not visit us nor could we. It was three days after Vaisakhi. We were in our bedroom. As a part of homely celebration casino oyna Rajeev and me had taken some whiskey after dinner and went to sleep by 10.30.

I don’t know exactly how much time we slept when sound of something falling heavily awakened me. In the semi darkness of the room I could see Rajeev being forcibly carried away from bed by some men and though Rajeev was trying to resist he was hardly equivalent to the miscreants.

My heart was leaping fast in anxiety because I was sure we were being robbed. As my brain cleared a bit I saw there were three men who made Rajeev sit on the sofa and tied him there with plastic ropes. Rajeev could not make sound as his mouth was covered with leucoplast. I was shivering in terror, apprehending what might happen to us.

I could see three men with arms – one was holding a revolver while the other two had steel rods and daggers with them. I looked for our mobile phones kept on the head box when we go to sleep but found that they were not in place.

Then one of the men addressed me in a harsh voice, “You come out near your husband if you don’t want to see him hurt.”

I desperately tried to locate the mobiles when one of them holding the handsets in his hand said, “Are you looking for these? Come here to take them.”

I was wearing a sleeveless nightie that revealed the cleavage clearly. So I wrapped a bed sheet around me and in the half darkness came near the sofa at the centre of the bedroom. I saw Rajeev was trying to make sound but he was tipsy due to whiskey and moreover his mouth was covered with leucoplast. As I looked at Rajeev to see if he was hurt, one of the men said, “Don’t worry we have not hurt him yet.”

I shivered along my spine, “not yet” means they would hurt.

“What do you want? Don’t hurt us and take away whatever you want,” I pleaded in a soft voice.

“We want to settle an old score but we don’t want to hurt you if you co-operate,” said one of them.

Rajeev in the meantime was making desperate efforts to free himself though his hands were so tightly tied that it only hurt him. In a flash I was thinking about the possible motives they might have – to take away all the valuables, to loot our garage, to ravish me, to kidnap Rajeev and demand extortion and many more other probabilities usually linked to such robbery.

As my mind raced tensely one of them said to his aide, “Put on the lights, let them know what the score is.”

The shorter one of them looked for the switch and put on the lights and the room was flooded with brightness and we knew who the robbers were, Chandel, Sunil and Munna. But each of them had a rough cunningness in their face, each much thinner than before perhaps due to imprisonment in jail.

I was wondering when and how they got out of jail but then it occurred to me that in petty theft cases it was easiest to get bails. Rajeev looked helplessly at them.

Chandel seemed to be the leader because he spoke on behalf of the three, “I hope you will agree to withdraw the case against us unconditionally?”

Rajeev nodded immediately as if to please them.

Chandel continued, “We hope you will retain us as employees despite lockdown and allow us to stay in our quarters?”

This demand was too much but to appease them Rajeev seemed to agree. However, I protested telling them meekly that in the existing scenario with garages shut we couldn’t afford three employees without any job.

Chandel mischievously replied, “Your husband is practical he knows he can’t lose us after tonight. But then how do you feel about compensating Munna for the slaps he received in front of all?”

Rajeev was trying to say something but could not.

Chandel said, “We can smash his teeth as compensation but we don’t wish to hurt so Munna will settle it himself first”.

Then he said to me, “Whenever I used to be late in reaching your college you scolded me before others like a slave, I have to settle that insult too with you.”

Barely his words ended Munna came near me and tried to hug me. I spontaneously reacted in repulsion. By now I instinctively knew that they had the motive to assault me sexually and I was afraid like a deer being chased by tigers.

Chandel slapped hard on the face of Rajeev and said to me, “The way you behave decides how your husband will be treated. For your every disobedience he is going to bear the brunt.”

I stood frozen in fear. Munna came near me and started moving his fingers sensuously on my lips uttering in a whispering voice, “You have lips like petals of flowers. Why did you marry this old man? He is not fit for a young beauty queen like you.”

As his fingers explored my lips, he pushed one inside my mouth. I kept my eyes shut in shame and was thinking how humiliating it was for Rajeev and how can I face my husband after such disgrace.

Munna’s touch was creating a repulsion in me as if some poisonous insect was moving on my body and I was unable to get it off. Munna continued to move his fingers for sometimes, pressing my lips hard, making canlı casino me open my mouth and then pulled my head and planted a lip to lip kiss. Soon his lips took my lower lip in grip and started sucking it hard, his tongue made its way inside my mouth and touched my tongue.

Then suddenly he broke the kiss and told his aides, “Her mouth smells of wine, this bitch is drunk.”

I was almost dying in shame at being kissed by someone in front of my hubby and the abusive language he was using. But while my mind repelled at such abusive caress from a low rank fellow, I could feel the growing wetness between my thighs. Rajeev was seated lowering his gaze.

“Let me taste your wine now,” said Sunil and soon his lips got locked with mine.

As Sunil kept exploring my mouth with his tongue and lips, his hands were fondling roughly my rounded asses. I could even feel his hand between my ass cheeks and touching my anal hole.

Sunil addressed my husband, “She has beautiful asses, did you ever perform anal with her?”

I didn’t know what to say but realized that I might have to give everything they demand. After exploring me for several minutes, Sunil pushed me towards Chandel telling the latter, “It is your turn now”.

Chandel approached me and made me sit on Rajeev’s lap and before planting a kiss he pulled away the bed sheet that I had wrapped around my nightie telling in a most vulgar way, “Why are you hiding the treasures you have?”

As Chandel was kissing me, his hands went inside my nightie and touched my tits pressing the nipple between his thumb and forefinger so hard that a painful sound escaped from my mouth and then he said to Rajeev, “She has sensuously big and warm tits. I like fondling them. You can see she is enjoying it, her nipples have grown hard and erect.”

Rajeev looked crestfallen.

Chandel seemed determined to tease Rajeev more, as he said, “Don’t feel bad. We won’t hurt you. I have noticed that after we were gone you installed CC Cameras in entire building. So let this bitch behave like a good slut in front of CC Camera and we will not do any harm. It will be all among the five of us.”

Making me seated on Rajeev’s lap Chandel kissed me passionately not only on my lips but on my cheeks, neck and armpits as well. Sometimes he sucked me so hard that I whimped in pain. I was in terrible anger at such dirty humiliation but situation did not allow me react. I was feeling sorry for Rajeev whose face had gone red due to humiliating words. I could see even tears in his eyes.

Chandel kissed me longest fondling my boobs and asses passionately. After about half an hour of continuous kissing he asked me to go and see me in the mirror. Obeying his command I went to the dressing corner of the bedroom where the mirror was and could not believe how during kissing he had smeared my face, neck and bare shoulders with multiple hickeys.

Chandel then ordered me to go near Rajeev and once I went, Chandel pulled up Rajeev’s head by pulling his hairs and said, “Just see what I have done to your bitch. She now looks a perfect slut with my signs all over her.”

Chandel then suddenly pulled up the leucoplast pasted on Rajeev’s lips and said sarcastically, “I hope you have many things to say like sparing your wife, forgiving you for once etc etc. I would really enjoy to listen to your pleas to save your wife’s chastity. Of course, you can take the chance to shout for help also though nobody will hear your scream in this desolate locality.”

Rajeev stooped his head further. Chandel was determined to tease Rajeev more and said, “Since you are the husband of this sexy bitch you decide with whom she should go to bed first.”

Then Chandel turned to me and said, “Will you behave like a good slut and get out of your outfits yourself or do you want us to tear away your dress? Remember, for every piece of cloth we tear away your husband will receive a blow for your disobedience.”

Chandel kept on asking Rajeev about who should ravish me first but as there was no reply, Chandel decided himself that Munna being youngest should have the first chance while Chandel himself being the oldest among them will be the last. He then commanded Munna to take me to bed and told him that should he feel that I was not co-operating Munna should tell Chandel so that he can make Rajeev pay for it.

Chandel then said to me, “Since you are so young, I have decided that you should enjoy with the youngest of us.”

I was mentally getting ready for the ordeal as I could not think of any way out of this. Munna came and taking me in lap carried me to the bed, which was just opposite to the sofa where Rajeev was sitting. Chandel and Sunil were standing beside Rajeev watching me and Munna.

Once I was on bed Munna asked me to get rid of my dresses. I unhooked my nightie and let it fall on the bed. Munna was jubilant to see me in under garments. He threw the nightie in delight towards Chandel and, Chandel in turn, placed it on Rajeev’s lap so that even without looking he could know what was happening. kaçak casino Munna did not bother to remove my bra but pulled down the cups exposing the boobs and began fondling them roughly.

Soon his mouth came near my left tit and he began sucking the nipple hard. Inescapable passionate groan came out of my lips and Chandel teased Rajeev, “Do you hear how hot that bitch is growing?”

Munna’s hands by this time started exploring the smooth skin of my thighs. Suddenly Munna said pointing to my panty, “Why are you still wearing it? Take it away, show me your treasure there and throw it to your old husband or else he is going to get a smash from us.”

Slowly with shivering hands I pulled down the panty, took it out of my legs and as commanded, threw it to Rajeev. Munna himself unhooked my bra and threw it to Chandel asking him to give the last piece of cloth to Rajeev. He commanded me to open my legs to give him a clear view of my love spot.

As I helplessly parted my legs spreading my thighs wide, both Chandel and Sunil came near me and as if inspecting my pussy and suddenly Chandel slapped at my pussy so hard that I involuntarily discharged love juice and it was visible to the three. They laughed in a vulgar manner looking at my wet pussy.

Looking at my clean shaved pussy, Chandel said, “A good whore keeps her cunt clean.”

Chandel teased Rajeev to tell him how my love hole got flooded in anticipation of a good screw. In the meantime, Munna pushed a finger roughly in my pussy making me scream. Munna brought out the finger, pushed it in my mouth and asked me to lubricate it.

Soon Munna’s face came down on my love spot and he started sucking my nether lips so passionately that even with all reluctance I could not stop moaning and pushing my pussy in upward hump. Munna then stripped himself and guided my hand to his hard throbbing shaft. But perhaps it was his first sexual experience, as I once stroked his shaft mildly he came on my stomach and then he went limp.

Chandel relayed the details to Rajeev, “The hot slut has given hand service to Munna. Ok, she will take it in her pussy later.”

To be frank, I was frustrated at Munna’s failure because despite my hatred and reluctance my body was ready for a good fuck. However, before I could come out of my mixed feelings I saw Sunil, completely nude coming on bed holding his hard cock as if threatening me.

The length of Sunil’s dick made me wonder whether my pussy can accommodate his tool. I was lying on my back. Munna was still there on bed lying beside me. Sunil came, pulled me by hair and placed my face on Munna’s dick and commanded me to give Munna a good suck. I had never taken a dick in my mouth before but Sunil forced me to suck and soon Munna’s dick was coming again to life, becoming hard and big.

When Munna was full grown, Sunil commanded Munna, “Plough the pussy of this bitch now.”

Without mercy Munna brutally pushed his rod in my pussy making me scream in pain. As I was writhing in pain at the brutal strokes that Munna gave in my pussy, Sunil pressed my cheeks and pushed his hard rod inside my mouth and commanded me to enjoy two dicks at a time. I kept sucking Sunil while feeling the strokes of Munna in my pussy. Chandel was all along describing live to Rajeev.

Perhaps Munna was too excited to see Sunil’s dick mouth-fucking me, he discharged inside my pussy within fifteen minutes leaving my body disappointed again as despite my mental disdain my body was eager for long and hard thrusts.

As Munna discharged, Sunil roughly pushed him aside and took his position placing himself between my legs spreading my legs wide quite roughly. His lips started sucking my lips while his hands were playing passionately with my tits fondling and squeezing them to his hearts’ content.

I won’t pretend to be a puritan chaste; despite my ravishers belonging to lower class with foul body odour, I had slowly started enjoying their passionate caress of my body.

Suddenly, I heard Chandel laugh and say something that made even Sunil and Munna laugh too. As I paid my attention to hear what Chandel was telling them, I heard him telling, “This old buddy is a pervert cuckold, just see how his thing has grown hard and big to see his wife getting fucked.”

Rajeev was wearing trousers and to embarrass him Chandel and Munna stripped him while Sunil forced me to look at Rajeev telling me, “Just watch how your old husband enjoys to see you fucking.”

Unwillingly but helplessly I looked at Rajeev and with utter disgust saw his throbbing cock hard when someone else was fuckiIng his wife. I turned away my face and decided to enjoy with my present partner.

I was not sure how long Sunil ploughed me because mixed feelings were disturbing my mind. On the one hand, I felt humiliated in the hands of low class fellows, had to bear their passionate abuse of my body, their foul and sweaty body odours sometimes created nausea particularly the sticky feelings of their cums in my mouth, feelings of their pubic hairs on my face and lips, the most shameless reaction of my husband to have become horny to see me being roughly ravished by these ruffians while on the other hand my body was responding to all the debased pleasure despite my hatred.

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