Girls Who Like to Dominate

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She parked her new BMW on the street of the residential neighborhood.

With her purse in hand, Melinda walked across the street to the house she had never been before. She was dressed sharply in office attire with her black sunglasses on.

She double checked the address, then put her sunglasses away before ringing the doorbell.

After a few seconds, a geeky young woman answered the door, complete with thick reading glasses and a sweater which had the logo of the nearby university. Obviously a young college student. She looked like she was in the middle of studying for an exam.

Melinda felt a hint of embarrassment for even standing there, despite having a specific purpose.

“Hi, am I in the right place?” Melinda asked awkwardly.

“I don’t know. That all depends.”

Melinda recognized the geeky student’s high pitched voice.

“I recognize you,” Melinda said. “You must be Emily. We spoke on the phone yesterday.”

“Password please.”

“The password is spread eagled,” Melinda said, embarrassed.

Emily smiled broadly, which only made her look goofier.

“Come right in.”

Melinda apprehensively entered the private residence, not knowing what to expect. It looked like a typical home. Neat and clean throughout, a sofa facing a large tv, and plenty of decorations all around. Judging by the tidiness and choice of dvds, there definitely weren’t any boys around. (Good) In fact, there didn’t seem to be anyone around at all.

“Are you here alone?” Melinda asked.

“The girls are upstairs. They’re showering and preparing for the session. They’ll be ready once the process is complete.”


“Would you like to have a drink?” Emily asked exuberantly. “We have soda, coffee, or juice.”

“No thanks. I had a ton of coffee at work today.”

“Okay. I’ll need you to fill out some quick forms. The girls will be with you in a few moments, once this is done.”

Melinda was slightly amused. “Sounds professional.”

“We like to run a professional operation here. Plus we like to keep track of our clientele for future promotions. You know, so we can market our services better.”

“Smart girl. I like that. You’d made a great business woman someday.”

Emily smiled, “We’re already great business women, don’t you think?”

“Good point.”

Emily handed the woman a clipboard with a pen. “Fill this out and have a seat. We’ll get started when you’re ready.”

The level of courtesy & professionalism impressed Melinda. It was far beyond what Melinda had expected. Melinda took the clipboard and sat down on the couch. There were two pages of typed questions. She held the pen and filled out the form:

First name: Melinda

Age: 38

Race: white

Location: San Francisco

Marital status: divorced, currently single

Orientation: straight, but looking to explore

Occupation: I’m a financial analyst for a hedge fund

Experience with women: none

How did you hear about us: through a friend

Reason for being here:

The first page was done and Melinda felt a bit of guilt for skipping the last question. But oh well. She wasn’t here to answer questions. She was here for something else.

She turned the page and found the questions she had expected. Melinda knew exactly how to answer the blunt questions. There was no need to think. She had already thought of this countless times in the past week.

Number of girls: 3

Level of dominance: mild

Bondage: yes

Spread eagle: yes

Body massage: yes

Receiving oral sex: yes

Performing oral sex: yes

Kissing: yes

Anal: no

Finger penetration: yes

Vibrator: no

Clitoral vibrator: yes

Strap-on: no

Dildo: yes

Verbal degradation: no

Verbal teasing: yes

Humiliation: no

Nipple clamps: no

Golden shower: no

Spanking (crop or paddle): no

Spanking (hand): no

Other: no, the above listed is fine

The form was completed and there was no need to wait any longer. She stood up and handed the clipboard to Emily.

“Excellent,” Emily said with a big geeky smile. “I’ll tally up the costs.”

And Emily did just that. She used a calculator and quickly did the math.

“That’ll be $500,” Emily said.

Melinda opened a purse. “A bit steep.”

“The girls are worth every penny.”

“So I’ve heard. And I liked that you’re all shrewd businesswomen.”

Emily smiled and shrugged. “It pays the rent and our college tuition.”

“I’m glad to hear it.”

After digging through her purse, Melinda handed the college student $500 dollars, which made the geeky student smile even harder. In a strange way, it was very adorable, in spite of what the money was for.

“Follow me,” Emily said. “You can leave your purse here. No one will take it.”

Melinda trusted the girl and she put her purse down, following Melinda down the hall to a bathroom.

“Here’s the bathroom, obviously,” Emily pointed out. “Leave all your clothes in there. And casino oyna we require clients to have a quick shower. No need to wash your face or hair. Just your body. Oh, and the shower handle is movable, so, you know, wash yourself down there.”

Melinda nearly blushed from embarrassment. “Will do.”

As Melinda stepped inside the bathroom, she noticed that Emily still stood there awkwardly at the entrance to the bathroom.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” Melinda replied.

“I hate to be nosy, but, I noticed your form, part of it is blank. You didn’t explain why you’re here. That’s something I’ve always been curious about regarding our clients. I think it’s totally hot. But why?”

Melinda felt embarrassed again. “Long story, but it’s always been a fantasy. I was always too afraid to try it in college. When I got married, I assumed it would never happen. So, here I am, single again. I heard about this through a friend.”

“Some friend,” Emily smiled adoringly, then wistfully added. “You’re very pretty. The girls are going to love you.”

“Between you and me, what can you tell me about the girls? Are they nice? Or should I take my money back and run?”

“Oh, the girls are amazing. Trust me. Everyone on campus loves them. And when it comes to this, well, let’s just say that clients always come back.”

“Sounds like you girls earn a lot of money from this,” Melinda said.

“We do well. Hopefully you’ll become a returning client as well.”

“Never say never. I’m a little nervous.”

“Don’t be,” Emily said. “The girls basically do all the work, since, you know, you’ll be spread eagled on the bed.”

Melinda froze for a moment. “Right.”

“Sorry for talking too much. I can be a chatterbug. Remember, take a quick shower, leave your clothes here, and I’ll be back when you’re ready. I’ll let the girls know that you’re almost done.”


Emily left and Melinda closed the door. She undressed from her expensive office attire. Each article of clothing was neatly folded and placed in a pile.

Once fully naked, Melinda took a quick shower. She applied a quick layer of soap, then she used the showerhead to spray in between her legs, just as Emily had said. Her vagina felt nice and clean.

She opened the window to let the steam out and dried herself with a clean towel. When her body was dry, Melinda took a good hard look at her naked reflection in the mirror. She looked decent for an office employee her age. Plenty of cycling and yoga on her free time, plus she used to be an athlete in college.

She took a deep breath and reflected on why she came. A successful woman like her. Naked. In a place like this. But she already knew the answer.

She was there for the college girls.

Since the divorce, her love life had been sorely lacking. Same thing with her sex life. All she had were her fingers and erotic story websites. She loved reading stories about female submission, bondage, and first time lesbian experiences. They became her fantasy. Soon, she was about to experience all of those things for the first time, and at once.

After a deep breath for confidence, Melinda covered her body by wrapping the towel around herself.

She opened the door and signaled for Emily, who had been watching tv in the living room. Emily came right over.

“This way,” Emily said, excited.

They walked to the end of a hall to a bedroom. It was clear that no one lived in that bedroom. There weren’t any signs of anyone staying there. It was bland and practically empty. No decorations or anything.

But the room was also very clean and tidy. There was a bed, which was neatly made. There were also chairs and a few drawers.

Obviously the room was used for sapphic sex. There were paintings of nude women on the walls along with sapphic pornographic images.

“Drop your towel and lie down,” Emily said.

This was it. The moment Melinda expected and the reason she paid $500 dollars. She removed her towel and gave Emily an eyeful. It felt odd being naked in front of a geeky student like Emily, but it was going to happen anyway.

Being a clean person herself, there was no way Melinda was going to put the towel on the floor. So she placed it neatly on a nearby chair.

Then Melinda laid naked on the bed. The bedsheet felt nice and smooth. Based on how it felt against her bare skin, Melinda knew the fabric must have been expensive. But the girls could afford it.

“Now spread your arms and legs,” Emily said so casually. “I’m going to bind you.”

Melinda didn’t make a fuss. After all, this was the reason she came. She raised her arms near the bed posts. She spread her legs apart.

As her eyes looked at the ceiling, she heard the sound of Emily opening a drawer. Then she felt her wrists being shackled by something and bound to the bed posts. She didn’t bother to look. What for?

Melinda’s mind wandered. She thought about her work schedule for the upcoming week. She thought about a new pair of shoes she wanted to purchase online. She thought about the latest canlı casino gossip her friends had been discussing. She thought about her upcoming dentist appointment.

She thought about everything except for the feeling of her limbs being shackled and spread. Maybe because she was so nervous that her mind didn’t want to face reality. That made sense, she figured.

“I’m going to blindfold you,” Emily said. “Okay? The girls will be down here in a moment.”


The last thing she saw was Emily’s geeky smile and thick framed reading glasses. Melinda couldn’t see a thing when she was blindfolded, then she heard Emily leaving, closing the door behind her.

Melinda felt her heart beat rising as she lay naked and bound in the room. Being so vulnerable felt scary. She hated vulnerability like that. But then again, it was all part of her submission.

She hoped they wouldn’t take too long to arrive. She was already bored and restless. Then she wondered if this would live up to her expectations. She wondered if the girls would be pretty, or even beautiful Would this be a rip-off, or were the girls actually pros at this.

The door opened and Melinda heard footsteps. Then the door closed.

Oh god.

Her pussy twitched.

Whoever entered the room was treated to the sight of her naked, helpless, and bound. Completely spread eagled with a clear view of her wide open pussy.

The blindfold was removed, and for the first time, Melinda saw the three girls, young wholesome beauties, dressed in large t shirts. Not much else. They all looked fresh from showers. Fully cleaned, only light makeup.

It was the girls.

The girls playfully giggled and spoke amongst themselves. They were clearly satisfied with Melinda, their plaything for that day. Their whispers only made Melinda even more nervous.

“She’s exactly what I prefer.”

“I can’t wait to taste her.”

“She has no idea what’s coming her way.”

One of the girls, whose hair formed a messy ponytail, put her finger on Melinda’s lips, signaling her to be quiet.

“I’m Joey,” she said, fingers still on Melinda’s lips. “That’s Pam. And that’s Tiffany. We’re the girls. Nod if you like what you see.”

Melinda nodded.

“I thought so. You’re obviously here because you have a particular fantasy. And we’d love to indulge you.”

With that, Joey moved her finger away and pulled her tshirt off, revealing her pert breasts and cleanly shaven crotch. The other girls followed suit. They were all naked, young, tempting, and lively beauties.

The taboo nature of the scene caused Melinda’s heart to pound and her pussy to flow. The beautiful girls proudly displayed their bare bodies. Their tits were perky and upturned. Their nipples were different sizes and colors. And they were all cleanly shaven around the crotch, allowing their vaginal lips to show.

Once again, Joey put her finger on Melinda’s lips.

“We also like what we see,” Joey smiled. “We love smart and sassy women like you. Especially girl virgins, like yourself. I can see how you’re breathing hard. Don’t worry Melinda, we always take care of guests. Don’t we girls?”

The other two girls in the room expressed their agreement.

Joey continued, “You see, we may look innocent, but we’re highly experienced. We love what we do. So, nod if you’re ready to begin.”

Melinda nodded.

That was all Joey needed as she removed her finger and bent down to kiss Melinda on the lips. A soft kiss. A tender kiss. It was purposely slow to prepare Melinda for the session. And it was also Melinda’s first lesbian kiss.

Their lips pressed harder and Joey opened her mouth, signaling for Melinda to do the same. Out came their tongues, which intertwined. Their warm wet tongues rolled around each other.

Joey ended the kiss and stood upright, looking down at the bound woman in the bed.

“It’s time for your erotic massage,” Joey smiled. “The first part of your session.”

The naked girls stood around Melinda. Joey stood on one side. Pam and Tiffany stood on the other side. Their hands came down and started massaging the bound, naked body. The soft, yet strong hands of the girls kneaded, pinched, rolled and patted. An expert massage. A sensual massage. An erotic massage.

Hands moved across Melinda’s chest, kneading her breasts like dough. Hands moved across her toned thighs. Warm hands soothed her arms and stomach, then to her calves and feet.

Two of the girls gently rubbed and lightly pinched Melinda’s stiff nipples.

“Oh my goodness,” Melinda softly moaned to herself.

“Enjoy yourself so far?” Joey asked.

“Yes, I am. I shouldn’t be, but I am.”

“This is a guilt-free zone Melinda. We’re fully capable women here. So enjoy.”

The massage continued. The squeezing became harder, so did the rubbing. Melinda experienced erotic pleasure she’d never felt before, all at the hands of the 3 college students.

“Now for the next step.”

Melinda didn’t even want to ask. The answer would soon come.

Mouths descended on Melinda’s body. kaçak casino The girls bent down and pressed their lips onto Melinda’s body. Sucking each of her nipples, and kissing around her thighs. It was the first time Melinda had ever had sex with more than one person. Now here she was, with three beautiful college students, each taking their time in giving her oral pleasure.

Joey removed her lips from Melinda’s stiff nipple. There was a lustful look in the girl’s eyes.

“I think you’re ready for your first tasting,” Joey said with a teasing tone in her voice. “That’s what you came here for, isn’t it?”

Before Melinda could respond, Joey hopped on the bed, straddling Melinda’s head. She faced Melinda’s nude body. Both knees were on the bed, legs spread, with her pussy just above Melinda’s face.

Melinda enjoyed the eyeful as she looked upwards at the wet, youthful pussy, her first close-up of a girl’s sex. Joey had attractive vaginal lips, pink on the inside, with a heart-shaped labia on the outside.

Melinda and Joey looked each other in the eyes. Melinda looked upwards. Joey looked downwards.

“I’m going to lower myself,” Joey said. “I’m going to place my pussy on top of your mouth. Then you’re going to open your mouth. And you’re going to like it. Understood?”

Melinda panted, nearly breathless. She nodded.

“Good. Enjoy your first taste.”

Joey did exactly what she said she was going to do. The college coed lowered her body towards the bound Melinda. Her pussy came closer and closer to Melinda’s face.

This was what Melinda came for. She parted her lips, and a moment later, her mouth touched the bare pussy. Only her lips.

“Tongue,” Joey said. “Don’t be a prude. Lick me. I want you to taste it.”

Melinda used her tongue and licked Joey’s wet pussy. The distinct taste and aroma thrilled her as she’d hoped. Joey’s abundant fluids filled her mouth. She gulped. Then she licked again, this time a little harder, covering more of the pussy. She did her best to lick the entire length of Joey’s spread pussy.

“That’s it. You’re a fast learner. A natural too.”

Melinda took that as a sign of encouragement. She continued what she was doing, licking up and down, and giving the occasional suck, swallowing Joey’s pussy fluids in the process.

All the while, Melinda felt Joey bend forward slightly to pinch both of her nipples. It was a strange balance of pain & pleasure. Melinda’s nipples had recently been sucked. Now they were being pinched by the girl whose pussy she was eating.

Melinda felt her nipples released. Instead, Joey rubbed her own clitoris, as Melinda was still providing oral pleasure.

“Let’s see if you can make me cum,” Joey said, grinding her cunt in Melinda’s pretty face. “If you can, you’ll be rewarded.”

Joey groaned, played with her clit harder, and continued to gyrate her pussy in Melinda’s face. As the tongue worked its way in between the labia, and occasionally going upwards, flicking her clitoris, her orgasm was building.

The young college student ran her fingers through her own hair. Her breathing grew heavy. She moaned and groaned. Her hips rocked harder.

Then Joey reached down and played with her clit again, as Melinda kept on sucking and licking.

Finally, Joey released a loud gasp and her body suddenly became tense. Her eyes clenched shut and her lips quivered. Then, her muscles relaxed and she hopped off the bed.

“Girls, she’s a grade A pussy eater,” Joey proclaimed.

The girls looked at Melinda. Her face was a mess. Vaginal fluids smeared all around her lips, mouth, and chin. It was humiliating for Melinda, as the naked girls stood there giggling at her. Melinda was a well respected, hard working financial analyst. Not someone who expected to be strapped naked to a bed while a college girl rode her face until orgasm. But this is what Melinda signed up for.

For a moment, Melinda was too shocked to say anything.

“Now it’s your turn,” Joey said. “Based on the questionnaire you filled out, you seem a bit prudish. But no worries. This is our first time together. And there are plenty of things for us to do.”

Joey snapped her fingers, then the other two girls stood around the bed. Pam stood to Melinda’s left. Tiffany moved to Melinda’s right.

The two girls gently rubbed Melinda’s pussy with the tips of their fingers. Up and down. Massaging the labia. Playing with her clit.

Melinda watched the girls as this happened. She wondered about those naked girls. They were pretty and wholesome looking, but sexy. Obviously smart enough to attend the nearby university, which had strict admission policies. She wondered what their hobbies were, what they were studying at school, and what their personalities were like.

The only thing Melinda knew for sure was that the girls loved doing this. The girls smiled and performed with a subtle enthusiasm.

Things went to the next level when Pam bent down and licked Melinda’s clitoris in a circular motion. There it was. Melinda’s first tongue experience on her pussy. Tiffany put two fingers inside Melinda’s cunt, working them in and out.

Melinda’s toes curled and her muscles tightened. But there was no way to move. The bondage around her ankles & wrists were professionally done.

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