Growth Spurts Ch. 05

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I laid back on my bed thinking of the past events that seemed to have changed my life. It was just a little while ago that I wished I was better well-endowed after spying James’ weapon in the change room after wrestling practice. Well wishes do come true and a growth spurt had occurred. Instead of a less than average penis, I now was the proud owner of a hard, 12-inch plus woman satisfier.

My sister Sarah had walked in on me while I was “inspecting” myself in my bedroom. She was able to take it amazingly all down her gullet and I shot my load directly into her belly. Then I fucked her bareback and emptied another load into her womb.

My girlfriend Marsha made the discovery during a movie and the evening ended in an obvious way. Although she was unable to take me all in her mouth, she had no problems taking me in as we fucked.

Then during wrestling practice, Kalita my team mate “accidently” grabbed me between my legs during a turn-over. The inevitable happened and we fucked.

“Humph!” I grunted a laugh as I thought how sorry I felt for her boyfriend Tony. “Her hole has to be so stretched now, I bet she can’t even feel him.”

“Tim!” I heard my mother call out and knock on my door.

“Er… yes?” I responded. I was kind of half hard and only wearing some loose shorts. There was a definite large lump showing.

Mom slowly opened the door. “Sorry, I didn’t want to just barge in and…”

She stared at my bulge.

“Ca..can you pick your sister up from her friend’s house?” She managed as she blushed.

“Ah… yeah… Why can’t she come home on her own?” I asked thankful that Mom didn’t mention anything. “What friend? What’s the address?”

“Can you just please?” Mom held out a piece of paper with the number on it.

By this time I was a bit bolder. I chuckled to myself as I stood up and took the note from her. Her eyes popped as she must have noticed the bulge extended half way down my thigh. She quickly turned and left. “Thanks, Tim.”

After changing, I hopped into my car and read at the address. “Why was it familiar?” I thought as I drove away. It wasn’t too far at least by car. I guess walking would be a little stressful.

I pulled into the empty driveway when it struck me. “This is James’ house!”

I walked to the door and rang the bell. “Why couldn’t he drive her home?”

No answer. I rang the bell and knocked on the door. Still no answer.

“Stupid bitch. She could have told Mom she wasn’t here anymore.” Then I laughed to myself. “I guess I’ll just have to punish fuck her!”

As I turned to leave, a white Mercedes pulled up behind my car. A tall, dark beautiful woman stepped out and asked “Can I help you?”

“No…Yes.. Umm… Hi. I’m Tim. One of James’ team mates. My mother asked me to pick up my sister.” I managed. “But it seems she’s already left.”

“Oh, yes, Sarah. What a nice girl your sister is.” The leggy woman in a short skirt moved to the back of the car as the trunk popped up. “I’m James’ mom, Jayne. Jayne Kennedy. Nice to meet you Tim.”

She had a number of bags in the back. I asked canlı bahis “Can I help you with those?”

“Oh, yes please! Thank you, Tim. James’ has such NICE friends.” She said as she handed me handfuls of grocery and clothes bags.

Once inside, I went to deposit the bags on the kitchen table. “Oh no, dear. Those ones go upstairs to my bedroom if you don’t mind. It’s up the stairs to your left.” Mrs. Kennedy pointed and then smiled. “And no peeking inside!”

I walked up the flight of stairs and turned left. As I entered the bedroom, I didn’t spot the stupid cat running under my feet causing me to trip and stumble. I had to let go of the bags and caught myself on a nearby chair but the bags spilled over. Out of one bag labelled from Victoria Secret came a number of tissue wrapped items. From another unmarked bag spilled out what looked like a flesh coloured, 10-inch dildo.

“Crap!” I swore as I fell to my knees and tried to rebag everything that fell out. I grabbed the pink and white tissue, but the contents slipped out. It was a red and black bra and panty set with matching garters. I tried to rewrap it but very clumsily.

“I told you no peeking!” I heard Mrs. Kennedy giggle.

“Mrs. Kennedy! I ah… tripped over your cat and…”

“Oh, pussy always wants some sort of attention. And my name is Jayne.”

Then we both looked at the huge fake penis that laid on the floor.

“You know Tim. Sometimes a lady needs certain itches scratched if you know what I mean.” Jayne grinned as she started unbuttoning her blouse. “James’ friends aren’t always available and none are as nice and big as James is.”

“You mean, you and James have had sex?” I asked stupidly. “But he’s your son!”

“Even when he was a baby, I knew he’d have a big dick like his father. You should have heard them in the delivery room. They were all really impressed with his size.” By now, Jayne had removed her skirt and was standing there in her pink underthings. “I was 14 when I had James. After his father was killed in a work accident, I still needed some sort of sex. Toys worked for a long while, but after James grew older and I accidently caught him playing with his cock… Well, let’s just say the rest is history.”

Jayne slipped a hand inside her pink panties.

“And then some of the boys on the team needed some attention when their girlfriends were acting like bitches.” Jayne fingers were moving back and forth on her cunt. “Well…”

Jayne stood in front of me. She pulled her thong aside with one hand and with the one she was masturbating with, grabbed the back of my head and forced my face into her soppy cunt. “Oh, Tim! Don’t disappoint me like the other boys!”

My tonguing technique wasn’t the best according to Marsha, but I tried my hardest. No matter how much I tried to suck and swallow Jayne’s juices, more poured from her hot hole.

She pushed my head away suddenly. “Take off your clothes. I want you to fuck me now!”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I stood up the compression shorts I wore beneath my baggy shorts hid what was to come. I stripped off my bahis siteleri shirt and dropped my shorts. Jayne’s eyes widened and brightened as she saw the outline of my growing hard on down my inner thigh.

“Good god, Tim! Hurry up and fuck me with that thing!” She commanded.

I peeled off the tight underwear and moved between Jayne’s stocking clad thighs. Her cunt was so wet, I could slide my 12-inches into her in one go. She wrapped her legs around me as her pointed high heels spurred my ass. “Oh, fuck me, Tim! It feels so big inside me. Fuck me!”

I lost count of the number of positions we tried and the number of time I made her cum.

Finally I had her on her back; her legs over my shoulders and pressed against her chest. I pumped and pumped and pumped. She squeezed her cunt hard as it sucked me in to the max.

“Oh gawd, Tim! I can’t take any more! Please I need your cum inside me. Please give it to me!” She begged. “Cum inside me now!”

“Jayne! Your cunt it so hot, I’m going to…” I thrusted as hard as I could “C…U…U…M…!”

I emptied my balls inside her unprotected womb. Her cunt continued to suck at me even as I shot air.

After we were able to recover slightly, but still panting, Jayne purred. “God that was great!”

I laid between her legs and was still throbbing inside her. She wrapped her legs around my thighs and held me there. “Honestly, it feels bigger than James’.”

“It is.” I informed her as a matter of fact.

“Uhhum!” I heard from the doorway.

Jayne and I both turned to see James and Sarah standing there. “Jeez, Mom! Can’t you ever have some self-control? Do you have to fuck every guys that comes over?”

“Well, James.” His mom started unapologetically. “I may be a mom, but my cunt still aches for cock.”

We were all silent for a second before bursting out in laugher. Both James and Sarah stripped off and joined us on the king size bed. James and I took turns screwing Jayne and Sarah until they came so many times their bodies they collapsed and flopped around like rag dolls. James shot his load into his Mom while I emptied mine into Sarah.

We all laid there panting until we could recover from our exhaustion.

Back home, I went to my room to change and shower. The smell of sex reeked from my clothes and body. I tried to close the door behind me but Sarah forced her way in before I could. She pushed me onto my bed and yanked down my shorts. “Haven’t you had enough?” I asked mockingly.

“Christ, Tim! I am so addicted to your cock! I want it… No, I need it all the time.” She took hold of my semi firm dick and slowly stroked it.

With one hand around the base and the other on top, Sarah tried to hold it up, but not being hard, my knob flopped over a bit. No bother, Sarah licked the precum that leaked from my piss hole and then slowly engulfed it all the way down. I could feel myself getting hard while still down her throat.

“Mmmm…” She moaned and then totally backed off. “I could feel it grow! And it tastes so good!”

It was still covered with dried juices from Jayne, James bahis şirketleri and Sarah.

“Fuck me, Tim. Fuck me like a dog!” Sarah was on her fours with her naked ass in the air. I moved between her legs and probed for her juicy slit. Her pussy seemed to automatically spread open and easily allowed me to penetrate her. I slowly pushed it all the way in. “Fuck, yeah! Tim, I’m so spread! Fuck me hard!”

I complied with her wishes. My hips slammed into her ass.

“Yes! Yes! Oooooh, fuck, I’m cumming!” Sarah screamed as she climaxed for the umpteenth time today. She laid on her forearms with her head down but her ass remained in the air. “Tim… fuck me in the ass.”

This would be the first time I ever had anal with anyone let alone my own sister, but the thought excited me and I felt more juice flow into my solid dick.

I slowly pulled my slick schlong from her soaked pussy and ran it along her ass crack to lubricate it a bit.

“Tim! Stop teasing me! Put it in!”

“Okay, if you’re ready!”

I raised my body up to get the angle I thought I needed. I pointed the head toward her puckering hole and slowly started to press it into her. Amazingly her ass just seemed to open up and allow me to penetrate her. I continued to push until I was about three quarters inside her.

“Fuck that feels so good, Tim. Are you all the way in? I can feel it in my belly already.”

“No, still a little bit to go. Are you okay? Should I stop?” I asked concerned about destroying my sister.

“Don’t stop! Put it all inside me. I really need to feel all of it inside! Please!”

I held her ass with both hands and slowly pushed my hips forward until I was deep as I could go. “I’m all the way inside your ass now, Sarah. Are you okay?”

“Oh fuck yes, Tim. You feel so good inside me. Fuck me! Come inside my ass! I really want to feel it… I need it!”

I slowly started pumping her ass, pulling out and leaving only the head inside her before pushing it back in. I increased the pace and only pulling out about a quarter before thrusting it in with a bit of authority. I could feel her entire bowel squeeze and suck at my dick. Her sphincter tight around my base. I was going to blow soon.

“Sarah, I’m going to cum.”

“Yeah! Come inside me!” She grunted. “Fuck me! Fuck my ass harder! Harder!”

I was slamming my hips into her now. “Oh god it feels so fucking good! I’m going to shoot… Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh!”

After I finished shooting my cream inside her, I slowed my thrusting. Sarah spasmed. “Oh fuck, Tim! Stop for a second. I’m too sensitive there now.”

I held for a few seconds before I slowly extracted my slightly softened cock from her ass. I laid on my back beside my sister who was still ass up. It took almost two minutes before she mentioned that she could feel my cum leaking from her ass.

“Do you need a Kleenex?” I asked.

“No, I like it when it oozes out like that. It feel nice.”

Suddenly my bedroom door opened. “Kids! What’s all the noise! Dinner will…” Mom stopped in mid-sentence.

My dick was still hard enough to be pointing towards my ceiling. Sarah’s ass was towards Mom still leaking my less than white goo. I looked at Mom. Her mouth was agape. Her eyes were as big as the moon. She said nothing and left closing the door behind her.

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