Greek Delight

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This is a story about my first time fucking a guy and how, strangely, it didn’t really seem that gay.

Do you know what I’m talking about? I mean, I know heterosexual sex is when you fuck a woman, and homosexual sex is when you fuck a man. But there is that stage in the middle where woman and man might shift in the equation, yet the hetero / homo part doesn’t quite seem to.

Perhaps if I’d been turned on by an average dude, developed feelings, and we’d gone to bed kissing and sensually touching each other, it’d be different. Perhaps if I’d gone all feminine and wanted to be ass fucked or to suck a cock. Maybe if the masculine elements of his body turned me on, like a beard or a penis or big muscles, then that’d be homo.

But what if the guy was feminine, I was doing the same to him as I’d do to a woman, and still felt repulsed by the thought of doing guys? In other words, what if a hole was a hole, which is what turned me on the same as it would if it was a woman, and the only part of screwing a man specifically was the taboo thrill and novelty?

Well, I dunno. Cleverer men than me have been stumped by that question. The ancient Greeks fucked guys, the Romans received head from men, and some cultures have treated effeminate men-lovers as practically women who the straight guys could legitimately gratify themselves with.

All I know is I’m as straight as they come. Yet I had sex with a guy and to my surprise loved it. This is how it happened.

I was on a trip to Europe. Living so far away meant that I’d been only a couple times, to a few of the main cities with the folks. Now, well into my 20s, I was backpacking and trying to take in as much as I could.

Hostels were my world. Now for those who have an outdated view of them as hostile, flea ridden alternatives for those who cannot afford a hotel, think again. These days they are the place to go to meet young people, party and get laid. Well, try to get laid.

I’d managed to get a few chicks. These were mostly quick drunk fucks in the showers, or pointless kisses in clubs that led nowhere. Nothing too exciting but I was enjoying the freedom and the pussy that I was getting.

My buddies Jason and Paul had been my companions. We’d been on the road – or the rails – for a month together. Things were good, we got along, but I really wanted to head down to the Greek islands while they wanted to go up to Romania, although fuck knows why. So we agreed to split for a couple weeks, before reuniting for our final 9 days of the trip.

So there I was, 24 years old, alone in Europe, and on a ferry to the eastern most rocks. There was a mist outside and I imagined I was some ancient explorer, thinking myself at the edge of the earth. Persian warships, Greek fishermen, Carthaginian traders… all most have come this way and seen the same view. They must also have felt likely the same desires – sexual, ambition, the need to have wealth and relaxation. All these things.

I got out of my seat and went to the deck. Where I was, it was empty. I took a cigarette out and lit it, inhaling deeply and feeling that sweet rush that comes with the first of the day. The sea was blue but gentle, lapping up against the boat in a mesmerising way.

My butt went overboard to swim with the fishes and I strolled inside again. I decided to have a beer, one of those little ones you get in Greece, and walked up to the bar. In front of me stood the cutest little local chick with a round bubble butt sticking out, encased in tight black slacks. She was at the bar, her hair tied up and her slim body encased in a soft jumper, with that spankable ass thrust backwards. I imagined sticking my cock deep inside, grabbing the sides of her cheeks as I pumped into-

Oh my god! She turned around and well… she was a he! Yet, he was the most feminine looking man I’d ever seen. His features were soft, his body slim and his ass was, I have to admit, still drawing my eyes. And he was wearing some make up. Subtle, but noticeable, meaning his clean shaved faced looked not really masculine.

I turned away, a little disgusted, and ordered a beer. I could feel the eyes of the homo next to me definitely checking me out. Ugh, I thought. Yet, as I stood there, I noticed that I was wanting the attention and kinda liking it. Like if it was a girl. I took my beer and moved away, looking over as I did so. Mistake. His eyes caught mine and he had a cocky kind of smirk on his face. I looked away, blushing at our intimate moment.

Ten or so minutes later I went back on deck to have another cigarette. The effeminate guy kept popping up into my head though. I imagined, more objectively than as a fantasy, about what it would be like to fuck him. That tight ass, the slim back. With his head down I guess it wouldn’t be too different from another chick. I could kinda see why the ancients were into boy love if this is what it meant – if you couldn’t score, or only had to fuck your wife who you married young, a guy like that on the side was something that wouldn’t casino oyna take too much effort to appreciate.

I snapped outa my new thought process just as the door opened and out walked- well, you know who.

He sauntered over, his tight trousers encasing a lithe set of legs. If it wasn’t for the slight bulge where his cock was they would look like a fit young woman’s. Odd to be wearing black in this weather: summer in Greece is HOT.

‘Do you have a light please?’ he said, taking some cigarettes out of his pocket. In this light I could see that his jumper was actually a very thin cotton layer, with nothing on underneath, the unmistakeable bump of nipple piercings below.

‘Sure,’ I said and took out my Zippo. He moved forward, his eyes searing into mine. Weird.

‘Thanks, sailor,’ he said in an incredibly camp way, like his words were dripping with cum. His accent was local but not thick. It had an American lilt to it.

We stood in silence and his eyes remained glazed on my face and increasingly on my body. I was wearing a tight t shirt, with a low V, and I keep myself in shape. My shorts were pretty short and a lot of muscular, bronzed leg was on display.

To ease the tension I spoke up.

‘Great view.’

‘Yes,’ he said, but his eyes didn’t leave my body.

‘The geography I mean, the scenery.’

‘Oh yes, it is lovely. And this time of the year the islands are… irresistible.’ The final word was said with a heavy emphasis.

‘You are travelling?’

‘Yeah, all around Europe. Been going about a month now I guess.’

‘But alone?’

‘At the moment I am. I came with a couple buddies of mine but they went up to Romania. I have wanted to see these islands since I was a lot younger, saw em on National Geographic, so we’ve split off temporarily.’

‘Oh, all alone, what a shame…’

‘Well, I’m joining them again, but for now yeah I’m alone.’

A pause hung in the air.

‘Giorgios, by the way,’ he said, extending a hand gracefully. I took it and shook, although his was limp, and introduced myself.

‘So, young American, what are your plans while you’re here?’

I told him about how I was planning on getting to a hostel when we landed and checking out the night life.

‘Well if you are after that I’m afraid you are not going to be satisfied. This is still a quiet island and although we do have tourists it’s not a lot of loose young Australian women, as it might be in Athens.’

‘So, what is there to do?’

‘Well, we like to take things easy here. We eat, we swim, we have sex.’ He said it all so matter of factly, but this was the Med. They are like that here.

I started to notice the features of this delicate young man. Probably a little older than me – early thirties I guess, although youthful. No hair on his face, the subtle makeup, soft jawline. His high cheekbones and soft skin would look so sexy on a woman. Oh god, what am I thinking about?

I’d finished my smoke, so I threw the butt overboard, said bye and headed inside. I needed to get away from this weird scenario.

Well, about ten minutes later I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked round and up, sat down on my own on some seats near to the bar. He was looking down at me and smiling.

‘You forgot your lighter,’ he whispered, and handed it back. I reached up to get it and he deliberately stroked by hand with his. The skin was so soft and his fingers delicate, just like a woman. I felt an odd jolt, like I would if I’d made physical contact with an exotic woman. And then he left.

So I remained alone for the rest of the journey. We docked, I managed to find a crumbly old place to stay – a very long way from what I’d been hoping for – and went out for a quick beer alone.

The harsh sun of the day had retired and we were left with a full moon. Very romantic, sure, but I didn’t have anyone to share the romance with. So I settled on a cobbled street, sat outside on my own, chain smoking and drinking my cold beer, looking out over an empty square. It was warm still but not hot, and a nice breeze had settled.

So I say, in silence, for the best part of an hour. I’d had maybe two beers and 6 or 7 cigarettes, when I heard someone pull the chair next to me and sit down.

It was Giorgios. What a fucking surprise.

‘Do you mind if I sit..?’ he asked. He was wearing, I noticed, a feminine looking shirt and tight trousers. I wondered how his ass looked in these.

‘No, sure,’ I said. Ah, what the heck. I’d had a few beers and to be honest, I kinda liked the attention. Plus, I couldn’t stop myself from admitting any more that there was something faintly arousing about this pretty human.

‘I often come here, and what a surprise that I should see you,’ he said in his soft, womanly voice. I doubted it was a coincidence to be honest.

‘How are you liking the place so far?’

‘Yeah, it’s good thanks. Very pretty. Very Greek. Exactly what I imagined actually and that’s a good thing. It must be a helluva canlı casino place to live.’

The conversation meandered for a while and I found myself actually having a pleasant time. Giorgios was a good conversationalist and easy company. He even mentioned he had a pool and I was welcome to use it. Well, I’d no doubt he wanted to see me topless, but to be honest in this heat it’d be worth it.

When he came back with the next round, he sat very close. His legs were crossed and pointing toward me, the side of his now bare foot (he’d slipped his shoes off) resting gently against my leg. He was leaning in and there was the unmistakeable aroma of expensive ladies’ perfume lingering. We talked further, with every joke I made being met by giggles and a small caress on my thigh from his delicate hand.

Then, at one point, he dropped a five euro note. Hurriedly bending over to pick it up, Giorgios’ top lifted up, and I had a perfect view of a lacy black thong poking out.

I’m not afraid to admit at this point that I was aroused. I said it to myself. That thong was all I needed to start getting hard. I readjusted to hide my growing erection, but couldn’t stop taking peaks at the top of his trousers where the lingerie was in full view.

‘Oh, this is such a lovely view,’ he murmured. ‘I think this is so romantic…’

‘Yeah, well, don’t get any ideas. I mean, I guess that you are into dudes but I’m not.’ I thought I was firm, but he didn’t blink, only smiled absently.

‘Have you ever,’ he started, his fingers tracing the top of my thighs ‘Have you ever fucked a man?’

‘No, and I never will. I like pussy.’

‘Well, then you would love a man’s ass. It is much the same as a pussy. Less naturally wet of course, but that can be taken care of. The plus side is that it is so tight!’ Giorgios whispered that last wide, but said it with real slow passion.

‘OK, but there is a man there! I like chicks!’

‘Let me assure you, my lips could do so much more than a woman’s.’

‘Well, OK, but-‘

‘I want to suck your cock. Let me suck your cock!’ He leaned in and sucked my neck, his fingers closing around my fully erect penis and gently squeezing.

‘No!’ I said, and pushed him away. ‘I’m sorry, but I just am not gonna do that!’

He backed off, but with a sly grin on his face, knowing full well that he had felt me hard. We spoke about other topics for a while, before he said he was tired.

‘One final offer to come back to my bed…’

‘No, I’m afraid not.’

‘Too bad. A cock like that could do with a guy like me showing it a good time. Still, the offer still stands to swim tomorrow.’

‘Hell, I might take you up on it. It’s gonna be hot.’

‘Of course. You know my address. Good night!’

With that he left.

I was left thinking about the night. Funny, I had to admit to myself that I had been turned on. Yet I was still not up for gay sex. I needed to get laid!

The next day I pondered not going. But by mid afternoon it was so hot I couldn’t resist. SO I headed to his house in a quiet side street and rang on the bell.

Giorgios opened the door. He was wearing a long white shirt, more a tunic, which was see through in the sunlight. There was no hiding that he was wearing lingerie beneath. Dark and lacy, much the same as the night before.

‘Come in, handsome,’ he beamed. I walked into the cool marble house. Christ it was big! We went through into a large front room, which was sort of a kitchen and living space. It was spacious, and all white.

‘This is lovely,’ I said, spying the dazzling blue pool out back. ‘Thanks so much for letting me swim here.’

‘There is one rule though,’ he said, eyeing my swimming trunks.

‘Oh yeah? What’s that?’

‘Skinny dipping only.’

‘Oh come on, man, I’m not like that. You only want to see my ass!’

‘You are quite right I do. But, imagine it was a hot young woman, and you had the chance to see her naked. You’d take that, no?’

‘True, but-‘

‘Just naked, I swear, we don’t have to do anything else, and besides, who would know? It’s a hot day, just two guys swimming without clothes under the water…’

I guess I had no option. Didn’t seem like too bad a deal to be honest.

‘OK, but I don’t wanna strip in front of you. I want a towel.’ So I got my towel, and I headed into what must have been his bedroom. I closed the door and stripped. Standing naked in this room I had to admit I felt a little horny. I started imagining a chick on the bed and I gently stroked my cock. Then, I realised it was his bed. Images entered my mind of his body, as feminine as any woman’s from behind, and thought about what it’d be like to fuck that sweet ass. Would I accept a blowjob if pushed, I wondered? No one would know…

At this point I realised I was hard, so put the towel around my waist and headed out.

I found myself alone in the large marble room. The floor was cool under my feet. I had on only a towel and was feeling a little naked. kaçak casino I couldn’t see Giorgios. The only sound was the ticking of a clock somewhere. Then, he came into the room, an intent look in his eyes.

‘Come on,’ he smiled, and walked out. He was wearing a tiny little piece of underwear and when he went in front I could see it was a woman’s thong. It was lace and black, and encased in it was that lovely, firm, round ass. His hips swayed like a woman’s. I realised how hot it was.

Once outside, he stopped, and I was a metre behind. His thumbs went down to his waistband and pushed the thin piece of fabric down. I watched it hit the ground softly then followed his smooth legs up to that gorgeous ass. After a second, Giorgios walked forward and turned around by the edge. I saw his penis for the first time. It was small and flaccid, but not tiny. He had no hair anywhere, nor were his muscles too pronounced. He slipped into the pool as I just watched.

With Giorgios’s back turned, swimming to the other side as he was, I quickly dropped my towel and jumped in myself. I swam around, getting used to the nudity quickly.

In about five minutes we both stopped.

‘Mm, I’m cool now,’ announced the gay man I was alone and naked with.

‘You’ve got no towel here,’ I observed.

‘Haha,’ he giggled. ‘It is so hot there is no need for a towel.’ With that, he surged out and onto the ground, standing staring up at the sky. I stayed where I was, partly because I didn’t want to expose myself and partly because I had a view of that peachy bottom which had me so entranced.

True enough, within a few minutes Giorgios was dry as a bone.

‘I’m heading in,’ he said, and walked inside. I’d had enough too so took this isolation to jump out, briefly naked in front of the world, and grabbed my towel. I dried myself, wrapped it around my most private area, and walked in to see what was going to happen. At this point, I didn’t know if it was gay or not. All I knew was there was this sensual, sexy, feminine human inside with an ass I could not get enough of and which I really wanted to put my penis in until I came.

Walking through, my cock already half hard, I looked for Giorgios. I followed the corridor until I was in his room, a bare place with a large, white sheeted bed in the centre. He was there, his back to me, a thin cotton shirt held around his ass. His head turned to the side.

‘I thought you would follow me,’ he said. He dropped the shirt. ‘Whoops.’ Silence.

‘Now, come and get what you want,’ he whispered.

I walked forward like in a daze until my rapidly growing dick was pressed into him. I put my hands on the sides of his lower back, slowly caressing downwards until they felt that smooth, cold bottom. It was as erotic as I’d imagined, the soft flesh providing a slight resistance to my gentle squeezes. I spanked the right buttock and he gasped.

I went forward, pressed fully into him, my erection complete. I reached around and grabbed his hard penis, now much bigger than before, and kissed the side of his neck sloppily. It was no different to a girl except I had a cock in my hand rather than a breast. I thrust and kissed simultaneously as he breathed more and more heavily.

Then Giorgios turned around, but he wasn’t looking at the face. Without a word, he reached forward, our hard cocks touching, and he unwrapped my towel. I let it fall to the floor, my penis springing upwards. They both pulsed with arousal, warm skin against warm skin.

He then clambered backwards onto the bed and leaned down, his butt stuck high in the air. I knew what he was going to do.

Oh my god it felt fantastic as his lips enveloped my erection. He slowly leaned in, my cock slipping into his wet mouth and right to the back. Keeping that position, his tongue started to swirl around the head, then slowly up and down the length of my shaft. I tingled down there and closed my eyes as I already felt the stirrings of an orgasm. How would I hold off?

My hands felt his back along, sliding firmly along the slim contours, until I reached his butt. Again I slapped and he wiggled. I knew what to do next. I slipped a digit up and down the sphincter, once, twice, three times. I circled the entrance and then slowly pressed the digit in. Back at the front, Giorgios responded by sucking hard to show his appreciation of my manoeuvres in his most sensitive area.

My index finger moved in further until I felt his prostate. I went faster, deeper in and out every time. I circled a bit. By now, though, I could feel my orgasm building and I didn’t want to cum just yet.

Truth be told, I was a little nervous that after I’d blown my load, I would be feel differently and be repulsed by it all. Right now, I wanted nothing more than to fuck that ass.

I put my hand on Giorgios’ head (the hair was so soft!) and pushed it off. His mouth made a sloppy noise as my soaking wet penis became once again visible. It was rigid, rock hard, pointing forward and up, pulsing gently.

I pushed the little gay back and he knew what I wanted. Like an obedient wife, he turned and got on his elbows and knees, pushing that ass up into the air while his head rested on the covers on its side. Mmm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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