Gay Days Ch. 07

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Some 30 years ago I wrote, with pen and paper, a long history of my gay sexual experiences, from my first sexual fumblings – right up to the day of writing. Then I added events and chapters as they happened for the next ten years or so, ceasing only when time and freedom ran out and then I found out all about computers so I transferred everything into electronic words.

The whole thing was too long and rambling but that didn’t matter because I never intended to publish my sexual autobiography. However, since I hit my 60s, (and now my 70s) I’ve felt that I should really let others partake in some of the fun that I enjoyed.

So I’ve attacked and divided up the story, edited it to the best of my ability, made it more readable and turned it into eight parts for you to read.

The original writing was also very much in my 1980’s/90’s style – comparatively polite and lacking conversation, so I hope that my efforts to liven the stories up meet with your approval.

And the stories are in English from England, so please put up with my British spellings and phraseology.

This therefore is the SEVENTH of those segments of my life – “Mark and me plus Terry again”.


Before I lost track of Terry, I was having an enjoyably idle period between jobs and I was at my local pub one night when I met a bloke named Mark who came from Sydney in Australia. We began talking and I found that he was taking a year off to tour Britain to explore his roots. He’d come over from Australia with his girlfriend, but she’d had to return about a month previously to continue with her job and he was now touring alone.

He also happened to be looking for somewhere to stay for a few nights while he explored the locality and in exchange for a few notes, a bit of food and a bottle of wine, I was happy to let him stay at my place since there were three bedrooms and just me at home. He seemed to be pleasant enough company and we enjoyed a bar meal together and consumed a fair amount of booze as well.

On that very first night that he stayed, the weather became really cold. It dropped to well below freezing – and it snowed too just to make it feel even colder. Regrettably, in my yet-to-be-improved home I had no central heating and although there were two large gas fires which warmed most of the ground floor they did little to heat up the rest of the house and in my out-of-work situation I wasn’t willing to leave them running all night. I was so unprepared for cold weather that I didn’t even possess a single hot-water bottle and so Mark, who much preferred warmer conditions, retired to bed early muttering rude things about the weather, intending to wrap himself up and get warmer. It really was a chilly night and it wasn’t much later that I too was heading upstairs, removing only my shoes and trousers as I clambered into my double bed.

Soon after I’d snuggled down although still shivering with cold, Mark came into my room, still almost fully dressed, to say that he was absolutely freezing.

“Never knew Britain could get this bloody cold!” he moaned, his arms wrapped around himself, “I’m solid ice.”

“Wish I could do something to help,” I said, feeling the chill myself, “I’ll make you a hot drink if it’ll help warm you…”

“Nah, got enough liquid inside me, thanks,” he said through chattering teeth, “Do you reckon I could come in there with you mate?”

I readily agreed; after all, we were both still wearing our clothes; it was bloody cold and his extra body warmth would help warm the bed. I don’t think that either of us had anything sexual in mind at that moment.

We snuggled up back to back together but so chilled were we that sleep was unwilling to arrive and so we found ourselves chattering quietly.

Mark did most of the talking, telling me about his home and his job in Sydney and about his travels around the globe. He told me how much he missed his girlfriend Wendy and especially his sex life with her and how alone he’d been feeling. He expressed how much he appreciated my company and I told him that he was welcome and that I envied him and also sympathised with him about his loss of his sex life…and then the ice began to break as the subject of sex became dominant.

“At least you can always have a wank,” I said, “Better than nothing!”

“Not so easy to rub one out while you’re travelling around,” he replied, “Anyway I much prefer to have a good fuck. Hah, I haven’t even had that recently though, have I?”

“Why not, are you staying faithful to your girlfriend then?” I asked.

“Nah mate, she’s away and what she doesn’t know about won’t matter!” he said with a chuckle, “Mind you, I haven’t even found anyone to do that with these last few weeks.”

“I guess that’s another problem with travelling,” I agreed, “So how’s your girlfriend going to get on?”

“Bet she’s shagging someone else by now,” he said ruefully.

“Horny sort, was she?” I asked and Mark hummed his reply.

“Mmmmmm, very,” he said, “Always wanting casino oyna me to poke her. Oh fuck, couldn’t half do with screwing her right now; I reckon it’s the best part of three weeks since my last shag!”

“Hard luck,” I sympathised, realising that it was several months since I last had a fuck, “That’s the way it goes sometimes; just have to put up with these things.”

“Guess so,” said Mark with a yawn, “Ought to try to go to sleep; mind if I roll over up against you?”

“No, snuggle up,” I answered, still chilled by the night air, “Just don’t breathe all over the back of my neck!”

We’d made ourselves comfy as we lay in bed and now, with Mark having turned over we became ‘spooned’ together – he was snuggled against my back and gradually we became warmer and warmer. As we did so we began to shed various articles of clothing until we were warm enough to be just wearing our underpants and socks but still we remained close together because even inside the bed it was only mildly comfy.

And then, as Mark wriggled around behind me I felt what just had to be his penis pressing against the cheeks of my arse and immediately my own cock began to rise and stiffen. Almost automatically I gently pressed my arse back at him and as I did so I could feel the growing hardness of his penis against me.

“You ok?” I asked, wanting to break the silence and wanting to find out if he knew what he was doing.

“I still can’t sleep,” he murmured, “Still feel chilly.”

He snuggled closer still and I could feel his cock squashed between us and wanting to give my own erection some freedom I slid it out through the slit in my underpants, stroking my stiff shaft as I did so.

Mark’s chest was now against my back and I could feel his breathing coming faster now as his penis pulsed against my arse and I knew that sex was about to become a reality.

“If you’re still cold, put your arm over me,” I suggested, actually forgetting that my erection was poking out, “It might help a bit.”

“Yeah thanks,” he answered and a moment later his cool hand slid over my hip – and fell down right onto my iron hard cock!

“Oh fuck!” he muttered, but instead of removing his hand, his fingers closed around my penis, gripping me tightly, “Jeeez Chris, that feels so good!”

He let go for a moment and I felt his hand move down between us and a moment or two later I felt the heat of his penis as it slid between my legs, rubbing against my perineum – then his hand returned and grasped my cock again.

“Fuckin’ hell mate, you’re so hard!” he breathed as his hand slid up and down my cock, “You want to play, do you?”

“Mmmmm,” I murmured in reply, “Love to!”

I slid my hand down between my legs and let his penis slide over my palm, feeling the slipperiness of his lubricating knob and the urgency of his need and I knew that we needed to adjust ourselves.

I rolled over onto my back and Mark’s penis slid from it’s nest as he moved too and then I was able to grasp his erection properly as it rose from his groin. In a moment Mark’s hand was back on my cock too, our hands working quietly and steadily for a little while.

“Felt lovely when you pressed your cock against me,” I said quietly, “And when you were hard it felt even better.”

“I couldn’t help it,” he said, vaguely apologetic, “Just being up against your body gave me a hard-on – I didn’t mean it to happen..”

“I’m not complaining and anyway it made me hard too,” I answered.

“So I found out!” Mark said, his hand tightening around my cock, “What d’you want to do now then?”

“Anything!” I said, eager to explore more of his hard penis, “I think I need some release, that’s for sure.”

“Yeah, and me,” he replied, “You’ll get me off, won’t you, please. Make me cum!”

“What else?” I asked as I rolled towards him, “Would you like me to suck you off?”

“Fuck yeah!” he answered eagerly, “No-one’s ever done that to me!”

We moved around and removed our underpants, then I slid down the bed until my chest was resting over his thigh, his cock not far from my face.

“Didn’t your girlfriend ever suck you?” I asked as I blew on his cock.

No, never – and no bloke’s ever been near me before either,” he said, “This is the first time I’ve ever done anything sexual with a bloke.”

“I think you’ll enjoy it,” I said as I stretched forward and grasped his penis, pulling it upright and towards me, “Let me taste you.”

“I think I’ve always wanted to find out what it’s like to have sex with a man,” he said, “It’s quite exciting, isn’t it!”

“And I’ve hardly started!” I said with a chuckle, “Get ready, here I come!”

I let his penis slide through my parted lips and into my mouth and Mark jerked and grunted as the contact thrilled him.

“Ohhh fuck!” he muttered, “That’s fuckin’ good mate!”

I worked at his penis for a while now, tasting his precum as it flowed generously from his tip, savouring the delicious flesh of his quivering cock and loving the solid feel canlı casino of his erection in my mouth. I let his knob press against the back of my mouth, feeling the wiriness of his pubes against my nose before I pulled away somewhat because his urgency was going to make him cum all too soon.

Changing tack somewhat I lowered my mouth until I could feel the crinkled hairy skin of his balls, then I sucked each in turn into my mouth, rolling each egg around with my tongue for a while before returning to his cock.

I let it push into my mouth through my tightened lips, causing Mark to gasp with pleasure and causing his cock to gush another taste of precum onto my tongue.

“Oh fuck, I’m getting close,” murmured Mark, “I’ll cum if you carry on.”

“Do you want to?” I asked as I pulled away for a moment, “Do you want to cum in my mouth?”

Not waiting for an answer I buried his cock in my mouth again, now also using my hand on his shaft to stimulate him further until I could feel his body quivering strongly.

“Cum for me!” I said around his penis, “Let it go!”

Mark’s hips were now thrusting his cock up at me, driving it through my fist and my lips with increasing urgency until he froze.

“Ahhh fuck!” he gasped, “Cumming!”

A flood of cum filled my mouth and I swallowed quickly. Another flood refilled my mouth, gushing over my tongue deliciously, then another eruption sent cum overflowing back down his stem. A fourth jet of cum blasted into my mouth and added to the overflow but he was done now and a few moments later I lifted away from his sticky wet penis, to smile at him and to swallow the delicious load of spunk still remaining.

There were several blobs of cum around the base of his cock and I sucked each of them, then licked his cock clean until I was satisfied that he was clear of any remaining spunk, then I moved back up the bed and lay on my back.

“Wow!” Mark said with admiration showing in his face, “That was simply awesome!”

A moment or two later and Mark was rolling and climbing over me until he lay on top of me, face to face. My hard cock was squashed between our bodies but it was Mark’s urgency that needed the most attention.

“Chris, you were fuckin’ brilliant,” he said and a second or two afterwards he brought his head down to mine and kissed me, his warm pliant soft lips pressing firmly against mine. I welcomed him, wrapping my arms around his as we kissed, our tongues now meeting and exploring excitedly. Our bodies worked against each other, pressing and squirming together and it was now that I felt his penis stiffening once again, now sliding up against my own hard-on.

“You want more?” I asked and Mark hummed his approval of the idea.

We squirmed together more energetically now and as we did so, he moved and his hard cock slid down between my legs and suddenly my plans changed. Now, instead of just sucking him again, perhaps I could get him to fuck me!

It certainly felt that I might just be about to get another cock up my arse!

I held his eager penis in my hands to guide it as he rubbed it up and down near my arsehole and I returned his kisses and caresses, lifting up my hips to let him realise that I was willing and ready for fucking.

“Fuck that feels good, so good,” he moaned and I expressed my own feelings.

“You’re so hard,” I murmured, “You really want to unload, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I don’t half need to cum again; I reckon I’ve still got another load in me,” he added, as he thrust his oozing penis against my arse, “Wish I could fuck Wendy right now! Wish I could fuck anyone!”

I knew that I could make something happen – I knew that I could make him fuck me because he was so desperate to cum and would soon be losing control. No way was I going to waste his sperm or merely let the night end with just a wank so I egged him on…

“You really do want a fuck, don’t you Mark?” I said, urging him on, “Wouldn’t you just love to fuck me, eh?”

“Never done a bloke before,” he groaned, his hips moving energetically, “Don’t know if I could.”

“Yes you can. Just imagine your cock shooting all your cum up inside me,” I said as I stroked his rigid penis, “Wouldn’t you’d like to slide your cock up inside my nice tight arse?”

“Ohhh yeahh mate,” moaned Mark, his voice desperate with his need, “Gotta do something! Yeah, go on, let me, please!”

His urgent penis tried to pierce a new arsehole between my legs but I eased him away.

“Hang on; not yet. I’ve got some gel we can use,” I said, “Come on, let me put some on my arse then I’ll let your cock slide inside me…give it a go – it’ll feel really good and sexy. You will, won’t you?”

The tube of KY was in the bedside cabinet as it was always handy for wanking and playing, so I opening my legs wider, smeared some around my hole then spread some over his cock.

We both sucked in deep breaths and Mark spoke for us both.

“Bloody hell, that was cold!” he said, “You might have warmed it up first!”

“Sorry, kaçak casino wasn’t thinking; had other things on my mind,” I replied, “It warmed quickly though, didn’t it?”

“Yeah, it’s fine now,” said Mark, “I’m all ok and stiff as fuck again.”

“Come on then, put it up me,” I pleaded, “I want to feel you inside me.”

I held his cock, which seemed to grow even harder as I spoke and I felt a gush of precum sliding and oozing from his little hole.

“Yeah, let’s do it, I’m desperate for a fuck, fuckin’ desperate,” he panted, “I’ve got to get my cock in somewhere to make me cum! You want my cum – you can have it mate!”

I guided his cock to my hole and moments later he was pushing hard against my puckered entrance.

He was as aroused as I was and he was so eager that his stiff cock slid straight in and was fully up me in seconds, before I even had time to relax my arsehole properly. Thank heavens for the KY or it would probably have been very painful but it was still enough to make me gasp loudly.

“Ah, sorry mate – just couldn’t wait!” he said, his penis already sliding in and out of my hole.

It only took a little while to get used to having his cock inside me, then things became much better. His cock, though it was very hard and quite long wasn’t massively thick and it slid in and out of my arsehole beautifully as he fucked it up me.

As he penetrated me, he began treating me as if I were his girl, running his hands over my body, kissing and caressing me and all the time sliding his cock in and out of my hole. It wasn’t all that long before he started to speed up his thrusts until he was pounding away at my arse, time after time, faster and harder.

“You getting there?” I asked, loving his urgency, “Is it good?”

I wanted to stimulate him; to make sure he didn’t stop even though he was working hard to stimulate himself by all impressions!

“Yeah, yeah,” he grunted as he thrust, “Feels good – real good!”

“You gonna fill me up then?” I asked as I squeezed my hole tightly around his driving penis.

“Fuckin right mate,” he replied, “Won’t be fuckin’ long either!”

“Come on then, do it when you’re ready!” I encouraged him, “Fuck me, fuck me hard – cum in me!”

“Oooh, yeah – oooh yesss, oooh fuck!” he cried, “I’m going to fill you, oooh fuck, I’m going to cum! Ahhhh yes, here it cums!”

Then I felt him stiffen and hold still for a moment and then I could feel his body throbbing as he came – his spunk shooting out all hot and gushing inside my arse and Mark grunted each time another pulse of spunk erupted.

After he’d unloaded we stayed coupled for a while, kissing and caressing each other as he continued to languidly move his cock in and out of my wet hole. Gradually his penis grew, stiffened and became erect once more and I realised that he was still horny.

“You don’t want to do it again do you?” I asked in surprise, feeling the non-stop stiffness of his penis inside me.

“Shit yeah, that was good,” he answered, his hips already at work, “Yeah, once more mate.”

This time it took longer for him to climax and already penetrated and lubricated by the KY and his spunk it was much better for me and I was able to bring myself to a strong orgasm just as he came again.

For the second time I felt his sperm jetting into me just as my spunk shot out over his hand and mine as we both held and wanked my straining cock.

Still horny, we separated, cleaned up and lay together in the bed, both gently played with each others cocks until they were stiff and eager yet again and this time we simply wanked each other until we both had another orgasm. I caught his fourth load of spunk in my hand and then swallowed it…and then to my surprise he scooped a big blob of mine from my chest and swallowed it too.

“Had to try it mate,” he said, then tired, knackered and replete, we went to sleep, side by side, warm, tired, satisfied and emptied.

In the morning we slept until late, then rose and peed together before heading downstairs where we stood around in the spacious kitchen with the gas fire on full blast and gazed out at the snowy scenery. I was in just my short silk dressing gown, my slippers and no underwear while he had on his shorts and t-shirt and both of us still had our socks on too – it wasn’t that warm, even in front of the fire.

As we drank our coffee, we chatted about the events of the night.

“So what happened then; your frustration got the better of you, did it?” I asked, fluttering my eyelashes like a tart, “Or couldn’t you resist me?”

“I dunno what it was Chris,” he said, chuckling at me as he drank deeply from his mug, “I was a bit pissed, I was frustrated and it just happened, didn’t it.”

“You weren’t pissed – you didn’t drink all that much,” I said, “You just wanted me for my body, didn’t you!”

We both laughed and drank our coffee.

“Are you gay then?” he asked as we refilled our mugs but I shook my head.

“No, I swing both ways,” I said, “Open to more or less anything, that’s me!”

“Certainly open to me, weren’t you!” he added with a smile, “Hot stuff, mate!”

“Any regrets?” I asked, not really expecting him to have any.

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