Good Neighbors – Chapter 6

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Good Neighbors – Chapter 6
The message Todd received from Zach was an invitation to come over at 7 pm that evening. Todd was a little surprised that Julie was ready to celebrate so soon, given the parameters Zach said she had set for a threesome, but he was not going to turn it down. He walked home and cleaned up from his encounter with the sisters.

He allowed himself to daydream a little about what the evening would look like and whether Julie was really ready or if she had just finally given in to Zach’s pressure. He’s hoped that was not the case and that Julie was actually looking forward to it. Todd made up his mind that if there was any indication that she was not fully into it, he would walk away from it. It was not worth ruining the friendship and contributing to damaging their marriage by participating in something one of them was not really wanting to do.

It seemed like it would take forever for 7 pm to finally arrive, but it did arrive and Todd showed up just a couple of minutes after 7 so that it would not look like he had been counting the hours and minutes, even though that had been the case. Julie answered the door wearing a silky red robe and, from the nipples poking through the thin material, she was probably not wearing anything else. Todd could not wait to find out, but minded his manners. Julie gave him a big hug, kissed him hard on the lips, forcing her tongue into his mouth and rubbing her hand over his crotch to make sure he was already in the mood, and once convinced that he was, she backed away with a big grin on her face and took him by the hand to the bedroom where Zach was already waiting for them.

Todd was taken aback by how quickly things were moving along and greeted Zach with a high five.

“It was her idea to party tonight,” said Zach, shaking his head. “We went from ‘Oh, I don’t know’ to ‘Let’s fuck the neighbor guy’ in less than 24 hours. Go figure.”

“I quit trying to figure that stuff out years ago.” Todd said, shaking his head.

“You morons don’t get it, do you?” Julie said, laughing. “I have always wanted to repeat the first time, but I wanted the time to be right, the occasion to truly be worth celebrating, and I wanted to have some idea of how the evening would take shape. I didn’t just want to invite you over, Todd, and say, ‘You know what, let’s fuck.’ I wanted it to be special. I have had time to think and plan and Zach has made what the doctors say is permanent progress, so now I am ready. And since you men are always ready and only think with your dicks to begin with, I knew you would not turn me down whenever I got around to it.”

Todd and Zach looked at each other and just shrugged. “Whatever.” they both said in unison. Everyone got a laugh from that.

Zach looked over his wife and asked, “So, what exactly do you have planned?”

Julie’s eyes gleamed. I want to go back to the first time Todd joined us. I am going to be in bed with him and you are going to be watching just like before. This time, I am going to be sucking his cock and while I am on my hands and knees, dear, you are going to come up from behind and surprise me with the fact that you can walk and fuck again. And my sweet hubby, this kaçak bahis time you have your choice of fucking my pussy or you can fuck my ass for the first time ever. It is totally up to you. I decided when you started getting the full use of your body again that I would finally prepare myself to let you ass fuck me. I do hope you take advantage of the opportunity. Both of you have been in my mouth and pussy, but my ass is still virgin and I would like to give that to you first, honey.”

Zach nearly came all over himself at her announcement. “Well start blowing the bastard, Julie! I am definitely ready to surprise you!”

Julie turned to Todd. “Would you mind removing my robe? Then I want to undress you. Remember our first time? I want to kiss and touch and have you lick my pussy until I cum and then I want to suck your cock until you cum.”

Todd was about to bust out of his slacks, so he hoped she would not waste any time getting him naked. He untied her robe as slowly as he could considering how badly he wanted to get down to business. He let the sash fall to her sides and opened it to reveal her naked body, those firm tits, triangular patch below her waist, and then removed it from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Julie unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. She was not slow in the least. She roughly grabbed his belt and unbuckled it, yanking down his pants as soon as she could get them unbuttoned and unzipped. She took his pants and underwear down at the same time and his stiff cock nearly slapped her in the face as it sprung free. She grabbed his cock and gave it a playful teasing lick and then stood up and pulled him by his cock to the bed.

Julie laid down on her back and spread her legs and bent them so that her knees pointed to the ceiling. Todd saw that Zach was also undressed and tugging on his cock as he watched. Of all the sexual scenarios Todd could envision, having a husband watch as he fucked the man’s wife turned him on more than any other. Todd buried his face in Julie’s pussy without delay and immediately began sucking on her wet clit. Her response was as immediate and as fierce as his attack on her clit. She squeezed his head with her legs and pulled his face hard against her and began to hump his face. She had been waiting for this from the first sign that Zach was recovering.

She was already close to cumming when Todd slipped his middle finger up her ass. That was it. Julie soared into orgasm. She didn’t even have a chance to talk dirty to him. She drenched his face with her cum juices and madly humped his face until she came down from her orgasmic high. When she started to relax a little, Todd started all over again, never giving her a chance to fully settle down.

“That’s it, Todd! Eat my fucking pussy! Lick it, suck it! Don’t stop. I want to cum again!. Eat me until I beg you to stop! Tongue fuck me. Suck every ounce of juice out of me until I am too dry to fuck. Oh yeah, that’s it. Oh, eat my cunt!” Todd did not stop. He made her cum and then he made her cum again. He was trying not to dry hump the mattress in the process for fear he would make himself cum on the sheets. Finally, Julie pushed kaçak iddaa his head away and closed her legs. “Oh fuck, you gotta stop. I need a break. Oh shit, that was good! How many times did you make me cum? Holy shit. I can’t take any more. I didn’t think you would take me seriously. Jeez, Todd. My pussy is on fire!”

“Roll over.” she instructed. “Now I am going to make you beg me to stop. In fact, tonight I am going to make both of you beg me to stop fucking you. I am going to fuck and suck your cocks until you can’t make them hard anymore. You only think you can fuck all night. Well, boys, I can fuck all night and you two will have to suck it up if you are going to keep up with me!”

She grabbed Todd’s cock and began licking the length of his shaft while she used both hands to tease and roll around his balls in her palms. Then she took his cock head into her mouth and sucked hard, then released, sucked hard and released, driving him fucking nuts. She took his balls in one hand and grabbed his shaft with the other and sucked him deep in her mouth as she tugged hard – almost to the point of pain – on his nut sac. She moved so that she was on her hands and knees now, aware that her husband was in desperate need himself. As she did this, she heard his chair squeak when he stood up. This was the moment she dreamed of and never allowed herself to believe would really ever happen. But here she was, sucking one man’s cock and about to be fucked in the ass by her husband. It was her own fantasy come true. A fantasy that she had never even shared with her husband.

Zach approached her from behind. Her knees were on the edge of the bed so that her ass was in the air above the edge of the bed, giving Zach full access to her asshole. He rested one hand on her hip and used his other hand to guide his hard cock to her ass opening. He knew enough to go slow, even though he had never had anal sex before. He slowly pushed his cock head through her opening. She barely flinched. She had lubed earlier and had apparently done a good job. His cock slid in more easily than he expected and her own excitement made it easier as well. In a few thrusts, Zach had buried the entire length of his cock in his wife’s ass. Julie began pushing back on his cock with his thrusts forward, matching his pace and intensity. All the while she maintained a steady sucking motion on Todd’s cock with her tongue and lips. She was blowing him hands free and he marveled at her skilled cock sucking. Julie turned her head to the left and then to the right as she bobbed up and down on his meat. Zach continued to steadily pound Julie’s ass and reveled in the hot, moist, softness of her asshole. He had his hands on her hips and was pulling her to him with each forward thrust. Todd was playing with Julie’s nipples and squeezing her tit flesh in his hands.

Todd announced that he was about to cum and she moved even faster on his hard pole. He began shooting stream after stream of cum to the back of her throat and Julie swallowed everything he shot at her. She did not lose a single drop.

“Now move down and bury your cock in my pussy, Todd. I want you to fuck my pussy while Zach enjoys güvenilir bahis my ass. Hurry up, fuck me!” Julie was in a near-frenzied state.

Todd quickly moved under her and Zach stopped to give Todd a chance to slide his cock into Julie’s pussy. Zach could feel Todd’s cock rubbing against his own with only Julie’s walls of each orifice between them. Julie instructed them to both lie still for a few moments while she experimented with movements that would result in both going in and out of her at the same time without falling out. Since both men had roughly the same size cocks, she was able to make it happen more easily than one would expect. Before long, both men remained stationary while she rocked forward and backward on their meat. She could feel herself being emptied one second and filled to the brim the next. She hung her head over Todd’s face, consumed by the pleasures of getting double fucked by the two most important men in her life at that moment. She felt her climax building and warned them that she was going to cum. When it hit, her orgasm hit hard and she clamped down on both of them until they were near cumming themselves. Julie let out a screech and yelled, “Oh fucking shit, that is amazing! Oh fuck, oh fuck! Fuck my ass, baby, fuck my ass. Fuck my pussy, Todd, fuck it hard!”

Both men pounded her at the same time, as she struggled to hold herself up. Zach couldn’t last any longer and filled his wife’s ass with a huge load brought on by a level of sexual arousal he had not experienced before. Todd could feel Zach’s cock twitch and throb against his own and Zach unloaded a barrel full of cum in Julie’s ass. Todd was as caught up in the excitement as Zach and soon after Zach came, Todd shot his second load into Julie’s pussy. When both men pulled out of her, cum ran out her ass and pussy in a white river down her thighs as if someone had spilled a glass of milk down her legs and onto the bed.

Julie turned around to Zach and gave him a deep kiss that was equal amounts of love and appreciation and lust. She was still on her hands and knees, but was now facing Zach. Todd, still lying under her took the opportunity to begin finger fucking her pussy and ass, using his middle finger and thumb. He simulated with his hand what the two men had just done with their cocks. He kept it up as Julie and Zach continued their moment of affection until Julie unexpectedly came again, letting go of the remaining cum she held in both holes.

By 2 am, both men had emptied their balls in one hole or another of Julie’s at least four times each. After Zach had shot his latest load into Julie’s mouth and watched her swallow all of it, he confessed that he was spent and needed a break. Todd had finally gotten the chance to fuck Julie’s tight ass and also confessed that he wasn’t sure his cock could lift its head again before dawn. Julie smiled in triumph. She grabbed both cocks, one in each hand, and started stroking them. Both men asked her to stop.

“I told you I could out-fuck you both. You can have the rest of the night off, since you seem to be unable to get hard again anyway. But just so you both know, I will expect you to work on your stamina, which means we are going to have to practice from time to time so you can build your endurance.”

Zach and Todd looked at each other and smiled at each other in a way that can only occur when told they “have to” practice fucking.

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